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GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class - visual novel translation project

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Who GA here?

GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class is somewhat of a niche title, overshadowed often by Hidamari and such, but it has an even less known PSP visual novel spin-off, Slapstick Wonderland, about Mari, a french exchange student briefly appearing in volume 4 of the manga, likely to promote the game.

Long story short, we're translating that visual novel and we need help, mostly translators, to release it in a reasonable time frame. To show that it's not vaporware yet we've also made a demo with the first two chapters of the common route, available here:


If you're interested in helping out or stalking us, we're located at #ga on Rizon. We're also planning to mux subs into the available BD rips and make a 720p version as well, so there's that.

I know there's just been a thread, but anything that's not in the OP post gets largely ignored, so forgive me for making another one so soon. Anything GA, Kuro and Yggdra related is welcome.
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For whoever wants to blast through the Japanese version, here's a little guide on how to get the different routes (the Japanese one recently died with the blog it was hosted on, also spoiler warning of course):

VNs go on /jp/ or /vg/
Imagine the amount of people there who care about GA. Might as well forget about ever translating it, though if that's what you suggest...

Also, this is for the most part just another GA thread, even if, likely, a very short one.
>we're translating that visual novel and we need help, mostly translators, to release it in a reasonable time frame.

How many do you have on board? What is a reasonable time frame - do you have a deadline?

As much as I'd like to help I have no translation skills and it's projects and games like these which remind me that I really need to get to studying.
4koma needs more love in general.
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We'd like to release it before the end of the year if at all possible. There's no exact deadline, but in my relatively small experience such projects tend to lose most of their momentum after a year.

We have a few translators, but most of us don't have a whole lot of free time so we're trudging through it at a fairly slow pace for now. Practicing Japanese is a great idea, what little I know is due to another /a/-related PSP VN, Sora no Woto (even though I ended up not taking part in its translation project). But we'll need editors and QC too, so do keep us in mind regardless of your level of Japanese. Editing will be paramount due to the amount of Japanese misunderstandings that don't really translate well into English.
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I'd kill for that Showa spin-off, and with younger Koshino, too.
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Why not translate the manga ?
Or shoulder coffin kuro.
Thanks OP I really liked GA I'll be sure to check this out
You probably won't find translators for it, the number of GA fans remaining is absurdly small.
Poor previous thread. I'm gonna do a little messing around with muxing/encoding so if I have good results, I'll send the word for approval and finish it all.
Because the manga is being translated by Yen Press, six volumes of GA and four volumes of Kuro, last one not having been scanned yet though, apparently.

Thanks for still having interest in GA!

Well, we'll try to manage somehow even if we don't find anyone, just not sure at all how long it'll take then.
Awesome, it'd be great since personally I have no experience encoding anything, ever.
>six volumes of GA released
Feels good catching up to the series.
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>GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class OVA Radio CD [flac+scans]

Tell me more about this.
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So the subs from the DVD batch (I'd assume they're still [Ayako]) sync up with the BDs perfectly. If you've seen the karaoke, [Polished]'s release, they're the same on the BD as well. They're nice and simple for the OPs/EDs.

Now to play with settings to get reasonable 720p sizes without FLAC I'd assume because that's what the BD batch came with. If I give up encoding, I'll say so.
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If you're dealing with handbrake, these are fairly good starter settings for anything, based on my experience. Basically all bells and whistles turned on.

Anime should do better with a higher "motion est. range".

But it's just a stopgap until an avisynth expert shows up with BDMVs.

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Feels pretty bad waiting for the next volume.
It is, but then we did have the last one in September or something. I'm glad Yen still hasn't dropped this, although I'm still sad they don't want to reprint the missing Kuro volume and such.
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Maybe one day we'll have audio webms here on /a/ as well...

The one thing we can do about it is to get people to buy up the remaining stock, and the other Yen 4koma.
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Since this is a GA thread, here is a something I bought from YAJ last year.

Still need to obtain the other ones.
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Hey, I remember you from that thread last summer
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Really? I never posted those last time, but posted this instead.
No, I mean you're that anon who was saying they were heading to YAJ and I remember

My image was chosen because it also appears in yours, sorry for confusion
Oh right, yeah that was a couple threads ago.

I still need to buy the english version of Vol 6, Amazon UK was slow in getting stock and I forgot about it since.
Keep up the good work.
That's magnificent. What chapter was this?
Not sure, but it starts on p.79 of v.6.
Thanks. It's like the GA manga never gets old.
If something ever needed an OVA, this would be it.
>TFW no one on /c/ watched GA
This show was very cute. I should finish it.
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There's a fair few Hidamari x G.A images out there, but where are all the G.A x Sketchbook images?
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I'm sure I've seen/have more, I'll go looking in a bit
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Thread images: 26

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