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Prison School

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de gozaru
I wonder how upset Gakuto is going to be with Mari, for wasting the rootbeer.
where to read 197?
Why has literally nothing happened in 10 chapters? I cant even call this filler because usually filler has something happen in it
Probably break off their alliance. He has no quarrel with Kate outside of the Wet-T shirt content.
The pacing since the boys left has been insanely slow. Especially since like 120-130
Just get to the cavalry battle already holy shit
In two months of our time about 10 minutes have passed in manga time
Its not unlikely we still have mini-events to go through. The cavalry battle is likely the climax.

As a side-note, this arc needs to introduce new characters to build upon afterwards because we've been dealing with the same cast the entire manga with the only new additions being the StuCo girls.
I dont think we need more characters, the cast is already pretty large
Hiramoto just needs to develop the other characters a bit more
What's happened in the last 10 chapters?

- Kiyoshi resolved to confess to Chiyo
- Mari was revealed to have shit taste in clothes.
- Hana and Kiyoshi switched underwear again
- I think that Anzu let Shingo cop a feel
- Kiyoshi copped a feel of Mari's breasts
- Kiyoshi and Hana tried swapping underwear during the race
- Chairman's fiancee house burned down
- Chairman's fiancee was kidnapped.
- Mitsuki and Gakuto made up
- Gakuto had the chance to see a wet tee contest, but rejected it in order to see it with his friends
- Root beer seemed to be Meiko's cure
- Mari got rid of the root beet

Some of these things are pretty major so it's not as if nothing happened.
We might have
>5 boys
>Vice-Prez, Mari and Hana
>Kate, Risa and Clumsy girl
but its all stuck into their own little cliques. Expanding on the actual school portion rather than "lol prison again" would be better and that would require more characters.

You mean subplots. Subplots have been advancing. Though...I guess Calvary battle next year at this rate?
I swear to Allah if Hiramoto actually does make Chiyo endgame I will fucking cry like a bitch
I dont think he will but if he does..
Wew lad
Was that really all in the last ten? The underwear swapping felt like ages ago.
Is it wrong that I feel Chiyo and Hana are both really flawed so I don't care who wins?
Hana is fucking magnificent
we rotate. at the end of the arc both ouroboroi get revealed, so next arc we have kiyoshi, mari and kate in prison and a new "let's all get along" council led by chiyo with representatives from all factions, usc, arc and boys (possibly the two VPs and gakuto)
Yes. I even forgot about the Risa X Hana battle along with the fact that Kate and Risa are revealed to be BFFs and how they met.

Would have never guessed that one.
Anyone watch the new episode of the live action? It's already to the DTO plan and we haven't even hit episode 5 yet.
There is literally nothing redeemable about Hana. Except maybe her naivety.

The fact that she did plenty of stuff with Kiyoshi doesn't change her personality.
They can cut out all the bullshit.

The casting for the girls isn't even terrible.
1/10 made me reply
Then tell me what's so great about her.
I unironically agree with this post.
I would be okay with this.
> where to read 197?
I dropped this a while ago. Hanafags still rabid entitled shitposters?
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>There is literally nothing redeemable about Hana.
Fuck off
Does she have to be 'redeemable'?

She's high up there as one of the best characters in the series and one of the most complex characters in the series. Just because you don't like her isn't going to change that.
Just because you like her, doesn't make her one of the 'best characters of the series'

She simply isn't.
>justifies her naivety by being a cunt

That doesn't help your case.
Just because you dislike her doesn't make her one of the worst either.

Look what's going on now. She's hasn't been featured in the story for some time and these threads are dying quickly. The only reason anyone even gave a shit about Kate and Mari was because there was sex. There's something Hana brings to this story that the other females don't. If she was a shitty character no one would give a shit.
>he actually thinks waifufags sperging out makes a character good
As a person she's pretty shitty. As a character she's pretty good

I'm talking about the fact that Hana brings drama to the story. I don't even give a shit about waifufags. I'm glad they are fucking gone.
I dont see why I have to explain how a character is likable, perhaps you have brain damage or some deep mental ineptitude?
She is a humorous, likable character that has many great interactions with the MC, and she's definitley the most enjoyable character in the series for me and the majority of readers.

Good enough?
Thread posts: 35
Thread images: 3

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