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>watch with english dubs >get clinical downs

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>watch with english dubs
>get clinical downs
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Sentai Filmworks is releasing the first season of Higurashi next year...i'm wondering if they'll re-dub the whole show?
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"Whered you get that popsicle, Rachel?"
Why the fuck would they
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why not?
>watching higurashi
Read the fucking VN
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>>watch Higurashi
>>get clinical downs

Read the VN
>reading higurashi
Read umineko instead, you fucks
No. I've seen how you guys argue and fight over the ending. It's been how many years and how many threads and you lot STILL can't agree on what actually fucking happened.

I'll stay out of your pitfall, thanks. Enjoy your decades of Seacats arguments though
Is the VN really that much better?

What changed with the VN exactly.
Incredible amounts of the VN were left on the cutting room floor.

Look at it one way. Most companies spend 1-2 cours adapting a route from a VN. DEEN adapted a route in 4 fucking episodes. Sometimes in just 2 episodes. You don't even get the cliff notes when watching the anime. You get a very basic plot summary.

The other major downside to the anime is the lack of internal narrative. Because each chapter of the VN is narrated by characters affected by Hinamizawa syndrome you really get a good look inside their minds as they're slowly descending into madness. All those moments are not present in the anime because you're not in any of the characters heads.

Scenes like K1 digging the shallow grave take less than 20 seconds in the anime, and leave no impression at all. In the VN it's an intensely pivotal and emotional moment that taken about 15+ minutes to read.

Watching the anime and saying you've experienced Higurashi is like saying you played Super Star Wars on SNES and experienced the whole Star Wars saga.

Oh, and the anime committed the hugest sin of not including the VN music.

That's quite a bit actually. I finished the series recently and enjoyed it for the most part.

That would explain why the anime felt a bit empty at times. Perhaps I'll go through the VN one of these days.
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>What changed with the VN exactly?

Can't say, dropped it after checking out the first episode. I didn't think that I could stomach the over the top slapstick humor of the animation.

I didn't have to bear with that in the VN.
This. Also people tend to say that Kai wasn't as bad, and while it was marginally better than the first season (not hard when they only had to adapt 2 arcs with Kai since they crammed 6 into the first season) it still manages to fuck up a lot. The entire ending of Minagoroshi-hen was changed in the anime and it kills a lot of the emotional impact. Also if I recall they rearranged the events of Matsuribayashi and made it a confusing damn mess.

The only ones who can't agree with what happened in the ending are goats who wanted everything spoonfed to them without having to do any critical thinking and mystery solving in a series about solving a mystery with critical fucking thinking. Higurashi is arguably a better presentation because it's more straightforward and less of a clusterfuck but Umineko has the better story and characters.
Yeah I was wondering why Dear You was never in the anime despite hearing it before.
They only just used it in the OVA that came out last year
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