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D-Frag 68 TL

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I was bored and I really liked this chapter so here's a translation of the latest chapter:

Page 1
Chapter 68 It's a Mystery
T: I can't believe I left my phone in the clubroom... The holidays start tomorrow too.
T: I... I'm sorry for making you come along for this.
R: It's nothing. I was bored anyways.
R: But why did you even need someone with you?
R: With your battle power even villains would be nothing to you.
T: What do you mean by battle power!?
T: I-I just can't stand those things!!
R: What!? No way!?
Banner: D-Frag's total numbers crossed over the million line so reprints all around!! Thanks everyone!!
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Page 2
R: Mantis style users!? Those guys are tough!
T: Not them!!
T: Well, my mom did says mantis style practitioners are tough but...
M: Oh yeah. Those guys were pretty tough~
T: Wait, no! I was talking about ghosts! Ghosts!
R: Your mom's faced off against one them before!?
T: I said that's not... Huh? Hang on. That makes it sounds like she actually did, didn't she!?
R: And of course since they were Mantis style users she'd have to had used Tiger style against them right?
T: How would I know!? Enough with the Mantis style! I was talking about ghosts!
R: But... ghosts...
Tiger: What?
T: Argh! Oh come on!!
T: Aren't you afraid of those things Roka?
R: I've never actually seen one myself so I can't really say one way or the other.
T: I... see...
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Page 3
R: Now that you mention it, Chitose's no good with them either.
TV: It's going to show up! It'll definitely show up! I absolutely guarantee you that it will!
T: Really... That's quite unexpected...
T: So then she didn't come with us just now because of that?
Chitose: Hmmm? Oh...?
R: She was just too sleepy to, that's all.
R: ...incidentally Takao-san.
T: Wha- Why did you just go creepy all of a sudden!?
R: Don't you think... it's about time you stop carrying that torch on your chest like that?
R: And please don't pull that trick off so easily!
T: Huh? But it was getting in the way. I couldn't do the this gesture otherwise.
R: What I am afraid of is you Takao-san!!
R: You walking rack!!
T: Walking rack!?
Is Kazama still bald?
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Page 4
T: Rack...
R: Hm?
Sign: Science Lab
R: We're right outside the science lab aren't we?
T: ...so?
R: It reminded me of something. Takao-san, are you familiar with this school's seven mysteries?
T: Do you have to bring this up!?
T: I-I-I-I don't know a thing about it.
R: Fufufu. Then let me tell you all about them!
R: The school's Seven Mysteries #1 - The science lab's unusual lack of a ghost story!!
Skeleton: Sorry. Nothing to see here~
R: Nothing at all!!
Page 5
T: But there's nothing! Why is it a mystery for not being anything!?
R: The other schools seem to have them but for some reason this one doesn't.
R: That's the mystery.
T: If that's #1 then this place doesn't actually have any does it!!
R: Don't be rude. It totally does.
R: Seven Mysteries #2 - Every single edition of Alive since its launch has somehow been snuck into and left behind in the cafeteria every month without fail!
Baldy: Holy shit! Maria Holic's final chapter!?
Hairy: For real!?
T: People have actually been succeeding that kind of tradition for eight whole years!?
R: And these past few months our club were the ones who've been giving up our Alives when we were through with them.
T: It's you guys!?
R: Seven Mysteries #3 - Nearly everybody hears a mysterious retort in the hallways! Quite frequently at that!
Mysterious Retort: How did it turn out that way!?
Mysterious Retort: We're not going to get anything out of it this time either!!
T: Hmmmm!? That doesn't ring any bells about a certain someone for you!?
R: You're quite the Tsukkomist yourself now aren't you Takao-san...

Now that you brought mention it he hasn't really been appearing in the latest chapters.
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Dammit. Missed a page.
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Page 6
T: I-it-it's not like I'm happy to be grouped together with that guy you know.
R: Huh!? What's with that mysterious reaction!? And even I'm throwing a rare retort too!
T: Come on now. Let's get going.
R: Wa-wait a second Takao-san.
R: Listen to the rest please! From here the rest of the seven mysteries get really juicy!
Roka: Really!
T: ...why are you so set on doing this?
R: Seven Mysteries #4 - The school mirror...
T: The mirror you say... Sounds like an actual regular mystery.
T: I have heard things about people getting trapped inside of them.
R: It's nothing so imaginative I'm afraid.
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Page 7
R: Seven Mysteries #4 - For some reason, the ones checking themselves in the mirror are bald!!
Girl: You're in the way...
Baldy1: Oh? Oh?
Baldy2: Me next...
T: That's plenty imaginative if you ask me!
R: Seven Mysteries #5 - For some reason we have a whole bunch of baldies that gather together to practice what looks like kung fu in the courtyard during lunch time!
T: Good for them! Nothing wrong with self-improvement!!
R: Seven Mysteries #6 - For some reason, the bald students assemble together here in this school!
T: What for!? We don't even have a kung-fu club!
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Page 8
T: At this rate all that's mysterious about the seven mysteries is going to be the seemingly but not actually mysterious mystery #1. Heck! Not even mystery #1 is all that mysterious!!
Bones: For real!?
R: You have a point... Why does mystery #1 stand out of them all... It's a mystery!
T: Just stop it with that!
T: Thanks to all that I've lost any reason to be afraid!
T: Let's just go get my phone asap.
R: Ah! Please wait Takao-san! Let's finish it off since we got this far okay~
T: I've had enough of them! I bet the last one's just going to be about them baldies again ain't it!?
R: I wonder about that.
R: Seven Mysteries #7 - It's extraordinary!
T: Hey! Damn it! She's already started!
R: One day...
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Page 9
R: A female student realized that she left her phone at school.
R: She rushed back to school to at night to retrieve it.
T: ...huh?
R: But when she did, she noticed that she had new mail in her inbox.
R: She had a bad feeling about it but even so that girl opened up her phone...
Ghost: No need to look
Ghost: It's just...
Ghost: Spam
Am I going to have to go archive spelunking for chapters 61-67?

Is Anime-RG still having translator-less problems or has something else cropped up?

Thank you for the TL, OP.
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Page 10
R: A kind baldie was saying something!!
Baldy: It's probably, definitely spam
R: Seven Mysteries #7 - What that girl was told about after school!!
T: That is scary but in the end...
T: it's just another baldy!!
Hairy: Goddamn! School at night goddamn creepy! They'll really show up!
Baldy: I know right! Why did you even have to forget your pork cutlets at aschool! Also, why would Mantis style users be here!?
I was just about to ask the same thing, I hope it's not needed to crawl the archive.
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Page 11
Baldy: Eat your pork cutlets dammit!
Hairy: I couldn't help it. I just wasn't in the mood for pork cutlets. I was feeling like pasta today.
Hairy: It'll be a disaster if we just left it her in school all through the holidays you know!
Baldy: But why do I have to come too...
Baldy: Whoah!
Hairy: What is it!
Baldy: Oh... It's just a mirror...
Baldy: That really scared me for a second.
Baldy: Oh yeah. That reminds me
Baldy: This school also has its own seven mysteries doesn't it.
Hairy: Hey! Why did you have to brig that up! I-I-I-I don't know nothing!
Baldy: Fufufu. In that case, lemme tell you about them. Firstly, Seven Mysteries #1

Oh wait. Skipped a page earlier. This one should go >>120312561 and cascade the rest forward.

Don't worry. You won't have to. No such threads exist. I think those guys are dead too.
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Page 12
T: it's just another baldy!!
Baldy: N-n-n-no freaking waaay!!
Baldy: Seven Mysteries #3 - Nearly everybody hears a mysterious retort in the hallways! Quite frequently at that! Was it that!?
Hairy: That's freaking scary!!
Baldy: You're freaking right! Let's get outta here!!
Hairy: I'm so sorry pork cutlets!
Baldy: And what does it mean by just another baldy!?
Baldy: What's so bad about about being baaaaald!?
R: Don't tell me that was Seven Mysteries #3!?
Box: They still managed to retrieve the phone right after with no problems.

And that's all folks. I did this on a whim. I doubt I'll be working on the previous chapters so this will have to whet your appetite for more D-Frag.
Man, despite being in quite high resolution, these CW raws suck ass.
Thanks for the TL, OP.
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>No such threads exist
>I think those guys are dead too

Well this day just got a lot worse.
Cheers OP.

D-frag TL being dead is one of the great injustices of our time.
Is there anyone to TS this? If there isn't I can do it after I finish things here.

If so, can I upload to batoto afterwards?
Depends. How shitty is your TS?

I can give you TS one page so you can check yourself, but only after I finish some stuff here.

I'm going to post in this very thread.
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Thread images: 14

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