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Kantai Collection

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Cute boys in the anime when?

go back to /cm/ board you filthy fujo
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All in good time.
No. I'm just wondering if there ever will be boys like Shigure and Mogami in the anime.
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>Start Exercise!
>Stay in formation!
Shigure is cute.
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>They're pushing the attack here!
>Turning to Starboard!

Oh also, the title is "Leave your Problems to Suzuya"
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>How do you see it?
>Hm--it seems like Kumano's condition isn't too great.
>Isolate a target!
A cute boy
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>3 o-clock!
>Oh dea....
>Exercise is Suspended!
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Denying the cuteness of boys like Shigure, Poi, Satsuki, Mogami, Z1, and Z3 is criminal.
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>What a drubbing that was...
>That's an expression a lady really shouldn't show.
>But I've gotten the feeling that Kumano's condition has been a little off for a while. | When you're not just dozing off, | you're all frantic like you've forgotten something.
>To be honest...
>Tomorrow will be my first time attending a banquet with high society...
>High society?!
>To think that I would ever hear that phrase used in my life...[Ladies are scary]
>Mmhm. After all, I, too, am considered to have been born from a renowned house.
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>On the contrary, I'm more surprised that you've never been to that wine and crumpet shit before.
>I joined the Navy because I hate that kind of thing.
>A runaway maiden?!
>Is it really that detestable? You can eat all ya like, y'know.
>It's really embarassing! [To talk to males!]
>A pure maiden has shown up!
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Since when was Satsuki considered a boy?
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>Someone who has a lot of experience with males like Suzuya wouldn't understand!
>Could you not use words that make me seem like a slut?!
>Speaking of which, Kumano, don't you get along with the Admiral fine?
>That's true.
>But the Admiral, he's, how should I say this...
>More of a father figure?
>[I brought back some souvenirs--]
>I can't disagree with that!
>But in that case things will be much easier.
>[Leave it to Suzuya!]
>I'll go find a stud for you to practice with.
>[When you say practice...]
Since always.
Alright so either the mods put the thread on autosage or you guys are saging,which is it?
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>30m inutes later
>Ja jaaaaan--! How s it!
>[Isn't that just MOgami?]
>Come on Mogami, say some masculine things.
>Eh?! Aren't you asking for a bit much?
>A...Ay, yo the name's Mogami, you just below me, lookin fo a crew and a friend to stand behind me, yo! (note: intended to be as cringy as it sounds. A bit of wordplay I missed. Mogami means "the highest," in the next phrase she calls Kumano "最下," the lowest.
>All over the place!!
>I'm not doin' it!
>She got mad!
>No matter how you look at it, I can't use Mogami to innoculate myself.
>Hold on, lemme add a little more makeup.
Must've been the mods.
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Welp, guess I'll save the dump for another thread.
I was going to make a thread for dumping the 4koma soon anyways so just let this one die I guess.
Probably mods
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Special training with Kashima-sensei!
Maybe we can finally get rid of these shitposters.

Or Kancolle threads here will be dead forever. Seriously, fuck the cancer that's been infesting these threads the past month.
Not until yurispammer gets contained in /u/
A cancerous franchise deserves a cancerous fanbase
Why so butthurt? Is the franchise you are a fan of dead? Is that why you are so jealous and angry?
Thread posts: 31
Thread images: 16

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