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Yama no Susume

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File: 48052470_p0.jpg (176KB, 1414x1329px)
176KB, 1414x1329px
Happy birthday Aoi!
Tiger lilly please no.
File: easybirthday.jpg (298KB, 768x1024px)
298KB, 768x1024px
Take it easy Aoi.
How do the yamas celebrate a birthday?
I can't tell if Aoi would want a party or if she isn't the type to make a big deal out of it.
Her co-worker would probably force her to eat cake.
Yes she really should take it easy, when you're old enough to have a full head of grey hair just having a part time job can take a lot of your energy and she still does mountain climbing as well.
File: AoiBirthday2015.jpg (326KB, 1200x1600px)
326KB, 1200x1600px
Happy Birthday Aoi! Her birthday in Japan just finished up, but we can continue to celebrate!
Celebrate by climbing a mountain anon, I hear Ontake is good for beginners.
File: AoiBirthday2015-1.jpg (568KB, 1200x1600px)
568KB, 1200x1600px
Aoi sure loves her ケーキ!
Is this the black magic that summons bears into our world?
File: AoiBirthday2015-2.jpg (445KB, 1200x1600px)
445KB, 1200x1600px
I'm just doing this for Aoi's promised kiss.

Oh Aoi, you little glutton, a second dessert? Oh , alright.
File: ohayou!.png (19KB, 800x505px)
19KB, 800x505px
You're a good friend, Hinata.
File: 48193896_p0.jpg (408KB, 1200x965px)
408KB, 1200x965px
>Nobody celebrated Kaede's birthday.
File: birthday snuggle.jpg (86KB, 1035x740px)
birthday snuggle.jpg
86KB, 1035x740px
Sorry Kaede, you never told me, I even checked the website and never saw any birthdays.
Speaking of, when are Hinata and Kokonas?
File: YNS_Aoi_01.png (1MB, 1200x1749px)
1MB, 1200x1749px
Now lets see some of Aoi's best shots in the manga.
I'll post all of the character profiles a little later, right now we're celebrating Aoi!
File: YNS_Aoi_02.png (1MB, 1200x1785px)
1MB, 1200x1785px
File: aoi!.jpg (274KB, 836x1180px)
274KB, 836x1180px
That works for me, Happy Birthday Aoi!
File: YNS_Aoi_03.png (1MB, 1200x1797px)
1MB, 1200x1797px
Warning, the one after this is a little lewd.
File: YNS_Aoi_04.png (1MB, 1200x1787px)
1MB, 1200x1787px
File: 1370098818903.png (3MB, 1264x1588px)
3MB, 1264x1588px
Remember to bathe regularly this year too Aoi.
File: YNS_Aoi_05.png (1MB, 1200x1830px)
1MB, 1200x1830px
...and here's some Kokona service.
File: YNS_Aoi_06.png (1MB, 1200x1804px)
1MB, 1200x1804px
Look at Aoi, getting all tough with her 母さん.
File: YNS_Aoi_07.png (1MB, 1200x1807px)
1MB, 1200x1807px
File: YNS_Char_1.png (1MB, 1200x1792px)
1MB, 1200x1792px
Time for some character profiles! Aoi first, of course.
恥ずかしくない Aoi, you're perfect!
File: YNS_Char_2.png (1MB, 1200x1807px)
1MB, 1200x1807px
A recent development.
File: YNS_Char_3.png (913KB, 1200x1804px)
913KB, 1200x1804px
This character profile happens before the bra fitting chapter, says she's a G, later upgraded to an ecchi
File: 1414395558824.jpg (50KB, 1280x720px)
50KB, 1280x720px
Encouragement of mountains indeed.
File: YNS_Char_4.png (1MB, 1200x1810px)
1MB, 1200x1810px
aww, no-cup (yet)
>Charactor profile
They didn't even try.
File: YNS_Char_5.png (1MB, 1200x1819px)
1MB, 1200x1819px
At least they're consistent?
File: YNS_Char_6.png (1MB, 1200x1790px)
1MB, 1200x1790px
...and here's everyone's favorite boy.
File: mountain snacks.jpg (473KB, 949x817px)
mountain snacks.jpg
473KB, 949x817px
Thanks for dumping anon, even if there are only four of us. The new IP counter makes me feel so lonely sometimes.
File: 1415456155792.jpg (1MB, 1272x2000px)
1MB, 1272x2000px
Is it rape?
Stop using extensions that use that garbage.
If any of us are interested, this is the hashtag for Aoi's birthday on twitter:

File: B-NB-dLCYAAC_MY.jpg (82KB, 600x820px)
82KB, 600x820px
File: B-Ny9W6CcAAA2zX.jpg (104KB, 600x879px)
104KB, 600x879px
I don't understand.
Next is the chapter with Aoi and Honoka's date, keep the thread alive!

I hate to break it to you anon, but it shows even without an extension.
File: 48123553_p0.jpg (265KB, 700x990px)
265KB, 700x990px
>I hate to break it to you anon, but it shows even without an extension.
I wouldn't know, I don't get on much since my ISP is blacklisted.

Too bad 4chan still doesn't support SJIS properly and world4ch is gone for good now.
What's not to understand? Mountain climbing is serious business, and the ones who die on the mountain are garbage. Don't fail again, or Aoi-chan, Fujisan will be your grave!
All at once on Dixiv.
File: B-M-NuECUAAE7_3.jpg (107KB, 768x1024px)
107KB, 768x1024px
Oh no.
File: 0002.jpg (2MB, 2145x3000px)
2MB, 2145x3000px
I scanned two sfw yuri doujin if anyone wants them.

Hinata x Aoi and Kokona x The new boy.
Thank you anon!
New boy sure is lewd.
This art is adorable, you're the best anon. I needed more Hinata in my life.
Translations when?
That bra looks way too big for Honoka.
Apologies for not stitching these next two together, I have no drawing ability.
God is telling you to fuck the tomboy Aoi.
Stop projecting.
Or being a shipper fag.
...and that's all for that chapter, anons. Thanks for watching.
Thanks anon, that was fun even if I barely understood anything.
The art has gotten a lot better in the manga since V1.
Indeed! This is from volume 5 if I remember correctly.
File: 47676585_p0.png (3MB, 2007x1694px)
3MB, 2007x1694px

Season 3 Season 3 Season 3 Season 3 Season 3!
Probably getting closer to the anime characer design as time goes on.
When is the comic Earth ☆ Star event?
File: 1412733114739.jpg (94KB, 765x1080px)
94KB, 765x1080px

I don't know.
There's a yama no susume event in Hannou city on 4/19, I don't know about an earth star event.
Kokona nendo when?
I thought there was an event this month some time.
The bouncy mountain park has a yama no susume event going on from now into March, maybe that?
File: mountain-whores.jpg (2MB, 5120x2020px)
2MB, 5120x2020px
File: yay.jpg (997KB, 3001x720px)
997KB, 3001x720px
Will there be H-cup yamas whose butts are getting hot?
File: 1418601743102.jpg (116KB, 1003x1000px)
116KB, 1003x1000px
Wasn't this mature adult woman's birthday on Jan 1?
not according to
terrible translation incoming:

aoi: all the scenery looks the same, nothing to do, an hour to go, are
we there yet?
title: different scenery
(wall of text about a mountain)
aoi: she isn't here, I didn't get the wrong day, right? I wonder if she
really disliked me back then
honoka: aoi-chan?
aoi: WA!
honoka: if it starting to rain, I thought we go to a local farm, but
how about an onsen?
aoi: I don't know this area, so I'm in your hands
aoi: wtf, these stairs are mountain climbing level!
honoka: the onsen are pretty much in the mountains, so it can't be
aoi: yeah.
honoka: so... you're starting to climb mountains but stairs make you
out of breath, huh?
aoi: if it were sunny the view would be nice, huh?
honoka: if it were sunny we could see hatakayama and tanigawadake from
here. but if you could always see it that would be boring. Having
occasional day like this is nice I think...
aoi: yeah... is it ok if we go in there?
honoka: yeah, let's look... that's why we're here...
(shopping intensifies)
aoi: an outdoor onsen... it's my first time in one... there aren't
changing rooms!
honoka: what's wrong?
aoi: nothing at all! I'm already experienced with these! (it's not
embarrassing at all!)
aoi: (what kind of conversation should we have)
honoka: what places have you gone mountain climbing? my friends invited
me to go to a local mountain named bounomine, but soon summer break
was over. I really just made it to the first step... I'm not really
familiar with mountains.
aoi: you don't know of any good mountains around here?
honoka: yeah, except for tanigawa I've mostly gone to the northern alps.
aoi: northern alps?
honoka: up around Nagano... there are amazing mountains, and lots of them. so
around here I don't really climb... next time, I want to go see the
aoi: stars?
honoka: somewhere, deep in the mountains... an overnight stay... we
should see the stars...
honoka: will you go... with me?
aoi: I'll go!
honoka: then, let's go before the end of summer break...
aoi: yeah, that sounds fun!
honoka: We should get out soon...
aoi: a text from hinata?
aoi: amazing!
honoka: what is it? that's... the clouds filtering the sunlight. It's
hard to see from here, should we go outside?
aoi: eh? (w-wait for me)
(general jogging noises)
honoka: beautiful...
aoi: yeah, it's beautiful... oh yeah, hinata, I should invite her too,
aoi: ah, but, I don't know if I should invite her myself... hey,
honoka-chan... would it be ok if I invited some friends to go with us
to see the stars?
honoka: yeah, that's fine. It'll be fun.
aoi: thanks! thanks for today
honoka: me too, thanks for the fun day. later, text me about the star viewing
plans, ok?
aoi: sure! well then...
aoi: (I'm glad I came, that I decided to do this)
hinata: ooi!
aoi: hinata! kokona-chan! how was <some name> mountain?
hinata: ehehe, it was good!
aoi: (lets go back to our town...)
(wall of text about onsen)
>Wall of text about onsen
So even the manga was just an unadulterated advertisement for mountain locales?
no shit
Yes, but for once it wasn't advertising Hannou.
>I wonder if she really disliked me back then
As expected of Aoi's conclusion making skill.
To be fair, Honoka is pretty blunt and emotionless at times. She's a perfect match for Aoi!
File: B-NwpcPCIAA8158.jpg (119KB, 663x1024px)
119KB, 663x1024px
so healthy, she needs to hike more
She'll never be able to take on Fuji if she doesn't work out at least a little.
File: B-Ip_S-CcAA3SAc.jpg (47KB, 1024x576px)
47KB, 1024x576px
File: 1370297404867.png (1MB, 1280x720px)
1MB, 1280x720px
Aoi sure loves wearing her birthday suit around friends.
File: B-NqSShCYAAB0rp.jpg (73KB, 1024x576px)
73KB, 1024x576px
Closet exhibitionist.
Full chapter and translation at https://www.mediafire.com/?1485lejldtdd8b8
File: B-N5uCBCMAAWY9v.jpg (49KB, 1024x574px)
49KB, 1024x574px
File: B-MnqehCMAAOFoZ.jpg (87KB, 1024x701px)
87KB, 1024x701px
File: B-KGQ_RCMAARweH.jpg (105KB, 1024x1262px)
105KB, 1024x1262px
Summer will come again, Aoi-chan.
where can I acquire this paper cutting
I'm assuming he made his own, although I guess it's possible he bought (or stole) it from somewhere.
File: 71Rt+djj16L.jpg (227KB, 979x2560px)
227KB, 979x2560px
File: kokona (2).jpg (1MB, 1280x2018px)
kokona (2).jpg
1MB, 1280x2018px
What are the chances of the police at my door as soon as anyone else knew I ordered that?
Eh, no one's shown up at my door yet. And I ordered both.
File: pick your poison.jpg (978KB, 1900x1070px)
pick your poison.jpg
978KB, 1900x1070px
Which one do you like better? You can't love both equally
File: 71WVL4YnrhL.jpg (229KB, 979x2560px)
229KB, 979x2560px
Aoi will always be my favorite, but Kokona is a close second.
what about hinata and kaede? I haven't seen any merch about them yet
File: subs.jpg (1MB, 1475x1180px)
1MB, 1475x1180px
r8 my pitiful effort.
Not bad, all of the subs are decent enough for this show though. Commie was probably the best, but they never finished, so Doki wins I guess.
File: surpara03.jpg (109KB, 460x460px)
109KB, 460x460px
Officially, they have cellphone straps for all of the girls,
File: 1337224457167.png (6KB, 390x470px)
6KB, 390x470px
>my capacity for fun has increased
File: yte01.jpg (43KB, 220x335px)
43KB, 220x335px
and, apparently slap bracelets. I've seen pictures of a lot of different merch that's available in Japan, but it's probably not official.
kokona is so poor she can't even afford uniforms
How much of a social outcast would I be after buying these?
One of us
File: 61F6o4UgJsL.jpg (68KB, 354x500px)
68KB, 354x500px
There's also the just published guide ヤマノススメの山のススメ (yama no susume no yama no susume). Includes an annotated walking tour of Hannou, interviews with the mangaka, kaede and kokona's voice actors, a poster, and more!
#1 in amazon.co.jp "outdoors books" category
#6 in outdoors and sports
#139 in books overall
>#1 in amazon.co.jp "outdoors books" category
>#6 in outdoors and sports
Third season confirmed
So, I guess we don't have to worry about a third season then.
Since this is the kind of stuff the anime was intended to sell, the disks themselves being incidental.
File: kokona cheer.jpg (860KB, 1280x1287px)
kokona cheer.jpg
860KB, 1280x1287px
I'm hoping they're waiting until Shiro-sensei wraps up the manga to announce S3, the first chapter of the 8th volume starts with them talking about "Fujisan revenge".
File: B-DgE7ICAAEP9t7.jpg (55KB, 700x700px)
55KB, 700x700px
File: B6up913CEAAzkaO.jpg (79KB, 600x450px)
79KB, 600x450px
Lots of random goods
I remember there being an enumerable amount of unofficial placards to put on shrines for obon/new years/some bastardized shitochristian holiday.
I sure hope you've bought some of them and aren't just saving random photos
The guidebook is on it's way, I really should buy that set of wall scrolls
File: 1407945375849.jpg (528KB, 1440x810px)
528KB, 1440x810px
Encouragement of lilies manga.
I wish I was as rich as you are, being poorer than kokona is suffering
I'll put up some scans of the guidebook when I get it.
If she was my daughter I wouldn't even let her know the existence of such depraved material
File: 1409783375692.png (441KB, 821x1219px)
441KB, 821x1219px
Look at those character cards in the center of the image. It's nice how there's one or two of all the characters except for Aoi where there are significantly more.
File: 48853523_p0.png (458KB, 764x961px)
458KB, 764x961px
File: B6up913CEAAzkaO.jpg (206KB, 1024x768px)
206KB, 1024x768px
Found a higher res image - there sure is a lot of hinata over on the left side though
>No Honoka phone case
There's the reason it's not selling.
Thread posts: 143
Thread images: 86

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