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Etotama thread

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Etotamanga ending in this issue of Dengeki Daioh.

its over let it die, there is no need of another circlejerk every week
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And to commemorate the occasion here's the translation for Chapter 13.

I was planning on posting THIS the last thread but the thread died before I could.
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Coincidentally the Shirobako manga is ending this issue as well. Huh.

Meanwhile there is a fucking Toradora manga still ongoing.
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And the manga page FINALLY adds Chu-tan and Shaa-tan to the character list.

Shaa-tan's face makes it look like she was added into the manga last minute though.
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Are the only characters in the manga Takeru, Nya, Uri, and Paca?
I don't think I've ever seen a page with Shima-tan.
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I bet you read the manga and timed this, it can't get any more coincidentally ironic than this.
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Oh FUCK me, I just realized that.

I'll get to that right away, after dumping.
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It was clearly glorious Shima-tan reacting to my will to see her. Let us all praise her.
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>furigana on basic kanji
Picked up.
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I really don't like the way I translated some of the stuff here.

Which is why like I said time and time again if a professional would like to pick this up I'll be GRATEFUL.

I have the scans, just ask for it and I'll put it on mega or something.
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I had to fight off temptation to put 'For you' instead.
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Finally, an appearance of Sol/Lull.

Halfway through the run of the whole fucking manga.
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I lied. It did 'appear' back in Volume 1.
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So on the off chance that this doesn't get picked up by a pro, I can't just make a thread to dump it later on.

Maybe I should start uploading them to Batoto.
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Mo-tan is best
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End of Chapter 13.

I've already started working on Chapter 14, I expect it to be done by the middle of next week.

So there's still 13 more chapters untranslated?
This is the middle of Volume 2, and since the mamga is finishing there should be one more volume coming up.
So why has this series not been popular enough with the nips?
God both Uri-tan's and Takeru's characters in the manga are absolutely golden.

10/10 banter
I blame Takeru.
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the world simply wasn't ready
But how will it end.
Something this cute can't be a liar.
Are you uploading the manga anywhere?
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And to think that I promptly forgot about this right after the dump.
Thread posts: 39
Thread images: 28

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