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I translated the first chapter of Akuma mo Fumu wo Osoreru Tokoro.

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I translated the first chapter of Akuma mo Fumu wo Osoreru Tokoro. But I need a good translation checker to help out with parts I get stuck on or just tell me I suck and go back to studying. Either works.
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My reign has lasted 666 years...
The time has come my children.
Fight now
for the throne!
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In Hell
... It appears
someone has summoned me.
the King changes every 666 years.
The King's children battle.
The winner becomes the new King.
Take care, Aini-sama.
That battle is
I will.
a battle royal fought paired with human sorcerers (Soromons)
Sorcerers seeking honour
I will attain victory with these hands without fail!
vying for victory
begin the summoning of demons (Satans).
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The demons
call that battle
"The Demon King Festival".
Nice, someone finally translated it.Bump and ty anon.
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I am in gratitude for your bravery.
Let us fight as one!
My amicus!! (Friend)
Where are you looking?!
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Those horns... are you... a demon or something?
Indeed! I am the Demon King's 23'd child.
My name is Ainiarusutoro Aruteruna!
I see... A demon huh...
Alright! Let's make a contract!
You know... a contract...
Like sealing with a kiss...
T That's not happening!!
What? Then... I need to
supply you with mana by doing something indecent
Like I said
something like that is not happening!!
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It's not?!
It is not!
In the first place, the contract was completed upon my summoning.
What is this... Even though a beautiful demoness has shown up ...
B Beautiful?!
What about a kiss as a reward after we win the fight?!
It's not happening before or after!
W... What are you?!
Aren't you a sorcerer?
If you're asking me what I am...
then an ero doujin author I guess.
Ero doujin Author...?
I draw ero manga like this
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S Sorry, I wasn't thinking!
Wait a second!
Then what's this magic circle?!
I was just drawing it randomly for a manuscript.
But it's nice isn't it?
I was summoned by a randomly drawn magic circle...
Right right
incidentally that magic circle was
supposed to summon the tentacles in that ero manga I showed you earlier.
Please don't show me every little thing!!
Anon, separate text by panels, no one does scripts like this.
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Well, I guess it's been decided we'll be eliminated first...
Wait Aini.
If you think carefully about it...
I summoned you without any knowledge of magic.
Wouldn't that make me a genius?!
You might be right.
Huh? Monotone?
...It's against my will, but it is a fact that you summoned me.
Until this battle is over
I shall stay by your side.
"Stay by your side" sounds like a wedding vow...
Our relation is until the battle is over!!
A dry body only relation?! (this goes about a thousand kilometres above my head, not a clue what he means)
I never said that!
The art resembles shojo art.
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Well too late now.

So we won't be together for the rest of our lives... Even though it's our fated meeting...
It was an unbelievable meeting for me though...
Only for as long as the fight lasts...
Does this fight have some kind of reward?
Right... if we win, then you the human
shall receive the right to have one wish granted.
That's it!
Let's aim for victory!
Do you have some wish you want granted?
A reward
from you.
I want to win but
what is he going to wish for?
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It's not like we'll win anyways...
We haven't properly introduced ourselves yet.
I'm Inuyama.
Alright... I'm counting on you Inuyama-dono.
It's nice to meet you
Don't give me
a weird nickname!!
Ai-nyan might be better.
It's not an issue of how it's written!! (Hiragana instead of the original katakana)
Relax Ai-nyan.
I might be Inuyama (written dog mountain)
but I like cats too.
Cat ears! Could you put on cat ears Ai-nyan?
I won't!!
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You're right... you have horns. You might be mistaken for a sheep.
I wasn't worried about that in the slightest.
Ah! Horns?!
When you think of demons...
you think of demon tails!
Do you have a tail?!
I I don't.
T ... That can't be.
When you grab the tail you get an sexy reaction.
N... Not there!
Or getting teased by the tail.
Those were my dreams...
Even if I did have a tail
I would never do that!!
Well, at least you know now. If I were to receive a script in such state I'd be calling you a faggot all day long.
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What is it Aini
There's a Satan near by.
Th That means
There is going to be another beautiful girl?
What are you expecting?!
And to be continued...
That so short, btw.
Is ch 2 raw out ?
Yeah. It was released with the first 3 chapters all at once. But I don't have the stamina to do them today.
Can i ask for link? Wanna check a little ahead.
Nevermind found it with googol-sensei.
Thread posts: 25
Thread images: 15

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