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This is….
Kuzaku: “Demonbane is –“
AB: “By itself?”
Naacal Code ceremonial technique extraction confirmed.
Close range sublimation spell [Lemuria Impact] enabled.
―Azatoth enshrined within the barrier are accelerated at infinite speed―
――Distortion of Stars――
――Singularity Exposed――
――Reverse Transmigration of Souls――
■■■■■■■■■■Demands Extraction
Renouncing article no. ■■ corresponding the accumulation of heroic myths
Forcing Extraction.
I touch a silver key guardian deity engine of the 235th fictional universe
The 235th Fictional universe, collapsing into Azatoth’s absolute madness
The 238th fictional universe reached Nirvana.
Silver Key Guardian Deity engine, coming into the 238th fictional universe
The 238th fiction universe, is about to reach absolute crystallization.
Sublimation of the 239th fictional universe
Fictional universe no.239, developing 32 aspects using the chaotic Garden of Azathoth as its center.
Infinite Snake Formation.
High-speed samsara
Simultaneous Release of all Seals
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Kuzaku: “Impossible…this is”
AB: “Impossible…this is”
Invoking authorization to release the God's zeroth magical seal (Shining trapezohedron).
Hazuki: “What do you think is going happen?
Laban: “――――Myth”
Hazuki: “eh?”
Hazuki: “heh!? Azathoth particles are coming apart......!"
Laban: "Loss? No, shift(Metastasis)?"
Nero: “That's right. It's regaining consciousness from a previous dream”
Nero: “After that, it's all right”
Hazuki: “Who?”
Laban: “You are?”
Nero: “rhapsodist (Singer of mythology)”
Thus in the battlefield, a myth is reborn.
Darkness assembles. Darkness assembles. Darkness assembles.
Distorted/Mad/In Agony/ Strange darkness gathers.
Light assembles. Light assembles. Light assembles.
Turbulent/Roaring/It is mocking/ strange light gathers.
Located in the utmost darkness/ located in the utmost light
This place is the underworld
A universe that should not be able to exist.
A realm of paradox/ a torn universe/gods taboo
Two Demonbanes overlap at the right palm.
Mutual interference at the right palm containing infinite magic.
Distorted/Mad/Hollow/Separated/Time and space is torn on the other side
Inside the forbidden uterus, grotesque substances are being formed
Nya: “OOOOOOO……!”
This is a toy box.
<Description of Shinning Trapezohedron Snip>
It was a toy box/it enlightens
Inside the toy box, glass sphere is stored
Supported by seven pillars resembling black crystals, the Trapezohedron
Infinite red lines ran to the crystalline structure pulsating like blood vessels
The crystalline box with non-Euclidean geometry unfolds
Open.Open.Open.Open.Open. Open.Open.Open.Open.Open. Open.Open.Open.Open.Open. Open.Open.Open.Open.Open. Open.Open.Open.Open.Open. Open.Open.Open.Open.Open. Open.Open.Open.Open.Open…. Enlighten
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The complex metamorphosis/ the toy box changes shape, before long will manifest into suitable form
From the extremities of empty space, God's warped pillar rises from eternity
Two wings embracing the god tree went mad
A divine sword with two non-existent edges
Nya: "...... Shining Trapezohedron. "
God's pillar/God tree/ at the center of God's sword, seven pillars pulsed.
Contents of box extend to the entire universe, while the universe within made an offering.
Everything turned inside out is now reversing
Nya: “I see...you're...!”
Nya: “you're there! Elder God!”
And thus we opening our eyes
Kuzaku: “Father? Mother?
Kuzaku & AB: “Eh?”
Nya: “Haha...hahaha...is that so, is that so. You even came to this world”
Nya: “After fighting for humans, you have at last surpassed them, You abandoned your humanity to stand equal with the gods. To destroy evil, you have become what I am!”
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2MB, 800x1200px
Kurou: “This land is born of the goddess original sin, carved into the howling spiral”
Al-Alzif: “Blood-stained worn-out crumbling at the end of the saint’s path”
Kurou&Al Azif: “Here again, we will fulfill the covenant”
Al Azif: “It is like a fairy tale, a faint dream that disturbs one’s sleep with a feather’s touch, an ephemeral vision the vanishes at dawn
Kurou: “Though its shine is merely that of a child’s treasure, we worship and protect the covenant”
Kurou: “I am the light. I am the shine of life that illuminates the night traveler’s road.”
Al Azif: “I am the dark. I am the black wings of death that seal the road with heavy chains”
Kurou: “I am the light. I am violence and hate, burning my eyes burning myself, burning the world.”
Al Azif: “I am the dark. I am eternity and love, unstained, unwavering, and unhesitant”
Kurou: “Love is bitter and powerful. It tortures me”
Kurou: “Love is sweet and heavy. It consumes me”
Kurou: “It is good”
Al Azif: “It is evil”
Al Azif: “it is Acceptance”
Kurou: “It is Rejection”
Kurou & Al Azif: “it is a mating ceremony, pure and foul, song of failed worlds as they are expunged, born together only to die together”
Al Azif: “With the deep darkness of hate in our hearts”
Kurou: “With the desperate cry in our hearts”
Kurou: “Upon the flower of mourning we swear”
Al Azif: “Upon the flower of blessing we swear”
Nya: “Daiduji Kurou! Al Azif!”
Kurou & Al: “We are the weavers of Mythology!”
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Sorry for the interrupting someone, Consider a hypothetical fairy tale.
A test-tube universe.
A nuclear reactor universe.
A coin-locker universe.
A universe with the echoing of drums.
A prison universe.
A universe wrapped in chewing gum wrapper.
A universe outside a universe
A universe inside a universe
An instant that swallows all of eternity.
An ultrafine dust that imprisons all infinity.
A universe inside a universe. An instant that swallows all of eternity. An ultrafine dust that imprisons all infinity. A universe outside a Universe, another universe outside another universe another universe outside another universe…a series of universes extending infinitely
Everything is momentary yet infinite.
Infinite and finite will melt together the circular snake will fall to pieces and all things will return to the boiling soup of chaos
Nya: “ Shining Trapezohedron. The center of the universe. The gate to other worlds. A road that exist reaching the underworld.”
Nya: “Shining Trapezehedron. The one heals. The one destroys. The one that can change.”
Nya: “….Shining Trapezohedron. It is where the correct universe is sealed.”
Nya: “My home of boiling chaos! Where our master’s garden of Azatoth is scorned/ridiculed!”
Nya: “I know….I know! How you sealed my father! I know!”
Moreover, 24 twisted polyhedrons within 731 surfaces are distorted, where infinite universes are reflected.
Where infinite legends are weaved.
Nya: “Shining Trapezohedron! A basic material of this sacred treasure that sealed off the creator...”
Infinite legends indwelling, countless and innumerable universes, while simultaneously unfolding.
A test tube universe/ A nuclear reactor universe/ A coin-locker universe/ A universe with the echoing of drums/ A prison universe/ A universe wrapped in chewing gum wrapper --- Glitters like a kaleidoscope, it shines, it’s bewildering, hollow and changing.
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Nya: “It’s the universe! Turning the universe (garden of Chaos) and all its infinite parallels into a magical barrier thus, sealing the Garden of Chaos!”
A universe within a was chained within universe, chained within another universe, chained within another universe, chained within another universe, chained within another universe…..farthest from the center/Center of all creation/ultimate nonexistence.
Delicate tunes of the magical flute, slumbering under the mad beat of drums, where the god of chaos is sealed.
―― Shining Trapezohedron.
It freezes the boiling chaos of Azatoth/it’s binding/it seals and destroys / a universe that is eternal existence itself.
Nya: “Just for one….god you stacked corpses of universe equal to infinity to seal the correct universe (Garden of Azatoth)!”
Elder God Kurou: “…..They aren’t corpses”
Elder God Al Azif: “It was a stolen future, a mother’s grief”
Elder God Kurou : “It was a future that wasn’t protected, a father’s anger”
Elder God Kurou: “That was as a prayer of infinite universes toyed by evil…but”
Elder God Kurou: “That will became power”
Elder God Al Azif: “Chaos. You without form, Watch the wasteland carefully.”
Elder God Al Azif: “From countless worlds, from the infinite heavens something is coming into existence.”
Nya: “eh!?”
Then it arrived.
Beyond the heavens with burning hate----
Infinite/ Eternal / Beyond infinite space
Holding righteous anger burning through their chest.
Nya: “….You came. Without a single exception ‘you guys’ came. ‘you guys’, embracing your disgusting hope into your chest”
That is Demonbane.
Infinite/ Eternal / Beyond infinite space
Infinite/ Eternal / A pure Demonbane
A Great War host comprising every buried Demonbane in creation.
I fucking love chuunishit.
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There was new Demonbane without a scratch.

There was ancient Demonbane who had fought in countless battles.

There was Demonbane, which was still incomplete with only its frame.

There was destroyed Demonbane, blasted by magic at the moment of its death.

There was Demonbane driven by Kurou and Al from other timeline.

There was Demonbane driven by Kuzaku from other timeline.

There was Demonbane driven by Kuzaku and an unknown partner.

There was Demonbane driven by completely unknown persons.

There was Demonbane driven by nobody at all.

There was Demonbane driven by a non-human

There was Demonbane that was not a robot.

There was Demonbane made out of flesh and blood.

There was massive Demonbane.

There was little Demonbane.

There was Demonbane with the form of a beast.

There was Demonbane with no form at all.

There was liquid Demonbane.

There was vapourous Demonbane.

There was Demonbane in the form of ionized matter.

There was Demonbane with an ethereal body.

There was Demonbane with two swords.

There was Demonbane which resembled blood.

There was Demonbane with two engines.

There was Demonbane with three faces and six arms.

There was Demonbane that brought an infinite amount of soldiers.

There was Demonbane who rode a dragon

There was Demonbane that is a space battleship.

There was Demonbane with light sword that can cut through a star.

There was Demonbane that was God

There was Demonbane that was fell into evil

There was Demonbane that fused with a human.

There was Demonbane that was resurrected/Reincarnated(?) as a human.

There was Demonbane that existed in that past.

There was Demonbane that exist in the present.

There were Demonbane that existed now.

There were Demonbane that would exist in the future.

There were Demonbane from other possibilities.

There were Demonbane that had no possibility.

There were Demonbane that traveled through the end of space and time.

That was the pattern woven by the Shining Trapezohedron.
This is painful to read. Like a mix between scientology and autism.
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The name of this tale that encompassed infinite Demonbanes was Demonbane Athleta Aeternum.
Male Nya: “Good grief. This time I’m being swallowed into a bigger loop….I wonder how many branches will be intertwined next time”

Kurou & AL : “In this world of light, there’s no place for darkness”
Kurou: “thirst”
Al Azif: “hunger—“
Al Azif & Kurou: “Return to nothing!”
Al Azif & Kurou: “Lemuria Impact ain soph aur
Infinite Demonbanes unleashed Infinity x infinity Big Bang level attacks, each one the sublimation of a universe.
Look at the Infinite light within.
Meeting of dawn.
Loss of dusk
Countless, endless stories, infinitude of universes are born in that attack in the fabric of time's great river.
Similar to a strong rain.
Gentle like a storm
Cheerful like thunder
Lovely like a blaze
And—Beyond the infinite light
Kuzaku:” …Father! …Mother!”(Elder Gods)
He pursues them.
Not losing sight of their backs.
He desperately extends his arms.
It’s impossible for him to catch up.
It’s impossible for his arms to reach them.
An illusion that slips through his crevices of his fingers.
Ah, is that so.
Once again, I noticed too late.
Therefore I….
Why can't you just enjoy yourself? Don't you know the people who wrote this were making this while giggling like school girls?
>Infinite Demonbanes unleashed Infinity x infinity Big Bang level attacks
Oh god my sides, this is too silly.
It's nothing compared to Suggsverse.
Lovecraft is spinning in his grave thanks to this shit
>All media must be art, there is no room for someone to have silly fun, serious stories for serious readers like myself

Why doesn't /a/non grow up and accept not everything has to be a clone of Dostoyevsky
I want to fuck Al-chan!
>Suggverse wiki: characters
>28 pages
>Pick a random one
>Height: (Turn A)[S]insurmountable blablabla
I don't want to know about it.
>There was Demonbane who rode a dragon
Oh fucking shit.
Azathoth, pack your bags.
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So what is all this? Is he from a VN or an anime or what.
>taking them done one by one
>taking them done
>Can manipulate the fucking story pulling the script out of his ass
>Not even his final form
Got a good laugh.
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The one who created that must be 18 yo and have watched too much versus thread
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Legend has it that Suggs was some faggot who would take his powerlevel threads VERY seriously. The faggot in my pic is the prime blame for that.
>There were Demonbane that had no possibility.
Where can i find this game? looks hilarious
it's humoristic right ?
Only the first VN is translated.
Oh you'd love the second Demonbane game translated, wouldn't you?

Seriously though, /a/ would be like the day Muvluv Alternative was translated, crazy.
Reminder that Haganeya's (Demonbane's writer) first use of the name "Demonbane" was as a nickname for the Grungust when he was playing SRW as a kid
Demonbane is in the end the author's wet dream of a JUSTICE mech kicking ass across the universe.
Also the shit in this thread is from the true end of Kishin Hishou.
The good thing about EG Demonbane is that it remains in the background most of the time, and the plot focuses on regular Demonbane.
Shitting on Demonbane because of EG Demonbane is like shitting on Getter because of the Getter Emperor
Demonbane doesn't evne have a translation project and it's gonna get translated sooner than Seinarukana and Eustia
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>There was liquid Demonbane.
No, Demonbane fights to slay evil.
And yet there wasn't a single version of OP that didn't suck dicks.
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Power Man could solo the Suggsverse.
File: 1426253715265.jpg (144KB, 500x333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>hexxus coming out of the bulldozer
every time
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Even with an infinite number of Demonbanes with an infinite amount of possibilities and power, they still decided to pull a buncha Lemuria Impacts to fuck SPECIFICALLY Nya, in the most (relatively) mundane manner.

It's funny shit.
Try this one, it's easier to understand what the fuck is going on:
Power Man could never defeat Power Man, though. Checkmate, atheists.
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