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That time of the week people. Also more Imouto dumps again
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Steamy Futon

"Once in a while we should sleep together huh"

"It's warm...."


The futon also became warmer
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Comic 1

Suzu mom

"Mom! This is all Boa!! I'm serious!!"

"Well, this scent certainly isn't Suzu-chan's"
"You a dog!?"

Comic 2

"--and so"

"This morning went terribly"
"So he draw a map on your futon huh"

"Dejima-san drew a picture of a mountain [before]"

"I despise the fact I understood this"
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Comic 1
Health talk

Fidgeting seems to be fine for people sensitive to the cold

"There seem to be various other effects as well"

"If they're all alright things, it should be fine to change the way we call it already"
"That's true huh"

"How about 'climax knee chattering'?" [TN: 絶頂ヒザガク (zecchou hizagaku) is where a vibrator and a penis touch a woman's G spot at the same time, and she loses her sensibility]
"You're gonna concuss them!!"

Comic 2
Yokoshima Number

"Oh crap, where'd my phone go"

"And so could you try calling my number?"
"Sure, what is it?"

"It's written here"
"Oh you're prepared huh"

"You don't really know when you can meet with a man who can accept phone numbers right?"
"This is sad"
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Comic 1
Voice of the heart

"My hair is growing quickly huh"

"Hey Tsuda! Don't declare erotic things!"
My hair is growing quickly = perverted
"That's a superstition"

"Hey now Shino-chan"

"This means that he can also accomplish shaving play"
"I shall forgive you since it's exempted for Aria"
"That's a superstition!"

Comic 2
Out of control

"Aaghhh I The controller's not fixed at all!"

"I'll go to the toilet for a bit. Timeout"

"Don't try to throw my piss control into whack for revenge!!"
Erotic voices

Nobody seems to be here... and see Suzu wet the bed... Anyway's I'm gonna keep the thread up until edit and typeset anons show up
Thanks for your hard work.
Thanks man, but Nee-san-in-law is still best girl.
We're in the midst of celebrating Guts finally getting off that god forsaken boat, and I'm still dumping this... Well let's get to it


Red and White

"Among ourselves it's Golden Week..."

"But as far as high school students in poverty are concerned, Golden Week is nothing huh"
The things we do huh

"That's true....... since it was Red Week for me"

"When all's said and done, for onii-chan it's White Week......I guess......"
"Since it's that day, I know your humor is terrible, but it's natural for me...."

Let's see how well this all works out. But thanks
Comic 1
>Are you a dog!?

Comic 2
>So he drew a map on your futon huh"

>Dejima-san once drew a picture of a mountain.
>I hate the fact that I understood that.
I thought that by omitting the 'are' it would be more emphatic, but each one for his own
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So she fucked her dog?
Comic 1
>Fidgeting seems to be normal for people sensitive to the cold.

>If they're all normal things, it should be fine to change what we call it.

Comic 2
>You don't really know when you will meet a man who will accept your phone number right?
Declaring one's intentions

"A woman who frequently changes feet-"

"It means you're frustrated, but are you really?"

"How rude! I'm not like that"
"That's true"

"We did it so much yesterday my crotch hurts"
It won't stretch in the same posture
"After you satisfied your desire huh"

"There are others besides this that are similar right?"

"The OK sign for women to touch their own hair, there's also something like that right?"
"Ahhh I heard of that before"

"That is rude to long haired women"
"Hair is something to touch naturally"
"Yeah yeah"

"The one to touch when it's OK is your own 'there' right..... check it in advance"
In her Red Week
"You acquire too much information from pornos, actually don't push yourself too much"
Mega was updated last week by the way after I read someone requesting it to be updated, I had completely forgotten it existed.
Well it contains some corrected comics which were never uploaded to batoto yet so we might as well for a more accurate version
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OAD 17 soon?
Comic 1
> quick growing hair = perverted
>In deference to Aria, I shall forgive you

Comic 2
>Aaghhh This controller must be broken!
>I'm going to the toilet for a bit. Timeout
>Don't try to throw my piss control out of whack for revenge!!
S3 would be preferred.


Bumping for more judo and suzu.

>It was Golden Week for us.

>But as far as high school students in poverty are concerned, there was nothing Golden about it.

>When all's said and done, for onii-chan it was White Week..... I guess....
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Have some best girl instead.

Weird. I try to open that link while logged in to mega and it just throws me to my cloud drive.
Comic 1
Phantom menu

The three teachers went to a cafe
"This place has nice seafood"

"There is a reservation for Komiyama"

Sniff sniff
"What are you doing Maria-sensei?"

"Hmmm she doesn't smell of fish"
"There's no serving of women on the menu"
"It's over here"

Comic 2
Women companions

"Whew, it's a little hot here"
Did I drink too much?

"Don't hold back, bare your chest, we're women companions"
"Yeah okay then..."

"I also ate too much and it hurts, so excuse me"

"You're gonna take off your pants!! And your panties!?"
"Well we're women companions"
"No no we're teachers!! We're humans!!"

Thanks anon. By the way, did you finish editing Imouto 90-96? That was left from the previous edit session last week

My mistake wrong link.

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Good taste.

But all SYD girls are best.
Comic 1
Show off panties

"It seems I'm gonna be late for our meeting time so I'll take my bike"

".....ah but this skirt is small so when I hurry, [others] can see it"

"But they're new clothes so I want to go wearing them.... but if I don't take a bike I'll be late....."

"There are such things as bloomers and panties in this world, but why did you wear boxers of all things?"
"I tried to stress breathability"

Comic 2

"Yes hello"
"The next song is----"
"Oh it's me Eko. What're you doing now?"

"Hmmmm I'm listening to the radio now"

"Big trouble! We have to go save Chika right away!"

"She's performing irrumatio!!"
"Did she really say that?"

Negative spiral


"Aaaghhh at least knock"
"My bad...."

".....so what is it?"
"My briefs got wet, you know where my spares are?"

"Oh nono! I slipped while cleaning the bath and got them wet!! It's not like I wet them just now!!"
Nice job!

Sorry no...got distracted by other things.
Comic 1

"Magazine models are cool huh, I also would like to have a stature like this"

"If your rice grain can stand up with chopsticks, I hear your height will grow"
"That's a superstition isn't it"

"Hey hey, does it feel good? You feel it here don't you? Get on with it quickly!"
Pant pant fidget fidget

"Burn this into your eyes!!"
To stand O
To lapse X [TN: Both sound like たつ (tatsu)]

Comic 2
A man's style

" 'Since it isn't manly stop sitting cross legged!' is something parents always warn them about....."

"But it should be fine if a woman sits cross legged right?"
The difference between men and women

"I think that if you're a man, cross legged is pretty cool"
"Yeah speaking of cross legged...."

Squeeze squeeze
"Ahn I'll also become ladylike"

Meh it's fine. Typeset anon's not here yet, so if you want you can do that, they're getting released slowly after the edits anyways
Comic 1
Memory power

"Then let's get on with... ummmm..."

"Where did we get to last time?"

"Where was it again?"
"I forgot"
"Hey hey, you guys don't remember?"

"Dear lord... make use of that memory which can distinguish porno actresses with just their heavy breathing every so often in class!!"
"Huh, who in the world is it?"

Comic 2
Transcendental man

"It's hot today"

"You're staring at the girls, anyhow you're having idiotic delusions again aren't you"
"What? Am I doing such a lukewarm activity?"

"I'm violating hem now"

>A woman who frequently shifts her legs-

>It's a sign of frustration, but are you really?
>It won't go back to its original shape.

Comic 2
>There are similar signs besides that one right?
>Like how the OK sign for women is to touch their own hair, you mean something like that right?
>The hair to touch when it's OK is down 'there' right...so check it in advance.
Comic 1
The world of an innocent girl

I am Sanada Miho. I am greatly anxious over my unfruitful love.
"What should I do to make senpai face me...."

"Don't you have to study the things called 'women; first? They say you should first know yourself to know your enemy right?"
He's not an enemy

"How should I..... know a woman even if you say so........."

"I will teach it to you carefully"
"Huh wai Aaaaaaaaa"
"Teacher her the things called girls to a degree that she doesn't go into the world headlong"
I have no memory afterwards

Comic 2


"I sat in a weird position, so I made my skirt wrinkle"

"Oh dear, I can't get rid of the wrinkle at my butt"

"If you want to get rid of anal wrinkles, I think that if you normally insert something in you'll be fine"
"These slant eyes are excessive even for a misunderstanding!!"

I'm going to bed now, hopefully typeset anon gets here soon. Maybe I'll do some more tomorrow if thread's still up
I got someone willing to TLC, so all I need is a TL and I can do the rest of the subbing shit.

I remember reading someone wanting to do a translation a while back. Hit me up on IRC or Twitter.

The kek shows himself.
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Have a bump
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17.5 1.jpg
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Was busy so I'm late, gonna dump 17.5 while I work on SYD then do another Imouto chapter after it.
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17.5 2.jpg
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17.5 5.jpg
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17.5 6.jpg
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Working on SYD next.
Thank you!

What was that, and how was it related to SYD?
Same author.
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Chapter 354
File: 354 2.jpg (466KB, 897x1283px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
354 2.jpg
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Based Dejima
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Dumping one more Imouto wa Shishunki chapter after this.
File: 18 1.jpg (252KB, 846x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here's one more Imouto wa Shishunki.
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18 8.jpg
327KB, 1433x1200px
And I'm done, will stick around to see if there's any corrections and such.

>page 404
>Kotomi being best girl
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TL here. I could do it but I don't have Twitter but an Irc
Thanks everyone!
Thank you based typesetter
Translator fag: Are you still at the Madoka commentary?
Had rl crap to do but I'm chipping away at it

Thanks much. Do they say anything good?
Run of the mill commentary. It's Aoi Yuuki and Chiwa Saito side comments for the most part. Still interesting so I'll post a summary when I'm done with it

Thanks. I was wondering because I love the bit in the TV series where Chiwa, Aoi and Emiri break down and cry. I was hoping for more emotional antics.
Thread's still up so I'll put up 2 more


A lethal weapon that lurks everyday

"Hey onii-chan"

"If we're not using the kotatsu we should put it away. If it's eternally leaning, it'll be dangerous"
"Will it?"

"It will!! If I trip and it pokes me there--"

"I might lose my virginity!!"
"I'll do it in about a month"
Comic 1

"Maria-sensei, you said you wanted to travel to famous places in Japan a few days ago right?"

"I tried looking them up, but I hear these are tourist spots"

"Thank you very much for teaching me, I should give my thanks, so I'll teach you some good spots as well"

"If you stimulate a part 5cm from the entrance of women genitalia, you can increase thier sexual desire and feelings---"
"What nice weather"
"That's a G spot isn't it"

Comic 2
Sensual paralysis



"It seems like that hit your shin hard, and you're okay?"
"Huh? Yeah"

"Maybe it's because I got hooked onto the abacus punishment recently?"
Did I get used to it?
"You've already gone up to that territory..."
Trying to compare states of the body

"Agghh gym class was tiring"
"10 times around the oval is intense huh"

"My body's heavy as if it was lead"

"My body's heavy as if it seemed to be shackled all over...."

"My body's as if it was tied all up with rope-----"
"My body's as if a vibrator was inserted and continues to resuscitate----"

Comic 2
Exercise Style


"Did you lose weight recently?"

"Yup. I wake up 5am every morning and jog"
"Woow, that's really early"

"Well it's embarrassing for other people to see me wearing bloomers at this age"
As one would expect
"If that's the case, pick sportswear that suits your age"
Comic 1
Red dream

"I had a scary dream last yesterday"

"I was chased by a man holding a knife, and at the moment he seemed to stab me, I got lucky and woke up...."

"But when I wanted to wash my face to wake up, it was the moment I stood up!! For some reason blood was trickling from my feet!!"

"And when you thought about it, it turned out you were menstruating"

Comic 2

"When I saw my boyfriend's cellphone, [I noticed] he kept the number a girl who I don't know"

"Isn't that much fine? A shackled woman thinks gloomily"

"On the other hand, it's much better to be empty and free. If he really likes you, he;ll definitely come back to your side"

"So when I was little I also had promiscuous indulgence with my friends who were a couple everyday!"
"That's sex partner swapping"
:Did he really love you?"
File: ImoutoMoneyShot.jpg (112KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112KB, 1280x720px

Imouto so best.

Friendly siblings

"This is the first time we're in this area so it seems we're lost. Don't lose sight of me"

"Then should we hold hands?"

"No! We aren't kids anymore"

"Then should we hold them the adult-like way? But if that's the case it'll be incest....."
"Actually we have cellphones"
Comic 1
Model Yano

Fine Arts
"Today we'll be making paintings of people. Please make pairs"

"Aki-chan, let's go together?"

"What should I do for a pose? Is it better to stand?"

"I'd prefer you have one that makes a penis stand over that"
"Breaking up!!"

Comic 2
(Continued) Model Yano
"A pose is required, so please raise your jaw first"
Paired with Manaka

"Please hide your shoulders a little holding that pose"

"Moreover, please open your mouth slightly"

"And please make your face blush while letting the drool----"
"Hell no!!"

Error here in comic 1 panel 4
To lapse X ---> To [make a penis] stand X
Comic 1
Haircut of pride
"Ah we're done"

"Sigh. In the end nobody noticed that I went to a beauty parlor"
It feels like you didn't change that much....

"Oh sensei, did you cut your hair?"
"Yes, it feels good and refreshing. When my hair gets sprayed on in fellatio, it'll be pleasurable since the treated area is small"

"------is what I wanted to say!! It's too late now----!!"
"Uh....umm.... sensei... your hair"

Comic 2

"Wha afternoon break is already over!?"
Bing bong bang

Stuff stuff

"Aki-chan, it's bad for a girl to stuff things into her mouth forcefully!!"

"There's no motive for perpetration"
Comic 1
Iron bar and girls
"Hey Eko, if you frolic around too much, [other people] will be able to see your panties"

"It's fine!! They won't ever be able to see them"
"Oh you're wearing bloomers"

"Nope, nothing today"
"All the more noooo!!"
"You can't react like that to a boke of that extent"

Comic 2
The feeling of dangling
"Let's go"
I'm hungry
"Wanna head to Mcdonalds?"

"Huh, we're also going today? You'll gain weight"
"Hmmm I wonder"

"I have gastroptosis so I have a genetic makeup that won't gain too much weight"

"Though your stomach's hanging, your breasts grew magnificently"
"Everything's good without exception huh"
"Waaaaaghh They're picking on me again!!"

And now I'm done. The thread can die in peace
Thread posts: 80
Thread images: 47

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