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Digimon Lore Thread

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The Digimon universe, as created by Bandai and told through the various profiles and supporting media outside of the anime, video games, and comics, is actually very rich.

Let's run through some of it.

The supreme being of the Digital World is a being known as "God". Nobody knows who or what "God" really is, but he exists at the center of the Digital World in what is known as the "Kernal", and is considered a being of ultimate goodness. The Three Great Angels - Seraphimon, Ofanimon, and Cherubimon - are closest to "God", but due to their state of righteousness, they have the unique ability to become corrupted and fall, becoming demonic beings such as Demon and Lilithmon.
It's pretty hard to work out the alternate dimensions though and how they all work. Since the Tamers world was definitely created by humans.

The shows are something else entirely. Don't even factor them into this.
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The Digital World itself is overseen by a host computer, the name of which is known to be Yggdrasil. Due to Yggdrasil's administrative powers over the Digital World, it is ALSO perceived as being like unto a God, but it is not the same being as the being who dwells inside the Kernal. Yggdrasil manifests itself in the form of avatars, such as Yggdrasil 7D6, which was seen in "Digimon Savers" and "Digimon Next".

Additionally, recent materials have revealed the existence of a SECOND Digital World known as Illiad, which is overseen by a second host computer called Homeros.
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Next on the cosmological totem poll is Huanlongmon, a being who exists as a creature of ultimate goodness and ultimate evil. In the past, it held dominion over the Digital World, until it lost control due to the efforts of a "certain angel" who turned against God. Huanlongmon was sealed inside the depths of the earth, and lost its godhood. In the wake of its defeat, four Holy Beast Digimon held protection of the four cardinal directions of the Digital World: Quinlongmon (Azulongmon), Zhuqiaomon, Baihumon, and Xuanwumon (Ebonwumon)
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In the Digital World administered by Yggdrasil, there are 13 warriors of prophecy who are known as "Guardian Deities", who arise in times of great crisis to protect the Digital World. They serve Yggdrasil and protect the Network, but each one acts in accordance with their own idea of justice and they rarely work together.

They are known as the Royal Knights, and they were founded in ancient times by an Ancient Dragon Digimon named Imperialdramon Paladin Mode. Their number includes:

Omegamon (Omnimon)
Craniummon (Craniamon)
Dukemon (Gallantmon)
LordKnightmon (Crusadermon/LoadKnightmon)
and the final Royal Knight, Jesmon, Gankoomon's student
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However, in the Digital World of Iliad, another power holds dominion: The Olympus Twelve. A group of Digimon who have comparable power and different goals to the Royal Knights while holding a position of neutrality in the Digital World's affairs. Their leader is Jupitermon, who conducts himself as an administer of justice.

Their numbers include:

Minervamon, and her alter ego, Mervamon
okay does anyone actually care about what I'm doing here, because if not, I'll stop
It's pretty interesting, I never knew there was any backstory behind the Digital World. I just thought it existed and that viewers had to make up their own idea of where it came from.

same, like I knew the digital world was a computer thing, but I didnt think it went this far.
and the Holy Beasts also have the devas, right?
>Digital World of Iliad

when did they introduce the second Digital World of Iliad
I care, though I know most of this already.
Digimon Crusader.

All the Olympos XII govern that world.
I think considering the animes and games is important too, though the implication of doing that is that of a multiverse instead of a single, semi-cohesive universe if you just consider some hand picked Bandai medias.
You need to continue this is really great stuff educate me please also will you be talking about ancient digimon? And others like Imperialdramon who were said to be there since the begging? Also which digimon were the descendents of those who are now able to armor evolve and so on
I'm getting ready to learn about every aspect of this franchise and it's lore myself
Also note that it took over ten fucking years to finally complete the Royal Knights. There was always supposed to be thirteen of them, but most of them didn't actually exist for a very long period of time. Chronologically, the first Royal Knight introduced into the franchise was Omegamon (irony!) who was first introduced in the film Our War Game (2000), and the last is Jesmon, who was introduced in 2014.

In comparison, the Olympus XII took far, far less time to complete. The first one was Mercurymon, (2005) and the last was Junomon (2014).
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>go to the digimon wikia

>DigimonName is a Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Digimon Name".

Pisses me off every time and they do it for every digimon.
Use Wikimon. It's better in every way. To the point, only uses translations of official Bamco/Toei products and profiles, far less cluttered.
You forgot ENIAC.
and Homeostasis


"Heaven" - One (becomes a demon lord) ==>Three Angels

"Hell = Dark Area (?)- owned by Grand Dracmon - Seven Demon Kings ==> Ogudogumon (?)

Digital World ver.1 - ENIAC - Four Guardian Beasts + Four Dragon Kings(?)
ver.2 - Yggrdrasil - Royal Knights
ver.2.5 - Homeostasis - Royal Knights + Shoutmon as King (using comic version as canon)
ver 3. - "Illiad" - Homeros - Olympios XII
There's no "Heaven" in the Digital World. Angels reside in the Kernel, which is considered to be God's Domain.

The Dark Area is sort of an "underworld", ruled by "dark" Digimon like the Seven Great Demon Lords. It's a mysterious area, and its origins are purpose are a mystery. It's said that only one Digimon knows the true reason for the Dark Area's existence, GrandDracumon, the most powerful vampire Digimon whose strength is so great that even the Seven Great Demon Lords can't afford to take it lightly.

The "Four Dragon Kings" probably refers to the Four Great Dragons, Qinglongmon, Holydramon, Goddramon and Megidramon.
What's the digimon that's sort of like a female version of wisemon who acts as a sort of advisor to Yggdrasill?
There's no "adviser the Yggdrasil". I don't know where you got that idea from. And as far as I know, there's no "female version" of Wisemon.

Also ignore the vers. numbers that's my autism flaring.
She's an ultimate type and has a gold color scheme with what I'm assuming reddish digicores behind her I saw her profile on the wikimon but it was so long ago
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Shakamon isn't an "adviser" to Yggdrasil. There's no such thing.

Shakamon is said to be the "closest being to Yggdrasil", mainly in terms of power. Though the same is said of the Royal Knights as well.
Woah, I was way off. And thanks!
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