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Ping Pong

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Literally just finished marathoning it 10min ago after putting it off for a couple of months.

>Anime of the year
>OST of the decade

This is a fucking gem of execution over material.

Also, general discussion I guess.
>OST of the decade
Going too far, now.

But yeah AOTY
Wenge best boy
It was a simple story told in a brilliant way. I absolutely loved it; AOTY for sure.
Currently marathoning, AOTY thus far by a mile
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I rewatched it yesterday as well and it was my fourth time watching it. Kazama's episode is so god awful, I hate it.

>Wenge best boy
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ZnT has a better OST for me but yeah its anime of the year by far.
>Kazama's episode is so god awful
Hits too close to home?
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>execution over material

Dont you mean the other way around?
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Manga's better.
I know I'm still high off of it, but I'm not sure I'm going too far. It is REALLY good and, more importantly, very well implemented into the show.

Even Lelouch cant have shit taste every time.
>doubt it
>don't care anyway
I've been a fan of the manga for years and the anime is slightly better.
Yes, but not in the way I think you're implying.
Whenever Peco says 'I love you' I want to punch his face in that episode. It's just too cheesy for me. The pacing seems all over the place as well.
But ultimately, you might just be right. Is it wrong to be bitter about not having a hero in my life?
No. The story itself is not that great, it's simple. And it's also not perfect; for example I think they heavily underused perhaps the best character in Wenge.

But the way it's told and it's style and the pacing -- oh my, that pacing -- just grips you from the first second.
>Is it wrong to be bitter about not having a hero in my life?

Yes, you shouldn't expect someone to have to save you in the first place.
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Even Polnaref needed a hero!
Its just your male mentality that you think you can deal with everything all by yourself.
If you can accept someones help, do it, cause some of us are too lost in our own pride to be able to accept it.
I was really surprised to see China mellow out and embrace his team. His parts in the Christmas episodes were great.

Enter the hero
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I genuinely love this show, but what is the deal with the rabid fans, the trolls pretending to be rabid fans, and the people who hate it?
>the rabid fans
Just people who are too easily impressed.
>the trolls pretending to be rabid fans
Every show that is expected to appeal to normalfags gets this. Some people are overly paranoid of crossboarders invading and feel the need to fight back, I guess.
>the people who hate it
Some people had a negative reaction to the art style when they first saw it and decided to not give it a chance. The others just have different opinions than you.
>that spoiler
Well the nerve of some people!
How dare they!
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When I say hate it, I mean as vocally as the rabid fans. Is this a more normalfag show? like you said the art style threw many people off.
It's very, very different and its peculiarities are so salient and jagged that they can impale would-be typical fans of an otherwise genuinely good anime. The fans caught in this shows defining aspects obsess over them and can go crazy constantly anchoring themselves to these visual and audio aspects instead of the story's themes and characters. Due to the more-or-less shallow nature of liking an anime primarily due to its animation style, it's easy to emulate and make fun of these people's conduct (while simultaneously attempting to draw flak to a different anime that one may not actually like if that is an ulterior motive).

Rabid fans obsess over the style instead of the substance. This is a low-hanging fruit for trolls. Therefore, we have a crowd of mongoloids shitting themselves at the bottom of the tree while less people manage to actually climb to the top.
>they can impale would-be typical fans of an otherwise genuinely good anime
Holy shit, I'm glad I liked this show. I don't want to get impaled.
>while less people manage to actually climb to the top.
>2015- two weeks
>not flying to the top
Do you even hero?
Goddamn, you're right. I'm no true fan. To repent, I must now go listen to the soundtrack 20 times again. For real, though, I might. It's a 10/10 OST.
>mfw just finfished marathoning for the first time
God damn that was satisfying
Wenge's story was pretty much all anime original so they probably did not want to devote too much time to it. It was mostly implication in the manga.
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ping pong.jpg
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It was a really fun watch and great one overall but I feel the best part of the show was the message it was portraying.

Also, I did not mind the art at all for it, infact, I found it to be pretty good.
After seeing this thread and posts about the OST, I feel like going back and listening to it right now; It's too great NOT to be listened to.
I didn't say anything about not accepting help. I help loads of people throughout my daily life, but I'd be embarassed if they called me a hero.
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I really think he should've been much more imoprtant in the story. He was arguably the best character.
>Style boner
Too bad he was delegated to jobber.
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Peco's story was so fucking brilliant, What a character he turned out to be.

I thought the art just added to the brilliance of it.
Yeah, he started out as this badass who appeared to be the main opponent and by the end he was just a semi impressive measuring stick.

Which is really sad, he deserved better.
jabroni thread?
law of averages, monkeys and typewriters and all that.
Thread posts: 38
Thread images: 11

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