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Delinquent Manga Thread

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Daily dose of KKOW.
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Huh, chapter after this is the prologue to the Mitsuhashi vs. Imai arc. I'm gonna do the whole arc in one dump tomorrow, should I dump that chapter now or just do two today and start with it tomorrow?
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I'd suppose dump one today. It'll lighten the burden and leave us hanging.
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Fuck it, if this thread dies I'll just dump this one again tomorrow.
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>Imai saying he has no friends
>Itou exists
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Itou doesn't count.
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And that's all for today, thanks for reading.
Anyone know anything about Yokohama Meibutsu Otoko Katayama Gumi! or Korogashi Ryouta?
Can't find anything but raws for Ryouta.
I fount the Katayama Gumi raws.
Are you thinking of TLing them or something, or are you just one of those anons that reads moon?
I'm mainly looking for OVAs, just to preserve them, though ARR has everything.
They are all dead men
So worth it
Didn't this chapter happen already? Did someone dump it somewhere else?
I dumped it once like two weeks before I started doing these in order.
Yeah I remember asking for it, but after reading this particular chapter around 5 times the spark is gone for me. Still dope thought.
The bakuon rettou news really brought the morale down in these threads.
Don't worry guys, we're just ironing out the kinks for the next chapter! We got a brand new editor so far his work is pretty good!
They got a new editor, but I guess not many people were in yesterday's thread. They've been pretty bad all week though.
I asked a few threads back because I never saw anyone saying they'd do it but I guess the new TS anon simply isn't updating as much or wasn't yesterday, but regardless, this makes me really really glad, Bakuon Rettou looks dope as fuck.
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Just finished V4C16 TL. Only uphill from here. Might start cleaning V4 for the new TS anon so its faster
Hey not to spoil anything but could you post the cover of volume 18? I just wanna see how old he is on it.
Can't wait... Bakuon Rettou V18 Spoilers
http://mcd.iosphe.re/manga/9905/ And the only one missing is 18th, fuck. These covers are cool but don't show shit anyways.
Once we get to V17 I'll order V18 and scan it.. There's no public raws for it anyways
Cool. Doing god's work anon.
All this over hurt feelings?
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Is this a delinquent manga?
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Just finished this and damn it's a pretty heavy read, kinda exhausting, reminds me of Matsumoto's Blue Spring because of how depressing it can be at times but it's really unlike anything I've read, the way the story is told is really unusual, from what I've read at least, not sure if it's common for old shoujos.

Tons of monologues, text splattered all over the pages, panels are really loose. Took me while to get used to it but it's pretty interesting and so is the story, lots of heavy themes, pretty dramatic for a coming of age story but I guess that's what delinquent are realistically about, they become like that for a reason. It also has a pretty big Bosozoku side to it plus romance, quite rare compared to most delinquent manga.

I wouldn't dare reading it a second time but it's pretty great overall.
wait, is the 'mitsuhashi saw the stars' page in the next chapter? i distinctly remember it being here
Thread posts: 81
Thread images: 58

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