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One page thread

Nazi edition
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When are they gonna finish updating? its already finished.
If you insist
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>Get it?

tfw I don't get it.
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i'm gonna go to sleep and when i come back this place is gonna be full of good manga unknown to me, ok?
google has failed me once again
You make requests like this while not posting Nazis? If you're not gonna stay on topic, why should the rest of us?
I'll give you two hints
it's porn
it isn't on sad panda
>not posting nazis
read the LN
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Best imouto ive ever seen in years.
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So I got around to reading Biorg Trinity, after hearing some anons say that it was more convoluted and confusing than Air Gear. Am I the only one that found those 10 scanlated chapters pretty damn understandable? What was so confusing about it? Sure the writing is a bit chaotic, and it doesn't tell everything to the reader straight away, but that doesn't make it convoluted.

The basics of the world-building were explained in chapter 2 and touched upon again in 7 or 8, I forget. Fumiho is probably another version of Azathoth, the Blind Idiot God, from the looks of it.

The writer is good at letting Oh!Great be Oh!Great, the art is spot on and amazing. I, for one, eagerly await more chapters scanlated at some point, I'll probably look at the raws later.
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have they fucked yet?
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>Nazi edition
Nigger lynching is fine too, right?
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Greatest love story ever told right there.
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I just finished catching up with this. I kinda liked it up until she became a super bitch and the MC turned into a whiny hikki.
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You mean this one right >>123709778
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>That ending
I didn't sign up for this
Good enough!
Best ending is he serves her forever. LOLIDOM FOR LAIFU
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what was the name of this?
ojou sama
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>mfw cake lost
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I lied
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