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Her love zaps must feel heavenly OR she accident kills you during

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Her love zaps must feel heavenly

she accident kills you during coming
is she ac or dc this is important
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Speak English
Autoerotic electrocution is no joke
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The softest backup generator
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Why are her shorts sexier than just panties under her skirt?
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Well, 10032 is cute.
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misaka worst is the only cute one
ass fang
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Looks great in anything
All Misakas other than the original, yes, even her own father, are cute. There's just something off with her.
Mikoto is alright but she follows the tsundere archetype too closely with being dishonest.
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It's her attitude, isn't it?
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Some of her clones are softer.
What's wrong with a strong-willed woman? Not to mention she's more powerful than the rest of the cast almost always, and could possibly beat Accelerator if luck was on her side.

>yfw I have a collection of Misaka pics to fap but this is still the only one of hers I did the deed on

in before ban
Nobody is complaining about her strong-willdness though.

>could possibly beat Accelerator if luck was on her side.
Enough talk, post lewd.
I prefer the doujin where she has a vibrator in during a marriage ceremony
>every time you make her orgasm, all the surrounding electronics go out
Fug. Must be annoying for the neighbors, too. They'd know every time you had sex.
The one where she doesn't win the Touma bowl and goes to some random guy instead?
I can't fap if the art isn't close enough to official character design.
How would they know? All they'd know is that the power has been out for months and the electric company has no idea why it's been out completely.
This is a really brown image.
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Threadly reminder:
-That Misaka prevented Touma from going to his Amakusa Christian friends sooner when they were battling Acqua of the Back, making their injuries worse
-That during that above time, tried to confront him of his memory loss just to make sure that she wasn't forgotten, as if Touma was her slave or something.
-That Misaka has demanded for Touma to call her by her last name which he has acquiesced and then some by calling her by her given name, but she still has yet to call him other than idiot. A clear disrespect for him despite him being older and saving her ungrateful ass more than once.
-That Misaka had the gall of not helping Touma in his time of need during the British Halloween, and then had the gall to ask for a date from him
-That Misaka broke into top secret Academy City files just so she can stalk Touma
-That Misaka stole a billion dollar jet just so she can continue stalking Touma and even fail at saving him making her entire venture a waste of time
-That Misaka tried to steal a love letter to Touma that wasn't even meant for her
-That Misaka is a lot like her mother, getting drunk after "losing" Touma as if he was hers in the first place, and would've probably jumped at Hamazura's dick if she bumped into him
-That Misaka rudely attacked Touma's guest and would've invaded his home, destroying the important meeting between the three heroes.
-That Misaka committed a terrible fashion crime my wearing shorts under her skirt and not even spats. I mean, who does that shit? Pigfuckers obviously
Threadly reminder:
-That Misaka stalked and attacked pre-amnesia Touma constantly just because he can block her shitty powers.
-Reminder that Misaka never thanked Touma properly after helping her save her sisters and her sorry suicidal ass
-That Misaka forced Touma to date her while being obnoxious with her shitty hobby
-That Misaka delayed an injured Touma from going to help the Amakusas because she wanted to confirm to herself her own retarded feelings
-That Misaka forced Touma to bring her ass to Hawaii, giving him unnecessary burden
-That Misaka, despite not being his girlfriend and haven't even confessed to him yet, bought rings for the both of them that makes sure that Touma won't cheat
-That Misaka attacked a grievously injured Touma after seeing him with Cendrillon without asking questions because her shit logic believes that "he can take it".
-That Misaka, without even asking questions, again, tried to drag Touma by his belt from a rooftop, nearly getting him killed.
-That Misaka refused to translate Cendrillon's words to Touma because she got jelly, denying Touma a justified thanks from her
-That Misaka shocked an already injured Touma, again, while he was in a midst of an existential crisis while talking about things she knows nothing about

Watch out for Misaka Mikoto
The public enemy of Raildex #1
She is mainly responsible for...
☑ Index's Collar
☑ Damaging Index's bowels which make her digest food faster
☑ The attempted stabbing of a young Touma
☑ The Parameter List
☑ The distortion of the elements causing Angel Fall
☑ Giving Ridovia the idea of invading Academy City
☑ Kanzaki leaving the Amakusa
☑ Murdering Agnese's parents
☑ Abandoning Angelene and Lucia in Milan
☑ Pre-memory loss Touma being angry at Misaki
☑ Egging kids to attack a young Accelerator
☑ The rollercoaster that killed Vento's brother
☑ Rise in pirated Gekota merchandise
☑ Worldwide illegal trafficking of gemstones
☑ Othinus eviscerating Othinus
☑ Touma failing to save the world
☑ Radio Noise Project
☑ Level 6 Shift
☑ Dolly
☑ Kuroko not being the protagonist of Railgun
☑ Chemicaloid Project
☑ Pissing off powerless geniuses
☑ Aborting a fetus
☑ Shocking thugs into a indefinite vegatative state
☑ The punching bag girl from volume 19
☑ The decline of 19'th school district
☑ The bombing of Seventh Mist
☑ Giving Accelerator a caffeine addiction
☑ Sexual relations with pigs, underage
☑ Destroying Raildex threads and infecting other threads on /a/
☑ Killing Kawada Mami's career
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This is now a Raildex fapthread.
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Was this a doujin?
>dem abs
>dem butts

who need tits hnnnngh
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As long as Touman is holding her, she won't zap him.
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Choudenjihou The best out there for fucking misaka. Try and prove me wrong anons.

This, this makes me cry. But accelerator will be the true winner
thor is best electro and would kick misaka's ass any day of the week

I'm not gay or anything, but that episode made my heart skip a beat for Touma. Is this how it feels to be a little girl?
Thread posts: 41
Thread images: 19

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