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The MC of the last anime you watched is now your Servant in the

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The MC of the last anime you watched is now your Servant in the Holy Grail War.

How do you do?

Pic related is mine, he's a Rider.
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Pick it.gif
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>Not Archer because they have the same voice
But he doesn't have a bow and arrow or swords.
Rider, maybe Assassin I suppose?
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>Inou Battle

Oh, God, dammit. You just had to say "main character", didn't you? My chances would have been much better with any one of Dork and Dork's bitches.
Berserker i guess
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anime tree jesus is pretty formidable
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Not sure if Rider...
>magic kaito
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I win
You have the power of EX-ranked Chuuni.
>Playing an Early Access Game

I seriously
>Inou Battle
well, I'm doomed
Sweet JP from redline, if that doesn't count then it's Shinichi from parasyte.
Didn't mean to quote.
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Does manga count?
Cause I don't watch anime.
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Ange, damn it.

if she comes with her mecha, i'm fine.
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Lucky you.
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>2op nerf plz
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well im screwed
Well, I might be okay. What class do you figure he'd be, though? Caster?
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>Ronja Rövardotter

Does this look like the face of mercy?
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Kokkuri 07d.jpg
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Outlook not so good.
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Caster of Propane and Propane Accessories
>not sehai sensou
>The World God Only Knows
The grandmaster of Eroge has been summoned into an Eroge. I literally cannot lose.
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Screenshot (1571).png
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I, well-

I don't even know what she is
>Last watched is Kokkuri-san
So I summon Kohina?
>passive ability: summon spirits to fight for her as time passes
>NP: Kokkuri-san
Pretty sure I win everything
I am so fucked
But he has firearms and combat knives
File: SnBcrabfight.webm (3MB, 800x450px)
3MB, 800x450px
What would she be?
I guess he can be a Caster.

I'm a fucking dead man. Might as well head on over to the Church.
Caster I guess, and I suppose first thing I'll do after winning is wish for season 2
>Caster of Propane
more like proPAIN
Definitely lancer
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Kaiki would be Fake Assassin
But the catch is that he's much better than the real Assassin
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not too sure about the class.
Berserker I guess.
Can I just take Char as a Rider


Hot damn

Could probably be either Berserker or Saber. Either way, I've got good chances.
>implying he wouldn't be an assassin
>his ability is literally everything he runs into dies, just a straight out aura of death he can turn on or off.
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Screenshot (1761).png
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But her luck is great
Anons keep in mind that they have to have gone berserk at some point to qualify as berserker
Empty-handed fighters have it rough. Definitely doesn't fit saber, archer, lancer, rider, or caster. Doesn't actually like to kill people, not Assassin. And Baki actually doesn't have Rage-Mode Power Up or anything, I can't picture him as berserker. Yujiro definitely tho

I guess the best you can hope for is Saber, with "knife-hand" being the justification.
>watched medaka box
>turns out medaka can probably only be Berserker, but may actually be the singularly most bullshit berserker known to mankind
>will probably either kick everyones ass here REALLY quickly, or i'll die from the holy shit levels of mana used.
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>just read the yugioh manga
Atem as Caster, it'll be the first time a Caster wins anything.
Medaka would suck as berserker, she relies entirely on skills and hax that need rational thought to be activated.
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Berserker or Saber?
i don't know what other class she would even be.
I just assumed she was auto berserker with the ability to turn the whole mad enhancement thing on and off, and with the passive ability of the end always running of where she can steal literally all powers or whatever the shit, just like in the series.
did you forget about her whole berserker athena mode or whatever? Where she pulled the entire school?
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Servant Caster
True Neutral
Mana: A+
NP: A++

Class skills:
>Charisma: D++
Personality and Mental Disorder make Caster unsuited for leadership, but within a Network this skill is greatly increased.
>Item Construction: B-
Caster can create magical items, with some assistance.
>Territory Creation: EX
With certain materials, is possible to create a "Network", superior to a "Temple".

Personal Skills:
>Discernment of the Poor: B
Insight to see through the opponent's character and attributes.
Caster cannot be deceived by her opponent's words.
>Double Summon: D
Although Caster possesses attributes of both the 'Caster' and 'Saver' classes, she is not suited to be a 'Saver' alone.
>Expert of Many Specializations: C—A
Caster has extensive knowledge of many subjects, but lacks practical experience. Proficiency greatly increases within a Network.
>Eye of the Mind (True): D—EX
A heightened capacity for observation.
Capable of intense analysis of a single subject. Within a Network, Caster has absolute awareness of everything within the Network.
>High-Speed Incantation: A+
Magecraft is performed at the speed of thought, approaching the level of instinct.
>Information Erasure: D—EX
Capable of manipulating and erasing electronic data. Within a Network, Caster has absolute control over the flow of information.
>Mental Disorder: C
Eccentricity limits Caster's Charisma, but also protects against mental interference. This skill is inactive within a Network.
Still, Berserker class a shit and rider/caster are better.
Actually, no. The End is basically a subconscious ability. She masters everything she tries without actually trying.

She could be literally any class and she'd acclimate to it rapidly and be OP, as long as she retained The End.
better fits for Medaka?
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Noble Phantasms:
>NAVI — Think Different
Rank C
A palm-sized electronic grimoire from a future era. It contains extensive knowledge and instructions regarding many schools of magecraft, and is capable to some degree of independently performing basic magic such as projecting material for use in a ritual. Using its nearly limitless collection of information, it can analyze enemy Servants and their Noble Phantasms to determine the capabilities, limitations and true identities. Caster is capable of constructing additional lesser NAVIs which can self-replicate over time and serve as the core of Caster's 'Network'

>The Wired — Everything Is Connected
Rank EX
A Bounded Field of incomparable complexity, approaching the level of a Reality Marble. The ritual used to establish the field is established and expanded by the NAVIs, and if left unchecked can expand indefinitely. Once activated, the space within the field is altered to become Caster's Network, an ultimate Workshop that bends itself to her advantage to the greatest extent allowed by the world. Within the Network, Caster's skills and magecraft are greatly improved and she is granted a full 2-Rank increase in all parameters. Despite the field's complexity and size, its unusual activation conditions and limited effects make it difficult to detect even after activation, and can only be stopped by destroying all active NAVIs, a process immensely complicated by Caster's Information Erasure skill.
this is probably how it work with her different forms and shit being the equivalent of different levels of mad enhancement, and since the end is a passive as fuck ability thats bullshit, it works.
not sure how she would even be a rider or a caster, care to explain this?
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His own class.
File: 1401135647925.jpg (66KB, 720x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>zoro as saber
>usopp as archer
>chopper as berserker
>luffy as rider
>nami as lancer
>robin as caster
>sanji as jobber
>implying he wouldn't be a rider with an absolute assload of spaceships fully crewed as his NP.
Wouldn't The End allow her to mimic other Noble Phantasms and class attributes, too?
Medaka is complete bullshit in the HGW
thats why i mentioned odds are highly likely the only real way to lose with her is because she probably costs an absolute shitload of mana to maintain.
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Not sure what this Holy Grail War is but I'm pretty sure I'll be fine.
Thread posts: 70
Thread images: 36

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