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One Page Manga Thread-- single panel edition

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Rather than just posting a page, post a page that is just a single panel/image

pic related
>just posting a page
Fuck off. Don't make it worse than it is.
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I noticed that scruffy deleted the last thread, is this a sign that these threads need to calm down or did he do it by accident?
I was wondering that myself. I was searching for a page with a more accurate depiction of an exit wound when it went away...
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can i just post a page?

Rengoku no Karma

Also I'm not really understanding the premise. Is the guy supposed to 'save' the lives of the 6 victims that are suffering as a result of his suicide, or is he supposed to save the 6 that tortured him?

I really hope this isn't a revenge story but more of a anohana/katachi mixture type story.
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ah, fuck me
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>making a request while posting a multipanel page
Is this Zipang's mangaka?
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>6:41 AM
Sorry, I'm half-asleep

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Not quite a full page, but whatever
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What is this mango?
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Just 112 pages full of dynamic action, speed lines, and minimal dialogue. A fun short read. I hope you enjoy it!
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i love one panel thread.
Still supposed to be a full page. Though I'm posting spreads, so who am I to judge?
.-- .... --- / .-..-. .- ..- - .. ... -- ..- ... / -- .- -..- .. -- ..- ... .-..-. / .... . .-. . ..--..
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lets bring all my one panel folder
This was fun the first time, now it's just stupid. Give it a rest.
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theres loli in hell too anon
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He did the filename too, you gotta give him credit for that.
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I peed a little.jpg
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In case the anon who rips batoto/kissmanga onto madokami is lurking this thread, check your email, the stuff that is getting ripped from kissmanga is not sorted properly.
For the people that haven't figured out why the numbering is fucked and would like to fix this problem yourselves, just use a bulk rename tool to remove the first three digits and the hyphen from the filename.
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Didn't we just discuss the problem with this one?
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>what the fuck are you looking at?
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You better pay up, before i wreck your shit.
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New chapter fucking when.
At least you could use reverse image search on one PAGE threads
Cry some more, bitch nigga.
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Needs more panels.jpg
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Who are you talking to?
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Just enjoy the pretty pictures anon.
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Never see much old school shoujo round these parts
I'm the guy who brought up the incorrect bullet wound drawing. Just fyi, most bullets leave small entry but huge exit holes. Relatively. Let's say a standard 9mm. Entry wound diameter of bullet tip or less due to skin closing back over it. Exit wound up to a couple inches possibly. Now once you get up to .50 cal ammo for the vehicle mounted stuff those will either break bones passing inches from you or simply make a hole. Like large portions of body are just blasted away.
The description makes me want to read it, but the art is seriously off-putting.
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Yes, and I was the guy who got what you were getting at from your first post.
We just need to find that other guy then. And tell him /k/ sends their love.
Make me.
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Thread posts: 55
Thread images: 41

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