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Galaxy Angel

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Last one before week's end
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Last bump
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>played Forte and Vanilla's routes a bit before dropping the game for over a year
>Come back recently and play Ranpha's route

I've only made it through ML. Will my sides continue to transcend space and time in EL?
Someone new
Thank goodness

Ranpha's route are pretty in character but her problem in EL is a bit, "overdone" in the year 2014.

Didn't like Forte or Vanilla?

Also, no, Forte was great, I just knew I wasn't going to get a better story than hers. Vanilla I dropped about halfway through.
Hitting the male protagonist is something that's overdone a lot but not so much back when.

It's unintentional but it's still funny nonetheless.

Vanilla is still my favorite
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Well, I tried three times today and got nothing.

I pray for next week ;_;
Next week should be better.
I should have some new webms to post by then at least.
As far as I know, I've got a few more people into playing it last week and I'm curious as fuck to see how far people have gotten.

Oh well
Maybe they'll be back if the thread picks up again.

On another note, I know it isn't the same outfit, but I'm still getting Riserva vibes from Mint's in that pic.
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Well, it's a bit late to bring anyone back.

Although, late night threads were the usual deal back when
>was looking for a thread all week end,
>its dead

I guess all good things have to come to an end.
Friday and Saturday were pretty dead
but last week was great, i was moved to rewatch the show its still pretty good. i even downloaded the game too. When I first watched the show i was such a pleb i don't even know if i saw the show before or after i found 4chan. It was nice having such a nostalgia trip in the old threads. (not to mention the help with the game)
Last week's Friday thread was pretty great but I guess people got busy this week with what I presume college classes prepping for finals.

Who knows.

Either way, I'll be sticking around til thread's end like I always do
sweet, I'm curious about the game, how many routes/alternate endings does it have. or are there any hidden secrets. also is there any point to checking out rooms in the ship that aren't connected to one of the girls, is there any benefit?
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We talking specifically about the first game here I assume?
yeah. though a bit of insight into the ML and EL would be good too.
Chitose doesn't get involved until ML and EL so the first game has 5 routes total while the sequels have 6
>Alt Endings
You got a subroute in the first game and the "bad" end where you end up with nobody.

And objectively speaking, there really isn't any benefit in going to the room without the girls in it. That being said, some of them are funny like with the doctor or with the engineers
and when do the routes really diverge what chapter? Right now i'm just in chapter 4 and I have a specific target.

Also is the sub route hidden or will it be somewhat obvious.

lastly are there any main canon routes or is the canon ending something else entirely?
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Routes diverge in Chapter 7 and the 3 girls with the most affection toward you will be available for you to make the final choice.
Sub route is not completely hidden It's about Shiva

There's no canon route since you can choose who Tact ended up with through all the games, including the newer games
alright last question

which girl is best

Although, personal favorite is Vanilla for me. I started out wanting to romance Ranpha but Vanilla just melted me heart
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I'm personally gunning for mint. Milfie is a close second though.

Also I don't have much that isn't lewd.
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GA- Milfie Route.png
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I barely have anything that is lewd.

Everyone's a good choice to go for in the first game although some routes shiner brighter than others in the sequels.
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like what
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GA- Ranpha Route.png
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There's that one anon who's really irked with Mint's ML route
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Why? Or maybe i don't want to know.
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GA- Mint Route.png
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It's an understandable reason for him to be irked which is somewhat of a problem.
Her EL route makes up for it in my opinion so I wouldn't fear too much
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I guess the only way is to figure it out myself.
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GA- Forte Route.png
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Everyone's route has a distinct flavor so I generally urge to play through everyone's eventually.

Reporting in.
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GA- Vanilla Route.png
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Bit late.

Were you here for the 10 gig music file reorganization?
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But i dunno that seems like it'd take a while to play all routes for all games. thats a minimum of 2 full playthroughs and then some extra save scumming at the decision points. I don't know if i have the stamina to go all the way. Maybe for my favorite girls. but then it becomes a case of all the girls are equal but some girls are more equal.
ML and EL are significantly shorter than the first game which you already mentioned is at least 2 full playthroughs
Interesting, that makes things a bit better.

>keep fucking up choices with ranpha and vanilla
I don't even know how i'm messing up so bad. i guess this will be the Milfie mint and forte save.
Haven't played the first game in a while but everyone gets an enormous boost in their affection after their respective chapters anyway.

You mentioned you were on Chapter 4?
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Screenshot (1674).png
1MB, 958x718px
And scratch that. It's 3:30 AM and I'm cold, hungry, and tired so I might as well call it a night.

See you Friday
yeah, just finished the merchant ship mission.

Is it wrong to accept the bribes? because why would i say no to free stuff.

Also why argue to increase the price. The way i see it the military is more than in the right to commandeer supplies, Getting discounted supplies just shows how patriotic the corporation is. This is war, drastic times counts for drastic measures.
And before I sleep

Because Mint's entire story has to do with getting special treatment and the likes
Are these two shotas going to stick around for this entire season?
>tfw its 0430 and its snowing outside.

maximum comfy. I'm glad Its my weekend. Normally i'd be at work until 5 in the morning out in that snow.
So was accepting the bribe bad i didn't hear any chimes saying so. its not going to come back and haunt me is it? I always wanted a space yacht.
Unfortunately. Season 3 ain't bad and 4 is great
Have fun with the games, I'll expect more during Friday threads
I'm not completely sure but wait til the entire conversation's over to see Mint's response to it.

If she didn't say anything, then I guess you're in the clear
Chitose is my galaxy angel waifu.
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Screenshot (1705).png
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Everyone is late and delaying my sleeping time
As if I give a shit about that anymore

>No sniper rifle
Damn it Madhouse
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no problemo.png
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No sweat. I got this.
>sniper rifle
>in a dense jungle
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Screenshot (1762).png
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Not much to discuss even with the number of people we somehow got through the night.

Unless there are questions, I think it's time to sleep.
File: 07.webm (2MB, 534x404px)
2MB, 534x404px
Looks like the thread actually did pick up a little.
I want to bully her.
I'm happy but I also like sleep
I can't help but feel that this is overkill.

But then again when has overkill ever been a problem.
It's reorganized overkill and then some.

It had songs from EK I wanted too
>but everyone gets an enormous boost in their affection after their respective chapters anyway

I don't know why something like this wasn't possible in the later games. Seriously, I had almost three girls maxed out by the end of the first game, and I even managed to make one have higher affection than the girl whose route I chose for awhile. Not that it mattered since as soon as I chose a route, the associated Emblem Frame instantly became the most powerful thing on the battlefield regardless of how high I had boosted anyone else.
Thread posts: 56
Thread images: 24

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