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The Rolling Girls

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Let's get a Rolling Girls thread rolling. Favorite girls so far are Nozomi and Yukina.
Is there a webm of Nozomi's perspective when she gets launched by the Best fight?
Rick & Shaw spinoff when?
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More Shigyo when?
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>sells gems for money

well this black knight girl is A SHIIIIIT
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>rolling girls thread up for an hour
>5 replies

Why is this okay?

I want that cast to cover the entirety of The Blue Hearts "best of" compilation; the feel when Nozomi, and co sing "kissu shite hoshii!"
Ha, gay!
I bet you didn't even enjoy watching Shigyo get tickled.
Do we know what other prefectures/places they're going to yet?

I'm hoping for some great Osaka/Kyoto episodes; Kansai stronk.
>cock goes where
No cock near my rolling girls; they're too busy straddling classic motorcycles.

Except Ai, fucking Ai.
>doujins about a hitchhking Ai.
It'll make me fucking mad, but I'll probably still have a wank.
Good on ya mate.
I'd pick up Ai in the back of my Commodore if you know what I mean.
Ai's gotta hibikeep it real, dude.
Ai is way too charming for a character so obviously off the planet.

And if the rest of the world is like Japan in this setting; does that mean whilst Japan has cute girl bike fangs solving problems with pluckiness and classic Japanese Punk Rock, Australia is literally in the middle of Mad Max?

Is this a spin off of Mad Max? Mad Max x Rolling Girls would be a fucking excellent spin off.
So how's the transition from action to cute girls living cute adventures going?
A little shaky. But I think it'll find it's feet soon. Plus Ma-chan and Shigyo haven't been forgotten about just yet.

I mean, the reveal that Nozomi have her heart stone to Ma-chan alone gives me a pretty strong hype boner for a clueless Nozomi Best fight or two.

I still have super high hopes for the series, a shaky 3rd episode or not.
So I'm not the only one.
Well actually I don't get it, would you mind elaborating?

Look at the Bests in the ED.
I'm surprised this thread is as unloved as it is, does /a/ just not care about RG? Or is the timing just bad?

Rolling Girls has to be the funnest thing airing this season, and it came out of no where; seriously this show makes my week.
Cthune when?
I want to hold hands with Ai, in the backseat, and then chastely kissu as we listen to the Blue Hearts and watch the sunset over Always Comima
Bad timing, shaky episode. Nothing to talk about since the pacing pretty much stopped
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The usual consensus is that good show have slow thread. Don't take my word for it though.
Are any really all that clear? Your Japanese power level would have to be pretty high to match them prefecture by prefecture. I don't even recall any that looked specifically Osakan, and that'd be the easiest one to pick out.

I'll have to pay closer attention next week.

Unless someone posts screencaps that we can speculate over.
I want to put my penis in her
They'll go in Japan for sure
The old "too good to shitpost easily, but nothing new to mention" I guess.

Ah, I think we were just spoiled for how incredibly tightly, and quickly, the first 2 episodes were; we couldn't really have an entire series like that, for one the budget would blow out, and the audience would get fatigued, there's be no where to go.

I'll be happy if we get some serious characterisation going for Yukina and ahh... Blondie, because they kinda lack as a characters, what with the focus being on an evolving Nozomi and Ai stealing the spotlight with pure fucking genkiness.

I think, right now, Rolling Girls has set up a super strong narrative foundation, and with it they can go super far. Or to put it another way, I'm super excited for this show, and it'll break my heart if it doesn't at least achieve a modicum of the potential it's showed up to now.

As 3rd episodes go, Maria no Junketsu's was a power house and even Yuri Bears had a stronger amount of pacing which is a bit sad.
Really hope they didn't blackholed their budget with the first 2 episodes.
With yuri bears I'm just enjoying the ride, it's set up as something you shouldn't be able to understand and I don't even try. Maria is kinda meh, I wanted more Little Witch Academia shit.
The third EP of DRRR blowed everything out though.
You animal! It's like you'd want to bend her over the sidecar.

I'd be super pleased if an artist released a doujinshi that matched, or at least met, the art style of the show. Yukimi could do it, if he ever dragged himself away from bakemonogarari for 5 seconds.

I'd still feel bad about getting a stiffy though.
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Ah, I don't know, they're not TRIGGER, I can't imagine them blowing the entire budget on the first 2 episodes. I won't lie though, if that means they save money by using pans of those gorgeous watercolour backgrounds I won't complain at all.

I don't think yuri bears is that obtuse really, I mean, it feels like it's all coming together to an actual conclusion; penguindrum felt like it meandered a lot for example.

Maria's great what're you talking about? The attention to detail and amount of pure love that's gone in to the setting has bumped it into the top tier of shows currently airing; plus the characters are lovely.

DRRR is a mess man, it's solved none of the pacing and narrative structure issues the first season had and has just more or less slapped a "it's our artistic style!" Sticker on to it. Still, it's more or less amusing.
I approve.
She really is a bit of a dick; she better get a decent smack down. Want kind of bitch not only gets shown they unfairly stole someone else's property but then try to fucking sell it?

It's a little ironic that she's trying to sell it to the dude who works for Blondie's mother.

I actually really like all these moral greys to blacks; it'll be interesting>>120409596
to see if the show has a more nuanced view of conflict resolution, and/or it just breaks down Nozomi's naïveté.
Shit taste. Hibiki best girl.
>Not liking Stig-chan the most.
>Implying any of the girls are better than the others.
>Implying you shouldn't love them all equally.
oh man, i play jubeat so i know this song, but never knew it was originally by this band. thanks for giving me another reason to love this band /a/non
"Hito no Yasashiku!" has got to be my favourite song at the moment; I can't wait for the entire OP/ED to get released.

The entire OST will be great too; unless they separate the OP/ED into single releases and then don't have them on the fucking album, god fucking damn it Thnkyou no terror.
Scheduling means more than budget and it looks like we're in for a bumpy ride as WIT has a bunch of other shows planned for next year and the show's had a more than usual amount of Animation Directors.

I'd rather not go all doom and gloom, though. There's a fair amount of capable people on the team, so I'm sure we'll still get some standout episodes.
Anon, OP is in the archives. Check em'.

Oh shit, thanks. Rolling Girls-bros are true bros.
AOTY for sure. Is it yours?
Well, you never know, some studios can pull it off; and if the direction/art direction is strong enough, then it'll at least seem cohesive.

I mean, look at all the stuff SHAFT had/have on their plate, they made the entirety of Tsukimonogatari and delivered it in time for New Years whilst in pre production for Koufuku.

Sure, it's a little bit worrying if they're busy, but this show really does seem like a labour of love, I don't think it'll suffer too badly.

I hope.
I really do hope anon.
It's a top contender for AOTS; and if so it'll probably be a good contender for AOTY; especially because I'll probably still remember it by the end of the year. Which is really the number one thing that decides the AOTY for me.
Fund it.
I don't get the bimbofication thing; it's not even a delicious brown tan, just baby shit orange. Is non-fantasy corruption that appealing?

Also, poor Shigyo. Well, she could still kick most of /a/'s asses looking like that anyways.
sluts are literally olev
Would you a totally pure ganguro girl?
Define "totally pure"
Never had a dick, never thought of dicks, never seen a dick, would blush furiously and hide her face when shown a dick.

Would demand that you take responsibility for taking her virginity, would then permanently attach herself to your arm as a dere dere limpet.
>would then permanently attach herself to your arm as a dere dere limpet
No, I would not go in for this.
Poor pure ganguro girl, she only wants a husband and a gaggle of kids to look after in all the fake tanned glory.

I feel we've gone on a really weird tangent in an effort to give this thread CPR.

That said, it's better than "who would you?", waifuwars are worthless threads.
I just fucking realize Kaiji's OP is also a cover of The Blue Hearts.

Damn this show have some good taste.
It's good taste across the board; the art and other visuals are all A+, they're what drew me to the show in the first place. Their sense of colour is excellent, the fluidity, momentum and weight to the animation is great, the character designs are all great, and their taste in classic motorcycles is fucking delish.

>Those monkeyhangers on Shigyo's.
Thread posts: 58
Thread images: 7

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