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Inou Battle Thread

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Hatoko is best girl regardless of your taste and opinion edition.
first for Hatoko
Tomoyo had just finished an all-nighter attempting a write up of her newest novel attempt. A blend of fantasy and romance, she got frustrated and stubborn many times, but persevered to finish it as the deadline for submission was coming up soon. Before she realized it, the sun was dawning over the horizon just as she finished her work.

Despite being tired, she was however feeling more passionate than she was in a very long while. Writing romance was far more difficult than she had imagined. They were the scenes she rewrote and scrapped most. In the end she wanted Andou's opinion as fast as possible, especially with the encroaching deadline. Since it was daybreak, she decided to just go straight to his house and visit him as it was the weekend despite her obvious lack of sleep. When she got there, she was greeted by Andou's sister who then told her Andou was still sleeping in his room. So then for the first time in a while she entered Andou's bedroom.

He was still sleeping, making a stupid face like he always does, Tomoyo thought. Poking his face a bit, it seemed he was deep asleep. In a Chuuni burst of flair, Tomoyo decided to pull off his blanket dramatically and forcefully. Quick and forceful, Andou was revealed and laid bare to the elements in the blink of an eye. And in that moment right after the blanket was pulled off, but before Tomoyo could yell something to wake him up, she saw it. And when she saw it, time froze for her, or more accurately she froze time in pure shock.
I want to lick Andou's Dark and Dark.
Morning wood, Andou had it. Blanket frozen in midair, Tomoyo was stuck staring at it for an indeterminate amount of time, technically not any time at all since it was frozen, but she herself was stupefied for what seemed like minutes to her. She then wondered what she was doing. It was morning wood, it was Andou's, why was she staring at it she was thinking. She was here to show him her novel, not stare at his junk she remembered. But then she pondered her earlier frustrations with her novel and romance.

Maybe her problem was a lack of experience, she had tried escalating some of the romance scenes in her novel, but there was a clear area they could never get to. Sex scenes, some novels did indeed have them, she was wondering if they would fit in her work. However, she had no experience. She didn't even know what men's parts looked like. Maybe she should rectify that, she thought as she undid Andou's underwear while time was still stopped not realizing her own lust was overtaking her as well in addition to her curiosity.

It was cute? She wasn't sure what it looked like, but when she saw its true form. It wasn't dark and menacing to her she felt. Maybe she was a bit disappointed due to that she thought. Looking at it from every angle, from glans to base as well as his testicles. Before she knew it, she was feeling it with her hands. Her abilities to interact with things while time was stopped were limited, but she found she could articulate people slightly while time was stopped if she focused. So with some effort, she even managed to pull back and stretch his foreskin slightly as well as roll his balls somewhat.
She doesn't deserve to be bst girl. She shot herself twice and that dragged her down.
Tomoyo was getting good experience with this she thought. However, she realized something was missing. It was the scent, smell does not transfer in the air properly. Tomoyo knew from past experience so she wasn't experiencing the musk she had read about before in some novels. So she pressed her nose to it. Still nothing she noted. She decided to try tasting it, licking it slightly from tip to testicles. Tasteless as well she thought? It was fleshy, but so was her own arm. She then put her whole mouth around it and started licking thoroughly. In the end, it was just the fleshy taste of clean skin. It seemed Andou washed himself very well Tomoyo thought.

As she released her mouth from it, she licked her own wet fingers to compare tastes. Her own taste was very distinct despite remembering to take a shower before coming. Then Tomoyo realized she was just masturbating with that hand. She had already slid off her panties without realizing it at some point apparently. She jumped in shock of herself, she was just here to get Andou's opinion on her novel, and maybe get some experience with romance stuff. Not molest him for her own pleasure.

Who was she kidding, she finally thought to herself. There was nobody to comment on her flagrant dishonesty with herself as time was stopped. She knew what she was doing deep inside. Tomoyo resolved herself and got up on the bed over Andou panties fully off now. He still had his stupid, cute, sleeping face on.
Hatoko a shit. A SHIT.
Tomoyo a shit. A SHIT.
She lowered herself, suppressing the heavy pain from deep within herself that felt as if it were her soul screeching. It was her own doing though. Everything else was stopped. She was the only one responsible for breaking herself, her hymen. It was a strange feeling having something so deep inside her especially with the lingering pain. So she waited, and when her feelings of pain, awkwardness, and nervousness subsided, she started moving and embraced the pleasure.

Slow at first, slow for a while actually. Tomoyo had all the time in the world. Gasping for breath tiredly as she pumped herself up and down. It was an experience that felt both invigorating and exhausting to her, but all those thoughts went away as she stared at Andou's sleeping face. Before she knew it, she had her face to his and started kissing him. Forcing her tongue into Andou who thankfully slept with his mouth open. She was violently slamming her hips into him at this point. Soon she reached her climax.

Tomoyo just laid on Andou for a while after that, time still frozen, trying to savor the moment. However it was bitter. When she finally got up, she dutifully dried off Andou's nether regions, thankfully, liquids couldn't flow during her ability's use. She cleaned away the undrying blood. After that, she tucked Andou in, put her novel manuscript on his deck, and then left. She really did hate her dishonesty, she thought to herself.
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Are they actually going to fight for his dick i can just feel a nasty vibe in the air.
Hatoko should die.
>best girl

That's a strange way to say worst girl especially after the bitch move she pulled in episode 9.
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