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/a/, rude! Need thread, now!

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/a/, rude!

Need thread, now!
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>Chaika thread
>It ain't mweee starts playing
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Chaika, best girl!
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chaika are you aware of the amazing things you do my D?
chaika ded
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>not Red Chaika
One job, OP.
>it ain't mwee
>it ain't mweee
>I ain't no emperors son
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stop posting that whore anon, white chaika is pure .
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White Chaika, unneeded. Red Chaika, best.
Chaika, Front page!
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upset freddy.jpg
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>no "chaika" in the OP
If you cum on Chaika hair, cum vanishes.
Chaika! Sand people. Shoot down! Missile alert go MWEE!
Lets test it out
I want to shave her eyebrows
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chaika f-16.jpg
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Ahh. I want red Chaika to crush my skull between her thighs.
Why didn't Chaika save the french?
> Chaika thread
> Posts wrong Chaika

I'm out.
always need more chaika
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I have nothing to offer you Chaika. Nothing but my IP to the post count and a bump to the -front page!
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Chaika in the front ________
Can someone make his catchphrase in chaika-speak?
Ded Chaika
Better scatter those sorrow to the heartleaa sea.
>Dead already. You are!
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(Re)-translation of the novel started over a month ago. That guy is still on the first chapter and is complaining about its length. And he has probably no idea that nearly every chapter is that long.
Let's say he actually finishes it in 1 week, making it 1,5 months for 1 chapter. 4 chapters per book equals 6 months per LN.
So, in a year from now on he might finally catch up to the translator anon from back then.
Thus, he will be finished in 6 years, yay. Who am I even kidding? He's never going to finish it.
Seriously, it would be more merciful of that translator to not even bother anymore.

And with this, my rant is over. Happy Chaika translation never.
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At least post best Chaika OP.
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Yes? That only makes her better.
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Chaiko on the front page !
If you cum on Chaika face it will blend in with her skin.
You, anon! Already dead.
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Best Chaika reporting in
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That is wrong.
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Irrumatio with Chaika!
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>dem drills
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>Countries, forsake.
>Motherlands, leave behind, Earth, become one with. Nation, no. Philosophy, no. Ideology, no. Where needed, Chaika fighting. No government, for Chaika.
>Reason to fight, no. Fight, where Chaika needed.
>No recourse, Chaika deterrent. Chaika soldier, border none. Purpose, era defined.
>Chaika services, sell. Time demand, Chaika revolutionary, Chaika criminal, Chaika terrorist.
>To hell, Chaika head. Best place, for Chaika.
>Chaika's home. Heaven, hell, for Chaika.
>Chaika. Outer Heaven.
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someone post the dub just cause
save chaika
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Chaika is a little rude herself apparently.
Thread posts: 51
Thread images: 31

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