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No thread for Shinobu? This shouldn't be allowed.
Fuck this board for not supporting best girl.
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Platinum mad.gif
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I'll just pop in to let you know Bird is the best girl.
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But bird isn't best girl, even shaft has proved this by giving her almost no screen time.
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kiss shot.png
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Superior shinobu
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It's quality, not quantity that matters.
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Sorry, Bat threads aren't allowed because of the VA's contract
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So which girl got the most screentime? Is it cat? Because that basically shoots your theory dead then.
Fuck, you're right.
Get checked.
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I don't have many of kisshot, let's change this.
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kiss shot 1.jpg
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kiss shot hips.jpg
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kiss shot size.png
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i wanna kiss-shot her aereolas
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why isn't there a higher res version of this image?
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Tsukimonogatari subs never.
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The iron-blooded, hot-blooded, cold-blooded vampire, the Kaii Killer, Kisshot-Acerolaorion-Heartunderblade. Jesus that name is a bitch to type.
I don't know what you're talking about man, I just watched the whole thing with subs. Try harder. The plot just got more complicated
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Tfw the last thing that happens in the Monogatari series is a fucking haircut.
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Oh god, what happened to her leg?
That's her shadow.
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yuri sisters.jpg
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if your waifu is part of the fire sisters you have good taste
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Surprised this hasn't been posted yet.
Thread posts: 45
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