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Pure Evil

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Hello /a/, I'd like to talk to you about the most evil anime/manga character you know. Not the strongest, not the most clever, not even the most well thought out, although those all coincide with what makes a villain so delicious. No, I'd like your opinions on who you think is *the* single most pure evil character.

For me it's still Naraku, as much as Inuyasha was quite the let down of a series in many regards that's not what I'm here to talk about. To me Naraku is the most evil character because he's not only powerful, clever and well connected, but he delights in it. He turns love into hatred, makes family and lovers betray one another simply for his own twisted amusement and to darken that damn jewel even further. He corrupts and tortures all those he comes into contact with, and his very name sends chills up my spine.

You are of course encouraged to disagree, and pose your own opinion on who you think is the most evil character.
I didn't like the conclusion to his character, confirming that he treated Inuyasha the way he did like a jealous ex or less would because he had a crush on Kekyo.

But constantly dicking around with the protag and asking how much he's suffered today makes me appreciate Naraku regardless.
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Homura, because after being evil through ignorance she realizes what she's done and accepts it, then becomes evil on purpose.

Delighting in evil is one thing
But starting as a good person, becoming aware of evil, and then choosing evil is on a completely different scale.

Those that delight in evil... well they like it, so it's natural.
Those that choose evil, knowing what it is, are true evil
To be fair... that lingering bit of him from the bandit who had the jealous hots for Kikyo which made it his motivation for going after Inuyasha always bothered me a little too.

However the part with Sango? That was just evil. Having her little brother under his control so that he could slaughter her family, then releasing him at the last moment so that he'd realized what he'd done, then having the guards finally kill him, and then shoot the hell out of Sango as she tries to hold him in her arms and reassure him that it wasn't his fault. Theeeeen sending all the demons after her village to retrieve the jewel shard killing everyone else she'd ever known and loved, and *then* having *her* go after Inuyasha using the very same jewel shard he'd stolen from her village? That was diabolical.
my post is not an opinion but a question

can you into naraku hype?

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Oh, that's easy. Mayuri Kurotsuchi.

>blows up his own soldiers as living bombs
>dissects and strips Ishida's grandfather down until only the head was left
>doesn't give a shit about his "daughter", though technically she is his property and not a real human
>delivers very cruel and unnatural deaths to his opponents in battle, for maximum agony, even if they deserve it
>infects everyone in SS with virus so he can spy on them and have the upper hand should they become his enemy

I know /a/ appreciates his trolling and I do too, I like him a lot as a character, but you can't deny that he's a real stinker. I know the whole "SCIENCE" justification behind his actions, but the fact remains that he's an evil bastard who has zero empathy for others. He just happens to be working for the good guys.
Johan is a pretty bad dude.
Naraku killed the best girl
Ehhh... I don't know, I mean with that argument you could say that Darth Vader is one of the most evil characters.
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That fucker has done more evil shit than any villain in a Shounen, and he's one of the "good guys".

>what's that? An excuse to test new drugs on my allies under the pretense of self-defense? Oh boy!

Mayuri is such a shit.
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Thread images: 4

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