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Fukushuu Kyoushitsu

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is the update wait finally over?
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How long until chainsaw?
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it escalated quickly
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I hope Revenge-tan will be daijobu.
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So, is Daisuke the next victim? I hope its good man, I truely do. Just when you think Ayana was getting some form of humanity back, it turns out she was lying about it anyways haha. Also, how has she managed to not get pregnant from all this rape?
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These motherfuckers scans stop uploading translations for long time ago and the RAWS stop at chapter 18. Is this mango dead? or just the author dropped this shit?.
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according baka-updates has four volumes released
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And that means 20 chapters right?, so in that case where the fuck are those chapters because (link) here I only see 18 chapters.

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I've read up to ch. 36
This chick is fucking retarded.
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Is this girl stupid? Why the fuck would anything ever be okay?
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Damn she's amazing
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It depends on what you consider daijobu.

She's been raped, punched, insulted and humiliated several times already, and now she kinda killed the only two people who could've at least lessened the bullying. On top ot that, she's becoming crazier with each chapter and will probably kill herself once the whole classroom is kill.

She's going to be DIEjobu.
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Where do you find the other chapters?
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Lesbromance subplot incoming?
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You seem to be confusing this series with one where the MC isn't a miracle of the universe
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She looks like a Kouta Hirano villain in constant mental breakdown. It's goddamn astonishing that nobody has tried exorcising her yet. I wouldn't be surprised if she turned out to be a youkai with amnesia. Her entire being radiates despair and resentment.
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So I assume nobody knows where I can found raws until chapter 36 right?.
Lesbromance subplot? more like Ayana is going to use the FUCK out of her to accomplish her revenge plans. After all, it's easy to use someone who idolizes you for doing something they want, yet cant
Time for EDGE.
Not enough edge
>Ayana is actually a spider youkai
In previous threads some anons actually said that.
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