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The storm of swords showers onto her. "Hi, ah, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

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The storm of swords showers onto her.

"Hi, ah, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
…The scream echoes through the night.
The swords multiply in response to the scream, and the scream gets louder in turn.

"Ah, ha, it hurts, take it out, it hurts, take it out, plea… se…!!!"
Caster must have regenerative powers like Saber.
She cannot die even when swords are stabbed into her, so her figure is just too miserable.

…The rain doesn't stop.
The weapons each differ in shape, and none of them are the same.
And I don't want to admit it, buteach one of those weapons equals the 'Noble Phantasms' of the Servants.

"No, this cannot… besuch a… ridiculous… number"
The merciless rain of Noble Phantasms.
Caster struggling under it is just-
The infinite cycle of torture that I thought would last forever lasted only about ten seconds in reality.
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I don't know if I'm going to be emotionally stable enough to get through this scene.
Is it just me or do they seem to be going out of their way to highlight ways in which Shirou is similar to Archer? Obviously having seen the original and read the VN I know why that is, just wondering if it seems the same way to anyone who hasn't?
You ever notice how in Fate Caster has a Gravity Control Spell capable of totally disabling a Servant, a defensive forcefield spell who's toughness is equal to Berserker's body, and Regenerative abilities equal to Saber's absurd dragon core powered self-healing... and then in UBW and HF she never uses any of those? Might have come in handy.

I don't know why Nasu portrays Caster as such a jobber in the expanded materials. I know LOL MAGIC RESISTANCE and all that, but it still seems like bullshit that she apparently loses to literally every other Servant ever even with her Argon Coin dragon.
She doesn't know how to summon the dragon, and even if she did, Nasu has stated before that the dragon is nothing significant
Well, ufo did skip a scene where Ayako says "goddammit Shirou, you are a top tier archer"

Which is another load of bullshit. Jason is a top tier hero from the same era as Hercules and he couldn't beat the dragon. When he tried to fight the dragon it fucking ate him and spat him back out, he only got past it because Medea put it to sleep so he avoided another fight.

In what universe is a dragon, from the Age of the Gods which means it should be on a similar if not superior level to Medusa's Pegasus which requires an Excalibur-tier attack to beat, who defeated a top-tier hero and was never recorded as being defeated nothing significant?

The level of weakness Nasu applies to Caster makes no sense within his own rules. I understand he wanted her to just be a schemer type and not combat-oriented, but when he says stuff like "Caster could only kill Hercules a max of three times and that's with Souichirou and Assassin holding him back," I can't understand it. She should be one of the BEST Servants for fighting Hercules. Am I expected to believe that even with her massive mana reserves she only knows 3 attack spells that are A-rank? Because Rin showed us that ANY A-rank spell can take one of Berserker's lives with a headshot, so if Medea knows 12 and has the mana to use them she should win. Am I expected to believe that if she stored enough mana over a long period she couldn't put it all into a single beam spell and do enough damage in one shot to take all 12 lives, like Excaliblast can?

It just doesn't make sense to me.

Well, they showed him kicking ass on the archery field in a flashback.

Maybe seeing Caster molest Saber will help you mentally prepare
So has anyone made a gif of Rider's head spinning? My boner was growing but then was killed quite quickly...
Jason isn't even in the same tier as Hercules. Hercules was the premier Greek hero above anyone outside of the Acheans in the Iliad. Jason is essentially a guy who gets around by seducing women and making false promises to them.
Of course he was below Hercules but so was every other greek hero. Jason and the crew of the Argo were all in the top-tier, he's probably below Achilles, but he's certainly on the same level as Perseus or Atalanta.
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Jason was still a king or ruler, and Jason and the Argonauts are still really well known
Hercules is the most iconic hero that the holy grail can summon, so comparing them isn't fair, but it isn't as if Jason would be down and out
I agree with everything >>117694683
this anon said. Medea gets shafted just as Assassin gets shafted because you can't just write them into the story wrecking everyone's shit.
>"oh, they're supposed to be the weakest servants on purpose"
Caster is from the age of gods and still gets screwed because Nasu at that point hadn't learned how to make Magic and all the tricks/rules that go along with it interesting.
But he wrote Mahou, so clearly he knows what he's doing now.
I would love to see him rewrite it and make Caster a more legitimate threat

>not "do you have enough swords"?

How could they.

>Medea gets shafted just as Assassin gets shafted because you can't just write them into the story wrecking everyone's shit.

I can accept Assassin being shafted because it's usually the Master's fault. Kotomine wasn't out to win and Zouken had his own weird plans. And 5th War Hassan is actually portrayed pretty strongly, he goes toe to toe with several servants despite being measurably inferior to them and holds them at bay with his throwing knives, and his Noble Phantasm is just as good for killing Servants as it is for killing Masters. Its just that circumstances kind of screw him over.

But Medea isn't just screwed over by plot armor, she's screwed over by the word of god outside the story. And that just bugs me because it seems inconsistent with his own rules. It's more like he's making excuses for her to be shit because Casters are supposed to be shit regardless of anything else.
No, it just seems really obvious to us because we know, that's all.
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The episode with caster vs archer/assassin vs saber makes it pretty obvious, that at the very least they're connected to each other in some way.
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Thread images: 5

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