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>chaotic good

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>chaotic good
It's about his character in the legend, not the VN itself. It's made pretty clear that he really hates the modern world, to the point that he thinks of human lives - something that was sacred even to him - as disposable.
he wasn't chaotic good in the past either.

and now we'll never know since iraq's libraries and museums are being ramsacked and destroyed as we speak
Gilgamesh in the Epic is lawful neutral/good.
>9 point alignment system is stupid
This is already known
>destroys artifical abomination
>not a good deed
Nasu's alignments are not D&D alignments.
Nasu's universe is not even based in D&D, it is more inspired by Mage: the Ascension, which he supposedly played in highschool with Takeuchi.
Nasu's morality is stupid as shit though.
He justifies Gil being chaotic good with
>Gilgamesh is always right
Also any source on the oWoD influence?
Is Gil on the Path of the Tyrant?
Yes, Choatic Good

He killed a fellow competitor during a time of war

Not a child like you'd want to think, but someone who was nineteen years old, and never human in the first place.

Do you think he wouldn't kill when there's an active war going on when the other competitors in question are knowingly risking their lives as well? Not everyone is Shirou here. There's nothing that falls outside of the range on that action. She's basically a golem or familiar of some sort.
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Not him but I think the magic system on the nasuverse and some of the "deities" are pretty inspired on WoD.
It's not the same thing as Mage: The Ascension since I think most people would find it too boring since it doesn't feel like magic at all but all that "Modern magic suck since you can do most of it's effect with science" (besides the main cast of the series because they are all fucking powerhouses) and an association that will fistfuck you if you let yourself be revealed as a mage.
Please reread that scene.
>doesn't feel like magic
You what?
Also WoD atleast has a better reason why magic got "weaker" other than EVERYTHING WAS BETTER BEFORE
A King is always lawful, because the set the rules in each era. The ideals of morality whether you think or not do change per era and age. It's hard for a king to ever be against the law of the land during his own time, since he's the one making it.

Back during Gilgamesh's time everyone was such an asshole, that he's good by comparison.
>Back during Gilgamesh's time everyone was such an asshole, that he's good by comparison.
So that's why literaly everyone complained to the gods that he was a giant asshole, which made them create Enkidu?
and I did, now you need to go back and read it, and remember that she isn't human and she's a fellow competitor in this life and death war where they all put their lives on the line. It's not "I beat you, you're out of the contest", rather it's "I've killed you, you're out".

He needed her heart, it wasn't going to end any other way aside from her death. It was a lawful action because they had both already put their lives on the line by entering this contest willingly, they were both equal competitors here in this death game.

You can't really complain in a situation where you're also "Kill or be killed", and she's killed Shirou dozens of times up to them. We know she'd do the exact same thing Gilgamesh is doing to her in that situation if she had the advantage.

You're trying to play it as the actions of an evil monster, when half the bad ends involving her are exactly the same. They're all in this contest to the death, they have all chosen this path, only one competitor has chosen "I don't want to kill" but acknowledges that he can still be killed without holding it against them.
But could shiki tohno kill him?
He got better and became less of an asshole as the story went along, and they mainly just had issue with the whole raping girls on their wedding day thing.
Yeah and he just needed to first slash out her eyes and let her crawl away?
The problem isn't that he kills her but how.
They're all assholes about how they kill each other in the bad endings, aside from Rin.

This is part of where the whole "Not human" thing comes into play. Which is why he kept referring to her as a meat-doll of some sort.
Come on, coincedental magic is concidental for a reason. Unless you are in dire need of some good shit and is withing your paradigm (or at least you can convince the GM that it is) but that shouldn't be the rule.
The three adventures I played of Mage was on "low level" characters without anything over-the-top besides some Tom Bombadil Style dudes that didn't threw fireballs or anything but could delete your ass of existence if they gave a fuck about what was happening.
Also, I think that the reason of the changes on the magic on Nasuverse is the same for WoD but I don't know for sure since I only read the translated stuff.
Nah there were some other problems too Gilgamesh sounds the tocsin for his amusement, his arrogance has no bounds by day or night. No son is left with his father, for Gilgamesh takes them all, even the children; yet the king should be a shepherd to his people. His lust leaves no virgin to her lover, neither the warrior's daughter nor the wife of the noble; yet this is the shepherd of the city
You can still bust out vulgar magic in some situations.
Just not anywhere near sleepers.

And Magic in the Nasuverse got weaker because somehow more people living makes "soul-stuff" grow thinner and thus they are father from the root which results in less magic because reasons.
Pretty different from the consensus.
Did you read it?
Lawful neutral/good wouldn't beat up yandere Goddess in the face with the bull's dick.
Thread posts: 23
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