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>OP by LiSA

This is a blue board which means that it's for everybody (Safe For Work content only). If you see any adult content, please report it.

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>OP by LiSA
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>OP by Konomi Suzuki
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>thread by OP
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>OP by fripSide
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>reply by anon
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>anon replies to anon.
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>OP by Chiwa Saito
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>OP by JAM project
>OP by the voice actresses
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>OP by nano.rape
>Greentext thread
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>OP by nano.rape
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>OP by Kishida Kyoudan + The Akeboshi Rockets
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>OP by ClariS
How come the tripfag is the only person on /a/ who still cares about Mami Kawada?
What's wrong with using that word?
Well that era is over.
Still pissed that they refused to show their faces. Come on, they'd be 18 by now and are already out of high school. There's nothing to worry about anymore.
>OP by ナノ.

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>OP by OxT
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OP by Ali Project
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>OP by Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas
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>ED by Ali Project
tom [email protected] and masayoshi oishi. First one you should know second one did Gekkan Shoujo OP.
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>OP by Twill

They're basically a better ClariS, but more underrated.
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>anything with Rika Matsumoto

Kind of refreshing to have a combination of japanese and decent english.
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>Anything by DAOKO
I await the day when Kawada Mami will be recognized as a goddess of anison just like Nana is.
Are you a Pokemon fan, by any chance?
>still pissed they want privacy
NSA pls go
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>ED by Ogura Kei
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I just don't understand how they've managed to stay anonymous for so long. Surely some obsessed otaku stalked them at their performances and figured them out by now.

Not quite, still going with one of the members and a new one. It's worse than before, I think.

I actually liked ClariS, though it's true that almost every song sounded the same.
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>OP by Round Table
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>Not by Mami Kawada
This tripfag fucked up.
Not particularly, sadly. I couldn't get into it.
Nano lived in america most of her life I think.
Her english is fluent, and the "engrish" is forced.
>OP by backstreet boys
this thread is my favorite meme
You expect me to mention her every thread? I'm not that obsessed over her. People would become tired of me mentioning her every "OP by" thread. And I do like other artists as well.
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>OP by Shimamiya Eiko
Didn't expect to see another fan of her here.
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>OP/ED by cast
>OP/ED is actually good
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>OP by aimer
>People getting tired because it's literally every related thread
>Who is MaiOlev
No, you lack passion, that's why.
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>OP by Aoi Eir

I prefer her unicorn insert songs
>OP by ナノ.


Did he do anything other than LoGH? Hikari no Hashi is one of my favorite EDs of all time, and I'd love to hear more stuff like it.
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>OP by ナノ.

Why do you guys have such a good taste?

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Screenshot (8).png
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>OP by Bradio
Truly a wonderful surprise
>OP by Nana Mizuki

I remember when Nano was shit.


That isn't nearly as bad as this though.
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>OP by Man with A Mission
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>OP by Flow

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>OP by Kenji Ootsuki
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Thread images: 37

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