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"Finally done with TL script for chapter 3 of Marginal Operation" -edition

I get the feeling that this might be one of the series that people want me to TL faster. Oh well...
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Which won't really happen because of the sheer amount of text this series has...

Page 101:

Chapter 3 [assignment test]
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Page 99:

Training camp 5th week first day

Everyone's gathered I see

In the upcoming test you will give directions to units of action/strategic units by putting in commands, just like you did during the training
However, there is one point that's different from until now... There are people that went to take the test before you. You will stand behind these examinees
After 10 minutes you will have to grasp the war situation each is in charge of and take over... That's how the flow of events will be

Well then... Let us begin with the test

Do it earnestly (editing note: the word 真剣 used here literally translates to 'do do practice with a real instead of an unsharpened/wooden practice weapon, and considering this is about to turn into enders game...)

...? Yes......

and I already Momo'd the text for this and the previous page
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Page 102:

I became the rear of the elf...
Oh well... It's to understand the war situation...

Request to accommodate corpse

She obediently authorized it...

Page 103:

With patterns like this it often happens that you come under enemy attack while accommodating the corpse, resulting in points deducted
Operating to accommodate corpse...
I thoroughly tried it before and failed... This'll most likely end with points deducted after getting ambushed and taking fire...

Operating to accommodate corpse...
Taking fire
Thought so...

It's a test this time, so I gotta keep score...

Ara... The map continues next over...
Seems like 3 people give commands on 1 big map simultaneously...

I guess one could use CASEVAC instead of "accommodate corpse"
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Page 104:

Take over. Next persons forward

All right...
...... Let's do this

Thanks to the elf, the unit of action P7 was devastated. So I have to devote myself to stop further points deducted

There's also the unit of action P9 which mostly didn't get used/touched during the later half
I'll use this unit of action to make points

Page 105:

Unit of action P9 is riding separately amongst 4 trucks that were passing a road in a single vehicle line/column...
The foremost truck exploded. Went up in flames...

There are no indications of enemies nearby though. Oh well, something like [this was an accident] obviously won't happen during a test... So it's an enemy attack

Request to accommodate corpse
Request to confirm casualty

All requests dismissed
Request to accommodate corpse
If I'd do this they'll only get attacked by the enemy and points deducted
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Page 106:

Immediately retreat 200m

After retreating, split the unit into 3
Gather the sniper in S2...

The checkpoint in the display next over... I can send troops there as well, right...
The map should be connected after all...

Proceeding route

Good good good
They're going...

Page 107:

It's also the case for P7 P9 here, but the attack the guy next over is currently under is no doubt a feint. There's no point in picking a fight in such place
The enemy is aiming for the checkpoint and trying to lead our combat strength. ... It's gotta be such pattern

Seems like the guy next over hasn't noticed it yet...

All right... Let S3 return to the exploded truck to maintain the site...
Let S2 were I put the sniper in rush to the tall building close to the checkpoint

Let them search if there's no enemy soldiers within the building

It's gonna take about 10 minutes for S1 and S2 to arrive at the checkpoint...
Huh...? Speaking off that, how many minutes does the test take again...? I'll be in trouble without having that explained...
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Page 109:

... What the...
Stop saying stuff like ED.... Are they talking about me...?

Under attack

All right
Good luck
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Page 110:

Unit of action S1 arrived at the checkpoint. Commence the attack
Commencing attack
Battle/hostilities ongoing
Unit of action S2 searching the building...... Nothing unusual. Leave sniper S2-A behind. Remaining rush to checkpoint. Join with S1

S3 completed maintaining the site of the truck explosion. Dismissing request to accommodate corpse. Still to early for that...
Request to accommodate corpse
There are many patterns were local residents approach the explosion scene and suddenly turn into enemies... Not letting residents approach has top priority now

Well then... Did the things necessary for the point taking team
Now all that's left is to clean up the elves mess and suppress a deduction of points. ....All right

too much text, gotta split

Page 111:

The enemy soldiers should soon withdraw from the battle/hostilities around the checkpoint... In case they should leave, the sniper left in the building will attack the routed enemy
S2-A, face the enemy's withdrawal route. Prepare to fire

Enemy soldiers started to withdraw
Bingo. S2-A stays behind, the others retreat

S2-A has started to fire on the withdrawing enemy soldiers
Take all fire-power and wipe out the enemy ...... Just kidding...

...... Huh. I managed to defeat more than I expected... Full-scale withdraw of enemy confirmed. With that I should've made/earned quite some points

Now all that's left is... About time to grant S3's request to accommodate corpse........
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Page 112:

Take over

Huh... Since when was he behind me...


Over here, follow me
We gotta talk

Page 113:

It might be suddenly, but your training for today is over... You're on leave
You will intensively study English from tomorrow on

Your working hours won't change from how they're now, but the mornings will be intended for your English study, so please go with that plan
Ah... Yes...
The afternoon will be training again, but the training will be in slightly different form than it was till now
Ah... What kind of training will it be?

The contents of the training itself won't change, but the training will flow like the test today did. With people switching over
I'll give you the details in the evening, so stand by in your bedroom from 20 O'clock onwards

That's all
Forgot about MO, actually. What chapter is the serialization on?
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Page 114:

Excuse me then

Haa... That was scary, I thought he was angry at me or something...

So... What should I do now...
Having a break is nice, but it's quite the bother on such short notice...

The sex service is... I only went yesterday though...

But there's nothing else to do... Going for the sex service in 2 consecutive days is a bit... As for the people...

Page 115:

Ahh, it can't be helped...
It's not like there's anything else to do or anywhere else to go...

Make sure you come here on your free days
That's what she told me...

It's 100 dollars
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Page 116:

What's wrong Arata? Do you have today off as well?
I don't really know if I can call it a break though...

Today we had a test (of the training) and they suddenly told me to take a break after it was done...
I see... So you'll have to work again tomorrow?

Yes... and it seems like I'll also have to study English from tomorrow on...
Oh what the!

So my lessons... Does that mean you won't need them?

Page 117:

I guess that...

Well, then......

Th...! That's just that, or so to say...!

Ahahahahaha! I'm just joking!

Arata, you're only making your virginity worse with that!
...... Ah... Yes...
Why does she know such expressions...
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Page 118:

Well then, let's have those lessons. I haven't bought any books or stuff yet though. So first of all...
Let's start with teaching you how to buy things

? How to buy things?

That's right. The thing people have problems with if they come to a country who's language they don't speak is [buying things]. After that comes [asking people for something]
Arata, did you ever buy something after coming here?
No... I haven't...

Well, then let's go buy something at once today, after that you can go home!
Ooh... Yes...
First is...

Gotta check, but around chapter 20 I'd say
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>Oh my God, boobs! Someone save me!
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Page 120:

Let's go then!

Eh... Are you sure...
Sure sure

Page 121:

Uhm... Shawii-san...

Wait...... Isn't this a bit too early yet for M...!!!
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2MB, 3008x2096px

Page 123:

See, you did it?
Being able to buy something is nice...

English might be fun...

Guess I'll buy a beer or something next time...
momo will kawazu get an update soon? I'm checking literally every day.
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Page 124:


? Huh!?

If it isn't Kishimoto-san!!
Eh...Why are you this surprised?

Ye-ah, how should I say... Anyway, get your luggage together, you're switching rooms
Eh? Haa...

Page 125:

Is that all your luggage?
Uhm... What's going on?

I got word from above that I'm being put together with you, Arata
That's why I came to pick you up to also switch bedrooms from today's evening on

I see...
Ah... Kishimoto-san, there were rumours that you went back home/to Japan...

Eh? What's with that...
You haven't heard about anything?
10 bucks for some bananas? The world is in a worst state than I though.
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Page 126:

What's with this company, they're overdoing it with this lack of explanations...
That I disappeared last week was because the top decided to pull me out. It was because of good training results from week 3 and probably because I know English
... So that's what happened...

Take this empty/free bed

I heard that training will go with switching over people from tomorrow on
Aah, I'm your partner for that switching

Arata, your test results were good, that's why you were transferred here
...? Ah... yes...

... Aah, so they didn't tell you this as well...

Page 127:

Oh well...If anything else comes up you don't know/understand, ask me anything. I'm going to sleep now
I'm looking forward to work with you (again)

Ah... Me too
.......... So my results were good...

So it's more training again from tomorrow on...

there sadly won't be a new chapter of it before February because of "various reasons"
Is this a reference to that fucking Denki Groove game? Holy shit.

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Page 128:

Training camp Week 5 Second day

So this was studying English...
...... But I've already indiscriminately memorized all the model sentences... And they're all just English sentences used in the company...

Do they want me to memorize it that much...

OK, that's all for today. Next will be the operating training

Page 129:

With interruptions of 10 minute breaks, stand behind Kishimoto like yesterday
The commands you can give to unit of actions for today's training have increased. So try to memorize them during breaks

This isn't a break then...



Do it while thinking it's a test

What the... Is it fine to try to take/make points then...
>Marginal Operation
Why I didn't know about this.
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Page 130:

But this is really busy... I get the feeling I won't properly manage to do anything other than work...
It was also bad back when I was at the design office, but not as much as now... Back then I had just a bit of time to watch anime...

Take over

Speaking off that, the next anime season... I haven't checked it out at all... I also couldn't check Akiba blog at all...
I might go bankrupt with satisfying my greeds once I return to Japan...

What will happen to/become of me from now on....

Page 131:

Take over!

Arata... Did you already memorize the commands?

Ah... Yes...
Shit, really... You've gotta be kidding...


Don't worry Arata, the anime season is most likely full of shit anyway
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Page 133:

This is the first time... That I got praised during work...
Ah... Thanks...
I see... So this is how it feels like...

And done. Next up on the 'catching up' schedule is Maris Stella again, but maybe I can squeeze in another chapter of this since there's no Ribbon warrior this month
>no brown loli
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Thank you swiss
>v.1 c.2 by /ak/ Scans (34d ago)
>c.1 by /ak/ Scans (495d ago)
So how long till I can read the full first volume?
they actually only show up from chapter 7 onwards

there's another 2 chapters in vol. 1, so about 4 months I'd say
>4 months
Well, if the translation will keep on going, then I can deal with that.
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It's beautiful. Thanks
How does a otaku even find the people who recruit PMSC?
Did we ever got to know swiss and cromwells address? I wanted to send them a christmas card ;_;
Go to a bar and look fucking miserable. They will come.
And wear an ACU hat.
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This thread needs more little girls and tanks!
I think people in this thread might know what I'm talking about. What's going on with that manga about cute girls with ww2 planes?
Although if it makes you feel any better, I remember hasegawa releasing 1/72 kits of them.
which one exactly? I can spontaneously think of 3:
The one running in MC axis
Shidenkai no Maki from Nogami
and the webmanga one who's name I forgot
This one?

>Tfw 1/48
Thanks for the TL, swiss
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I really hope that I find the time to start translating this, groundless and the youjo senki LN sometimes this year
I was also kinda hoping that the tread stays alive long enough for the next Maris Stella typesetting to be dumped, but I guess it can't be helped
What is this? Those are the manliest girls I've ever seen.
...Those are girls?
Assume they are dudes until the adam's apple is shown.
They are kinda dressed as maids. Which I know means nothing.

Good call. Let's err on the side of caution.
The longer these threads go without something substantial to discuss, the worse they get.
File: not_her_actual_line.png (281KB, 1400x952px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
281KB, 1400x952px
Most of it it's done. I'm posting what's done meanwhile.
>1000 yard stare
>thought it was those swirly eyes
Sweet Jesus.
Now this is just silly.
Read once about WWII era proximity fuzes, surprised something so overcomplicated was kind of reliable, haha.
Can't they use mechanically activated proximity fuzes or stuff?
Chitin Charlie breaches the wall.
>Angel Life
>Crustaceans ripped my flesh
RIP that girl.
File: p27.jpg (3MB, 2064x2992px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 2064x2992px
Trench Flowers. Girls wearing maid outfits and serving as frontline troops in a trench warfare
A few missing pixels gracefully donated by the mag release raws, haha...
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>Maris Stella
Oh boy, been waiting for this.
No! No twin tails!
shit is gonna get good.
she has a name, you know. But it's best not to get too attached to any of the recruits in this series...
That's a cute name. Also she already got wounded and taken out of the front line, there is no way something else can happen to her, r-right?
she gets awarded a purple heart and send back home
File: 1384196605138.jpg (57KB, 300x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>send back home
worse than dead.
well, that's kinda ironic since literally everyone expect Juri, Chocolan and Ymir dies at the end when they fulfil doomsday
Oh wow almost had forgotten about this series I think I read up until the child soldiers planning an ambush.
Anthology when?
Heh, even Rakija can tell how much fun Ymir's having in that panel.
Fin. Preparing archive.
Wait, no. There was another page on the script.
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