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Halloween is almost here. Are we doing another one of these things?

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Halloween is almost here.

Are we doing another one of these things?
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I've got quite a few of these
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In light of the new Fate animation
Except Ko-Gil is nicer. 3/10
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Feel free to create your own.

I've got the template around here somewhere.
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>No Jojo

Let me rectify your sins.
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Think I found that template

Get to it.
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Oh, I like this one

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Sasuga, Onii-sama.
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Who goes to bed early on Halloween?
Requesting a Terraformars one with Censorship included.
Requesting a Fuuka one with SEOOOO included.
Tried to do it but my drawing skills are shit.
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Need one for IIE SENPAI
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Requesting one that I think may already exist but I can't find it in the galleries I saved: setsuna f seiei
Is there one with umineko?
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I'm sure it's fine.png
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I did this in one of these threads yesterday. It's shit.
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My sides
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Five thousand hours later
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I've never seen Medaka Box
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Well done.

>are you kaneda?
Hah never saw this one before.
What about it wasn't clear?
I'm not familiar with jojo.
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I tried
Well if you were it should have made sense.
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sugoi desu ne.jpg
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Requesting the Berserk version.

You all know the one I'm talking about.
I can't recognize any of these.

Do you nerds really watch all this obscure shit?
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Oh god that was great! Here have some candy
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Bro, you just all over dis board, damn!
Nice, makes me wish I could draw.
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>dat pic
Remember kids, if you are a no brained douche-bag, you shouldn't be driving at all.
I don't get it, did he get into a car crash or something?
Pretty much.
well that's what he gets for being such a douche, hopefully that calmed him down.
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rip in piece Paul Walker
what is this, a comic for ants?
For good. Shit was so crash
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File: 1413603882931.jpg (81KB, 702x397px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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(pssst anon, you can click on it)
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low-effort on my part.
Requesting Nisekoi.
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I only saved this one because it was fucking hilarious.
Thread posts: 67
Thread images: 41

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