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Hard mode: Moot is the protagonist of your new anime.

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Hard mode: Moot is the protagonist of your new anime.
yeah so you can steal my ideas, fuck you
The MC is the grandson of a rich Corporate CEO and has more money than he could ever imagine.
One day, his grandfather is killed and he is informed that he must take over the family business.
It turns out the family business is hunting down and killing or apprehending demons that illegally enter the human world and dealing with demon related groups.
He's given a device made by their company that draws out the natural power a human has and he fights shit and deals with the demon mafia.
He gets a group of people that start working under him and stuff, but he doesn't actually run the company yet.
Eventually, after spending a year carrying out the orders that the company gives him, he has to fight other candidates for control of the company, all of which are his cousins from around the world.
They each have their own group of followers/employees and the have a bitchin tournament, one that the mc ultimately wins.
In the end he confronts the group that murdered his grandfather, and after avenging him, he becomes the company's leader and the series ends.
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Paranoid Gaijin drink sake with fun-loving bishonen in the name of love.

Our MC had always been good at solving puzzles, naturally being the offspring of two very famous detectives. One day they receive a strange letter in the post which is a code they need to crack, upon cracking the code our MC realizes it is actually an invitation to a prestigious school to which turns out to be an academy solely for people gifted at solving puzzles. However all is not as it seems, everywhere has a secret which must be unlocked, the school has too many secrets and people are ready to backstab the MC to obtain them either to sell them off for money or to boost their own detective prowess. Twists, turns, lolis, traps, incest, psychotic characters, you name it!! Our MC will discover all of these archetypes while trying to solve the murder of his parents gaining allies and friends along the way.
Right back at you, Write your own anime plot.
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moot falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.
>in a year or so, the average 4chanarian won't even know who moot is
>he will be a boogeyman whose name is occasionally uttered like Snacks

Hold me.
MC is typical shonen MC all the way from being a bit dumb, having spiky hair and positive about everything and believing in hard work and dedication.But, he is stuck a VN/LN setting full its archetypes.
As is typical in this kind setting, MC has to go to a school for people with special power and abilties where is make fun because his only "power" (they don't even consider it a power) is enhance his own physical abilties and basic energy projection which is seen as weak becuase everybody there has power that let them mess with physics/matter/reality/time/etc.
After the first day he is disappointed of the his world and how everybody seems to be too strong without even trying or trainning. Suddenly, a mysterious man (who is totally not Goku) appears and offers him help guiding him to different master(who are reference to famous/popular shonen manga) in his path of becoming a real fighter.
I'd watch the fuck out of that, have a name for it?

Every fucking thread
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moot gets NTR'd by a girl.

Unable to move on, he and his cheating ex chance upon each other at a bar. Wanting to make bygones be bygones, the ex talks to the MC, but he moves away, which makes her grab for him and slip on her high-heeled shoes.

She wakes up in the hospital with no memories of the past up until before she cheats on him. She doesn't remember her current boyfriend at all and is in love with the MC.

Will the beta MC fall for his ex's past amnesiac self? Will the ex gain her memory? Will the MC get NTR'd again?
A young boy living in a small village goes to school and tries to get this girl he likes to notice him by starting a band, but all that gets thrown out the window once he goes on a field trip and the town is destroyed while he is away. Now he has to use the ancient power within taught to him by his wise old mentor to transform into a giant robot and kill God to save the world.

Then he ragequits after a long arc and lets unknown people take over the story.
you just had to spoil reborn for me, didn't you
>In the end he just return to his normal life as it nothing happened
There, I spoiled you fully
Title: Damaged Goods
Genre: Drama, Psychological

MC is (gang?) raped by group of students from another school.
She informs police a week after the attack due to the shock. Her family, friends and teachers (society) begin treating her different, and as though she was a broken, damaged and dirtied thing.

The rapist(s) deny the attack, and due to the time delay in reporting the attack no physical evidence can be recovered outside of a few bruises. Without sufficient charges are dropped.

Cue the impact and damage that occurs.

Or alternatively it could be about a male that breaks up with a girl whom then accuses him of rape, no charges are filed but rumours and public opinion lead the MC to depression and an attempted suicide attempt.
Technology to alter the flow of time around people has been invented, but it can only be safely used once and it is permanent. The colder areas of the world are being rapidly developed as people with accelerated time run hotter than normal people. To a lesser extend, it has made hot areas of the world more habitable to slowed-time people.

But it is not without troubles. When a person has their speed augmented, their previous "speed aura" is turned outward and replaced with a new one. This means nothing to normal people who only have the augmentation done once and don't switch, because the outward turned aura is normal speed.

Illegally modified "shifters" wield many different speeds. When an abnormal speed aura is turned outward, it causes disruptions in the weather, tectonic plates, and the health of humans. There are people tasked with hunting down shifters and trapping them in frozen time prisons. They are called the Pace Makers.
That sounds dumb.
As in, I would turn down the volume, so
I wouldn't have to hear it.
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>Write your own anime plot.
He's such an ultimate fag, living in NY but wearing a fucking Bears jersey

Threadly reminder that you should stop posting that because it's a thing.

>Noctournal Showdown

Guy finds a magic knife. Guy goes crazy and ends up stabbing a bunch of people as some serial killer that becomes known as the Knife Man. He skateboards around and does stab-by's. One day the cops are all up his ass and before he finally gets caught he stabs himself. Turns out the knife stored the souls of his victims where they walked about aimlessly and interacted with each other in some weird world that he only gets a glimpse at.

He gets shunted out of the world and back to life in reality since he's the holder of the knife. With him, one of his victims end up appearing with him out of the knife and busts him out of the jail with radical as fuck powers, as thanks for "showing them a dimension that no one could possibly dream of". He later finds out that this shit's kind of like Pokemon, all his stabbing victims have become sort of his servants in return for sending them to a blissful, personal "Heaven" and help him commit crimes and shit.

Each victim has sweet ass fighting abilites based on their personality and shit (high school student soccer star is all about sweet kicks, up-and-coming chef uses an infinite amount of knives and other kitchen ware, etc.) At first the Knife Man guy starts stabbing more people to add to his "army", but later he finds out that the Knife was originally made by Heavenly beings to defeat and capture demons that had broken into Earth. The Heavenly beings thought it'd be a good idea to instead of killing the demons, they captured them and brought them into their own "Heaven" and end up using them as servants.

God or some shit ends up forcing Knife Man to carry on the task of using the magic knife to capture the demons, using his previous victims/servants as battle buddies to help capture the demons.
OK, so a man leaves as a teenager to practice martial arts with one of the greatest masters of the world, Lord Hong Kong. Upon returning, he finds that his brother has killed his mother and stolen his father's greatest work, a giant robot called the Evil Madnug. After his father is sentenced to a lifelong coma, the man decides to pilot his own Madnug robot, Glowing Madnug, for his country in hopes of winning to worldwide Mudnug Tournament to save his father and defeat his brother and the Evil Madnug.
Moot, a normal 17-year-old high school student living in Chiba, has not gotten along with his younger sister in years. For longer than he can remember, his younger sister has ignored his comings and goings and looked at him with spurning eyes. It seemed as if the relationship between Moot and his sister, now fourteen, would continue this way forever. One day however, Moot finds a DVD case of a magical girl anime which had fallen in his house's entrance way. To Moot's surprise, he finds a hidden eroge inside the case and he soon learns that both the DVD and the game belong to his younger sister. That night, his younger sister brings him to her room and reveals herself to be an otaku with an extensive collection of moe anime and younger sister-themed eroge she has been collecting in secret. Moot quickly becomes his younger sister's confidant for her secret hobby. The series then follows Moot's efforts to help his sister to reconcile her personal life with her secret hobbies, while restoring their broken relationship and coming to terms with their true feelings for each other. All the while, he is running a website that remains the hatred of the internet while trying to keep his porn boards secret from his parents.
The story of an nice but eccentric guy who simply wants to live an extraordinary life but always finds himself restrained by normalcy. Half the episode will be what could be, second half will be what actually is.

He kills himself in the final episode, in the first part it's all 'heroic sacrifice' style, in the second part he just ODs on sleeping pills but dies with a smile.
>Historically Inaccurate: Jesus Assassin

Our protagonist is shot and killed by an assassin.
But not just any assassin: a magic one.
He's cursed so his bullets turn his targets into famous historical figures, but because he never missess the vitals, this is inconsequential.
However, this time the bullet turns our protagonist into Jesus Christ, so after three days he resurrects and swears revenge.

He tracks down his killer by following the bodies of dead famous people, but finds out that because he's Jesus, he's not allowed to directly kill anyone.

So he has to get a magic spear that has the power to kill the main character of any book it impales, then follow his killer around and write a biography about him
To finally kill him
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Keit-Ai finds a way.
<---The joke-----

Your head
>implying Moot isn't the 14-year-old little sister
I'd actually watch that though. Just imagine the shitstorm when NotKirino finds out Moot-onii-chan has been posting pictures of her and claiming to sleep with her on his image board website.
Our Protagonist is a typical highschool kid with average grades and a going-nowhere relationship when, walking home from school one day, he discovers that his house is gone, just an empty space where it used to be.
He starts freaking out and a dark figure comes from behind him and tells him that he has exactly 6 months to live.
Angry and confused, the boy rages everywhere and alienates his friends.
The figure approaches him a few more times later, every time predicting a supernatural event, then it happening exactly 24 hours later.
Eventually the boy starts believing it all then goes to as many occultists and psychics as he can to find a way to undo the curse.
He finds an actual psychic and she tells him that he has to kill the one that cursed him.
They do all kinds of crazy shit to try and find him, and at one point the boy winds up in a parallel world.
Near the end he corners the mysterious figure, but then discovers that he was never cursed, but merely fated to die in 6 months, and that huge temporal backlashes would tear the world apart if he defied fate.
The figure was part of a higher intelligence that wanted to observe the effects of human knowing when he'll die.
He resigns to his fate but spends the last episode fulfilling his dreams and then dies like a man.
Okay so... wait...

Got it.

That the two Protomen albums AND MAKE IT INTO AN ANIME.

Hire Wakamoto Norio as Dr. Light or somethin' I don't care, I'm swimming money already.
>MC is your ordinary (or so it seems) high school student
>one day he meets a girl from a junior high (the girls is tomboyish but cute, she's usually hangs out in company of her male classmates; she also likes horror b-movies)
>during the first conversation it turns out that he has amnesia (I know that amnesia has become a common cliche, hell, even labelling amnesia as cliche has already become a cliche; but it can't be helped, because it's essential to the plot, and here's why...)
>it also appears to be that MC is a ghost, and only the girl can see/hear him
>the MC can touch the girl, but not vice-versa, neither he can interact with physical objects
>apparently the MC's memory failed because he died a gruesome and traumatizing death, and he barely remembers anything about himself
>the girl has no choice but to agree and help MC to investigate and reveal the truth behind his death
The MILF harem anime

Main character is your typical anime loser - no friends, no luck with girls. His mom is worried about him, so she asks her friends to go on mock dates with him so he can learn how to talk to girls. They end up quite smitten with him and as he starts to learn he ends up attracting girls his own age. The MILF harem gets jealous and hilariously sabotages his efforts with those girls so they can keep him for themselves.
A doctor loses his first patient ever in life. He goes up to the hospital roof to cry it out like any man would because of his emotional stress. There he meets a goddess who asks him whether or not he wants to see more people die. He responds that he just wants to be a doctor than can save the sick and helpless. Goddess forms a contract with him. Now whenever he finds a patient on the verge of death or suffering from a deadly disease, he is capable of entering their bodies, which in itself houses a completely different world. And in order to completely cure or heal the person, he must defeat the anthropomorphic version of the sickness or disease as it appears within that world as a massive disturbance.
Eight people compete to photograph a "miracle." You either win by taking the picture or killing the other contestants.

Also you die if you don't win.

That's it.
Welcome to the world of Dualists.

“Dualist”: the term used for someone who inexplicably wakes up one day with another self. From this “Awakening” comes the “Doppel”: a body that possesses most of the same facial and bodily features as the Dualist. A male Dualist acquires a female Doppel, and vice versa, but it is not a person; it is an extra set of organs, an extension of the body not unlike a conductor’s baton. The length of the Doppel’s hair is supposedly as long as what the Dualist would’ve grown out since birth, untouched by haircuts.

But the Dualist must now beware of D2 Feedback: anything either the Dualist or Doppel feels, no matter the sense, so will the other. And the death of one will leave the soul trapped in the other, with a lasting mark as punishment for their loss…

The Awakening does not happen to all, though it has probably happened since the dawn of humanity if records existed that far back. Could the tale of Eve being born from Adam’s rib have some truth after all? Is this the work of a higher being, or a mutation of a single divine intervention into a law of nature? Blessing or curse, this is nevertheless a mechanism of this world.


As for ol' moot, maybe he became a Dualist and decided to have fun with his new life instead of making himself double admin.
just make it yuru yuri cause now he has no presence
>Pace Maker anon
That's awesome, I want to help you write it.
something I stole from /m/:

A regular, fairly competent mech pilot in his mid-20s in a standard grunt mech takes on the enemy with his squad using actual military tactics.
Keita is 20yo NEET who discovers a gang of people who reject the tenets of modern society. To them, the life of the average Joe is illusory, hypocritical, and undignified. Keita later joins the gang but discovers, much to hist frustration, that their plans to destroy modern society are hilariously naive and always doomed to fail.

So the anime is basically a comedy that depicts the futile attempts of a bunch of losers who try to overthrow the established social order.
>MC is a high school all-male polo coach
>he and his assisstant coach bets which one will get the boy's attention.
>hilarity ensues when MC uses his otaku skills to seduce those delicious young boys but gets cockblock by the tsundere nuns at the school.
Does he fall in love with the alternate universe version of his crush?
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The ultimate reverse of the harem anime.
The MC knows that bitches want his cock.
A group of bitches tries to get his cock.
He either blatantly ignores them to get shit done, fixes the problems they constantly cause, and will fuck them when he fells like it.
He eventually fucks every single one of them.
At the end, he moves away with a girl that you've only seen in crowd shots or in the background that he's really been dating this whole time.
She, too, fucked a bunch of equally co-dependant wastes of space that pined after her to get them to shut up.
That's the reason why she and MC are a couple; they both know they're oozing with swag and know how to handle bitches and whores.
When the whole cast figures this out, MC and MC's girl state that it was obvious the whole time (if you were really paying attention to the crowd shots, it would be obvious to the audience as well)
The epilogue is MC and MC's girl getting married.

The cast isn't invited, but the extras are.

Second series would be the bitches and the dudes trying to settle for one another.
They all grow to hate each other and end up in terrible dead end relationships with one another.
MC and MC's Wife show up at the end of the series as successful members of society with a baby on the way.
They comment that the original cast wasted their lives trying to force perfect relationships on others when they should have just been looking for someone who was willing to deal with their bullshit and be supportive.

MC and MC's Wife flip off the camera.

Fade to black
A female university student enrolls in a seminar about abnormal psychology. The other students who visit the seminar and the professor are abnormal perverts who engage in sick activities under the guise of studying. The protagonist tries to keep her mental state sound, but she gradually changes due to the ordeals she is put through.
A rich man, tired of his spoiled, money-grubbing family takes a stroll in the city. Along his way, he meats an orphan, who asks to shine his shoes for him. He does so. The man takes another stroll the next day, and to his suprise, the orphan is there. The man pays him to shine his shoes like the day before, and the boy obliges. The third day, The man takes another stroll, and not suprissed, the orphan is still there. The orphan shines his shoes. But before he could pay, the orphan says, "Its on the house, Sir". Curious, the man asks if he has a place to live. The orphan replies, No Sir, I usually have to sleep on the subway benches. Touched, the man says, "Well, we have have a guest room that we never have really used".
It'll pretty much be about a Rich man, teaching a poor orphan about the glories and woes of capitalism. The Rich man's two daughters also tsundere for him.
A woman is impregnated an alien lifeform and gives birth to what looks like a normal human girl. However, the child has an organ which emits a special radiation that causes any brain within a particular radius to not produce Oxytocin. So the longer people are in the company of the alien girl, Laria, they are more likely to display antisocial and downright psychopathic behavior. Laria herself doesn't know that she is the cause of all this and just notices that everybody, even her own mother, is mostly hostile towards her. Later, Laria is separated from her mother and scientists use her for experiments. In order to keep her from committing suicide, they hire actors who pretend to like her. The relationship between these false friends and Laria and the struggle of the actors to constantly lie about their own emotions, is the main focus of the anime.

The second most important character is a boy, Kosuda, who is hired to be Laria's love interest. Although he hates Laria just like everybody else, he begins to ask himself if even a loathsome person like her deserves to be treated decently.

Later, the actors find out that they are being used as guinea pigs as well. Many of the obstacles they encountered were actually orchestrated by the scientists to find out if a group of people in which everybody hates each other can pull together.

Close to the end of the anime, Laria's organ is damaged. Kosuda then falls in love with her for real, but she rejects him after finding out that it was all just an act before. She concludes that she could never trust a person who mislead her for so long.
Due to the incompetence of a chaotic adoption agency, Joji, a twenty-eight-year-old lolicon, has been mixed up with another person and becomes the foster parent of a ten-year-old girl named Lisa. Joji is determined to transform Lisa into the perfect child bride. Joji's attempts to mold her into his ideal companion are however constantly foiled by Lisa because she acts like a real child (i.e. annoying as hell). Joji discovers that Lisa is far from the girl of his fantasies and his lewd obsession quickly descends into comically helpless masochism.
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what the fuck.gif
1MB, 380x214px
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A mixture of slice of life, romance, economics and mystery. Basically moot and asuka in spice&wolf.
Name: Hatsukoi no Shi

Genres: Fantasy, School, Shoujo Ai, Slice of Life

Izumi is a young girl who is accepted into an illustrious all-girl's school. There she meets a girl named Kiiko and falls in love with her. Kiiko, however, is very distant and tries to avoid Izumi as much as possible. Izumi assumes that her love is one-sided but nevertheless tries to win Kiiko's heart. The POW changes to Kiiko. We learn that Kiiko was cursed by an evil spirit as a child. This curse causes everybody to die who Kiiko seriously falls in love with (a slight crush doesn't count). However, Kiiko cannot tell anybody about this. This creates an interesting dynamic between these two characters. Kiiko becomes increasingly nasty to prevent Izumi from getting to close to her, while Izumi becomes more and more desperate because of her unrequited love.
It's about a futuristic amusement park where dinosaurs are brought to life through advanced cloning techniques. I call it "Sakura and the Cloneasaurus."
MC is a college guy who has the ability to successfully netorare high school couples.

one day, a ghost of his netorare victim cursed him and turn him into a loli who has an aura to attract every creepy pedos in the vicinity.

the only way to break a curse is to help 100 beta males to fall in love and get a girlfriend.
sounds like a creepy mixture of Nyan koi and a lolicon's dream.
/a/ngel Beats!

Set in AngelBeats!'s school and purgatory where dead /a/nons and tripf/a/gs end up with lingering feelings in the afterlife.

We're still connected to the real world by being able to post as /ghost/s, know what current season is airing and we abuse the /a/ngel program to produce anime/manga from the real world.

There's a catch though, since the /a/ngel program can replicate animu and mango (e.g. a character can be summoned but only one copy can exist), the waifu/husbando fags get into a battle royale so that the victor will get his waifu for himself.

Lots of action, romance, gore, double dead anons, waifu summoning, drama etc.
Fuck hard mode.

OP has a gaggle of beautiful girls following him around, craving his cock for whatever reason. He's beyond fabulous max and would have no problem getting any girl he wants. Only problem: he's homosexual. The show is centered around him trying to get some dickings, but the harem waltzes in and cockblocks him every chance they get. He eventually gets fed up with their bullshit and picks one. In the end, it turns out she's a trap and everything went better than expected.
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That's beautiful.
>MC is a male, he is in high school.
>Looks through the window.
>Saw something weird.
>It's a ghostly girl.
>Says he is the chosen one
>Teleport him to another world.
>He's now the pilot of some kind of Giant robot.
>He must kill another giant robot to protect the kingdom
>MC's Robot has special abilities.
>He destroys his enemy.
>The enemy was his girlfriend.
>He gets out of the giant robot, Grab the dead body of his girlfriend, start crying like a pussy.
>He asks for a pistol and an empty room.
>Open the door.
>He gets on the floor.
>he walks the dinosaur.

This is what i call an original anime plot
That reminds me of an idea I once had.

A girl, through a ridiculous series of misunderstandings, ends up making herself look like a tsundere for a boy. The series centers around her trying to rectify this and ending up just making it worse.
A calamity befalls the world and devours its citizens to nothingness, save for a few. These survivors are thrown to another planet and made to fend for themselves until they eventually leave as the calamity follows them there. Space adventure and hijinks ensue.
MC gets his hands on the ultimate legedary porn magazine. It's the fucking hottest shit ever. The lewdity is off the charts. On the final page is the best fucking fap the universe will ever the offer. Shit's like the Lewdonomicon. It's lewdness is otherwordly. It's better than any h-game or fetish video ever conceived by the mind of mankind.

Only problem is, MC can't get any peace. He keeps getting interrupted before he can get to the last page. And you MUST get to the last page in one sitting, if you get interrupted by any means, the magazine "resets" and you have to start over. The mag has 26 pages, with 13 two-page spreads. In order to get to the Final Fap, you have to jerk off to the first 12 spreads one at a time.
>spaghetti didn't fall out of his pocket
>he didn't b-back that ass up
>he didn't burst into treats
Not original enough.
>Giant Monster Aliens like some combination of Godzilla monsters and Evangelion's angels attack Earth, they live in clans of several hundred and inhabit small worlds like Earth as part of their Universal Empire
>Old superpowers and other countries that have had cool military tech in the past start to build giant robots to combat the aliens
>The robots are lean humanoids with giant conventional weapons, some less advanced carrying cannons as rifles or have mounted turrets
>First few episodes are real robots fights against aliens, but after defeating a command type techno-organic monster, one of the mechs gains the ability to fuse with other technology at the cost of granting it awareness
>This technology is shared and spread among the active mechs, countries begin to fuse up their robots with all sorts of vehicles
>Pilots vary in age, MC is a 20 year old Japanese who mostly fuses with large emergency service type vehicles because rule of cool while other militaristic countries have their mechs fuse with only military hardware
>MC displayed as being stronger than the others, because he forms bonds of friendship with his aware fusion companions
>The main force of the clan with their sights on Earth arrives in episode 11 and is defeated by twelve, warning mankind that that they have rallied the strongest warrior clans in the empire to attack the Earth and that they will arrive in 3 years time...
>Earth decides that they need to build the ultimate robot and decide to have a tournament between the existing warriors
>Each time a country's robot is defeated, their most powerful fusion partner is lost and given to the victor to further empower him
>It just so happens that once the fusion came into effect, most countries lacked hotblooded men to control sentient war machines and turned to women to entice them. Some of the robots/fuzors have romantic/sexual feelings for their female pilots, sometimes chivalry
>For five to six episodes MC and his Japanese-built Mech romp around the world defeating rival protectors by winning over their sentient weapons with their passion and hot-blood, promising to protect everything they hold dear
>Final round vs. Asshole American pilot who is just as hotblooded and reckless as MC, crazy battle lasts two or maybe three episodes. America being a dick and using underhanded tricks and dishonorable weaponry to try and tactics his way to victory, having beaten and gained as much power as the MC
>MC prevails with honorable brute force, the defeat crushing America's view of how he should fight
>Short timeskip to repair and have the MC instrct the other pilots that you need a strong bond with your mech and its separate sentient parts and weapon to utilize their full potential
> Ends with the main cast facing an incoming invasion fleet, MC and America have become friends after their fight and are prepared to take on the alien menace almost by themselves, the female pilots play more of a part than I elaborated into, and have scenes where they encourage or aid the MC as he goes through fights and possibly develop a crush and harem for him because fanpandering means profit
>Lensflare and charge into battle, end of season
Moot is just your average CEO of a popular social networking website. One day on his way home from 7-11 a beta male MC falls out of the sky landing awkwardly on Moot's bag of mini powdered donuts. After taking a bath at Moot's apartment MC reveals he is from the land of anime and has no idea how he ended up in this strange 3D world. The following day at the trendy coffee shop Moot realizes MC is no ordinary high school student when all the girls start flirting with the 14y.o. boy. MC is actually the center of a harem! He has the power to instill lust into the hearts of any woman! So Moot hatches a grand jew scheme to get revenge on his former lover with the help of MC's power. Will all go according to keikaku? Or will he be cuck'd again?
The MC, moot, is a yandere female, the guy she is obsessed with has a harem, so she dedicates her life to ruining the lives of the girls in the guys harem, fucking them up psychologically and physically. Along the way she unwillingly ends up with her own harem made entirely of guys.
"I'm a loser, but I'm actually the King of the Internet!"

Basically a generic high school kid who's secretly the administrator of the most popular, controversial and vitriolic website on the internet. (Basically 4chan or 2ch.) He founded it years ago and it accidentally became insanely popular.

Like Moot, MC can't really control the users, but every now and then he can (mis-)direct them to accomplish some ridiculous shit. Like take down a small country's internet connection, or start a social movement that ends up stopping all trains in the country. Also every time he posts in the capacity of the administrator everyone shits all over him.

Then one day he finds out the class president tsundere is a regular shitposter on his website, and the class president in turn finds out that he's the administrator.

Cue hijinks.
>Typical Japanese Student gets a harem
>semi-loli (think taiga/louise, but less bitchy) notices that her classmates are acting strange
>she understands the situation, and decides to let him be
>TJS is acting like a giantly dense faggot
>unable to stand this, the loli infiltrates harem and starts seducing the girls one by one
>notices that a trap has started doing the same shit
>Begins rivalry between loli and trap as they try to get ALL the harem to themselves
>after a hard battle the loli wins
>loli decides that she's been acting unfairly and confesses everything to the girls
>they forgive her because they love her
>the life of the loli becomes a living hell, as she's always cockblocked and most of the girls are extremely jealous over her, not giving her a moment of privacy
>still, she enjoys it, somehow

>actually, the TSJ is aware of it all
>he let the trap and loli infiltrate the harem because he was bored
>he actually helped them behind the scenes
>he made the loli win, to get the trap all to himself
>the trap falls for him
File: 1337879524073.png (381KB, 668x767px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
381KB, 668x767px
Whatever happened to this? I thought it was a genuinely good idea.
File: 1420337763695.png (290KB, 594x609px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
290KB, 594x609px
Love comedy about a young woman that fell in love with a gay co-worker.
File: 1368978016527.jpg (66KB, 463x484px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66KB, 463x484px
A Certain Flowery Hacker. It's about the everyday life of Uiharu Kazari as she eats parfaits and helps solve crimes.
That could still work with hard mode. We all know how homosexual moot is.
Nishiishii-chan from Amagami SS starts a detective club with Ai and Sae and they solve mysteries around the neighbourhood. She meets a mysterious boy and finds true love.
There is a shrine to a lonely and forgotten forest god. A little girl finds the shrine while wondering through the forest with her friends one day and prays to the god out of pity. Moved, the god is determined to help out the girl in any dire situation as best he can over as the years past by.

They never meet each other.
Gary Stu character vs. Mary Sue character

A battle for the MC title
File: 015.png (2MB, 2261x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2261x1600px
I just finished reading HERO.
Does that count?
File: 1374107893694.jpg (375KB, 1920x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
375KB, 1920x1200px
But we already have SAO.
Who Gives a Shit

Some random anime where the plot was thought up for about an hour and then piled up and up. No one wanted to make it, but they do anyways. A true testament to how much the writers and other staff don't give a shit about the project.
Yukiko Madokari is your average japanese highschool girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. She stands out from the other girls but is often an outcast. She has a crush on her childhood friend Taro Houkido who isalso the most popular boy in school!
one day she finds a cute demon boy in her bedroom naked telling her she's the chosen one who will save both the human and the demon world!
Along with keeping up with homework and figuring out her love life, Yukiko now has to safe the world on top of it all?!! EHHHHHHH??????
keitai really can fit along with anything
>Super Detective Dynamite

"To the one who has commited this crime, if you seek forgiveness and mercy, step forward. No? Then I, Dynamite Baku will expose you with explosive justice! Prepare yourself!"

Murder, Kidnapping, thef, you name it and he'll solve with with flashy, explosive justice! Nicknamed the "Super Detective Dynamite", Bakuji Nami is normally but a humble firework's store clerk. He first became known upon solving the murder of one of his clients and has ever since been interested in fighting crime. Armed with keen perception, endless energy and his store's supply of fireworks, he won't let any criminal escape with sins unexposed.

>Normal guy
>One day he hits his head an falls into a coma
>When he wakes up, everything seems normal...
>Except that there are strange creatures everywhere, lurking in the shadows and causing catastrophes
>An enigmatic man approaches him and informs him that he has "awakened", that he now can see the source of grief and pain: demons that feed on people's misery
>There are others like him, some of them have been seduced by the demon's powers and have turned their backs on humanity
>His new task is to destroy said demons and their carriers, so that humanity might be saved

However, here comes the TWIST

>Since no one can see the demons other than the chosen ones, to the public he is a murderer who randomly kills people
>As the plot goes on, it becomes increasingly hard to tell whether the demons actually exist, or if the MC is completely batshit
>Is the MC really gifted with a power, or is he a delusional murderer? Are the other chosen ones real?
>In the end is not even clear if the OP is still in a coma, dead/dying, delusional or if the demons actually exist.
File: NTR.gif (574KB, 250x164px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
574KB, 250x164px
Oh, you have got to be kidding Anon. First you think of an idea that has already been done. Then you give it a title that nobody could possibly like. Didn't you think this through?
>Genesis Lambda

26 episodes of the most pretentious anime ever. Each frame is a clusterfuck orgy of symbolism and theological references that would make any arm-chair philosopher cream his jeans. Each ep has very little connection with each other except the vague and mysterious "Lambda", an object of value which constantly changes as the series progresses. The final episode is animated frame-by-frame live on air-date, while being run through an old rotoscope. The final scene concludes with Lambda, now an egg, hatching into the form of an angel who is coincidentally the MC of the first ep. The director than walks on camera shoots heroin into veins while reciting the first three pages of the new testament.

It'll sell 2 and a half copies and be considered a financial flop, but discussed 15 years later as a momentous occasion in which anime became a true artform.
VN idea

Evil lolis that can only be purified with your semen.

The story writes itself.
I smell the next Fate/Stay Night franchise!

And it smells like squid!
A high school boy and his imouto are very close, to the point their friends make jokes about how they're a couple. On the way home from school, a kidnapper tries to take the imouto. The boy jumps in and saves her, but in the process he's stabbed by the kidnapper. He collapses to the ground. The last thing he sees or hears is his sister kneeling over him, tears in her eyes praying to God to save him, even if it means taking her instead. The next thing he knows he's waking up in his imouto's room, on her pillow wet with tears. He gets up and notices long hair fall down. At this point he catches his reflection in the mirror, and sees that he's become his sister. God indeed answered her prayers in a way, and placed his spirit in his imouto's body. However, he can only control it while she's asleep.
A hikikikomori fed up with life goes on a self discovery trip. He meets shady friends and gets kidnapped by terrorist. Back home his only friend from back in middle school is now a journalist and finds out his friend is in the Middle East he thinks it's a perfect idea and goes and tries to find him. While asking round he gets kidnapped by the terrorists. Basically the anime is about how iSIS tortures these Japanese males while nobody helps them.

They die in the end. But their friendship grows beyond life
The Hiki travels to the Middle East btw
File: abaj.png (150KB, 500x403px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
150KB, 500x403px
>my fucking face when
Let's call it Ara Ara the Animation.

So... Moot DID become the little girl he always wanted to be?
A high school boy that is obsessed with manga picks up a new weekly series that just started. As he reads, he sees that the main character is quite similar to himself and continues to read. The chapter ends with the MC saving a person from falling out a window at school. The next day at school, he gets a feeling of deja vu and when something happens to him that he remembers clearly, he realizes that day is going exactly as it was in the manga. Not really believing but being wary about it, he goes walks around the halls he ends up saving a girl that was bumped out the window.

Freaking out he goes home and tries to find out the author of the manga but it is done by an anonymous mangaka. He goes to the publisher to find out about it but they have never heard of the manga and when he grabs an issue to show them, it isn't there. Completely out of his mind he goes back home and feigns being ill until he can the next week. He goes to buy the manga again and it is there as it was the week before. He reads it and tries to avoid what happens. From here on out, he goes on a journey to find the mangaka.

Long story short. A high schooler is looking for the mangaka of a manga that predicts his future and tries to go against what happens in the manga. The mangaka is his future self.
That sounds like the ultimate cuckapalooza of beta right there.

Nice use of hard mode.
File: 00000.png (87KB, 230x219px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87KB, 230x219px
Moot is the owner of an extremely popular website, however he has no control over his vast amount of users, sometimes he isn't even aware of what goes down in his own website....
A large group of black arts practicing anons gather and bring about the end of the world as we know it, however, those who were using certain website are saved and are transported to the temporal dimension that will precede the new world to come, including moot, they now dwell within a physical manifestation of his website! Several other things are also brought to life in this new plane of existence, like concepts and fictional characters. The point of this was to give anons the powers of collective creation, so that they would create a perfect world, however several factions are created, with radically different goals in mind, and on top of that, several users from other websites were also saved, and they want their slice of the creation cake too.
Moot acquires a vast amount of power (since he was the admin and all), but not enough to single-handedly fix everything, he must now make choices to either help a faction create the new world, or stop them all and carve his own path.
>Crimson Scarlet
Espionage/V for Vendetta theme. Set in the year 2020. MC is the son of Japan's dictator who had risen to power by launching weapons of mass destruction upon the worlds powerhouses and becomming the greatest force in th world. People believe he is like a god who saved them, all except for Crimson, a masked terrorrist who is trying to do whats best for the world and destroy the dictator, and remind everyone that fear is required to survive. He has a small following of people who dress up like
he (Crimson) does. Of the 6 or so followers, one is a girl who goes to the same school as the MC, and he crushes on her. He eventually finds out about her trying to get close to him to kill his father, and he almost turns her in, but then realises what his father has done and joins the followers of Crimson. Crimson's secret main objective is to find the lost pieces of a weapon that gives the ability to take over the world, and no one know this except MC's dad who has been trying to hide the secret pieces and protect the world. In the end, Crimson will brutally murder everyone who followed him in a final battle. The End
Moot in Durarara.
New York. Here in the city where dreams come true and desires rule, something is being bought, sold and thrown away, even as we speak.

But behind the scenes of business as usual, the nefarious "J.E. (Junker Expensive) Corporation" lines its already bloated coffers with profits from worthless products.

As J.E. swindles yet another innocent into purchasing high-priced junk, the FBI mobilizes a top-secret task force to put a stop to the menace.

Now, the city's best-kept secret spy is out there, briefed and ready to protect the people from "J.E.", the catalogue of conspiracy -- just call him "2.5 (Two-point-five)".
>Terror Bride Nurse Mio

'MIO' is the name of a female serial killer particularly famous on websites relating to fascination with the occult. She's a former surgeon who, for reasons unknown, snapped and began her killing spree by surgically mutilating eight unconscious female patients before completely disappearing and going into hiding. She also began to practice cannibalistic tendencies, filing down her own teeth into sharp points for effect. She continues her murderous career by killing on a whim...her favorite method of murder being to drug her victims into a numb paralysis and methodically dissecting them as they watch. The majority of her victims are female, though she'll occasionally target men as well. While her victims are semi-random, she also seems to have a habit of targeting people who are unfaithful to their spouse or lover.

It's also rumored that she frequents the macabre websites she's so revered on...and that requests for revenge murders are sometimes carried out by her.

One day, a website request catches her eye. A woman on the website claims that her long-term boyfriend is being unfaithful. However, upon investigation of the accusation, MIO discovers the boyfriend to be entirely innocent...however, she also discovers that the woman that had requested the killing has been taking money directly out of his bank accounts without telling him, as well as flirting with and receiving money from other men on the side.

Disgusted, Terror Nurse MIO murders the woman in a particularly horrific fashion...tying her down without applying drugs or anesthetic and surgically picking her body apart.

During her investigation, MIO also becomes disturbingly infatuated with the boyfriend that she had been asked to kill. She leaves a sealed love letter on his windowsill...as well as a romantic bouquet of 'flowers' that had been carefully crafted from his dead girlfriend's flesh.

Thus begins the young man's unwanted relationship with the murderous Terror Bride Nurse Mio, who continually stalks him and, to his horror, tortures or murders anyone who she believes to be treating him badly.
>Lover \ Phantom

Taro, a high school student who is famously inept with girls one day finds out his house is haunted by the spirit of an incredibly suave ladies man. In order to win the heart of the girl he loves, he lets the spirit take residence in his body. However, the spirit has a different agenda - he wants a human body to sleep around and engage in general debauchery. Not to mention, he finds Taro's queen Kanami repulsive and annoying!

The boy must fight the spirit's desires, and use the time he has when the spirit is resting/asleep to woo the girls he loves. However, he needs the spirit's help, so he appeases him and goes on dates, fucks lots of girls, etc, hoping the experiences will give him the proper tools to win Kanami's heart without the spirit's guidance. Manwhore by night, madly in love by day.

End of season 1 he gets Kanami and has a priest exorcise the spirit. Season 2, the spirit controls someone else and steals Kanami for revenge.
It's a story about a magician who has the ability to bring the dead back. Each episode/chapter would be a different story. It would be of him reviving someone from the dead whether it is someone's girlfriend or a soldier, whether they been dead for years or they died at that split second. The magician would disappear after the dead is revived the story would follow the characters who have been revived.
Alright guys I've been waiting for this in a while. I don't have a name or a precise setting, just the idea for the plot.

So basically it turns out that every human's soul and life span are actually linked to a melody. As such, every melody is different. The melody itself is ongoing and keeps playing as the person grows. It dictates how one's life is going to go and what their character is like. The reason behind people's bad/good luck or random events happening is a result of change in the melody.

So here comes the MC. The guy is playing the piano or something one day (I just prefer piano) and realizes that he has the power to effect every person's melody to some extent. He can alter it, point it in a different direction, or even change it sometimes.

Then he realizes that he can help people in trouble and that he can hear their melody. Kind of like when you have a really strong emotion towards someone, the MC can sense the melody of a person. So he starts trying to help people by playing and altering their melody. Later on he realizes there's a drawback to this, the more he alters someone's melody, the more his melody gets altered in the process. So if he were to safe someone from certain death, he might die.

I really think this would make a great anime. Just as long some creative guy designs the characters properly and writes a good story. What if someone from P.A. works is reading this as we speak?
Depends on the composer.
The story of a newly recruited young man who is brought into a freshly developed military division. Here, pilots are trained to use Mobile Stalkers, uniquely made machines built with a focus on stealth. At first proud of getting picked for the group, he soon begins to feel uneasy for what seems to be no reason. He begins to notice that day after day, he's the only guy on his team, and theorizes that it's no coincidence. Attempting to connect this notion to his paranoia, he glances at his bedroom window one day to find his teammate staring in. Scared out of his mind, he bounds through the glass and chases down the disappearing girl. Threatening her with his sidearm she reveals the truth. He was chosen not for his qualifications, but his looks. One male introduced into a team of sexually repressed females as the grandest exercise of stealth ability - each girl is to track him like prey and the one who can kidnap him gets to keep him. The only reason he hasn't been caught is that none of them are yet good enough for the others not to find, and they've been fighting each other for him. The girl under him pleads that she'll help him if he lets her go. He makes a truce with her, but in the back of his mind he understands. It's no good at all - if he caught her in the act, she must be the worst of the bunch. Furthermore, she might just take him for herself when his guard is down. Thus begins the wildest game of hide and seek as he tries to leave the isolated training facility with only the help of an uneasy alliance and the question of how far his higher ups will go to keep their experiment going.

Rick, a storm chaser has been having nightmares ever since the last big tornado, because that was when he lost his girlfriend Jennifer.

The story follows rick on his adventures to re-evaluate what it is he gets from chasing storms, and to search out his old mentor.

Along the way he meets a crew full of wacky wonderous people and they visit towns around the country side learning what it's like to live in some of the most weathertorn areas of the country.

Can Rick find what it is that makes him pursue something so dangerous? Will it let him put to rest the guilt he has placed upon himself? Will he ever love again?
Doctor Who the anime.
Staring the Third Doctor.
I like it. It sounds unique.
A teenage boy meets a mysterious girl, he learns the meaning of love and friendship and he get screwed over in some way at the end.
Gainax would make it.
We'd need a musician or 10 as well.

Hit me up at my site (dualists.wordpress.com) or my email that's in another thread, I'll help you out.
Hey, Namefag.

How goes your Dual fanfic, I mean thingy?
File: perfection.jpg (69KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69KB, 1280x720px
MC and his group of friends are slavs that moved to japan.
They hang around town squatting everywhere and doing slav stuff.
One day, they find a little girl that has been abandoned and follows them around.
Though at first reluctantly, they take her in and introduce her to the slav ways.
They send her to school and just act like a big family.
Now the girl has a conflict between acting like a slav and being a japanese elementary schooler.
All kinds of trouble and fun ensues!
Got quite a number of contacts and responses, a few story ideas here and there, and I'm making a prototype of a roguelike with my setting.

Life has never been better for me now. If only I awoke before my dad bit the dust, he'd surely be impressed ;_;
File: 1407406571136.jpg (68KB, 680x787px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68KB, 680x787px
>moot is kill
>gorilla from gintama is kill
>ur father is kill

What a week.
He died October 2013, it's only tragic that I'm forging my path now, without him to admire it.
File: 1369631631070.png (304KB, 544x553px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
304KB, 544x553px
Damn, man. Condolences.
>Teacher X God

Young math teacher Akira Kurooga, moves to small town in the mountains to teach math in the elite all girls high school he got employed right out of university. He was picked personally by principal, and its a riddle to him why he, a new teacher without any experience was chosen for such well paid job.

The contract states he have to live at the highschool dorm... male section. This being for many years an all girls school, male dorm is completely abandoned and tarnished.

On a first day, a strange pregnant young girl comes to his dorm and tells him to be his husband. Apparently she is a holy virgin and was impregnated by the Gods Spirit, to give birth the the new Messiah. And he, Akira, was destined to be a father to raise this child.

However satan knew about the comming of the messiah, and took own action - putting the hero and a heroine in an all girl school full of his worshipers and sluts lusting for Akira and trying to seduce him.

If any of them succeeds in sedducing Akira withing 6 monthes, the unborn Child will be tainted, and instead of Messiah Antichrist would be born.

Thus a strange life in a satans garden of temptation starts for Akira, still not willing to accept the fate that lies on him. Each and every woman in the school falls for him for a magical reason, and theres also is a holy virgin living with him that he isnt even allowed to touch.

Comedy, jelly and fanservice ensues.
>gorilla from gintama is kill
wait what
The new hero in a new series of Naruto:Sagequest?
Too soon.
Madoka Magica
Only Madoka is female and the rest of the main cast is male(
Ressurection Rider

Ichiro Hinaba is a 17 year old kid, who is about to graduate high school, whose got a big chip on his shoulder. The girl he liked rejected him because she saw him as just a friend. He had a huge fight with his parents. Also his bike was stolen by a group of thugs...What's worse is he was stabbed and left for dead during the attempt. All hope was lost until he sees a vision of an angel granting him a new life. She grants him this life under two conditions. In the new life he has gained, he has to continue on being a complete stranger to everyone he has ever known and loved with a new identity. The second condition is to do a good deed for each wound that he had to recover from to regain his old life or he will remain as a stranger. A story about tremendous struggles and innate goodness in people.
A young man creates a website. Thanks to plot shenanigans, MC is able to keep his identity a secret for more than a decade, during which the site grows in popularity, turning into a 20 million people community. However, MC feels sad and empty, and despite having good memories about the site, decides to step down as its admin. During each of the next episodes (I'm thinking of 12 or 24, feel free to choose), MC always runs into someone who had their life significantly changed by his website. For whatever reason, these people feel like telling a complete stranger they had never met before how a website changed their lives. In the last episode, MC, looking back at what his website did, is faced with a choice. He can either make a comeback as the admin or move on with his life, but with a sense of accomplishment for everything he's achieved with the site, happily reminiscing about his days as the admin.
>Gunsmith Horror
Set in a post-apocalyptic setting, GH centers around a young scavenger who discovers an old book detailing how to make firearms: a technology now lost to Japan. Gathering the materials he manages to build these guns, and become incredibly wealthy by selling them. However as the years pass he sees just how much devastation his guns unleash on the world, as the technology continues to improve more and more, and powerful gangs and factions are rising as a result. Destroying his research, he creates the most powerful gun he's ever forged, and goes on a quest to eliminate the rest of the world's gunsmiths, in order to once again rid mankind of the technology.
File: a 117870672.png (87KB, 1366x594px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
a 117870672.png
87KB, 1366x594px
These guys
Best Express Crisis is an unusual business run by friends Mei and Rei - they quickly create crisis-scenarios so would-be heroes can save the day to impress a girl, impress a party, or simply have fun. One day, Best Express Crisis creates a scenario that results in a real crisis - bumbling detectives suspect them of being the leaders of a local sect of Yakuza!

Long story short, the Yakuza thugs, believing the police have their leaders in custody, breaks the two girls out and "returns" them to their place at the helm of the gang. Unable the cross the Yakuza and excited at the possibility of creating real crises, the two agree to take the lead, and eventually fall in love with the lovable gang. Their catchphrase when seeing a prime situation would be "We can make a crisis out of this!"

One arc would include the real leaders returning from a vacation and looking exactly like Mei and Rei, and the two groups competing for leadership.
What if someone actually made a manga following moot's various misadventures trying to run this shithole? Could be pretty good.
Oh man, I would write the fuck out of this
moots themesong for his anime char

The Tokyo Military creates a powerful new battleship: fueled by the rage of it's crew. The more they hate their opponent, the stronger the cannons fire, the more hits the armor can take, and the faster she sails. The ship undertakes several unsuccessful missions, as the crew is unable to find their true rage. However things take a turn when they assigned a new CO: Captain Ishmael. Though his rage alone is fierce, the entire crew will have to dig deep and find their inner hatred if they are to defeat their greatest foe yet: The White Whale.
Two young men with degrees in Organic Chemistry are sick of their mediocre pay and disrespect receive at the college they teach at. Once they see a news report about the local Yakuza being raided and that said raid will cripple the local underground drug trade, they decide to quit their jobs at the school, but not before stealing a fuckload of chemicals and tools.

They are intent on manufacturing Methamphetamine, because it's the most popular drug in Japan. Although the first few tries fail, they get the hang of it eventually. In order to make their 'brand' of Meth stick out, they dye it with a pink hue and call it "Strawberry Quick" (Kawaii name, amirite?)

However, when slinging meth outside of arcades and around the shopping district isn't bringing in as much money as these two young men had hoped for, they decide to go one step further and enter the territory of rival Yakuza members in other neighbourhoods, in order to sell more product, more efficiently.

The Yakuza doesn't like competition, so you can imagine what happens. Lots of badass fight scenes between the two young men and some gang members, lots of drama associated with the drug and society (maybe one of the young men gets addicted?), and a nice introspective look at Japans underground drug scene.
>Totally not BB.txt
Typical mecha anime, except they're named after Greek/Roman gods. Jet U Zeus is the mecha used by the main character who manages to win in his battles but soon realizes that Jet U Zeus has something special about it that others are after.
Hiroyuki's life is at a stand-still. After finishing high school, he opted not to go to college, and has been living a menial existence off of part time jobs. One day, his grandfather passes away, leaving Hiroyuki (his last living relative) a huge mansion and an expensive car. The problem is that Hiroyuki can't afford the payments on either!

Hiroyuki's rich future self travels back in time to deposit 100 million yen into his bank account. However, the banker convinces him to deposit it into a CD instead. Future Hiroyuki reluctantly tells his past self that the CD will take two years to mature, so past Hiroyuki must somehow keep things stable until he's able to withdraw the 100 million!
>Express Detonator!

In the year 2103, increased radiance from the sun has left the earth's surface unfit for human inhabitation. Instead, people live underground in enormous, constantly expanding mining cities.
The main character is a young reverse-trap, whose speciality is Fine-Detail-Explosive-Work, as she calls it. However, she also has a tendency for mischief, which is why people rarely request her assistance in the mines, and instead she's forced to work as a part-time delivery boy.

It's a slice-of-life/comedy story with an overarching plot, which involves searching for Agartha, the legendary underground city, which supposedly has highly advanced technology - maybe advanced enough to help people return back to the surface.
A half man, half woman fighter named Bounty goes on a quest to become the greatest fighter to ever live. On it's journey, Bounty runs into tons of tough challenges to reach its goal.
She-male bounty hunter goes on tons of adventures to capture/kill tons of people with bounties on their heads.
File: dumberdore.jpg (29KB, 225x350px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29KB, 225x350px
>once upon a time, during a dark and stormy night, mootykins the dark flame master was reborn as a little grill! a magickal little grill!
> with the powder of love and skinship, she wil reunited the world in pieces and ecchi! and oppai!! gotta oppai! click ! click ! xoom xoom!
> but oh no, the reality is a lie! mootykins is actually living inda DATABASE DATABASE! and everyone knows she is actually a shonen like boku no picco!
> for the sadness! but mootykins never gives up! because she is idol of the galaxy!!! and dolphins! crying dolphins. who cry tears of bloooood!
> in the endo mootykins goes on an epic journey on a BOAT!!! to meet the promised elfen king over the hill!
> and make lots and lots of babies to repopulate the graying elf population. and destroy all mundane humans!
>and that is all.
In the early 1960's, an average, uninteresting boy takes notice of a brilliant star that shines all day and all night, never stopping or dimming. This "Impossible Daylight Star (IMPOSSIBRU DAYRIGHT STARRO in Japanese)" becomes a source of inspiration for the boy, fueling him to never give up. As the boy's life begins changing for the better, the star gets bigger and bigger.

Eventually, the boy realizes that it is not a "daylight star," but a giant meteor barreling toward the Earth. Feeling like his increased happiness is responsible for the growth of the Impossible Daylight Star, the boy (Now a highschool student) embarks on a painful journey to undo all the happiness he has brought upon himself in a desperate attempt to save the world he loves. Hour and half-long film.
Itsuki is a special forces agent for the Tokyo police. A combination bomb technician, detective and police officer, his job is to stop bombings before they've even happened. He is considered untouchable by both his peers and the criminal underworld, until one day his house is bombed, killing his wife and daughter, or so he things. Shortly after Itsuki receives a call from a mysterious man with an ultimatum: switch sides and use his explosives expertise for a local anarchist cell, or his family dies for real. Now Itsuki is forced to destroy his own city building by building while evading the police, tracking down his mysterious puppet masters, and attempt to save his family: if they're even alive at all.
Child Psi Idols - A group of young psychics escape from a secret research facility and take jobs as U-15 idols to make ends meet. Although initially they escape their captors' notice, they're quickly thrust into the national spotlight when their leader inadvertently dominates several important music industry people with her psychic powers and their debut single as real idols tops the charts.
The series follows their idol career as well as their backstage battles against anti-psi robots send by the lab to retrieve them.
I want to see a Japanese Warutu Waito.
Ukyo is an area forgotten by the world, an underdevolped town where outsiders avoid at all costs. They are left to their own devices until one day, a mysterious machine appears near their fields. The machine supplies the village with an infinite supply of water, makes their crops more bountiful, and even seems to be making the people more intelligent. However, every day, the people wake up to a village that is a little different, a little more modern. By the time the Japanese goverment takes notice, Ukyo has become a towering spire filled with highly advance super-intellectual inhabitants.

Enter Shibuimada Tasku, a highly skilled thief. He is approached by a small foreign boy, who escaped from Ukyo. The boy begs him to steal the machine to save the village. Tasku is also pressured by the Japanese government to steal the Ukyo Machine so they can become the world's leading power. With so much at stake, Tasku takes on his biggest job yet, and infiltrate the futuristic mecca in an attempt to steal the machine.
Cute little girls doing cute things, but during the time that the Roman Empire began to fall (hint, hint).

The series would cover 26 episodes and go from cute girls to the tragedy of war, and include several violent rape scenes involving the girls as the Empire falls to Germanic hoards.
The majority of the world's events happen basically due to the existence of a spiritual world, and concepts such as karma, luck, faith and interference from paranormal entities. The thing is, though, these events happen in such a way that it never looks too much that a paranormal intervention happens, and reality is distorted to represent them. For example, a man die by being hit by a truck, but what happened in reality is that a grim reaper went ahead and "cut off his head", symbolically torning off his spirit from the body. Of course, very often there may be battles between spirits, such as a guardian angel protecting a person from negative influence. Morality would be, by essence, dualized, and ultimately judged by greater spirits, which could also cause some sort of chaotic good character to fight against the order of things.
With a scenario like that, many stories could be created, but I'd priorize VNs or Manga, since they tend to be longer. An idea for a story would be of a teenager girl who was bullied at the point of being brutally raped, tortured, and thrown inside a trash can or something similar. After that, she decides to kill the people who did that (not sure how it would progress), and before she succeeds, the police shows up and kills her. When she wakes up, she's on hell, but the demon in charge of the zone where she is (following the lesser keys of solomon) lets her come back to earth as a grim reaper, until she kills the main girl responsible for bullying her. Thing is, when she comes back to earth, the girl converted to catholicism, and with all her sins forgiven by a priest. Her big brother is the one who led her that way, and thus, the story follows. I wouldn't really say it's a story about vengeance because after she kills the girl who killed her, she would discover her work is far from done, and she then is forced to work under a demon's orders to take people's lives.
Inspirations: すばひび and 死神のテスタメント.
>Moot is the protagonist of your new anime.
Insert the plot of Durarara here, but replace Izaya with Daiz and/or IRC.
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>local tanabata festival
>MC meets a sweet girl on the fishing stand, she looks disheartened because she can't get a bunny plushie she wants
>he always loved that fishing stand game, and played since little, so he is kinda good at it
>manages to score enough to get the bunny
>gifts it to her, she is overjoyed
>they keep enjoying the evening
>decide to go to a small nice lake nearby
>take their shoes off to enjoy the smooth grass
>sit down and talk a bit
>sometime later a friend of hers shows up and says her mother is looking everywhere for her, since its getting late
>she hurriedly thanks him for the great time and runs back with her friend before he has a chance to say something
>they really had a great time
>so great they completely forgot to ask each other's name
>he doesn't remember seeing her before so she must be from another school and came only for the festival
>notices her pair of shoes
>they have her name and class - Fuyuki Sakura 5B
>a lot of romance and pure love happens until they grow older and graduate high school
>fast forward a few years, its their marriage
>she starts looking sweaty and somewhat sick
>he asks if she is okay, she says its nothing to worry about
>it progressively gets worse, until she is clutching her chest slightly to the left
>even priest looks worried now, tells someone to help her sit down and call a medic
>she lets out a small pained gasp and faints
>MC had been a pool instructor for a while, so he knew CPR
>it's not working, but he keeps doing it
>by the time medical help arrives she is dead
>turns out she had a weak heart and it was too much emotion for it to take
>fast forward
>MC is on university
>new transfer student
>she looks just like her
>MC stares hard at her in shock
>friends joke he is quick on the chase
>he isn't even listening
File: 1338973259483.png (192KB, 300x377px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>a lot of SoL romance stuff happens, other girls show interest in him but he can't shake his interest off the transfer student
>she seems to like him but is always seemingly somehow helping the other girls get closer to him, as though she was their wingman
>MC keeps pursuing her route, feels some guilt for "cheating on" his passed bride (by now he has convinced himself to stop being ridiculous, there is no way its her)
>as that guilt grows, MC goes visit her grave in the anniversary of her death
>its winter and everything is covered in a thick layer of snow
>he starts talking to the tomb, saying sorry among other things and that he misses her but there is a new girl that reminds him of her, and he intends to ask her out
>as he finishes saying that, he hears her voice calling his name, but not like a ghost whisper, a crystal clear voice coming from his right
>he looks
>the transfer student is standing under a leafless, snow-covered cherry blossom tree, wearing a winter coat and a scarf
>he stands shocked for a moment, then goes towards her and asks how long she has been there
>she admits she heard the whole thing
>he thinks about questioning why she is there but decides since she already heard it its best to go through with his intentions
>tells her he fell in love with her, and he wants to be with her, and he knows its unfair the reason why he is in love with her but asks she accept his love the same way
>she breaks in tears, hugs him, and confesses she is actually Sakura
>MC is shocked again, but joins her in crying before he is able to ask her what/how
>she tells him what happened, that when she died her soul remained lingering on earth
>she was following him all this time, but as a ghost
>a few days ago she met a mysterious bunny who offered her a deal
>she may get a physical body identical to hers back, but only for the duration of winter
>in exchange she must solve her lingering attachment to this world (him)
>she was trying to get him to fall in love with another girl so she could pass away in peace knowing he found happiness
I'd read/watch/play the fuck out of that. Make it happen. Write a light novel.
Gamergate the Animation starring Moot.
This is actually pretty cool
Persona 5
Post-apocalyptical story:

A girl in the middle of her 20s lives in a completely empty but well-preserved world. She is always travelling, picking things that help her survive along the way together with books, CDs, external HDs and other things containing information from the old days. Ocasionally, she finds a server where she can get more information (the internet itself no longer works, but the servers that stored its information are considerably intact, if you can physically reach them).

As she travels, she is able to find more about what happened to the world. She mourns the loss of her loved ones, but enough time has passed to dull the pain and she is able to pull through together with her pet Labrador, who seems to be much smarter than you'd expect.

Eventually, she finds out that what actually happened was that in 2020, a terrorist attack to CERN ended up unintentionally freeing samples of a virus they were testing. They had not developed a vaccine for it yet, because even a weakened version of the virus still kills a person (most animals seem to be immune). The virus spreads by airborne transmission, and as a result within weeks wipes out the whole population of earth.

People die by multiple organ failure. It isn't graphic or anything, they pass away peacefully and it looks a lot like natural causes.

Vehicles are plenty, fuel can be taken from the millions of cars around. The only struggle is finding non-perishable food, but she learned to cultivate the land and is able to sustain herself without any issues.

There are no zombies, no plot twists, no suddenly violent groups showing up. Just Kino no Tabi in an empty earth with a pet Labrador who is a total bro.
I'll run it like One Piece, he'll fuck around behind teh scenes for 13 years and quit like a bitch.
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