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What went wrong?

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What went wrong?
Nobody gives a fuck about your thread, that's why niggers stole your phone
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Can you at least reply to my threads normally without bringing our lives into them?
But its true, noone cares
I was okay with the ending.
It was alright. Its biggest flaw was that it went up again Nazo no Kanojo X in the same season, which vastly improved on the source material instead.
Whatever. I feel nauseas anyway, I'm gonna go lay down.
And here we are a couple years later. We can compare endings and look back at how naive we were.
NNK X biggest disappointment of 2014
I read it for a while but it drags on way too long. I never finished it. I would imagine dude has ghost sex or something and they live (die) happily ever after but it wasn't worth it.
>I read it for a while but it drags on way too long
It's only like 44 chapters what are you on about. I remember nothing slow-paced or dragged out about it.
Absolutely nothing.
I know it's not long, but while it was running there so much nothing between the good bits.
Every chapter was filled with cute & softness. I don't know what you're on about man.
threadly reminder that Teiichi-kun is 12. Yuuko-san is a female ghost pedophile.
Well if it's so cute and soft, then why don't you post more?
I think he was 13 at the end but yes, she's a pedophile, and that makes it all the better.

I usually dump my smallish collection in Yuuko threads
Does this not count as a Yuuko thread? I seriously made this thread for the purpose of getting some good images of Yuuko, since I lost all of mine.
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I didn't really feel like it this time. But I feel bad for you so I guess I will.
Some WEBMs, some have audio, some don't.
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complimentary pages?
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