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skipping the formalities edition.
Finally got around to TL the newest chapter of GuP more raburabu

Page 01:

This years aca0my most influential! (probably as in: most likely candidate for academy awards or something)

Miporin, what's that?
Kei from Saunders has send me a package. It's stuff like a video-letter, a calender...

Saunders affiliated highschool Panzerkraft team calender

Chapter 21: It's Saunders!
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Page 03:

... This, is just a photo collection of Kei-san...
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Page 05:

Christmas too is ultra flashy in Saunders!

Let's watch the video letter as well
Right, they went trough the troble to make it after all

Merry Christmas!!

Hi Miho! How are you?
Today we want to show you the state of Saunder's Christmas home-party!!

Chapter 21.5: It's Christmas in Saunders!

I actually forgot to finish the third sentence here last time
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Page 06:

Miho, we wanted to invite you and the girls, but our school carriers were too far away, so it wasn't possible. Too bad!
That's why I send you this movie, so that you can at least enjoy the ambience!

How's it going? Alisa!

Yup, I'm filming it

Everyone~ Let's have a blast today~!!
Wakya~i (wat?)

Geez... I'm all tired out from having to deal with a commander who's hobby are home parties
Isn't she cold in those clothes...
Because she's always looking for any kind of reason to make a fuss like today...
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Page 07:

Alisa! Come on!!

One, two, Saunders!

A at least I can get back to the food...
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Page 08:

Alisa~ Take one over here too!
Yeah yeah

Alisa, please hold this!
Yes sir
Take that!

Aye sir
Alisa, the decoration are to thin/spare, what are you doing!

Da~h!! Geez! I don't even get a free moment to eat!!
And the other vice commander cleverly slipped away!

... Well. Usually my frustration would blow up now. It would be over at that point, but...

Isn't it about time?

But the Alisa this evening is different...!
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Page 9:

Alisa will now carry out...
Today's special event, operation candid commander Kai, commonly referred to [operation bloody Santa Claus]!!

Very well member Alisa! We will now reaffirm the operation outline!
Aye aye ma'am!!

Dressed as Santa Claus, you will invade the house via chimney!
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Page 10:

Barge out from the fire place, and then hand over the candid Christmas present to the target!
*Don't aim and shoot at people

And then firmly capture the moment the candid is a great success on a spectacular picture. That's the plan!!
*This is a harmless toy axe

I'm looking forward to see what face she'll make
Haa haa
This fun party is about to reach its climax... With this Takashi too will (about me)...
It's almost time, Alisa!

Understood! Alisa, heading out!
Good luck to you!

Be careful!

Go take a pic of the condition the commander is in indoors! I'll show you the decisive moment!
We'll be expecting you!

Loader-chan looks really cute with that cap
Sorry I don't know what happened. All images in the thread suddenly expanded and posted what I wrote too early. That was meant to read:
Kei, what are you doing
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Page 11:

Here we go!



What!? Wait?

I'm... I'm stuck~!?
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Page 12:

M mayday mayday! contacting outside...
Gya-! I didn't bring my mobile with me!
What should I do... I can't climb upwards... Nor downwards... It's no use, I can't get any further down than this...!

I'm done for...!
I better raise my voice and call for help...

But... In that case...
This is a masterpiece! The best-! We'll make a movie out of this-!!
Hii~ hii~
Yare yare
She's hopeless no matter what...

I'd be better off dead...

Somebody please notice! Anybody~!


there still isn't any pantyshot though
New Marginal Operation chapters when?
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Page 13:

I haven't seen Alisa for a while now
Were is she? Alisa~
Ah-... Really, I can't see her neither?

Maybe she just went out to buy something?
I can't reach her phone neither...

Why do I get the feeling that she wants to push some more chores onto me...

I think she'll be back before long. So let's just keep having fun here and...

What are you saying there!

What should we do if she ends up getting into trouble!
Girls, listen for a sec-! Does anyone know something? Who's the last one here that saw Alisa?
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Page 14:

Alisa isn't the kind of girl who would just quietly go home!

Eh Eeh?
The hell is going on now!?

C calm down for a bit...
There 's no way I can just stay calm like this! Because...

Alisa is...
My precious kouhai after all!
Please give some love to Marginal Operation too.
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Page 15:

C commander~!!

I'm sorry!
I'm... Alisa is over here! I'm here...

Ah... I get it, it's the clothes that are stuck!
So if I can take them off...!

You little!

That hurt!

B but I did it! I'm out!

Commander Kai! I'm...!
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Page 16:

Merry Christma~s

Reverse candid, great success~

...The parties at Saunders... are quite something...
... Yeah...

Commander, one step above.

and done
Is Ribbon Warrior a monthly release?
Also, what is the most OP tankathlon-legal tank?
Poor Alisa, but I guess every school needs its Momo.
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Truly a master of disguise.
Yes, but it's on break this month.
New chapter next month.
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I can't wait much longer, guys... I need something, an OVA or more movie PV's or something....
It's being worked on.
So next is Maginot ch.4?
When are those GuP anthologies getting translated?
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She just enjoy debriefings, 's all!
she looks exactly like les ghost of tsuki



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Rabbit Shiho.jpg
366KB, 874x1450px
Is the Rabbit suit a Nishizumi tradition or what?
fuck you. it's cuter than hell.

But the skin, man, I need to see the skin
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I actually find it better the less skin they show.
Every time.
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What is best Panzer?
File: Panzer 68.jpg (134KB, 800x474px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Panzer 68.jpg
134KB, 800x474px

Panzer 68
Why the hell are they complaining? I'd pay solid gold to have a Key calendar.
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I do love them raburabu between girls.
I dont remember this what episode or OVA was this from?
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Thread images: 29

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