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Can we have one of these? Hard mode: No Keit-ai

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Can we have one of these?

Hard mode: No Keit-ai
I wrote a number of these, but none of them were picked up by a good anime studio.
Now I don't feel like doing it anymore.
A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted with by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.
Boy falls in love with a phone, finds out it's a girl's number.
Can someone tell me what makes something an "anime plot"? How is it different from a cartoon plot, or a television plot?
A harem where the childhood friend wins.

She's also a cake.
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Animated cowtits.
Is this bait?
/a/ falls in love with memes.

Tsundere and refusing to confess, /a/ is gifted with the death of moot. Never minding what this may herald, new memes continue to arise.

But, then a new overlord appears, this time from Glorious Nippon. he likes /a/, but /a/ is indifferent, and he acknowledges that /a/'s conception of Japan is very strange. They draw him as a cute bunny.

Hijinks ensue as Hiro-tan gets in an indirect disagreement with a mod over nipples and Valkyrie Drive, /a/ has a sticky for a short while, and badmouthing Yostuba continues to be banned as a bid to save face. DRAMA is chronicled as usual on ED and most anons continue to browse as usual. But some stop, and take a moment to contemplate the NATURE of MEMES
The Producers, but focusing heavily on the first act's investment bit, and robbing single twentysomething fujoshi instead of widowed grannies.
All living things absorb magic as they grow, stored in the carbon that makes their bodies up. As they grow, and die, they pass down through the soil and becoming oil and other carbon deposits, these deposits continue to absorb magical energy, slowly turning into Sigil.

Sigil is the lifeblood of new world, magic empowered crude oil and coal which drives steam/dieselpunk mecha called Derricks: steam powered multi-legged arachnomotives, Iron Horses, dieselpunk wargear armour called Sidearms, etc. In order to "suit up" into the armour you need skin to metal contact through a special oil medium, and only women can use the armour, so there's lots of scenes of western cowgirls in underware/bikinis rubbing each other down with oil and squeezing into tight-fitting mecha suits.

The heart of the story, though, is a family's tale of vengeance painted against that backdrop as two sisters fight a greedy, evil land baroness to regain the rights of the land their mother, a Texas Ranger, died trying to protect.

Art direction will be handled by Satoshi Urushihara. Because who better to handle glossy, oiled up lesbians squeezing into mecha suits... except maybe Shirow.
Imagine punching somebody so hard that they turned into a door. Then you found out that's where ALL doors come from, and you got initiated into a murder club that makes doors. The stronger you punch, the better the door. So there are like super strong murderers who punch people into Venetian doors and shit.
>Boy is obssesed with a SoL manga.
>During the winter break he meets a girl that resembles the heroine of said manga at a convinience store.
>At the start of the semester he sees her again, not as a transfer student but as someone that apparently has always attended school.
>However, everytime he tries to talk to her , she seems to .vanish.
>The only time when he can talk to her is at the 17 minutes and 12 seconds lunch break.
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>MC can't afford a Derrick
>finds discarded, beat-up Derrick in back alley of Chicago, Chobits style
>chronically injured
>pic related
The boy is actually the girl, the reason she can talk to herself during the lunch break is because she eats alone in the toilet, her condition is due to rape and explotation from her uncle.
Cute terrorists doing cute things.
The adventures of a rapist protagonist who fucks uppity women into submission.
Why don't you fuckers draw your main character and try to sell us on that alone.
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>Yui: plays the AKM.
>Mio: plays the Dragunov.
>Azusa: plays the AK-74M
>Mugi: plays the RPK.
>Ritsu: plays the Saiga 12 guage.
I'd watch it.
A naive, idealistic young man goes camping with his childhood friend. As they they prepare to settle in for the night, the two catch a glimmer of what appears to be a shooting star streak through the starry, night sky. They admire the cosmic beauty for a few moments before they realize the bright streak of light is actually heading in their general direction. They watch as it crashes into the ground a few hundred yards away from them. Overcome with curiosity, the young man sets off to investigate while his friend is too reluctant to follow. Both do not seem to notice a second glimmer heading their way as well.

Upon reaching the crash site, the man sees what appears to be a bright, golden box, large in appearance. As he nears it, it unravels, displaying a humanoid set of armor, which also opens. Inexplicably drawn to it, he gets inside and the suit begins to talk to him. Alien at first, the voice gradually speaks the correct language and states it is running a compatibility test for the Pilot. Quickly it says "3%; Rejected." It then kicks the man out and seems to shut down.

Heading back to camp, the man hears another crash, landing close to camp. Rushing back, he sees a humanoid but alien figure towering over his friend. He quickly rushes in to intervene, telling his friend to run. She does so before the alien knocks the man away, severely injuring him before chasing after the girl. As the man's consciousness and life fade, the suit appears and takes him in. "Assay Modified. Compatibility Modifier Procedure initiated." The suit begins to meticulously change the man's body, eliciting screams from him as his body is painfully altered.
Jack and the Beanstalk with a twist.

Jack climbs the beanstalk looking for fortune and adventure only to find a high school filled with giant high school girls. He becomes unable to leave due in part to being mistaken for a student and in part to a series of misunderstandings occurring whenever he tries to escape.

Love interest is a giant midget tsundere voiced by Aoi Yuuki.
A comedy/slice of life focusing on a corporation that manages the deus ex machina moments for every other manga or anime universe in existence.
I remember a thread way back then where people rewrite the plot for an existing anime. The catch was to construct the plot based on the title of the anime. Someone wrote plot for One Piece which was warmly received. I forget the whole details but I do remember the plot having to do with a musical piece (hence, the one piece) or something. Anybody remember that?
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MC wakes up in an apartment of a maladjusted NEET, discovering that they are a poltergeist that has been bound to the room.

Next door is a lazy, womanizing politicians son, and downstairs is a pretty but recluse art student along with a foreigner fascinated with the occult.

The story starts light and slice of lifey, never leaving the setting of these four apartments in a grid while MC deals with each respective tenants own insecurities. The series slowly turns into a psychological piece about the four characters and the life MC had before he died.

Everyone is wearing a bikini, and as the series progresses, the bikinis get smaller to represent MCs repressed sexual desires
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A young female marine stationed at an american military base in japan is deemed the only woman to be passable as an average schoolgirl, and is sent to a girls-only high school to gain intelligence on why exactly asians are so good at math.
>That handshake / hug.

Still makes me tear up.
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I like this, anon.
Your mother still makes me tear up when the end of my shaft gets caught on her tongue bar.
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Pacific Blue with cute girls
A high-school girl is deemed to be immature and is sent back to elementary to school to make money off of crazy lemonade stands.
An anime that can use this as OP song
Alternatively, have them pander to ultranationalists.
Based on true story, autistic blog incoming

>Story about ups and downs of a certain Asian uni anime club.
>Shittons of important character, with dedicated chapters to develop them.
>Narrator would be me, a jobless faggot who still hang around with them even after graduating 2 years ago.
>Story would start when narrator entered the club, and it will continue without a specific end. As of now, it's been 6 years with 6 different committees since I hang with these faggots.

1st Arc: recruitment
>The club started with a group of /jp/ and /v/ neckbeards with /a/ shitty taste.
>It devolved with weeb invasion and became meetings for /r9k/ ronery bots.
>Narrator stepped into committee, at this point of time, the club got a stigma as hotspot for the social awkwards.

2nd Arc: Marketing and Networking
>Committee racked their brains to recruit members and establish a bonafide image to student body.
>After weeks of marketing, rare qt /v/ registered, committee dolled her up as a weapon to further market the club.
>Flood of new members and qt /v/ attracted fellow qts. Toxic members are included, faggots who are in just because of qts and never stay. Cue drama.

3rd Arc: Succession and First expansion
>Committee stepped down and new committee is ambitious and draconian.
>Implement aggressive expansion policies with tryhard weeb shit -cosplay lipsync kek-, and overprotective towards qt members, afraid of them getting wooed by outsiders.
>Clash of ideologies between old and new committee. Oldfags think new committee are steering away from the club's tradition. New committee think that oldfags are being apathetic. Cue drama and shitload of misunderstandings.
>Arc ends with new committee stepping down after handpicked a future committee that is 5/6 females, thinking they would be a puppet committee, which would be proven wrong in 2nd season.

2nd season: Anime club full of qts & /cgl/

Genshiken with actual romance, nichibros level of comedy, and shitload of drama.
The story starts some time after the initial heroes have saved the day. Evil Gods have been cast down, Demon Kings have been defeated, and various petty and cruel villains have met their well-deserved ends. This would normally be the end of any proper story, but it's just the beginning here.

A new force has moved in to fill the gap left behind and claim the souls of the damned for its own purposes, offering them the chance to return to life and reclaim or even exceed their former power and make their dreams come true. The twist is that this entity will only restore and empower them to the degree that he believes they have earned it, and this new godlike entity isn't actually all too evil. In truth, he's actually rather fond of such ideals as "mercy" and "redemption", even for those others would consider unworthy or unforgivable.

In short, these damned souls, who are mostly all rather exceptionally terrible and disgusting people, must earn their right to continue existing in the world of the living by performing community service as heroes, usually forced into a role that serves to counter the sorts of crimes they were responsible for prior to their defeat. The more of their "debt" that they manage to "pay off", the more they are restored or rewarded. Conversely, they could even have their existence revoked if they returned to their evil ways.

Still, they're all pretty much just total scumbags being blackmailed into the Hero business, even if the common folk can no longer recognize them for who they really are. Though that last bit is partly because some physical transformation has occurred to mask their former identities. Maybe some of them start actually believing that they're heroes, and may have actually learned some modicum of proper decency, but most of them are still the same assholes on the inside and are only awkwardly playing the Hero for the rewards promised to them.
Best ITT
I can see a LN being made with this premise.
Of course, It'll have a long title and get an anime adaption.
I had a very good idea yesterday, but I forgot it

damn it
2nd season.

1st arc: qts doing cute stuffs
>5/6 female committee. Started like SoL, with more fujo appearing in the club due to female presidency.
>One male committee is a kuudere shota who secretly acts as a shadow boss when the fems can't reach status quo. President is a nationwide prolific qt cosplayer.
>At this point of time, member list has expanded greatly and the club has a few resident bishies and qt 3.14s.

2nd arc: disband notice and maid cafe
>Former draconian committee realized the shota foiled their plans. Political tension ensues.
>Disband warning from uni admin due to political tension.
>Qts came up with a stupid yet brilliant idea of setting up a maid and butler cafe in campus recruitment drive in order to save the club.
>Jobless faggot narrator got recruited as head butler and posterboy. Lineup of 4 qts and 4 bishie with different personalities.
>Sold out tickets miraculously and managed to save our asses from disbandment, if anything, the club secured more members.

3rd arc: /cgl/ expansion
>Narrator got ego boost and wanted to get into cosplay scene in upcoming annual convention.
>Qts setup their own cosgroup. Narrator recruited new bishies and setup his own utapri group to rival the qts.
>Showdown in convention. Utapri group surprisingly popular and had fangirls ever since.

3rd season: The era of pretty boys
>The former utapri group of bishonen stepped up as the club's new committee, having expanded greatly into /cgl/ scene and built a solid network with young cosplayers.

4th season: ongoing.

The rest of the story is minor SoL arcs and character development with romance and alcohol thrown into the mix.
This might work better as a LN.
Two supersoldiers are left for dead at the ground zero of a battlefield and are abandoned.

Hiding from their former allies, they quietly begin new lives.
One runs a bookstore and cafe, while the other works as a courier for some delivery company.
Unfortunately, both become entangled with the faces of crime in the city, from petty bank thieves, to fullblown terrorists.
As criminal activity steadily increases, the two must carefully navigate themselves through these events without revealing their extraordinary nature.

The two main characters have superpowers as a result of being military experiments.
The first one has the ability to stop time (similar to The World).
The second has a type of super sense that allows him to predict things before they happen (analyzing which muscles are contracting/flexing to predict on the fly next movement).

The way the stories are told are also broken down into two main categories.
Stories that start with the first character come by as rumors/overheard conversations being told by customers, etc.
The stories that start with the second character are things he encounters or passes by while he's driving to and fro.
An anime about kids whom are in a chess club at thier school. Yes it's SOL.
MC moves to an inner city school where the only other white girl is his childhood friend. The story follows their adversity as the MC tries to support her after graduation working a minimum wage job and raising her half cast baby.
A heart surgeon who's popular in the hospital she works in is preparing to go under the knife herself, hoping her own heart can be fixed. As the anaesthesia kicks in, she looks into the eyes of the surgeon in charge, and notices a hidden sense of desperation- as if he's operated on her many times before, only to fail each and every time. She knows her own surgery has a low chance of success to begin with, so if her time has come, so be it.

After a long sleep that almost feels like a whole day passed, she wakes up and finds herself playing Trauma Center: New Blood with her younger sister. The feeling of having woken from a daydream makes her screw up their current game. Her sister asks her if she's okay, but she says it's nothing and goes to her room to compose herself, only to notice that her laptop's clock has yesterday's date. Before she can clear her suspicions, her sister brings her smartphone to her, which is apparently ringing. The voice on the other end is... the surgeon who operated on her?

He's been repeating the last 24 hours, which always ends with her dying from her hidden heart condition. Initially, he tried to prevent her death by having her check into her hospital, and even arranged for her to be operated on by the other surgeons. When none of them were able to save her, he decided to use the repeating day to learn heart surgery directly from her, since she was the best teacher he could find to learn the medical fields from scratch.

He doesn't know if he managed to save her, but she figures out that her accepting her death while he wanted her to live led to both their memories carrying over into the next loop.

This is one part of my overarching time loop story.
>dude finds pingas and snorts the shit out of 5 lines
>finds more drugs keeps using found drugs
>keeps finding more (reality his killing peopel for the shit)
>his trip starts from hella good to total shit storm
>also sees a glimps of bad shit corner of his eye but doesnt pick up on it becomes more common ends with him mass slaughtering people have a bad trip
A lonely, poor, depressed young man decides that he has had enough of suffering day to day, and decides to end his life by hanging himself in an abandoned internet cafe.

This cafe was a place he used to read manga and watch anime at during his high school years, and he always had fond memories of the fun times he had by himself here, and was the only place he felt comfortable enough to be himself before it went out of business. Now, 7 years later, he decides its the best place to die at.

He remembers the theme song from his favorite anime "Machine Ningen" while looking at a bottle of sleeping pills. Just before he downs the pills, his cell phone begins to ring loudly, playing the theme song. It echoes throughout the dark building and startles him, causing him to drop the phone. The phone vibrates voraciously, illuminates, and begins to transform.

The once dark building now illuminates with a vast array of colors emanating from the phone, which takes the shape of a young woman with a visor, and numerous buttons donning her chest. All of the appliances in the building begin to act erractically, almost as if reacting to the woman. The young man stares in awe at not only the scene unfolding before him, but also at the beauty of the woman engulfed in light. "Don't...leave" whispers the woman, before fainting on the young man.

The story progresses with the young man trying to discover the identity of the mysterious woman, meeting new beings similar to her within the abandoned internet cafe on different days, and rediscovering happiness.
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>decides to end his life by hanging himself
>just before he downs the pills.
Is he gonna hang himself in the middle of overdosing?
That's pretty fucking metal.
A boy receives a message that says he's going to die in exactly one month. Thinking nothing of it, he spends his life at high school normally, living with his mother and two sisters, and is killed in a tragic accident at the designated time.
The next episode he's back in his room staring at the same email, but with memories of having died. He spends the next month panicking and planning to avoid that death, yet at the designated time he avoids one tragic accident only to find himself victim of an entirely different silly death.
The series continues on in this regard for a short time, as he asks different people for advice and slowly begins to question his sanity. This then develops into an entirely different sort of series as he eventually decides to spend his time messing around and delving into the lives of his classmates. With no regard to how he looks he learns literally everything he can about everyone in his life. Each arc then becomes about him trying to have sex with a new character with the month he has. Sometimes succeeding in time, sometimes failing, and slowly learning more about what the others think of each other and the nature of building relationships.

The series then goes in one of two new directions for its conclusion. One possibility is that the series gets messed up as out of boredom he starts trying to have sex with EVERYONE, with no regard to social taboo. In some instances he can't get his way without raping people.
Alternately the series ends when he finally makes the decision to help his loser friend get laid instead, and upon eventually succeeding in doing so, finds out that he didn't die at the designated time.
>the MC is your average high school student
>one day, he is suddenly, mysteriously transformed into a hot chick and no one finds it weird
>something's off though
>he/she still has his wiener
>MC is overcome with lust for his own D
>he wants to suck himself off, but finds that he's too unathletic and stiff to manage it
>driven by his/her carnal desires, (s)he joins a sports club in order to become more flexible
>MC must survive through various challenges, guarding his dreadful secret, and deal with eager admirers, boys and girls, while pursuing the goal of giving himself a blowjob

I figured /a/non would relate to this
That could actually work. It's a risky idea, but there's loads of comedic potential hidden away in it.
Is the boy _____Indian?

Does he shit in designated shitting streets?

I've been able to slightly bite the head, but not further...

but now I can 'ardly reach it

And I almost got caught by a random guy.
this is choice screencap material
Your memes are lost on me. This is /a/, not /int/
The messed up ending would be more palatable if after raping people, the MC finds himself dying in particularly drawn out and brutal ways.
Con Sequence

I'm thinking something like:
Why won't this High School Harem let me reach out for my true love?
A writer loses function of his arms in a terrible car accident. Unable to take care of himself, he is forced to hire a maid to help with daily chores, household maintenance, and any other necessities. One day during her regular routine, she notices the man struggling to type with his feet and offers to assist him. He hesitates, but is forced to relent as she presses him into it. She immediately regrets her decision upon finding out that he writes smut novels. Even more so as she learns how good he is at it. Finishing the session feeling hot and bothered, the maid returns home and immediately pleasures herself to the sexual fantasies that she's been typing for the past few hours. This too becomes a part of her everyday cycle until--
Bad End: One day she snaps and decides to re-enact the novel with the man while holding him captive Misery (1990) style
Good End: She snaps, but they make happy, vanilla love. They eventually marry and all is well.

A hentai plot is fine too
That IS a hentai plot you dosh
>konami code
A shounen falls into hell with a loli.
Shouta elf falls in love with orc onee-san
>mc wakes up in feudal samurai era japan
>mc strives to become the strongest and duels to the death vagabond style
>mc actually fucks bitches
>everyone calls mc the black swordsman
>mc is literally black
That wouldn't be a plot twist in the anime itself though. It would just be light hearted racism.
>implying you wouldn't watch this
It was never intended to be a plot twist since you know hes black within like the first second of the show. And racism wouldn't even be a problem due to the time and place of the setting.
>implying you wouldn't watch this
Yeah. I wouldn't. Literally just a samurai show with a bit of sex. It's a boring and overdone concept with a protag who could easily turn into a Gary Stu. I'd rather watch edgy bait like >>133675241 or >>133675254
I would watch this, but only if it had the bad end.
>black fade to reality
>hazy vision
>dark room
>only moon light coming in from ceiling
>MC looks down
>hands bound
>legs chained to floor
>old woman open cellar door
>informs MC of his situation
>you're being held captive because you've been marked for death
>next scene are the events that lead MC to this situation
>MC in bar
>drunk AF
>thinks some guy was talking shit
>causes brain to hemorrhage
>MC accidentally killed brother of Yakuza member
>MC passed out in street
>yakuza find him
>taken to the cellar
>flash back to real time
>MC remembers the bar
>remembers what he did
>fade to black
>end first EP

A superhero anime where the main character's power is to unfortunately amplify his opponents strengths while he grows incredibly weak, our hero has to use all his guile to outwit foes and whatever is disposable at hand to overcome shit.
Darkness destroys life and light sustains it.

In this world, all living things that is touched by the Darkness will decay and be corrupted. Light negates the corruption at the cost of death. Such is they way of nature since time immemorial.

But one day, a man was able to give humanity the chance to fight back the Darkness through an artifact known as the Divine Spark. Through this artifact, this man went into the pits of darkness itself and freed all who suffer under its corruption, disease and sickness. The men whom are his disciples are the Light Bearers who constantly fight the darkness and spread the Path of Light. Through them the Church formed and is the forefront and humanity's hope of survival against it.

One day, knights of the Church discovered an infant glowing when purging the darkness that had infested a village. This infant was sent to the Church for examination by its theologians. Lo and behold this infant is the second incarnation of the Messiah whom darkness cannot touch. MC, a theologian and caster of the Church doubts this knowing the words of the original Messiah who warned that the Darkness can take the form of Light.

MC's attempt to warn the Church and the people about this fails and he is eventually branded as a heretic. In his cell he tries to reason with his captives but ended up being chastised. Eventually MC manages to escape from his cell and attempts to kill the infant during a procession around the city. As MC stabs the infant, pitch black blood flowed from its wound. With its dying breath, the infant saith, "We only want peace"
That sounds cool, I'd watch it.

The villains usually lose due to being too cocky or not paying attention to the MC superhero laying traps all over the place. It would mock shounen a lot.

A rival is introduced later where he can actually amplify the hero's powers while he grows weaker.

Shomin Sample plot, but replace Kimito with a Syrian refugee that the maid mistook for a normal person. The first thing male lead does is rape the women, then the maid comes in with the scissor and he kills her.

Later he calls his two ISIS friends over after he figures out the school location so they can bomb the place. The anime ends at 5 episodes.

10/10 next time don't kidnap the Paris terrorists when they flee to Japan.
A young man finds out he's the son of the Lord of Murder.

He goes adventuring across the land to find out about his heritage. Also falls in love with a cute drow girl who's super tsun-tsun.
Second season could be cute French pilots dropping cute bombs on cute Syrian children.
>A rival is introduced later where he can actually amplify the hero's powers while he grows weaker.
That's great, I'm imagining the hero struggling to fight because he's not used to being strong.
>cute French pilots dropping cute bombs on cute Syrian children.

The hero usually has to put up with stuff like organizations run by villains he's faced before kidnapping him since he can make them stronger but this is where the rival is introduced, he can cancel out the whole thing of making the villains stronger which in turn hives the Hero his powers to free himself and kick the shit out of the ones who kidnapped him.
Me: wear one gold chain, one gold ring, gold watch; its's nothing. I am an anime character. MTT
story about a villian, who sets up shop in an abandoned city and booby traps the shit out of the whole place. story has flashbacks to how he managed to piss off the entire world who are currently hunting for him. also a mad scientist (related to pissing off the world and the destroyed city) story is about him fending off these invasions/hunting parties
That's Baldur's Gate 2 you sod.

Also as said before it would largely parody shounens while also at the same time being heavily influenced by Kazuhiko Shimamoto's manga.
A slice-of-life about rockstars dealing with the stereotypes that has arcs every now and then.

rockstar stereotypes?

attack of the glam metal
rise of the black metal?
hey guys. I need a plot for hentai
I'm going to draw an h-doujin (maybe not)
and I need your ideas
I know.
Wouldn't that kick ass?

>I-it's not like I TRUST you or anything, s-stupid rivvil
>One episode of MC teaching Viconia how to cuddle and hold hands
>5 OVAs with the adventures of Minsc and Boo and Aerie
Historical SoL in which we follow the trials of Dr. Kellogg, as he attempts to rehabilitate a group of chronically masturbating early-20th-century NEETs. The doctor's methods are at times brutal, at times ridiculous, but always theoretically sound according to the pseudoscience in vogue.

However, none of his treatments show any lasting effectiveness, and his sponsors are threatening to pull funding if he cannot demonstrate a single succesful case. Perplexed, he decides to move into the asylum to spend day and night with his patients, trying to get to the bottom of their psyche. Long hours of simple observation prove fruitless. His desperation for insight leads him to commit an act of great self-sacrifice: He pleasures himself, seeing no other option left at this point. At first by timidly touching his genitalia at night, under the covers, then stroking it in the shower, and eventually works up the courage to bring himself to ejaculation. He can see the signs of his body and mind deteriorating, but there is more data to be collected. One day, he joins in the NEETs' daily circlejerk, giving him a glimpse of the richness of the art. From then on, the NEETs teach him increasingly advanced forms of masturbation, each episode focusing on a different sensei.

The cast does not include cute girls.It may include ugly ones
A kid from the US goes to Japan for a personal vacation

While he's there, he stops in the major cities before going to a quiet little town just to spend his last days there in peace. There he meets a girl and, long story short, they end up falling in love and fugging. The boy leaves to go back to his life in America and things go back to normal for them.

Sometime later, the girl finds out that she is pregnant. She immediately gets in contact with the boy and he flies back over there as soon as he can with the intention of marrying her, which is also what she's expecting.

From here on it's just cute couple stuff mixed in with a lot of learning about the other's culture. The boy learns more about Japanese culture as does the girl with American. Episodes in America would be fully English and Japan Japanese, with the main characters speaking in broken versions of their non-native languages. Their families would also play a large role; the fathers disapproving of an outsider marrying into their race, the mothers happy for their children, sibling stuff thrown in there for fun, and the MCs trying to figure out the best time to tell their parents about the baby.
Why don't you fucks make a Keit-Ai VN? I really want /a/ to surpass Katawa Shoujo someday, damnit.
>so this anime is called Junjou Shoujo Mille Miglia
>Huge carfag from Japan buys a banged up vintage car (thinking some old Alfa) right after graduation from uni (cashed in on his share of a startup) in the hopes of slowly retracing the route taken in the historic Mille Miglia race
>At his starting town, he meets a poor qt3.14 servant girl who is afflicted with wanderlust but too poor to act on her dreams
>MC promises to let her tag along in return for cooking for him at their designated layovers
>Just SoL scenery porn by Kyoani filled with pure adorable fluff as they slowly fall in love with each other as the road trip progresses, marked by several detours to important carbuilding towns like Maranello
>they reach the end and continue travelling to England where MC proposes to her in the beautiful rolling meadows framed by the light of dusk - she tearfully says yes.
Imagine an anime where all the junior idols were butt shaking shotas

Why don't you go back to /cm/ you big fagola.
It's for an anime.

Thank you for your time.
it's shit but has cute girls
A kidnapper has taken the children of the most important people on earth and left smartphones in their place!
Hidden in an underground bunker not on any map and communicating only to those phones via uncrackable untracable encrypted networks the kidnapper uses these important parents to act for his interests. Inside the bunker the children are forced by the kidnapper to do work to keep the bunker self-sustaining, it's almost a normal summer camp except for the fear of being cut up into pieces and the plans concocted to try and find a way out of the bunker or send out messages that can help them be found. On the outside the intelligence organizations of the world set into action trying to find the children and stop the important people of the world from acting in the kidnapper's interest. And what are those interests?! That's right the kidnapper wants WORLD PEACE!!!
Everyday until it's real.

Suspense/Thriller/Cop show/Gun porn.

Two Detectives are put on a grisly new case in one of the World's great megalopolis cities.

A mutlilated body in a densely populated square. A killer who committed murder in broad daylight in the middle of a crowd without being seen. A media buzz seeing bogeymen around corners and in alleys.

Our Detectives, a token male and female buddy cop combo, are up against a Serial Killer who can't be seen unless peered at through an electronic device who is on an increasingly bold and increasingly deadly rampage.

Shit will keep escalating.
6 Girls are trained in the art of Magical School Girl Transformation by the last of the previous generation, so that they can take over and protect the world. Follows the silly adventures they have in training and screwing up along with some minor big bads that while are a handwave to the teacher... The students try their hardest to combat their silly powers...

However, The main leader of the gang doesn't receive the teachers power as intended and instead gets ranked to watergirl. She proceeds to try and find a way to save the day anyway while her 'friends' do all the fighting and losing and get all the recognition.
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Nakama from pic related

Have it done by Makoto Shinkai or someone else who pulls that sort of listless nostalgic feel into his movies, emphasis on scenery and the contrast between the things that change in between each lifetime and the things that stay the same. Nearing the final lives they can super-impose old scenes on top of new scenes momentarily to create a flickering effect as if the characters were remembering.

Abuse the absence of old characters to create melacholic scenes that in previous lifetimes were supposed to be happy moments of character interaction.

Ideally, it would be broken down into three movies, each one spanning four lifetimes plus the epilogue where only the final character remains to examine and remember everything.

Basically, as the lifetimes descend the ratio of happiness to sadness grows and the remaining characters feel this rift widening as the others disappear, even if they can't remember it exactly.
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An American weeaboo /k/ommando somehow ends up with a Japanese meido working for him. Most of the series is slice-of-life about stereotypical cultural misunderstandings and the /k/ stuff he does, like having a loaded gun taped to the ceiling of his shower and keeping handcuff keys in all hidden pocket in all his pants.

Halfway through the series, he get into an internet argument with a Navy SEAL who swears to hunt them down using gorilla warfare. The two have to go on the run, and she has to learn how to operate to survive.

The show has the same attention to detail on guns as Gunsmith Cats.
A show where cute girls are the personifications of classic toho kaiju. Or maybe made up kaiju, since I doubt toho would be down for this.

Either way, hilarity ensues.
>gunsmith cats
mah nigga
Sounds comfy.
best baku
exactly what I was going for, thank you, anon
now time to write it later
wh40k sol with loli space marines
>Plot: Japanese people backpack through Europe.
>Genre: Slice of life
>Plot: Texans (not football team) just doing Texas things
>Genre: Slice of life
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> SoL
> imouto
> idol
> shouta
> high school
MC suddenly has harem powers. He doesn't realize it at first but whenever he has physical contact with the opposite gender, they fall in love with him.
One day, he got too fed up with his harem. He decides to escape from them and just take a break from it all, acting like a sage n shit. This backfired on him. He got dragged into an operation to kill a bad magical girl by a bunch of men.
After some crazy shit, he learns that there really are mahou shoujos and they really are about to kill one. However, since MC is a moralfag, he tries to stop the men from killing because it's wrong. He failed.
The next day, the men moved in to MC's house because they fell in love with him and some other reasons. MC's powers only work on girls, which meant the men's love for MC was genuine. MC's real harem(Not influenced by his harem powers) is now composed of gay men.
Hijinks ensue as MC's female harem conflicts with his real male harem. Also, they fight magical girls in the process. Some of his harem girls also turn into mahou shoujos.
It's me again, the guy who writes synopsis in his stories and spoils it on 4chan. If you're one of the readers of 'this', sorry. But don't worry, it's just the arc 1 plot being spoiled.
Actual Texans, or "cowboy" Texans?
Actual Texans
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That already has an anime though.
though its not a bad idea by any stretch, its too similar sounding to all you need is kill the way you put it

it's like the mayuri part of steins gate combined with that one show about the girl losing her virginity or whatever.
Animu will be based on the songs of Calvin Harris.

Each episode will revolve around a Calvin Harris song.

Ep 1: How deep is your love
MC is a girl who has a crush on her close friend. After holding her feelings for him for so long she confesses and asks him "How deep is your love?" The boy gives ambiguous answers to the question which prompts MC to press him more.

Ep 2: Blame
A continuation of Ep1 but the MC is now the boy. After Ep1, the boy goes out clubbing with his friends. He ends up drunk and finds a girl naked in his bed next to him. The girl from Ep 1 then knocks on the door and opens it only to find the naked girl still passed out. MC tries rationalizing by "blaming it on the night" and eventually begging for her forgiveness.

Ep 3: Pray to God
MC now reverts to the girl in Ep 1. She now struggles with doubts about the boy she likes that now slept with another girl. She goes to church to pray to God but it doesn't help. She tries all sorts of things to cope and get rid of her heartbreak and feelings for him. Eventually she can't do anything but give in to her emotions.

Ep 4: Summer
MC is still the girl. This episode is a flashback as to how the boy and the girl met each other on the vibrant and bright days of summer. The girl reminisces how she fell in love with the boy and here it's implied that the boy has some sort of feeling for her but he isn't sure.

Ep 5: Control
Same MC and continuation of Ep 3. The girl curses the boy in remorse and frustration. She chastises him saying how to him she's merely just "anyone". She laments how the boy is "under control" by lust while she, by her emotions. Before leaving the boy, the girl laments how she can't let him go and tells him how she will now be "under control" not by emotion but by will.

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"Fascinated by trains"
iyashikei show about cute train nerd girls
Punch Line x Welcome to the NHK?
Title: The Girl who fell out of existence

MC in an introverted high school student, friendless but for a similarly introverted girl in his class. He is in love with her, and she seemingly returns his feelings, but he has never found the courage to ask her out and make it official.

Story begins when, one day, he arrives at school and notices that the girl is not present. He dismisses it as her being sick, but he finds it weird when classes begin and there are no empty seats. There is another classmate sitting where the girl should be. He remembers each and everyone of his classmates, but this contradicts the fact that there should be a missing seat because of the girl's absence.

He asks the teacher what happened to the girl to clear up his confusion, but he is just met with blank looks and is informed that no such girl exists.

Filled with cold panic, the MC goes asking around during breaks for the girl, met with weird looks the whole way, and fails to find the slightest hint that such a girl ever existed. Even pictures that should have her in it instead doesn't show her.

By the end of the day, he is terrified and confused by the situation and decides to investigate directly at her house. He talks to her parents, and although they remember his interactions with the girl's little brother, they act as though she never existed. Her room is blank and has no trace of her, and similarly no picture of her exists.

That night, he lies in bed unable to sleep, unable to understand what's happening and regretting that he never confessed to her. He racks his memories and realizes that there is an inconsistence in his own memories. The memory of the classmate sitting in his friend's seat overlaps with his friend herself in his memories, and he decides that she is the key to this mystery.

He is not giving up on the girl. He swears to himself to find out what happened to her and do everything to bring her back. And when everything is done, he will finally confess to her.
From there, the series would be divided into three arcs. The first arc would deal with him investigating the classmate that seemingly replaced his friend, hanging around with her to test if there are holes in her memories, as well as if the memories of his other classmates contains holes where this girl replaced his friend. He also investigates her past, asking around in her past schools to see if there's any strange things about her existence and when exactly she replaced his friend.

He can't find anything though, and over the course of his investigations just realizes that she's as real of a person as his memories tell him she is, complete with her own hangups and problems. By the time he realizes this, he's become too involved with her and is already too aware of her problems to not care. He helps her get over her hangups, and she eventually falls for him. He tells her, in no uncertain terms, about what he's going through and that he intends to find his friend. He also tells her that he can not afford to fall in love with her, and probably never will.

The girl, in response, tells him that she does not believe a word of what he's telling her, but will fully help him out anyway with the express intent of winning his heart.

This then leads to the second arc, which deals with them taking to the internet to see if this has happened to other people. Fortunately, the girl, unlike MC, is very competent with technology, and is able to find a lot of people describing the same kind of events. They find out that it has actually become a bit of a trend to mock people like them on some internet boards. The girl arranges for them to meet up with these people, hearing out their stories as well as whether or not they have ever been able to do anything about the disappearances.
Unfortunately, their stories are all similar. They are unable to do anything about the

disappearances, and most of them have fallen into depression or paranoia. In the end, most of

them have become distrustful of both their environments and themselves, unable to tell apart

which is real and which isn't.

MC sees the road awaiting him in these broken people, and his resolve to find his friend shaken,

he falls into despair. The last arc would then involve MC confessing to his parents about what he

is going through. Concerned for his mental health, his parents send him to get therapy.

During these sessions, he describes to his therapist his memories of his friend, the girl he

loves, and reminisces about how happy he was, just being with her for almost three years, as well

as regretting bitterly that he never told her about how much he actually loved her.

Eventually, the sessions start working and lets him get past his crippling depression. Although

his therapist never says it outright, he implies that the girl must just be a hallucination on

the part of MC and that the girl never existed. The MC does not care, though. Just reminiscing

about the girl has reminded him of how much he loves her, as well as how just the memories of her

alone makes him happier than anything else possibly can. He gives up on trying to find out what

happened to her and trying to bring her back, but he instead decides to live from then on keeping

her in his heart. He doubts that he will ever fall for another girl, and swears to live to his

fullest to make up for the life that was snatched away from the girl who fell out of existence.
A mixed martial arts anime with a somewhat realistic setting like All Rounder Meguru, but with a style like a less macho Baki the Grappler. The main protagonist is a regular geek who got into MMA and competing when he realized he had a really weird skill: He can perfectly replicate video game character moves. While he can't throw Hadoukens, nor can he utilize weapons, he can still perform near 1:1 replicas of moves that he's seen in Street Fighter, KOF, or Tekken. Where the skill really helps him is that he also appears to take on certain video game properties while utilizing those skills. He normally has a very poor ability to take blows, but if he uses a move with super armor then he seems to be able to take even heavyweight punches and keep going. He's not especially fast and his opponents have experience and technique on him, but if he catches them properly then he can appear to cancel his techniques into one another from impossible positions and even juggle them.

The main theme of the anime is to see to what degree a video game character needs to work towards in order to actually compete against real life fighters when you take away the super obvious super powers. I suppose it's a mix of Baki, Meguru, and Hi-Score Girl.
Two episode OVA epilogue, optional because it removes ambiguity, from the girl's POV. When she disappeared, her memory was not altered and she is aware of everything that changed. She is terrified about how no one acknowledges her existence, but she is saved from despair when she learns that the MC still remembers her. She sticks with him for the entirety of the show, unseen, unheard and unacknowledged, trying to send messages in a way that would explain things in the show that seemed like plain animation errors or inconsistencies up until this point.

She gets jealous in the first arc about how close the MC grows to the girl that replaced her existence, but is relieved when the MC tells the girl about how he only sees her as a friend and that he will not fall in love with her because he already has someone he loves.

In the second arc, she comes across other people who have faded. They are all broken, depressed husks of their former selves. She learns from them that a lot of people who fade kill themselves from the despair of being erased from everyone's memories. People like them who are remembered by a person are both blessed and cursed. They have someone to remember them and serve as a proof of their existence, but they also see firsthand how this eventually breaks them. Most end up killing themselves anyway, unable to bear seeing their most important people waste away because of them.

Like MC, she falls into despair. She still sticks with the MC though, and over the course of his therapy sessions realizes fully how much the MC loves her as well as just how happy that makes her feel. She decides to not kill herself and stay with the MC for as long as he loves her, for as long as he remembers her, and take her life only when he forgets. Even then she will die with a smile, because even though it was not much of a life, she was still able to live a semblance of one because of the MC's love, even after falling out of existence.
Ep 6: I need your Love
The boy goes out with the girl he slept with. However his relationship is unfulfilling. The girl simply uses him because of his looks, sex and for status. He now realizes that he needs love but not of his current girlfriend but from his former close friend who confessed to him for she can give him the freedom he wants and how he is her's. However he's scared that she won't accept him anymore. He calls of his relationship in the end.

Ep 7: Drinking from the Bottle
After break up, MC tries to get back with his former close friend but she rejects him. To help MC cope with his rejection and his crappy relationship, his friends calls MC to go out with them for a night out in the pub. They drink all night and MC getting drunk tries to woo qt girls in the pub and got into a fight with boys. MC being a good fighter successfully beats up all of their boyfriends. MC and his friends were kicked out of the pub after the fights gotten too rowdy. The song "Drinking from the bottle" will also play during the fight scenes

Ep 8: Outside
MC reverts to the girl who was the boy's close friend. She mocks him and laughs at the news about how he got booted out of a pub for stirring up fights. She knows that he's just doing that to get his mind off the pain of losing her. When she and the boy meets, she simply looks down at him and simply says "I'll show you how it feels like now I'm on the 'outside'".

Ep 9: Faith
MC switches back to the boy. Unable to get his feelings for his former close friend off his mind, he decides to move to a monastery for a while to unwind and be reborn anew in mind. When he arrived, the monk asks "Why are you here?". MC simply responds "I need a little faith. Is that too much to ask for?"

Ep 10: Together
This is a flashback to Ep 2 but from the drunken girl's POV. As she lay eyes on the boy she got turned on and wants him in his bed. She sets up a deliberate ploy to get him drunk to this end.

Fund it
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A failed venture capitalist from America moves to Tokyo planing to live out the rest of his life in a little apartment getting high. However, he meets a talented young hacker called like-I-would-spend-this-much-effort-on-an-/a/-thread and he plans to use the boy's anti-authoritarian streak to take down the venture capitalist's old rival company.

Unfortunately for venture capital man like-I-would-spend-this-much-effort-on-an-/a/-thread discovers that the company is part of a surveillance web providing the US government with critical user information. like-I-would-spend-this-much-effort-on-an-/a/-thread motivated by a newfound rage ends up destroying key company infrastructure and leaves no traces.

Venture capital man, seeing an opportunity to recoup his company with data stolen in the fallout and also a government niche that needs filling, re-establishes his company and gets the same contract as the other company. Venture capital man puts the blame on like-I-would-spend-this-much-effort-on-an-/a/-thread and the chase begins.

like-I-would-spend-this-much-effort-on-an-/a/-thread now laying low in Hong Kong meets 10/10 qt freelance hacker girl and the two after various romantic HIJINKS (there is said it) fuck and a move onto another country together. Meanwhile in the sates venture capital man with the data he has collected from his users, begins a highly successful presidential run and basically becomes Big Brother. like-I-would-spend-this-much-effort-on-an-/a/-thread now hiding in Mongolia with 10/10 qt freelance hacker girl starts an online revolutionary army to take down the new US government. After various hacking sessions an internal drama the revolutionary hacker army has finally found a crucial flaw in US server infrastructure and now must work against the clock with US forces closing in on the Mongolian hideout. The hackers win but PLOT TWIST 10/10 qt freelance hacker girl and like-I-would-spend-this-much-effort-on-an-/a/-thread assume power.
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Jesus Assassin.png
264KB, 1012x593px
This one will always be the best.
Pretty much just a WWII anime focusing on US and Japanese forces battling in the pacific theater.
Ep 12: Sweet Nothing
MC here is the boy's former close friend. She feels guilty after ridiculing her former close friend. But then she realizes that he simply gave him "nothings", "sweet nothings" that is and in her POV was simply playing with her as a toy before sleeping with the drunken girl. At this point, all her former feelings for the boy has been poured out of her. She decide moves on from it all.

Ep 13: Love Now
This episode takes place during the boy's time at the monastery. The boy tells the monks there about his exploits in the outside world and how now he wants to change his selfish desires into "love", especially for the girl who now ridicules him. He wants to "love now". Through spending time contemplating the Divine in prayer and meditation this "Love now" turns into a love for God. The boy also lets go of his feelings for the girl and realizes that it's better he be reborn as a new man. This episode has an epilogue where the girl while intending to move on could not as feelings for her former crush remain in fragments. Sometimes she outright hates him. At others, she wants to be with him. She descends into insanity.

Ep 14: Ecstasy
The girl now turns into an insane yandere at this point now trying to hunt her former crush down. She eventually tracks him down, kills all the monks at the monastery and burns it down as she kidnaps the boy. When the boy asks in horror and shock what she's gonna do, she simply replied "We are going to a place of ecstasy, In the place we're meant to be, where there's only you and me". The girl is driving the car towards the end of a cliff. The boy tries to reason with her by reminding her that the "place of ecstasy" is not death but life and life through marriage and the Church. In marriage the boy claims that its only him and her. But by the time the girl comes to her senses, the car is now falling off the cliff into the lake below.

A battle harem based on the European Union.

Germany is the stoic, Gary Stu protagonist, who despite claiming to be some sort of noble knight holding the school together, is the indirect cause of all tension in the school.

Britain is a cookie-cutter type A violent tsundere, who despite threatening to leave the European Harem can't resist that German D.

France is the himedere main girl who is in general, a proud, arrogant bitch with a surprisingly cute soft side. France and Germany are supposedly in a relationship, but there's not much keeping all the other girls from crawling all over Germany.

Poland is the adorable kouhai, and all-around best girl. Over the past few decades, she's gained some huge tracts of land, and is now ready to make her move on Germany.

Italy is objectively worst girl, being a discount yandere with a penchant for spreading crappy tomato sauce all over the place.

Greece is the nee-san who shows up on Germany's front door broke, naked, and probably loaded with all sorts of STDs, and promptly crashes couch in his one-bedroom apartment.

The list goes on and on...
>she doesn't exist in this universe at all
Then who was phone?
I'd like it better if it was just a harem instead of a battle harem
Emperor of a near-collapse interplanetary empire being the mc waits as his advisor, who is his older brother shows up in the throne room, bringing rebels to put the empire down. Emperor fights through the rebels, grabs one of the generals at court, and together they chase after his brother, his brother, has worked on creating an artificial realm and has relocated the rebels into it, he has demigod powers in said realm, and only people with the same bloodline can have these powers in the realm. The emperor and general jump into the realm, and start searching for the emperor's brother, joining one of the three factions, one being the rebels that destroyed the empire.

The backstory of the emperor and his brother is that they lived under another nation, which was far more autocratic and forcefully enlisted children, during an uprising their parents were killed, the now emperor taken in by the soldier, and the older brother managed to escape, he lived a fugitive life under a mercenary group while the little brother lived completely traumatized and outcasted under the military.

The emperor is not a whiny regal bitch, but sick of noble life instead.
The brother has a god complex and envies his little brother.
The general is a dense harem mc.
Guy wakes up, finds a naked girl in his bed and panics. He learns that she came from space, and the next 24 episodes are spent on stripping girls left and right for the smallest reasons, but the guy never manages to bring himself to even touch at any of them.
Have you ever punched a door so hard it turned into a little girl?

Max Punchman sure as fuck has, and through a series of door punching incidents out of misplaced rage he's found himself with far too many lolis to take care of. Unfortunately for the world, there's a secret organization of pedophiles who have discovered the secret of doors and are planning on punching all the doors in the world really fucking hard. Max Punchman is having none of this. Who's going to look after all those lolis? And a world without doors? People will be able to just walk by and see you taking a shit and stuff. And that's bullshit. Punchman vows to stop these maniacs at any cost while looking after his group of stereotypically themed lolis. Knock knock, bitches.

That happening to me is my biggest fear
i want this to become an anime with 5 seasons
You want what to become an anime with 5 seasons?
It's one of my biggest fears too. I tried writing this out as a plot before about an MC falling out of existence, but I thought it didn't work. I think it works better this way though as a tragic love story.
Loli MMA tournament.
this, obviously
Same here. I really love this.

>this will never be an anime
this, this thread, obviously. are you dense or something? what are you, a SoL harem protagonist?
A man is so good at sex that the women he fucks die.
The government recruits him to fuck his way across an all female terror network and maybe one of their gay male friends.
I would watch the shit out of this
>Anime about college aged group of friends coming together everyday to discuss anime ideas
>The ideas themselves intrude on the story by way of their chuuni imaginations
>At the end of each episode they analytically point out why that anime idea is shit
>Final episode they finally come up with the perfect idea and how it will be a best seller and call it Keit-Ai.
hey hey guys umm..... what if we do an anime where its about a little girl that is really lonely and is struggling in a world of magics and hellish beings. This little girl is unbelievably strong and carries a huge sword. This little girl finds some friends along her journey that help her find the brighter side of living and possibly find a way to stop all the madness in the world.
sounds gay what are you a fucking faggot haha dude your a loser
Five teenagers from different cities all over the country have all come to a small town by the beach for different reasons (summer jobs, visiting friends, running away from home, etc). They become acquainted with each other, and a few days into their stay in this town, they start noticing odd creatures occasionally appearing and disappearing, but never long enough to find out what they are.

However, a strange person in white robes and a bandana with a toothy smile pattern covering their mouth soon approaches the kids, calling itself Sous and offering to reveal to them the secrets of this town and be their guide. One by one, they accept, and they find out what's really going on: the town exists in two planes of reality at once, Earth and the Spirit Realm, a world filled with strange, dreamlike creatures (and a few monster girls for occasional fanservice). All in all, it seems like it'll be a quiet vacation straight out of a healing anime.

And then shit goes bad.

Once the residents of the Spirit Realm find out that the kids are being guided by Sous, they start giving them cryptic warnings and even threatening their lives on occasion. An especially dangerous spirit nearly kills one of the kids, and Sous kills it off with skills that a simple tour guide shouldn't have. And the main characters keep finding rumors about something called the Seven...

What seemed like it would be a few relaxing months spent at the seashore is swiftly turning dark. Will any of the kids survive to discover the town's secrets and escape?
Death gives life meaning. We love beautiful things because we know that one day they will disappear. This is the conclusion that the 'young' girl has come to after walking this earth for centuries.

MC is a loli immortal (but she's 600, n-no really) that is tired of living and wants to die. The problem is that she's one of those heal-any-wound types, so conventional killing methods don't really cut it. Knowing that, she's decided to enroll in a middle school and set up a workshop to perform all the unconventional myth-based approaches while under the guise of a paranormal research club! Watch as she and clueless clubmates conduct satanic rituals, brew immortal killing poisons, deal with everyday slice-of-life school things, and perhaps rekindle the heart of an ancient loli hag
>its too similar sounding to all you need is kill the way you put it
Strange, my basis was the scenes in Groundhog Day about the old man Phil could never save.
You don't need future tech or an outside threat to make a repeating day appealing. Just death, and the golden path that leads to the victim either seeing tomorrow or dying with a smile.
Slice of life anime about Unit 731, with cute girls committing crimes against humanity.
Sounds comfy as fuck
God US news is so corny not even the anchors are able to contain their disappointment with themselves. Then the fucking translator sounds like he's been fucking doping it back there all day and had to come in high.
File: cgrhntr.png (36KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How original does "original" have to be? Can I just repost the one I made from an earlier "Write A ___" thread?

Three boys, a class president, a prettyboy, and a delinquent, lose their porn at school and become paranoid of it being found. When a teacher finds porn and confiscates it all three boys try to break into the teacher's offices to get it back. In this way they discover they all share a love of older women. Being their 3rd year in high school they make a pact, to help one another in their race to find and seduce a cougar before they graduate and enter the world of men, forever barred from the dream of /ss/. As they embark on their quest they tackle problems of differing taste in women, how to identify a woman as cougar, how to approach and seduce and older woman, and how to avoid being caught. As attempt after attempt fails they chronicle their accumulated notes in a notebook. When the day comes that they must graduate together and go their separate ways, they lament they their dream was unfulfilled. As they gather for a tearful farewell to youth where they intend to burn their notes in the school incinerator they stumble into a trio of freshmen sneaking around with a stolen porn mag of older women behind the school. They pass their notes on to the freshmen ensuring that the great dream of /ss/ continue to live in the hearts of boys.
File: meowchine chaser.jpg (56KB, 600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
meowchine chaser.jpg
56KB, 600x800px
>Megumi is an apathetic business woman who has given up on finding a better life after spending her 26th birthday alone at a bar
>During her drunken walk home she impulsively saves a young man and his cat from a gang of thugs
>Megumi is injured from the fight and the young man offers her a place to stay
>In the morning he offers her a bowl of eggs, but she is more interested in the small shelf of sentai figures he has
>Remembering her young self's passion for justice, she asks the young man to join her on a journey to assemble a rag tag sentai squad to clean up the streets of Japan
>It's later revealed the company she works for is more insidious than she thought and is creating a board of would-be super villains
>It'll be like Sam Flam staring a Christmas cake without ever going full guillotine gorilla
I'd watch it. Also
>he offers her a bowl of eggs
Fund this.
A show or OVA series about a cute small army of unmanned probes exploring the galaxy. They catalog the star systems they find and look for planets their creators can use as colonies and resources to mine and make more of themselves. A few episodes of space robot SOL later and they encounter a set of alien probes, which immediately turn hostile and destroy a few of them. The rest of the series is them trying to continue their mission whilst being hounded by these mysterious alien machines

the final episode has them reach a distant solar system on the other side of the galaxy, and they find a huge orbital factory making mass production versions of the probes. The planet the alien machines are orbiting and bitterly defending is long dead and they are just remnants of an ancient civilization that just didn't make it

its our solar system
>he hasn't watched rapeman
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a son of nomadic khan gets banished by his father due to his brother influencing his father against him

then he takes people who loyal with him and start to migrate to the west

howewer when he reached the west, he amazed that how different world from steppes, people using magics, elves, castles, knights, paladins
the banished son of khan decides to settle and gather more followers for his newly created khanate...

basically its your average fantasy anime but MC being turko-mongol steppe warrior who is trying to esthablish his own khanate with his tiny horde and gather new followers
Years ago when homo saipens is in its infantile stage, it came into contact with a extraworldy research team of reptilians who came to explore the new planet they found. These aliens were known as the Ptahil who were reptilian in form and appearance. Some of the Ptahil scientists were attracted by the form of the homo saipens and thus attempt to merge their own DNA with theirs to become them. In the process, free will and intelligence is granted to the homo saipens.

The leading council of the Ptahil, known as the Elect however aren't pleased with the Ptahil scientists who experiment with the homo saipens and their intention to assume their form. After having their repeated calls of warning ignored, the Elect sends in the Archons(basically the military of the Ptahil) to deal with them. However the Ptahil heretics having now successfully merged their DNA with the humans assumed their form and became the Nehirei, some of whom possess psychic powers and elf ears as a result of the merging of human and Ptahil DNA. Due to their beauty, many of the Archons defected in hopes of assuming their form thus causing the Elects to lose contact with them all of a sudden.

In due time, all the Ptahils had been converted into Nehirei whom were taken to be gods by the humans. Soon however the humans got fed up with the Nehirei using them as proxies to fight each other to settle their disagreements. With the rise of a Nehirei faction that wants to 'racemix' with human beings, the pure Nehirei and 'racemixers' known as the Imítheos. The humans and the Imitheos sided with each other in this civil war which resulted in the Nehirei being defeated with many being forced to pullback to the moon and minorities living secretly as human beings on Earth below.

To prevent the human beings from rising up against them, the Imitheos literally kept hidden all evidences of their history away from the humans and altered the memories of the human beings and of themselves.

a girl turns 18 and gets kicked out of her parents' house for being NEET
she has no money or a place to stay, she applies for work through the government and through some bizarre turn of events she somehow gets a job on a fishing boat
what's special about this fishing boat however, is that it isn't manned by males, like you'd expect it to be, this particular boat's crew consists of 4 other girls
our MC then travels out on to the ocean and lives and eats and sleeps and works with the 4 other girls
the anime is riddled with nudity as they don't wear a lot of clothes when they're not working
you'll also learn a lot about maritime biodiversity
it also follows a young girl's transition in to adulthood, you'll see her getting an apartment, learning to cook for herself, learning the meaning of work, as well as learning how to handle large amounts of money, as her new job pays very well, she'll dabble in gratuitous spending, alcohol and even drugs before coming in to her own
Harem anime with gay guy as main-character;
he's royality and forced to get married to a girl and have heirs,
he decides to make a competition and they have to battle it out

(some) girls know he's gay but don't care because they get to be queen for the cost of having a baby,
it's a bargain
>the guy just flirts with the hot servant

his mom is completely oblivious
An incest love story in a XVI century royal family.
i prefer XVI century harem anime
MC is a Nehirei who lives amongst the human beings. All is normal until one day, his powers awaken, causing the Nehirei leadership fears that it could expose themselves. In response, MC is secluded from human society for a time as he learns how to control his powers.

When MC returns into human society, he is forced to use his powers once more to save his friend from a mugging. The friend promises to keep this a secret and suggests that he become a sort of anonymous crimefighter of the city. After thinking for some time, he takes his suggestion and now fights crime using his psychic abilities.

One day however he destroyed some Archon drones disguised as humans, leaking the existence of the Nehirei on Earth to the Ptahil Archons who were conducting recon on Earth to determine the status of the heretics from before. Rather than launch an all out invasion, the Ptahil Archons simply leaked this information towards the governments of Earth. This sparked a covert worldwide manhunt for the Nehirei. The US government however already known about the Nehirei and the Imitheos to the point of being able to replicate their technology to a certain extent.

In an attempt to capture MC, martial law is declared in his hometown as police, military and CIA units try to hunt him down. MC manages to narrowly escape, killing several policemen and soldiers in the process. MC must now somehow find out about why the world is after him, encountering several other fellow Nehirei like him and half-breeds who share in his psychic abilities.

At the last few episodes, the Ptahil fleet eventually launches an invasion of Earth, resulting in MC teaming up with the governmental forces defending Earth to fend off the Ptahil. The invasion was successfully repelled after the Nehirei on the moon intervened. The series ends with a UN session discussing what to do with the Nehirei.

It's an harem.
MC is a loli.
She goes around town collecting Onii-chans.
She's actually a scheming bitch and wants to control most people possible to win an incoming popularity contest
File: smugsuleyman.png (259KB, 286x406px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sounds good gevur senpai
wouldn't get btfo if she learned how to jab.
Mecha yuri island
but turns out everyone was a trap the whole time
even the moebots
boku no code geass
I accidentally wrote a horror plot in another thread. Figured out I'd put it here, with continuation and modifications.

>MC finds a Death Journal on the ground
>Thinking that it's a joke, he leaves it
>Death Journal appears again every day in a random place on the ground as MC commutes to school / goes to buy groceries / etc.
>People don't seem to notice its existence, only MC does

>The more MC ignores it, the more implausible and "uncomfortable" events begin to occur around it
>One time he finds a dead animal near it
>Begins hearing voices inside his head talking about the Death Journal, and telling him to pick it up
>Voices tell MC that a passenger will die a bloody death
>MC ignores it
>Passenger dies a bloody death
>MC begins experiencing tactile sensations, e.g. an invisible arm pushes him from behind towards the Death Journal. MC looks behind and sees nothing.

>MC goes back home, enters his room
>Death Journal is lying on the ground inside his room
>Voices inside his head intensify
>As he tries to get out of his room, an invisible hand pulls his arm from behind momentarily, making him panic and struggle
>MC begins experiencing hallucinations
>MC is finally driven to pick up the Death Journal
>Opens the Death Journal, voices intensifying insanely like never before
>Think of the rest yourself. Obviously it's not gonna be something pleasant at all...
>Possible twist: After countless deaths related to the Journal, MC finds out he was the one doing them from the beginning.
>If it's not MC himself, then it's someone close to MC, like an unsuspected friend.
It WASN'T a misunderstanding
Multiple MC exist , one Journal. One of the MC was the author of the journal , he used the thing to summon something. Journal will kill the MC after he reach a certain point of reading it. If the MC doesnt read , Journal will keep killing people around the MC and their voices will haunt him. Each time MC dies Journal change dimension / time / space to get to the next one.
Do you like it author-kun ?
>except maybe Shirow

With horsecocks, right?
File: god.jpg (965KB, 2184x3064px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
965KB, 2184x3064px
MC is a god.
He/she/it is in complete control of spacetime. MC plays around with the rules and nature of the world, changing it from a regular world to a scifi dystopia to a feudal fantasy land with magic at will. MC toys with regular humans, sometimes picking some random schmuck and turning them into the hero of a generic anime/manga-esque plot. On some occasions, MC get genuinely attached to said schmucks and their struggles, until he realizes he's the only who created both them and their ultimately insignificant struggles.

>Aisha-chan, please don't touch the detonators, you baka!
>Ahmed-kun, can you help us carry these explosives to the concert, onegai~
>Sempai, when I pull the trigger I cant help but feel really hot, ahn~
>Anisa-sama, what will we do today to please Allahu-kamisama?
>It can't be helped, I will have to explode myself
>Infidels die when they are killed
>Allahu Akbar-desu!

I'd watch it.
Well, I guess MC being himself the author and having a predetermined death by himself is one of the greatest ways to do it.

But I'm not sure about involving multiple universes / multiple versions of MC. It would be difficult to do it right, because it would require the story to suddenly depart into offering a pretext from another universe, which should at least manage not to make the story feel like it got derailed or lose its built up tension, not to mention that it should be impacting on its own.

But I guess those are requirements for any type of pretext, not just this one.

Don't give up on brainstorming ideas (and possibly expanding on them). Anything you share can be interesting to contemplate and discuss.

Thanks for trying.
What about:
When MC finally picks up the book he realises that it isn't there, and it never was.
It turns out MC had been murdering the people all along, due to his "Dark and Tragic Past" turning him insane and psychopathic.
When he realises this, MC's condition worsens and so he tries to forcefully restrain himself with chains.
Final episode is a deconstruction of MC's mind through a series of flashbacks. Series ends with a cut back to MC, covered in blood. He starts to cry and under his breath, he mutters "ごめねさい..."
I wanted the MC to be the author to be the central idea. Initially i was thinking about time travel but i couldnt pull it off because the MC had to die. So i had to involve some other means.
If we could put it in pratical ways , the anime could show the MC reading the journal and the next episode would switch to a slightly different MC with different events occuring each time. ( like haruhi endless 8 ) . Each one of the MCs goes further and further in the Journal with the final one uncovering the truth ( the history written in the journal would be each MC death with the final page written by the author himself ).
man I dont speak fucking lines, write in english
MC is a young middle school girl living in the year 2170. She is pressured to join an after school activity club by her parents, but is uninterested in anything technical or physically demanding. After a fateful run in with a shy, meek girl advertising her own club, the 'Internet Tourist Club, she decides to go see what it's about. Upon arriving, she is introduced to several other girls who will end up as the main cast members. These girls are:
A sweet, kind-hearted school idol type of girl
A loli dojikko
An ice princess
And a strict sensei

Now, exploring the internet is a little different in 2170 than how it is today. Rather than a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, you jack yourself in megaman style. So, after plugging themselves to the internet, MC is surprised to find that everyone has suffered a massive shift in personality.
Idol girl has become a troll that thrives off flamebaiting
Loli is now an immense elitist with an underserved sense of superiority
The ice princess is a tsundere moefag
The sensei constantly tries to lead them into adult sites
And shy club leader transforms into a genki gal.

The story revolves around these girls exploring areas of the interwebs, while comedy is composed of the juxtaposition between online-self and real self as well as the absurd content they run into.
It reads "gomen nasai" and means "I'm sorry".
It's also misspelled.
Add an episode about deep weeb and the shit you can find there and i'm sold
It's called Nanoha Vivid
As the immigration crisis grows day by day, measures by the EU to accommodate and integrate them into society became more and more ineffective. These refugees stir up civil disorder all around the EU, rape and distress amongst the local citizens. Yet governments fear the cries of the leftist should any harm befall them.

MC is a journalist who travels around the EU attempting to bring into light the side of the refugees that is hardly if ever, shown.

She'll see and record atrocities that these refugees caused. She would listen to the cries of those who lost their loved ones to them. She will hear the groans of pain the police officers attempting to restore order let out as the refugees beat them down and enswarm them.

At one point, MC nearly got raped by a Muslim imam in the Vatican she interviewed while the Pope administers Mass at St Peter's basilica. She manages to narrowly escape by shooting him in the balls in self defense, getting arrested by the Italian police in the process.

Initially the police wanted to confiscate all of MC's footages after interrogation. After viewing them all however, the constable changed his mind and let her go free of charge on grounds that she was defending herself.

After MC returns to the US, she publishes a documentary exposing the ugly side of the refugees. SocJus react with disgust and cry bias and cherry picking. Right wing and classical libertarians support her documentary which would eventually make it to the EU meeting with her in attendance to speak up on the refugee crisis.

After the meeting, most of the EU except Sweden, Germany and Netherlands agree to take harsh countermeasures against the refugees. Despite protests, these countermeasures work whereas Sweden, Germany and Netherlands are shown to be in a state of near civil war. NATO forces are shown being rallied in response to this at the ending.
Sounds kind of like The Ring, honestly

>Initially i was thinking about time travel but i couldnt pull it off because the MC had to die
Here is my idea on how to work time travel and MC-death into the story

>small independent research team researching sciency-timey-quantum-string stuff
>after one of the experiments, there is weird data
>they check around the machine and nothing seems broken
>most people argue that they can deal with it after the weekend, eventually resulting in the research team heading out
>MC is maintenance worker, takes care of all the various machines, makes sure to log their use and so forth, so he stays behind
>finds the journal in the machine
>it allows him to talk to the alternate universe version of the woman he loves
>they talk, trading secrets about each other so that they can make their alternative universe counter-parts fall in love
>but after a while, they start to fall for each other instead
>this causes them to question the NATURE of LOVE
So Turner Diaries 2: EU Boogaloo the Animated Series?
>Magical girl anime
>MC is trap boy that meets a magical dog that grants him the powers off a magical girl by mistake.
>Every episode trap magic boy saves the day from evil monsters
>Falls in love with his best friend who can't tell he's a girl in his magical girl form
>Just before they are about to kiss the screen turns black
>Audience finds out that it is all a fujoshi's delusions
>Fujo gets constantly molested by her manipulative uncle after her parents died in a car crash
>Fujo self harms
>Fujo draws yaoi manga with her own blood
>One day she cuts too deep and starts to bleed out
>Her uncle starts fucking her while she struggles to fight back
>Uncle changes into his demon form and fucks her so hard he splits her in two
>18 years later Demon uncle is living in his castle on top of Mount Fuji
>Someone knock through his castle door gates
>A young boy appears at the door
>He transforms into a human demon hybrid
>Tells him he is the offspring of him and his niece's incest
>He battles and kills his uncle then rips out and eats his heart
>Screen cuts to black
>It was all a video game created by a neet otaku living in his parent's basement
>Realising he is a pathetic failure he kills himself
>He is resurrected in the future by neo-human space adventurers to fight the evil galactic empire
>They tell him that he is the only one able to wield the GaiBlade19X mecha suit and save them
>He flies out in the GaiBlade19X mecha to stop the empires invasion of their hometown
>He is killed instantly by the neon beam attack of the GaiBlade20X which is piloted by the physical manifestation of the magical boy from the fujo's dreams from the video game of the otaku
>Screen cuts to black again
>Written and directed by Gen Urobuchi
As part of an ancient contract, when a being of a sentient race is born in this world, they have a very rare chance of being born as a 'Host (temporary name)', someone who has a dragon sibling hatched in their minds. Throughout all childhood and adolescence this sibling possesses no physical form and can only communicate to their brother or sister, forming incredibly strong mental links. To the Host the sibling appears clear as day in their mind and communication with them is as easy as simple conversation.

On the Hosts 18th (changeable) birthday, the dragon sibling is able to release itself and manifest a physical form, able to change between any of the normal races or their dragon form. The mental link between their sibling remains.

However, the contract is ancient and dragons have been wiped out after a great war long ago. Despite being divided and at war with each other, the great nations of the world have all established frighteningly efficient 'Inquisitors' who can identify Hosts on the spot, even from considerable distances.

In the early, more cautious days, Inquisitors killed Hosts the moment they were born, killing the dragon sibling as well. After many years of the system working flawlessly however, the Hosts began to be perceived less as threats and more as tools. Before long nations had built their own programs of how to use Hosts to their own advantage, abusing the slightly above average physical capabilities Hosts gained from their dragon sibling.

1. Locate and identify a Host upon birth, confiscate them from parents
2. Enroll them into an academy centered solely around the art of combat and military
3. Train them from day one, with the aid of psychological magic, to hate their dragon sibling with burning passion.
4. On their 18th birthday, have the Host, along with a sizable force of Elite Inquisitors, kill the dragon sibling upon manifestation.
5. Send the Host out onto the fields of battle.

I'd actually almost forgot about those.

Shirow might be a better choice, but I don't know that either have done anything but porn in the last ten or so years, so it's pretty much a tossup.
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Literally a thing.
File: image.jpg (192KB, 640x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's Afro Samurai. He is literally describing Afro Samurai.
k-on but instead of having a band they are the head of a violent gang that controls the streets of a notorious crime-ridden city
The first nations to abuse this tact saw incredible results, leading other nations to adopt the program as well.

This has been going on for over a century now, unfaltering

Our story begins with our Main character, a young male human who turns eighteen on the day. While he's generally considered among his tutors and peers as a top-of-the-class combatant and average intelligence, he's also known to be a complete klutz and very forgetful. While he values justice and morals, he has a slight bloodlust and a love for fighting.

His sibling, a female dragon, is his complete opposite: an intelligent, vicious woman who is frighteningly cunning. She is a master of deceit and trickery and loves to torment and tease her brother over how naive and clumsy he can be.

Pumped to slay his sister, the MC stands ready in one of Inquisitions many Ceremonial chambers. Upon his sister's manifestation, however, she reveals a trap she had her brother unknowingly set up, incinerating the room, killing everyone but him.

After a bout of panic she escapes. The Inquisition, the empire itself, is afraid to admit they have the first case of a loose dragon on their hands. There is some debate on killing the MC, but with the sister already having manifested, it would ultimately amount to nothing. Thus they instead decide to use him as a blood hound - setting him loose into the wilds and following his trail as he tracks down his sister with their mental link. The MC happily obliges, furious with his failure and enraged with his sister. With a Lust for Revenge he vows to track her down and slay her.

What happens afterwards is an adventure story where MC slowly gathers a party (most of the time against his will) as he embarks to track his sister. His sister herself serves as a party member, with her mental link to her brother giving them plenty of time to chat to one another.

One party member is a childhood friend who killed her dragon brother the day he failed to kill his sister.
Well damn. Okay:

A half-Pakistani, half-Japanese boy falls in love with a Gundam.

Unable to buy one himself he is gifted by the Deus ex Machina of all Gundams with a special unit code named Exia. Never mind the weird color pallete different from the original Exia he sets out to build it and in his first match won against the school bully. But that night he recieved a dream from a mysterious girl who calls herself a newtype. She claimed that she was the first user of the Demon EXia and died of continuous use. There are other Demon Gundam users in the coming tournament aiming to conquer the world and he must stop them at all cost. She said she will mitigate the curse of the Gundam and that he must use it's power to fight back all the others.

The rise of Setsuna Ibrahim's legend in the Gundam world starts!
you need more drama
after stuff setels down mother dies
a bit later kid dies
cry like a bitch
Housewives and Christmas cakes make a rock band.
In a perfect world this would already be made. But the world we live in is fundamentally flawed and thus this brilliant spark of genius is doomed to eternal non-existence.
what did i just read
File: 1333088297340.png (94KB, 275x260px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Keep up the good work.
a sol about a pregnant woman and her husband
animated by kyoani
I'd watch it
Help! My Big Brother's Magical Imouto Harem Doesn't Believe He's Gay!
A kindhearted, handsome highschool boy discovers that over the course of his life he's managed to assemble a harem of weird adopted little sisters with strange abilities who are all deeply in love with him. However, he's secretly gay, though none of his harem will believe him. His only confidante is his actual blood related little sister(who was raised by other relatives for several years before moving in with the brother), who works with him to foil the advances of the harem. What he doesn't know, though, is that his "sister" is actually a trap cross dressing as a girl to make it easier to express her feelings for her brother thinking he was always straight. Too embarrassed to reveal her deception to her brother, she slowly becomes friends with her brothers unintentional harem even as she secretly tries to dissuade their advances all the while searching for a way to reveal the truth to her brother.
This isn't "original" because it's historical:

A slightly punched up version of the life story of Wyatt Earp- Think "Tombstone" levels of punched up.

Either as a manga or anime done in Kakizaki Masasumi's style.
Weeb self-insert MC takes a gap year in Tokyo after high school using his savings. To save money on accomodation, he uses Airbnb and finds a gracious Japanese family that has fallen on hard times to board with for a few months. Their daughter modelled after Kotori from Amaama to Inazuma who is the same age as MC cooks for him at times and brings him around town - sometimes even into the countryside where Grandma lives. Lots of SoL shenanigans occur. MC and girl fall in love with each other as the anime progresses and they become a couple.
It sounds like you had fun.
File: 1447459994945.jpg (255KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
255KB, 1920x1080px
Bajonbo Bazuzu is a young nigroe living in Namibia. When he is chosen for a cultural enrichment program and is sent to Japan for High School, his life flips upside down as he enters a society where he can rape asians with no repercussions. Every guy asks him for girl advice. Wacky hijinx ensue.
>*smacks lips profusely* how many real nigga hours you finna stay up last night famm?
A young boy who shitposts on the internet and leads his mundane life, when all of a sudden he is visited by a mysterious being known as Shitpost King. The Shitpost King then tells the young boy he is the chosen one and must seek out the seven relics of the Shitpost Gods in order to become the one supreme shit poster.

The young boy then embarks on an adventure which will teach him the true meaning of 'Shitposting'.
I used a Generator to make the title.

>Jupiter and the Holographic Doll

A young man named Jupiter lives alone in an apartment as a NEET; the world in which he lives has an advanced society where holograms have become widespread (similar to the holograms used in Psycho-Pass). Most people use pre-made holograms, not willing to go to the hassle of programming their own; however, a select few make their own, constantly pushing the limits of the technology. Though he is young, Jupiter is one such innovator, occasionally taking commissions to program special holograms in order to supplement his income.

One day, a mysterious individual is introduced to Jupiter through a mutual friend; this individual asks Jupiter to program the most realistic hologram he's ever seen, along with using a special core of code to hold it all together. Though skeptical, Jupiter takes the job, putting in a week of sleepless nights in order to craft an achingly beautiful holographic girl. On the last day and against the wishes of his employer (who he was supposed to meet the next day), Jupiter links up the special core code he was given and initialized the hologram.

To his shock, the holographic girl materializes and starts acting scared, unaware of where, what or who she is. Over the course of the last night before he was to turn her over to the buyer, Jupiter pieces together that she is an experimental AI, created by attempting to map the brainwave patterns of a living person.

And that's about all I've got so far. A bit of Dennou Coil, CHAPPiE, Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin, Psycho-Pass and Professor Layton & The Eternal Diva all mixed in. I think it could have potential if I shored it up. Would you give it a chance based on the current synopsis?
One day, a brilliant flash of light envelops the whole earth, causing a panic.

After the flash ends, the world notices that all satellite feeds are gone and now the Earth has two smaller moons orbiting it instead of Luna.

As it turns out, the entire Earth somehow has been transported to an entirely different solar system countless lightyears away- thankfully one with a similar sun and at just the right distance away and the same pitch so the Earth's atmosphere/environment/day cycle is unchanged. This is almost certainly intentional.

Frantically launching satellites and scanning space with all of its functioning telescopes, it turns out that both the moons are habitable AND inhabited, and that the Earth has a sister planet orbiting in sync with it on the opposite side of the sun.

Thus begins a massive space race; what, and who will humanity find in this new space? Who or what moved the earth?
Mine is for a manga:

A race named the Geon-jin and the humans had once lived together in harmony in a city named Cirta but as humanoid creatures commonly referred to as "Tape-Men" attacked, the Geon-jin were blamed for the attack. The Geon-jin, outcasted by the humans, and their small village are now under attack by the "Tape-Men". One Geon-jin by the name of Geo rises up to not only put an end to the carnage but to restore honor to his people all while trying to keep to his moral code and with the help of like-minded allies. As they progress, more and more pieces to the mystery behind the "Tape-Man" are revealed.
Threadly reminder that you should stop posting that because it's a thing.

MC-kun wants to confess to the girl he has a crush on
hilarity ensues when while trying to do it several girls fall for him and keep getting in his way from doing so

Eventually the girl he has a crush on is in a relationship with is best friend/comedy relief
>A reverse harem
>It's made of plain and chubby boys only

The heroin would not think much of them in the beginning but as she get to know each of them she understands that what makes people interesting and attractive are their personality and history.
The title would be IN:Side
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found the keit-ai
Fund it!
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>Knock knock, bitches

It's set in a fantasy world that mirrors the early days of the industrial evolution, except "Britain" has control of "America" and "America" Is 2000 miles of desert, except for a land they call "Eden" that is on the other side of said desert.
The story follows a motley crew of heros trying to survive the harsh wasteland on their quest to find a "Path to Eden"
Also slavery is still around.
I was grinning all the way through this... then...
>Knock knock, bitches.
Fucking lol'd
Daily Lives of MMA Wrestlers.

Not!Bob Sapp trying to fit in in Japan, speaking in broken japanese and causing misunderstandings. Basically Bara Men doing Cute Things.
A boy falls in love with a shiftbox-tan

Unable to confess, he is gifted by a deus ex machina with a couple of simple mods. Never minding the strange mountain slopes, he immediately drifts her, and is overjoyed to find out that she wants a few mods from him as well if you knew what I meant. Wink wink haba haba.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the shiftbox, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the shiftbox he modded is not the same shiftbox he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the shiftbox's alternate universe counterpart, who has the Initial D MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Eurobeat ensues as they Run through the 90's to give each other their basic, most Eurobeat inducing mod lists in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the D. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of EUROBEAT.

It's titled "Wish Upon A Pleb."
>Fuck you,mom.
What if you hammertimed so hard you turned into a spear?

And you're lying there like WTF, homie. Then you find out that's how all the spears in the world are made and the harder you get down wiggit the better the spear is. Then you like get invited into a secret underground group of bad muthers that go around hammering people and turning them into spears and there's like experts that hammer white people and turn them into hand crafted exotic moslem assagais.
That's pretty fun and creative. I'd watch it!
The Last Magician

Imagine a world where psychics, cyborgs, superhumans, humongous mecha, and dangerous private military organizations are all considered to be "normal." The only unifying factor they have is that they all have origins and explanations based in reality.

Then along comes Aria Vanmyer, a red-haired foreigner who is a new transfer student at a prestigious high school in a major city. Despite her delinquenty attire (long nails with fancy designs, jewelry, charms and accessories), nobody seems to pay any notice to her aside from our bumbling MC.

When the MC finds himself caught up in the dangerous underground in this exciting world, Aria winds up saving him. While people with super powers are not unheard of, someone like Aria is. She is no psychic or enhanced human: She is a magician, the last of her kind, who came to the city in the hopes of fulfilling a prophecy about resurrecting the mage race. All of her fancy jewelry consists of magic charms that are meant to make her blend into the background of people's lives unless she wants to be noticed. MC notices her because he has magic resistance. The series focuses on their adventures in protecting the city from various threats and enemies and rivals from Aria's past.

The two are joined by Aria's guardian and teacher, a Cat named Aleister who can also take on human form, who is also obsessively shipping the two of them, because MC is rich and Aria needs a wealthy husband who's not afraid of her powers who can help her raise multiple children to repopulate mage society.
There's really no formula. The only rule isn't actually universal: It's can sometimes be a story that we in the west would consider somewhat outlandish, even by comic book standards. If you ask a Japanese person, what makes something an anime isn't the plot, but the style, hence why Avatar's Japanese following considers it to be an anime.
It was once tradition for people to create sky lanterns, sending their prayers along up towards the heavens, and hoping their messages would be answered. An app available for augmented reality devices renovates this ancient tradition: personal handwritten requests are now contained in virtual sky lanterns publicly released into the night sky.

People with AR devices, such as contact lenses, smartphones or glasses, can see these messages under the viewing options. The story follows two individuals encountering each other in a city, competing to answer these sky lanterns.

One of the individuals is a young woman volunteering for the recognition. She desires to improve her karma profile, a popular online trend designed to record and review altruistic actions. The second character is a heartbroken young man, answering the sky lanterns to cope with separation.

Discovering these motives fosters concern: the young woman realizes the young man is answering the sky lanterns to neglect the changes in his life, while the young man recognizes the young woman is using the sky lanterns in hopes of being noticed, avoiding her vacant life.

As the two characters work together for certain requests, they begin to show their concern for each other, creating a bond that helps them cope with the separation and isolation in their lives.
Gotta love that darker Sentai cheese. If the armors and monsters were well-animated then I'd watch it.
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Distant brothers-in-law commemorate the anniversary suicide of a woman remembered for being a cherished sibling to one and an irreplaceable spouse to another. As they approach her resting place, an aircraft crashes onto the site, devastating everything within reach. Searching the crash site, the two uncover a peculiar globe nearby, noticing the strange descriptions imprinted on its surface.

Using the world model’s multi-touch gestures, the childhood friends discover they can locate anyone on earth, perceive what means ¬the world to them, and contact them through holographic images. The most astonishing feature, however, is the globe’s ability to change the values of a willing person.

The widower realizes this is his miracle: an opportunity to spare the lives near suicide – a fate his wife resigned to – arranging a new life purpose for them. However, his brother-in-law notices his work, viewing it as a form of human control, and believes people should preserve what they value most in this world.

Souls at the brink of suicide are now seeing holographic messages offering them a choice: change what they value most in the world or remain the same, leading them to two different directions in life. Meanwhile, the U.N is investigating those who encountered these acts of miracles.
>In this high fantasy world there existed this place called the World Dungeon where infinite wealth, power, evil/ancient creatures, powerful equipment, civilizations only heard in mythology, etc awaits anyone who goes exploring in it.
>At the very bottom of the World Dungeon exists the Miracle, a thing possible that if acquired would allow anyone to change the world to their liking.
>Several unknown years before the start of the story an infamous guild known as the 27 Lords made it to the bottom floor of the World Dungeon, and was planning on using the Miracle to turn the entire world into a World Dungeon, but was stopped by a guild of 8 members known as Liber Soul.
>After their defeat the members of the 27 Lords scatter to the wind, and Liber Soul took complete control of the World Dungeon hoping no one would use the Miracle to turn the world into a giant fuckfest for the fun of it. Liber Soul also was the one who officially creates the Guild Council later which is used by every explorer creating a guild/other stuff when going to the World Dungeon in the future.
>In modern times a member of the 27 Lords who's an old Death Knight called Mel finally gets back on his feet, and while checking out the first floor of the World Dungeon he encounters a party-less healer getting attacked by some monsters.
>Going to test his strength the Death Knight saves the healer from certain death, before getting on his way.
>The healer then begins to follow him around (informally creating a guild) as he begins to go deeper into the World Dungeon, and encounter many strange people/monsters who begin to follow/respect him as well after he helps them out. (Sometimes using very evil and horrible methods).
>Eventually he pulls in the attention of the current Liber Soul members, a few of his old guild mates, and many of the civilizations in the World Dungeon as his forces/connections/and powers grow.
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best nichijou 107.jpg
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Already posted it a few years ago but

Tall feminine guy has a crush on a girl. Girl's acquaintance, who is a short masculine girl, has a crush on tall feminine guy so girl helps them get together.
Everything's fine and goes pretty much like how a normal couple would go until a day, on a date, they trade clothes and now the tall feminine guy is the girlfriend and the short masculine girl is the boyfriend. They end up liking it this way and cuddle (and get lewd) in each others clothes in private more often and often until a day short masculine girl's faggot cousin gets in the way and confuses short masculine girl. They sleep together (but no sex) and short masculine girl has this deep feeling of guilt that she cannot stand so she confesses what she did to tall feminine guy.

Devastated and humilliated he breaks up with her and drops the whole "girly", starts going to a local gym, gets ripped and finally moves on with his life. Then he goes and bangs girl's ugly best friend because WOAH WHAT A TIWST
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