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ITT: the best episodes in their respective series

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ITT: the best episodes in their respective series
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Best haruhi episode for sure, shit was genius
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>not Endless Eight
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Not counting the final episode. This shit was powerful as hell, the episode before that was awesome too.
obviously i mean besides endless eight

>loop 5 best girl
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>not Ballad of Fallen Angels
>not Pierrot le Fou
>not Jupiter Jazz
>not Hard Luck woman

It's a great episode and all, but c'mon man
The death episode of soredemo maid
The fourth episode was better. That fight with Sabi Hakuhei was just brilliant.
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Objectively the best HxH episode
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116 was much better done than that episode
116 was part of the build up that culminated in 131, so there's no way it can be better
Eva01 screaming into the air after eating the S2 unit of the angel, having been freed from its imprisonment gives me goosebumps to this day

A lot of people say that Evangelion's first 20 episodes are generic and Evangelion truly starts at episode 21. I completely disagree. Even if it is "monster of the week", no show was able to display so much subtelty, such remarkable enemy design, such mystery and well utilized lore (it fell apart in EoE) and such strong realistic characters.

This episode is one of the greatest. The Angel is completely unstoppable and is about to make impact with Adam and initiate the third impact. He completely destroys 18 layers of the geo front.

Shinji finally has enough and runs away, leaving his duty as a pilot completely.

Then, at the final moment, with Kaji's supporting voice, Shinji realizes what his true purpose is and is done escaping. He redeems himself and breaks through to the command room right when Misato was about to be killed and wrecks the Angel, he drags his body along the elevator.

Then his energy runs out and the angel starts attacking his heart. Each metallic hit to the core of Eva01 resonates in your mind. Finally, Shinji's mother comes to his rescue and Eva01 is alive. It kills the angel and eats its core. Everyone is horified

Suddenly, he screams into the air. Eva01 has been freed.
This and the episode before it are the climax of the show. My only complaint is that Toji should have been killed. It would have made the drama more intense and Shinji's reason for running away would have made more sense. Also, he never appears again in the show.

Close, but not quite
This entire sequence from Kyousougiga ep 2 is one of my favorite from anime in general.
>ghost in the shell show
Don't have a pick or episode number, but the one from Knights of Sidonia when for the first time the engines are used and you the citizens just falling out of buildings. It didn't do much for the plot, but it sure hammered home the point that being a citizen of Sidonia was more like a prison.
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Say what you will about Bleach but this was perfect in every way.

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good taste
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this episode was the most hype fucking thing ever

I haven't found anything else that has come close
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Man, that was one of the best episodes of last year.

Also, the show may have more episodes, but this was fucking amazing.
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This was surprisingly introspective for a such a show
People can fly.
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Aww it was just posted. Beat me to it.
Doesn't change the fact that 116 was much better done in the anime.
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Everything about this episode was top tier, from Polnareff's inner monologue to Abdul's return hyping everyone the fuck up.
>endless eight
>one episode
>didn't end with Kyon saying "i want you to have my babbies"
it was awful
Ghost ship episode of Mouretsu Pirates
D'arby's episode in 3 weeks will be GOAT until DIO's World
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This x1000
Thread posts: 47
Thread images: 32

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