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Untranslated Story Time - KYOUSHIROU 2030 - TOKUHIRO MASAYA

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Hey there. I'll be posting an untranslated comedy.

Alternative Name : きょうしろう2030, 狂四郎2030, Kyoshiro 2030, Kyoushirou Nisensanjuu
Genre(s) : Action, Adult, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Mature, Psychological, Romance, Sci-fi, Seinen
Author : TOKUHIRO Masaya
Artist : TOKUHIRO Masaya
Years : 1997
Status in Country of Origin : 20 Volumes (Complete)

Reminds me of Harlan Ellison’s “A Boy and His Dog.” Seems to be about a young pilot who’s in a secret relationship with a girl he met online, and travels across a Mad Max post-apocalyptic authoritarian wasteland with his genius canine sidekick to meet her.

You have my attention.
The pass fucked up, so I have to wait 20 minutes to re-authenticate it.
Damn it Jewt. I can wait
20 volumes? This sounds like some kind of Odyssey.
Well, while I wait (and hopefully can avoid having to make this thread again), I'll list what I'll be scanning soon.

>Junji Ito's new oneshot
>yet another Hisa Masato oneshot
>Ika Musume 17/18
>Keyman v8
>Takeo-chan v1
>Joukikou Otome Mame Dakedo (Cute girls in cute tankettes. A bizarre alternate reality story where the Ottoman Empire invades Italy. The author is known for Outlanders)
>some previously-sealed Black Jack chapters
>Radio Heads
>a book dedicated to Takahashi Yousuke
>Houkago Sword Club v1
>Gon v1
>Dungeon Meshi v1
>Useless Elf (Doi Sakazaki)
>SE v3
>Gisele Alain
>Nekojiru Udon v2/v3
>Konchu Tantei
>Sidonia v14
>an old issue of Garo magazine
>Maken X Another Jack v2 (a short omake included with the reprint)
>Melusine v1 (Franco-Belgian comic)
>Some more Area 88 Viz issues
>next volume of Bakuon
>A volume of Golgo 13 (Viz)
>Reiko the Zombie Shop v2 (Dark Horse)

Probably a few others that I forgot about.
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Let's see how this goes.
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Fuck that what's this about Fighting Cock?
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I'm torn between adding "Fighting Cock scans" to my growing Google/NSA incriminating searches folder in Mountain View or living a life without Fighting Cock.
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I can't find any scans at first glance, anyway, though the title certainly doesn't help. Rawcs doesn't seem to have anything by the author. Share/PD might.
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Ah~ I want to fuck a pussy.

Sexually excited, nevertheless with a Vitamin A deficiency it's natural what this guy's eyes are seeing.

Something something SAVE ME!

I'm saving her!

Sa Number 73, withdrawal to the normal battle route.


Aah~ I'm going to commit a crime!
(this literally sounds like a shitposting thread on /a/)

I'm going to work now.
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>Google/NSA incriminating searches folder
I think that ship has sailed.
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Hope I don't fuck up the debinding on GON, because there are quite a few spreads in this volume.
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Thread posts: 50
Thread images: 41

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