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Delinquent Manga Thread

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Giving you your daily dose early today.
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Nice thread
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Mitsuhashi's dad was once a harem protagonist
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Yeah, it'd be a shame if something happened to it.
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>Now I'll have to resort to Mitsuhashi family secret technique!
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And here's the beginning of the second Sagara arc.
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Last chapter of the day.
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And we'll finish this tomorrow. Thanks for reading.
God fucking dammit.
Reminder that you'll never pet Riko's fluffy hair.
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dead thread today
Pelase keep it alive till the night.
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>Riko will never be your girlfriend
Why live?
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>you will never be in motorcycle gang

These threads always give me the worst feels.
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Yep, that's his old man alright.
Bump for people.
What is going on in the last panel?
I thought it was just exhaust from the bus.
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Aight, thanks ya'll for keeping the thread alive, you can rest easy now that the banchou is here.

>Cutting into the pan

I didn't remember that.

Thanks OP. As always.
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Is this an actual manga, or just art?
It's art based on a Japanese drama called Majisuka Gakuen.
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Forgot my picture
cool. Any good?
Don't know I haven't got around to watching it yet.
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Hey some anon suggested a couple of threads back to color code series for the chart depending on what type of delinquency they had, like Yanki, Thugs, Yakuza and something else I think. Anybody got any suggestions as to how to categorize delinquent manga, or are those 3 more than enough, any ideas?
The other one was bosozoku.
Is there a single Bosozoku manga translated? SJG is definitely not one.
SJG is more bosozoku than just plain yanki imo. They have a bunch of shit about motorcycle gangs outside of just school shit and the bikes are the one thing drawn consistently well over the course of the series. Other than that you have a good point though, most of the ones mentioned in here aren't translated.
So I'm watching the first episode of this right now and its weird.

You know how in anime and manga when they make a joke and everyone falls over? They do this in the show. They made a lame joke and all the characters just start tripping over themselves.
Do they normally do that shit in live action shows?
I have no idea this is the first time I've watched anything live action from Japan.
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Best girl. She's so best it's not even funny.

It's really rare for a girl to be a good character in shonen manga without depending on the MC, well maybe i'm just watching too much LN adaptations but Riko is a great character.
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>Best girl
seeing mitsuhashi's dad is like seeing my future
What the fuck. First 2 chapters and it seems like the main characters are all insane
They are.
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