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Hard mode: Reply to the plot posted above you.

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Hard mode: Reply to the plot posted above you.
Sure, here's an idea I've been tossing around for a while:

Basically, it's a post apocalyptic zombie survival anime, set in the remnants of a large city (Tokyo, New York, what have you). The world's population is now 99.99% gone, and all that are left are "The Graves". You see, the remaining 00.01% of the population need not fear zombies, because they have the power to command them. Which means their greatest enemies are in fact the last surviving humans on earth.

So basically the idea is a kind of strategy/tactics/post apocalyptic politico type thing where every character is a modern day necromancer and military general in one. Add in some alpha MC-kun trying to de-zombify his sister, grim dark lolis, master strategist stab in the back glasses wearing friend, and you've got an anime.
I can see the potential out of that. Though I think it could work better as a game.


“Dualist”: the term used for someone who inexplicably wakes up one day with another body near them. From this “Awakening” comes the “Doppel”: a body whose facial and bodily features mimic both the Dualist’s self and their ideal of the opposite sex.

A male Dualist acquires a female Doppel, and vice versa, but it is not a person or a soul; it is an extra set of organs, a remote-controlled limb, an extension of the body not unlike a conductor’s baton. The length of the Doppel’s hair is supposedly as long as what the Dualist would’ve grown out since birth, untouched by haircuts.

But the Dualist must now beware of the feedback known as 2R1: anything either the Dualist or Doppel feels, no matter the sense, so will the other. And the death of one will leave the soul trapped in the other, with a lasting backlash as punishment for their folly…

The Awakening does not happen to all, though it has probably happened since the dawn of humanity if records existed that far back. Could the tale of Eve being born from Adam’s rib have some truth after all? Is this the work of a higher being, or a mutation of a single divine intervention into a law of nature? Blessing or curse, this is nevertheless a mechanism of this world.


I'm having more notes added to here over time, too:
>anything either the Dualist or Doppel feels, no matter the sense, so will the other
Wouldn't having sex with your own doppel be the orgasmic equivalent of holding two mirrors up to each other?
That's pretty interesting, not sure how that would work in an anime plot, since you pretty much only gave a premise.


This is a story I've been working on for a while. Donut steal.

>MC is christmas cake highschool teacher
>First day of teaching she runs in on technology teacher doing meth
>Tech teacher is crazy, he raves about how he's tried every drug but he still can't match the symptoms shown in the reports
>He shows her reports of drugged students who seem to be taking orders from a large gang leader
>MC christmas cake gets involved in catching a drug dealer using only school equipment to stop them
If one mirror had a dick and the other had a hole for it then yes
Whipping out the Selfcest notes.


Moving on to the route of selfcest, we must understand the act of sex between two people. Exploring their lewd zones is a game of trial and error: the spots where they'll get excited, the techniques to use on those spots, combinations and sequences of stimuli that can amplify the effect, etc.

Selfcest between Dualist and Doppel is somewhat different. You know when you'll touch and be touched, but the Doppel's nerves are still unexplored to you. You may even find zones in your original body that you could never have realized as a person in one body, that only a person in TWO bodies can discover.

If the theory of the brain only being able to send sequential signals and not simultaneous ones is true- the refutation of the act of multitasking- then movement from both Dualist and Doppel would simply be impossible. Selfcest to a Dualist is thus a sequence of actions between two "limbs".


I also have DNA and Self-Impregnation notes on hand.
The original anime premise to lay out the groundwork would be a slice-of-life about a schmuck, his Doppel, and his girlfriend in their own apartment. The girlfriend takes his Doppel out to explore the wonders of the woman's world, and there'd be simple episodes of how the schmuck handles everyday activities while "being in two places", so to speak.
>Tech teacher is crazy, he raves about how he's tried every drug but he still can't match the symptoms shown in the reports
That's dangerous, a bad drug would kill the deuteragonist. Maybe a Bio teacher studying chemical reactions would fit better?
A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted with by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this district at all. She is a girl from Roppongi. Because it was the wrong area code.
>Maybe a Bio teacher
I'm just trying to lean it away from Breaking Bad if I can.
General Practitioner, who happens to double as a Tech teach? You did say they can match symptoms.
MC is typical shonen MC all the way from being a bit dumb, having spiky hair and positive about everything and believing in hard work and dedication.But, he is stuck a VN/LN setting full its archetypes.
As is typical in this kind setting, MC has to go to a school for people with special power and abilties where is make fun because his only "power" (they don't even consider it a power) is enhance his own physical abilties and basic energy projection which is seen as weak becuase everybody there has power that let them mess with physics/matter/reality/time/etc.
After the first day he is disappointed of the his world(and abused by those power) and how everybody seems to be too strong without even trying or trainning. Suddenly, a mysterious man (who is totally noy Goku) appears and offers him help guiding him to different master(who are reference to famous/popular shonen manga) in his path of becoming a real fighter.

it mean to be some kind of battle between the old vs the new
I'm the next scriptwriter for my film and performing arts club. This sounds good and I might incorporate it
Post-apocalyptical story:

A girl in the middle of her 20s lives in a completely empty but well-preserved world. She is always travelling, picking things that help her survive along the way, together with books, CDs, external HDs and other things containing information from the old days. Ocasionally, she finds a server where she can get more information (the internet itself no longer works, but the servers that stored its information are considerably intact, if you can physically reach them).

As she travels, she is able to find more about what happened to the world. She mourns the loss of her loved ones, but enough time has passed to dull the pain and she is able to pull through together with her pet Labrador, who seems to be much smarter than you'd expect.

Eventually, she finds out that what actually happened was that in 2020, a terrorist attack to CERN ended up unintentionally freeing samples of a virus they were testing. They had not developed a vaccine for it yet, because even a weakened version of the virus still kills a person (most animals seem to be immune). The virus spreads by airborne transmission, and as a result within weeks wipes out the whole population of earth.

People die by multiple organ failure. It isn't graphic or anything, they pass away peacefully and it looks a lot like natural causes.

Vehicles are plenty, fuel can be taken from the millions of cars around. The only struggle is finding non-perishable food, but she learned to cultivate the land and is able to sustain herself without any issues.

There are no zombies, no plot twists, no suddenly violent groups showing up. Just Kino no Tabi in an empty earth with a pet Labrador who is a total bro.
Let's now post the actual thing.

A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.
>local tanabata festival
>MC meets a sweet girl on the fishing stand, she looks disheartened because she can't get a bunny plushie she wants
>he always loved that fishing stand game, and played since little, so he is kinda good at it
>manages to score enough to get the bunny
>gifts it to her, she is overjoyed
>they keep enjoying the evening
>decide to go to a small nice lake nearby
>take their shoes off to enjoy the smooth grass
>sit down and talk a bit
>sometime later a friend of hers shows up and says her mother is looking everywhere for her, since its getting late
>she hurriedly thanks him for the great time and runs back with her friend before he has a chance to say something
>they really had a great time
>so great they completely forgot to ask each other's name
>he doesn't remember seeing her before so she must be from another school and came only for the festival
>notices her pair of shoes
>they have her name and class - Fuyuki Sakura 5B
>a lot of romance and pure love happens until they grow older and graduate high school
>fast forward a few years, its their marriage
>she starts looking sweaty and somewhat sick
>he asks if she is okay, she says its nothing to worry about
>it progressively gets worse, until she is clutching her chest slightly to the left
>even priest looks worried now, tells someone to help her sit down and call a medic
>she lets out a small pained gasp and faints
>MC had been a pool instructor for a while, so he knew CPR
>it's not working, but he keeps doing it
>by the time medical help arrives she is dead
>turns out she had a weak heart and it was too much emotion for it to take
>fast forward
>MC is on university
>new transfer student
>she looks just like her
>MC stares hard at her in shock
>friends joke he is quick on the chase
>he isn't even listening
>a schmuck, his Doppel, and his girlfriend
I suggest we leave out the love triangle shenanigans.
Are we going to have a thread about this every fucking day?
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>a lot of SoL romance stuff happens, other girls show interest in him but he can't shake his interest off the transfer student
>she seems to like him but is always seemingly somehow helping the other girls get closer to him, as though she was their wingman
>MC keeps pursuing her route, feels some guilt for "cheating on" his passed bride (by now he has convinced himself to stop being ridiculous, there is no way its her)
>as that guilt grows, MC goes visit her grave in the anniversary of her death
>its winter and everything is covered in a thick layer of snow
>he starts talking to the tomb, saying sorry among other things and that he misses her but there is a new girl that reminds him of her, and he intends to ask her out
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>as he finishes saying that, he hears her voice calling his name, but not like a ghost whisper, a crystal clear voice coming from his right
>he looks
>the transfer student is standing under a leafless, snow-covered cherry blossom tree, wearing a winter coat and a scarf
>he stands shocked for a moment, then goes towards her and asks how long she has been there
>she admits she heard the whole thing
>he thinks about questioning why she is there but decides since she already heard it its best to go through with his intentions
>tells her he fell in love with her, and he wants to be with her, and he knows its unfair the reason why he is in love with her but asks she accept his love the same way
>she breaks in tears, hugs him, and confesses she is actually Sakura
>MC is shocked again, but joins her in crying before he is able to ask her what/how
>she tells him what happened, that when she died her soul remained lingering on earth
>she was following him all this time, but as a ghost
>a few days ago she met a mysterious bunny who offered her a deal
>she may get a physical body identical to hers back, but only for the duration of winter
>in exchange she must solve her lingering attachment to this world (him)
>she was trying to get him to fall in love with another girl so she could pass away in peace knowing he found happiness
>Historically Inaccurate: Jesus Assassin

Our protagonist is shot and killed by an assassin.
But not just any assassin: a magic one.
He's cursed so his bullets turn his targets into famous historical figures, but because he never missess the vitals, this is inconsequential.
However, this time the bullet turns our protagonist into Jesus Christ, so after three days he resurrects and swears revenge.

He tracks down his killer by following the bodies of dead famous people, but finds out that because he's Jesus, he's not allowed to directly kill anyone.

So he has to get a magic spear that has the power to kill the main character of any book it impales, then follow his killer around and write a biography about him
To finally kill him
A high school boy that is obsessed with manga picks up a new weekly series that just started. As he reads, he sees that the main character is quite similar to himself and continues to read. The chapter ends with the MC saving a person from falling out a window at school. The next day at school, he gets a feeling of deja vu and when something happens to him that he remembers clearly, he realizes that day is going exactly as it was in the manga. Not really believing but being wary about it, he goes walks around the halls he ends up saving a girl that was bumped out the window.

Freaking out he goes home and tries to find out the author of the manga but it is done by an anonymous mangaka. He goes to the publisher to find out about it but they have never heard of the manga and when he grabs an issue to show them, it isn't there. Completely out of his mind he goes back home and feigns being ill until he can the next week. He goes to buy the manga again and it is there as it was the week before. He reads it and tries to avoid what happens. From here on out, he goes on a journey to find the mangaka.

Long story short. A high schooler is looking for the mangaka of a manga that predicts his future and tries to go against what happens in the manga. The mangaka is his future self.
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Grander Musashi.jpg
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>Bait and Swtich

Story takes place in a JRPG parody world (with stats, EXP, skills, quests etc...) where everyone is assigned a role and class (like Hero, Swordsman, Farmer, Villager, Mage) from birth and lives with it for the rest of their lives.

Main character is a Fisherman, a background NPC type character, and is not quite content with his life of irrelevancy and fish. He has average to mediocre stats and skills aside from his Fishing skill that is absurdly high even for his class because he's been grinding it like crazy since he was a kid.

One day on one of his fishing trips at sea he ends up killing Leviathan (very high level ancient monster) using his Fishing skills to save a girl.The girl in fact turns out to be the Demon Lord who doesn't want to be the Demon Lord and wants to be a Baker instead. To do this she plans to overthrow the class system and let people choose who they want to be.

The Fisherman, seeking adventure and tired of his current lifestyle, decides to join her on her quest as her right-hand man. He uses a fishing rod as a weapon, refuses to use anything else as well as having only fishing related attack skills but because he killed the Leviathan he gained an enormous amount of EXP and skyrocketed up in levels to become incredibly strong and turns into a very formidable opponent because no one has a counter or defense against high level fishing skills.

Okay, so in this world there is a phenomenon in which objects rarely and spontaneously take on human forms and voluntarily indenture themselves to their owners as tools to be used.

The objects that become humans take on body type partially based on their owner's preferences mixed with their origin to create a weird mix up and match up of appearances. If you like oppai, then it's likely your human object might have giant breasts.

How the object is chosen is completely random. It could be the priceless family heirloom that you've carried in your pocket since you were born, it could end up being the receipt that you threw out now turned into a loli and asking you if you are her master.

Generally women end up with male objects and males end up with female objects. This can change however and you might up with a bro instead of a waifu if fate just so happens to be fucky that day.

The important thing about this however is that the object always desires to be used for their original function, and can in fact do so efficiently. A journal turned human might have super memory to remember everything written on her skin, a gun turned human might be able to precisely and efficiently launch bullets.

The above can get weird when your previous bed now turned into a giant-titted woman begs you to lay your head on her chest and gently sings you to sleep, or when your favorite hunting knife turned into a school girl uses her nails to cleanly cut slabs of meat for you.

Most people have at least one Human object by the time they reach college. It's exceedingly rare for someone to reach the age of thirty without finding a human object. At the same time it's nearly impossible to have more than three human objects, and even that is considered newsworthy.

Anyway the plot is a SoL about a guy with an axe waifu living in a rural town chopping trees and getting along with other people and their objects.
Threadly reminder that you should stop posting that because it's a thing.

MC and his little sister were raped by their parents and locked in the basement for years till rescue. Since then MC can´t stay in complete dark places without getting into fear and panic.

Now MC stumbles as a private inspector into an abandoned reasearch facility complex which was a crime scence x years ago. Back then the leader slaughtered all the workers before killed by the police. In a hidden part of the complex MC finds a girl sitting lonely in the dark. She´s living there for years in virtually complete darkness and doesnt want to follow MC because her father always told her: „Stay in the dark. Light will kill you!“

Facing his own fear for dark places MC starts to visit her day by day slowly building a relationship. After weeks or months he finally convinces her to follow him outside. The girl realizes she´s not dying while exposed to sunlight and starts exploring the outside world together with MC.
With each day her character changes a little bit more. In certain situations her behaviour converts from shy, depressive, friendly to open, lewd, or aggressive. At first MC believes everything is fine after such a long time suffering in loneliness. But soon after he finds himself stabbed by the girl and sees her evil grin he starts to realize the true meaning behind her father´s words.
While attempting to reverse everything back as it was before, by locking the girl in his dark basement, MC is more and more confronted with his own cruel past.
So MC is the Yamcha of their world?

Would watch.
He isn't Yamcha. He is strong, but the setting where he is make him look week
It makes me wonder why Jojo hasn't made a character who has fallen in love with their stand.
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>He is strong, but the setting where he is make him look week

First off, it's "weak". Second, that's exactly Yamcha.

In the Cell Games, he achieved a peak power of 1,000,000, so he got as strong as second form Freeza.

He can probably make planets go boom too. However, he's in a setting filled with gods made flesh.

On that note, I would also like to watch The Misadventures of Dan Hibiki.
>Empire Building for Dummies
On a gray, desolate shore, three people woke up after a gentle wave hits them: An old soldier and drill sergeant, a history obsessed college student and a delinquent with several kendo championships under his belt. Each has a backpack full of some necessities like water and food. They travel along the coast and find a small crumbling village. They decide to visit the village to trade and find out where they are.

The land they are in has no name or ruler and the village is ravaged daily by a bandits that they can't oppose due to their impressive numbers. They get some goods from the villagers as a gift and try to move on when a group of the said bandits struts into the village. First the three main characters try to ignore them and move on, until one of the bandits starts to get a little too comfortable with the blacksmith's daughter. The old soldier is not going to stand for it and pummels the bandit against a house, killing him in the process. The delinquent follows suit and grabs a suitable stick and starts fighting off the bandits while the college student tries to rouse the villagers by quoting historical leaders. Soon the bandits are driven off after they swear to tear down the village. Now stuck having to protect the village, the three main characters start preparing their defenses. The delinquent teaches them the basics of sword fighting as far as he knows, the soldiers organizes the people and teaches them group tactics and the college student helps them build a palisade, and make better weapons. The bandits eventually attack, but are driven off again. Now the villagers take the offense and start following the bandit army.

Along the way the gather more villages and start building a city with massive walls to live in. After a few weeks they finally find the base of the bandits and start to siege it. After long five long days they break in and capture the bandit leaders: three other people from our world, like our main characters
File: 1380691897759.jpg (174KB, 850x1030px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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same guy here, continuing.

The three bandit leaders had also been stranded further inland like the main characters and had gathered several outlaw groups to form a larger bandit army. They admit their defeat and surrender everything they've stolen and gathered to the main characters, but then each explodes into a fine red mist. Now each main character's cellphone gets message saying "Build an empire for me, won'tcha <3" and a set of rules. Now our heroes must explore, expand, exploit and exterminate their way into this world's legend and find a way to beat this game they are now stuck in to find a way back home.
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Reminds me of Samurai Seven. Until the second part of the story, at least.

Now for my story.

OK, so Protagonist-kun is an otaku living in a small apartment decorated with his collection of anime figurines. Whenever Protagonist-kun is asleep/going to class/not around, his figures come to life, a la Toy Story.

His collection covers a large variety of archetypes: you've got the typical Magical Girl figurines, the giant Pokemon/Studio Ghibli plushies, the Gundam modelkits, and the Revoltech/Figmas with interchangeable parts that can move independently of the main body (a la Mr. Potato Head).

The figurines are aware that they are toys, and sometimes entertain themselves by watching the shows/playing the games that their characters originated in (for example, browsing Protagonist-kun's computer and being shocked to discover rule 34 of themselves).

The ongoing plot thread involves the figures trying to help Protagonist-kun get away from the hikikomori lifestyle by subtly hiding "help wanted" ads in convenient places, sending anonymous emails to a cute girl he likes, etc.

TL;DR: Toy Story - Japan Edition
I would rather see this made into a game, to be honest.
I like the idea, and can see it as sort of soothing eye-candy sol
I know it's my autism speaking, but CERN really has nothing to do with viruses. I know a certain show depicts CERN as all around-evil, but it's just neckbeards doing physics
I've had this idea for some time.

It's a battle royale, but it would use cliche anime character archetypes. There would be a justicefag, tsundere, edgelord etc etc. The series would begin as a set of characters would find themselves trapped in an artificial village with no escape, only contact to their captors would be a tape saying they must every week choose a person for sacrifice, otherwise everyone would die.

The fun would be to watch what sort of community and interaction these stock-characters have, and how different cliches play out.

Weekly threads on /a/ would be glorious, as people would root for various best girls and rage when shit'd hit the fan.
It is more like "being the best warrior in a world full of wizard"
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I just come to this threads to steal all the ideas
So SOL post-apocalypse?

Is this Fuuka?

Captcha: ntred

So it's Reverse Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball if it remained more magical instead of filled with powerful space aliens and bullshit afterlife power-ups?
A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, they graduate and never see each other again until they're already working.

One day, at their class reunion, he sees this shota little kid wave at him. He reminds him of his crush he never confesses to and they hang out without him asking his name, thinking he's the little brother (or worse, son) of his old crush.

He meets the guy's girlfriend, they hang out, have drinks, do Karaoke, and when all is said and done, when they're alone, the guy reveals himself to be the butch version of his flat-chested crush who discovered she was a lesbian.
File: no openings.png (141KB, 707x404px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
no openings.png
141KB, 707x404px
To be honest, I just put it as a placeholder because I couldn't think at the time of any high profile organization that might deal with biological engineering and testing of viruses and bacteria. Insert anything else in place of CERN and it'll work.

>So SOL post-apocalypse?
Pretty much.

>Is this Fuuka?
Uh, no. The pictures should be a dead giveaway, I made sure to make it obvious.
It sounds like Dangan Ronpa.


Cute teachers doing cute things
CDC? They store dangerous viruses in real life.
I better way to describe it would be and index-like setting but with a shonen MC.

Would totally watch an anime about a teacher or teaching assistant.

Would read. So Chasing Amy.


>college taken over by terrorists
>one student is a master of whatever martial art looks good animated
>anime die hard
File: 1370275693092.png (54KB, 318x470px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54KB, 318x470px
Maybe you can
That works.
Dangan Ronpa had potential but the fucking hideous character design, shit plot and some sort of bear totally killed it for me
I wouldn't want to see the studio animating this get bombed by ISIS

Guy has a small dick even by nip standards. It's like 3 inches. He is a beta faggot white knight virgin who gets pity sex from a female friend.

His dick grows by an inch and is slightly thicker after he ejaculates. A tattoo appears in really fine print on the base of his penis stating:

1. Every time you fuck a bitch, your dick grows longer.

2. Fucking a bitch twice don't count, only the first time for a different bitch.

3. Paying hoes don't count either

Guy starts his quest in getting bitches which involves office romance, clubbing, blackmail, rape, selling his body and experimenting with literal bitches.

His dick becomes really fucking big and has mad reputation, he ends up being captured by the military. He is told that he is the key to stopping the incoming alien invasion and that his dick is the symbol that he is the chosen one, incarnate of a great hero from a time long forgotten.

He is trained by the military, and fucks bitches in the process, becoming stronger and bigger. Aliens invade and he fights them off by whacking them away with his dick while fucking alien bitches.

The alien queen decides to descend onto the earth and is planet sized. MC's dick is the only hope, MC powers up and teleports into space to meet the alien queen, morphs into the size of a planet and rapes the queen. The aliens are demoralised and return to their home planet after MC ejaculates inside the alien queen. He realises that he used up all of his powers and he fades into space dust, with the people of earth remembering his heroic deeds and his massive cock.
>Key to stopping the alien invasion
This gets me every time
I read this before. Copypasta edition?


>MC is a shut-in whos always holed up in his room when not in class
>his onee-san (attending a different college) always gets on his ass to do something fun outside
>MC is riffling through student clubs and organizations
>finds an Occult club, reads through their site and decides its stupid as fuck
>spams their site as a joke

>next day there's a fire in his room and most of his things are destroyed
>MC finds a sigil burnt on his laptop, which miraculously survived the flames
>realizes the Occult club is legit
>wants to go up against them but is scared

>he's transferred to a new dorm
>The girl living in the room next door confronts him about the fire
>she's an exorcist and a girl trying to stop the Occults from doing bad things at college
>several ally characters among students and staff
>school administration also has Occult people
>magic Cold War
The fisherman thing is weird, but different.
10/10 would watch
>use splash!
>use splash
>use splash!
God dammit magickarp

>god dammit i hate fishing
>fishing since i was 4y/o
>be 16
>girl says i dont have to be a fisherman anymore
>can be anything i want to be
>Use splash!
So it's one of those "school clubs against each other, but with combat and world domination" animes? Meh, could be worse.
One day on every possible cellphone, computer, TV and whatnot comes an announcement: There are 21 people in this world that i want you to kill. Once all 21 of them are dead, every person in the world gets a single wish to be granted. If even one of them survive, they will be revived and they get each 100 wishes.
As a demonstration of his power the voice turns Antarctica into a lush jungle. These 21 people get a vague description and a country they are in, but nothing accurate is ever given. Only the 21 who are chosen as the targets know they are the targets.
The show would follow 7 people: 3 targets and 4 non-targets out of 3 that are searching for the targets and 1 who is the leader of an organization trying to prevent the deaths of the 21 people for humane, and selfish "maybe we could get a reward", reasons.
battle royale?


>MC is hitman, hired and kills man in his home
>man confides in hitman in dying moments
>admits he deserved death but asks hitman to save daughter (cause she next to die)
>hitman say nothing, walk outside and masked men try to kill hitman
>hitman kill them

>loli daughter in loli school, suddenly EXPLOSIONS
>masked men run in asking "where is daughter?"
>masked men see daughter, about to shoot
>hitman knocks gun and save daughter
>hitman protect daughter and figure out why she important enough to kill
>hitman never tell daughter he killed father

>hitman's ex-partner hired to kill hitman
>ex-partner knows secret that hitman is hiding from daughter

basically series is organization hunting down hitman while ex-partner toys with hitman, using daughter and secrets against him
Since when did battle royale include the entire world and a god-being?
That sounds like a shitty modern version of Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica. I prefer Rogue Hero.
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Sky Lanterns.jpg
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>Virtual Sky Lantern

It was once tradition for people to create sky lanterns, sending their prayers along up towards the heavens and hoping their messages would be answered. An app available for augmented reality devices renovates this ancient tradition: personal handwritten requests are now contained in virtual sky lanterns, publicly released into the night sky.

People carrying AR devices, such as contact lenses, smartphones or glasses, can see these messages under the viewing options. The plot follows two individuals encountering each other in a city, competing to answer these sky lanterns.

One of the individuals is a young woman volunteering for the recognition. She desires to improve her karma profile, a popular online trend designed to record altruistic actions. The second character is a heartbroken young man answering the sky lanterns to cope with separation.

Discovering these motives fosters concern. The young woman sees the young man answering the sky lanterns as an excuse to neglect the losses he suffered. The young man sees the young woman as a lonely person using the sky lanterns in hopes of find meaning in her vacant life.

As the two characters work together for certain requests, they begin to understand each other, eventually leading them to answer one another’s sky lantern request: helping the young man accept separation and finding a purpose in life for the young woman.
copypasta/10, would cook again

Cute girls enlisted in the military are forced to return home after suffering a myriad of crippling injuries on the battlefield. In order to cope and accept themselves, the girls band together and form a sports club and fight to compete in the Paralympics.
>Typical jRPG setting
>Every person in the world can use basic magic of a specific class that they are given when they are born, and can grow more proficient by practice and teaching.
>So there are people who specialise in fire magic, muscle magic, magnet magic, stuff like that.
>MC is a guy with a completely unique class, he can turn anything he sees or touches into something transparent.
>MC grows up being a sneaky invisible thief, stealing all sorts of shit and getting rich
>MC decides that he wants to be a King
>MC is able to blackmail many elite mages into working for him, and forces them to become his slaves through asking a friend of his to bind them with contract magic.
>He ambushes bandit hideouts with his invisible slaves, giving witnesses the impression that he is able to use all sorts of magic
>MC gets labelled as the Chosen One, one who can wield every form of magic
>MC becomes worshipped by many villages, and MC reinforces his presence by killing unbelievers with flashy magic(performed by his invisible slaves)
>Amasses an army to fight against the King's army
>The actual Chosen One who is undergoing training, hears of MC and his feats, and realises that he is a great evil that must be defeated
>The Chosen One joins with the Kings army

The rest of the series is the war between the King and the MC, with the MC fooling everyone with his invisible slaves performing magic, or making people "dissappear", pretty much being a dickassthief character being drunk with power.
Fair enough, I can mold any setting to it.

So, a forever-alone schmuck and his Doppel? Depravity is implied. Or maybe I should make it tastefully explicit?
Wait, now that reminds me of Kingdom Game.

The empire is there, but that idea can also be sweet.
>loli daughter in loli school, suddenly EXPLOSIONS
10/10 ANIME
Set it all in a scifi futuristic setting just so we can call it Katawa Shoujo: In Space

Change it from the paralympics to a figure skating show for Katawa Shoujo: on ice
Do something over the "forces them to become his slaves through asking a friend of his". The friend could just make them slaves to himself since the beginning if is that so.

>Ancient evil awakens and teenager destined cast is created to save the world, getting the magic weapons of the legend
>Meanwhile, all kingdoms that prepared themselves, strengthened their armies and positions, fare better against the dark army than the ones that decided to rely on the bunch of teenagers that spend more time getting in too much risk, partying, in-fighting over their ego and doing huge collateral damage to cities
I get the feeling I've read or watched it before.



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Hotline Miami: The Animation.
Do you like watching people get hurt?
Terraformers but the people don't have the stupid bug super powers
>a young man was transported to a fantasy world suddenly where he spent, what he approximates as, 5 years worth of time living
>in that time he became a soldier and a knight before gaining some notoriety as a minor lord, he also took a wife and had a child
>but, just as suddenly as he was transported to the fantasy world, he is brought back to japan to find that about 5 minutes have passed, rather than 5 years
>this hits him even harder than suddenly being placed in another world did and he is forced to deal with PTSD and other issues as he readjusts to a normal life where he is just a normal guy

>suffering abound
An anime on mediocricy. MC is a college student just about to enter into the 'real world.' He isn't special and there is nothing to remark about him. There are no cute girls or super modrl attractive girls either. Just regular looking girls. He trudges through his life, repeating the same things over and over again. But in his mediocricy, interesting things happen. He finds a cassette reminding of his childhood. Or he finds a message from his old girlfriend. It would be episodic, each episode focusing on the small enjoyments in life.

Halfway through the series, he gets an obsessive stalker. Murderous yandere tier. Yandere hijinks ensue.
>Uh, no. The pictures should be a dead giveaway, I made sure to make it obvious.
see >>120462208

For reference.
I don't read that manga so I'm really not getting what you're getting at. If you mean names that hint at the setting, I just copied it as was from Hatsusaku
A man who is obsessed with true love finds himself stuck in a shitty harem eroge that his friend forced him to play. At first he enjoys being the center of attention, but soon realizes that everyone around him is basically a lifeless robot whose only purpose is to pretend to love him.

Trying to escape from the hell of being the only sentient being in a world of fakes, he decides to choose a route and finish the game in order to return to his own world. Unfortunately, his friend wanted to surprise him and left out a very important twist to the game.

All the heroines are yangire and choosing one will set the rest on you. Now the MC must escape from moe terminators and force himself to love a machine.
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