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Sadpanda thread

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Loli Thread.

Does anybody know of a doujin where a guy's sex doll comes to life and his female friend (can't remember if gf or not) gets super jealous and they basically just take turns fucking him?
Sorry for being so vague but I haven't seen this one in a while and I don't remember much.
Keeping this bumped, if you like to keep the western crap in the western category, make sure to speak up before it's too late.
How could this have even sparked a "debate"? What retard thinking out loud got taken seriously here?
why is always someone trying to destroy the panda?
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fuck this shit.jpg
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oh my god. fucking retards ruining everything

What's even the reason behind this? I don't get it
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NTR a best
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>loli thread
Jesus Christ, took long enough with all the dumbasses posting "lol random thread xD"s
[16:22:05] <Luna_Flina> oh right... speaking of reclasses, in case of pixiv artistcg (porn) with artists residing in America (dixit pixiv, +broken Japanese, not assuming even American speaks broken Japanese but certainly not Japanese) and not Asian - western?
[16:23:11] <Luna_Flina> case in point... uh... where's that goddamn post.
[16:23:22] <Luna_Flina> http://forums.e-hentai.org/index.php?s=&am...t&p=3863131 here's the list
[16:24:02] <Luna_Flina> the uploader comment also is a double edged thing, on the upside, provides us with useful category info, on the downside, can be seen as ad spamming...
[16:25:35] <Luna_Flina> I'll withdraw the reclass petitions if they still fall under artistcg, but think we had to deal with something like that before (and nijie/pixiv Western artists with some Japanese knowledge are increasing)
[16:27:31] <Luna_Flina> now that I look at the set contents, though, his pixiv and nijie profile pages must be old, the Japanese is better in the gallery
[16:27:38] <Luna_Flina> still American tongue.gif
[16:27:45] <legringo> what's with all the seiren galleries
[16:27:45] <~Tenboro> the most important thing is if they are drawing anime-style or "western" style, less important where they are physically located
[16:27:54] <legringo> erm
[16:28:05] <Luna_Flina> ah I see
[16:28:15] <Luna_Flina> thanks for clarifying on the situation boss
[16:28:27] <legringo> aye ponyboss
[16:28:34] <legringo> and seiren is DNP ?
[16:28:38] <Luna_Flina> don't kill the reclasses, withdrawing
[16:30:15] <Luna_Flina> shit, one of them got strong...
[16:30:41] <Luna_Flina> re-reclassing it... sorry guys.
[16:31:13] <Luna_Flina> everypony make sure you got the western reclasses out
[16:31:18] <legringo> and freudia is bugging me for a missing heart symbol
[16:31:21] <@Maximum_Joe> @Tenboro Alpha said otherwise IIRC
[16:31:36] <Luna_Flina> uh... I'll take tenb's decision over Alpha's
[16:31:39] Luna_Flina coughs
Going by actually art style rather than origin. The only push back will be from people using western as a lazy quality filter, but they are retards anyway.
[16:32:13] <~Tenboro> if someone draws anime-style and posts to pixiv, we don't go into their personal life to find out if they are a native japanese to let them out of the western class
[16:32:30] <@Maximum_Joe> we have been so far...
[16:32:41] <Luna_Flina> yeah ,that's the issue
[16:32:52] <Luna_Flina> many sets have actually been reclassed according to origin
[16:33:16] <~Tenboro> well, the western class was always intended as stylistic
[16:33:28] <~Tenboro> anything else doesn't really make sense
[16:33:41] <Luna_Flina> aye, gotta change the wiki Joe Where are you?
[16:34:19] <+Evil-Varst> But then....
[16:34:30] <+Evil-Varst> what if somone draws in both style?
[16:34:56] <~Tenboro> image set is the more generic one
[16:35:04] <Luna_Flina> in the same gallery? I think western has priority or presence determines... tried getting that out of gring's earlier
[16:35:09] <@Maximum_Joe> @Tenboro the problem is that "style" isn't objective
[16:36:15] <~Tenboro> not a lot of things are
[16:36:40] <@Maximum_Joe> "Were you born in an asian country?" is a very yes/no question
[16:37:19] <~Tenboro> so what if you have a japanese artist doing exclusively furry stuff?
[16:37:22] <+Evil-Varst> Tenbro's one, though more ambiguous, makes a bit more sense
[16:37:32] <@Maximum_Joe> @Tenboro you mean kemono?
[16:37:33] <~Tenboro> in obviously western style?
[16:37:54] <@Maximum_Joe> still asian IMO
[16:38:29] <@Maximum_Joe> Megatokyo will always be western to me
[16:38:30] <~Tenboro> well he's obviously still asian, but as for the purposes of classifying his art, it doesn't make a lot of sense
[16:39:03] <@Maximum_Joe> I agree it's not the best approach but like I said style is very hard to explain to people
[16:39:45] <~Tenboro> and really, when the western category was added, it was more intended as an alternative to doujinshi/manga, not image set
[16:39:47] <@Maximum_Joe> I have a LOT of western galleries which blur in styles
[16:40:02] <@Maximum_Joe> @Tenboro you can always make a western comic category
[16:40:26] <@Maximum_Joe> AP has to go sometime tongue.gif
[16:40:36] <~Tenboro> but that doesn't really solve the current discussion
[16:40:41] <@Maximum_Joe> true
[16:41:36] <Luna_Flina> indeed... what do we do with those sets, please?
[16:42:00] <Luna_Flina> a bunch of people followed my initial petition, and one of the sets ended up being reclassed as western
[16:42:07] <Luna_Flina> withdrew the votes everywhere else
[16:42:11] <~Tenboro> if they were put in image set, leave them there
[16:42:19] <Luna_Flina> artistcg actually
[16:42:29] <Luna_Flina> major problem with pixiv :/
[16:43:37] <Luna_Flina> but yeah... right now it's a fight with one that went through and the other ones that can still be changed, we can still rereclass if something goes wrong.
[16:43:51] <@Maximum_Joe> @Tenboro sorry I'm a bit busy atm, will continue this matter on the forums
[16:44:04] <Luna_Flina> thanks for your time @both tenb and Joe
[16:44:13] <~Tenboro> yeah, if it's controversial, make a thread about it
[16:44:44] <~Tenboro> we can always change "western" to be for comics only, then there should be little ambiguity
Do you people just read subs or read whatever latest upload u fancy? I am still trying to catch up with C86 doujins (fap once and move on to the next).
[16:45:03] <+Evil-Varst> well
[16:45:28] <+Evil-Varst> with the discussion, is there any possibility to adjust/add to the current gallery groups?
[16:45:43] <~Tenboro> nothing's set in stone
[16:46:33] <+Evil-Varst> Hm....okay, thanks for the heads up
[16:46:39] <jay_low> How do you deal with the ambiguous cases?
[16:47:27] <~Tenboro> that's one of the things that would have to be worked out
[16:47:51] <jay_low> I c...
[16:48:25] <~Tenboro> doing art classification based strictly on someone's nationality/birthplace just seems a bit unfortunate
[16:48:34] <jay_low> I agree on that
[16:49:10] <jay_low> I believe that the categories are more useful if they are used for the art style used and for the relationship between each image
[16:50:19] <@Maximum_Joe> We'll discuss things soon
[16:50:28] <jay_low> OK
[16:50:34] <jay_low> feel free to call me in for opinions

>Why dont just post it on pastebin
I cant use it since i switched ISP, not sure why.
You could just link to this:

loli are gross, mature females are far superior.
File: 1407155187979.jpg (80KB, 930x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>loli are gross, mature females are far superior
I haven't been here since the Nhentai purge. What'd I miss? Already downloaded the shit I wanted from the march Keirakuten or whatever.

Napata translation never ;_;
>loli thread
Great, have this one fresh from the loli oven
That isn't a loli.

I hate you.
Blame the artist for releasing it on Comic LO.
Thread posts: 23
Thread images: 6

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