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ITT: We write manga story ideas.

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Romance Comedy with some philosophical debate on nature versus nurture. Two pairs of identical twins, one male and one female, are separated from their twins at birth. One of the boys and one of the girls grow up knowning each other in Kyoto, the other pair grow up knowing each other in Osaka. They all end up in University in Tokyo. By then they are all in this state of being really good childhood friends and they might have romantic feelings for each other. While in University they end up all meeting each other in separate events. Bulk of the book then takes place through the 4 years of them attending University together. Getting to know their twin and the other twin. They have crisis about which twin they love. If the other twin is really the same person as the one they grew up with. Wondering about what happened to their twin that makes them different.
A manga about the music industry. Th MC is a high school boy who is hired by a failing record label to reverse their fortunes. It's also a harem, as all the label's executives and singers are all females.
An anime about cute puppies and penguins doing cute things.
Harem where each girl is a reincarnation of important historical figures

>Crossing Over.
A girl's version of herself from another, alternate universe communicates with herself telepathically. One day she options the MC if she'd like to switch lives for a while to see how different, yet familiar existences they lead. Agreeing to do so and spending one month in one another's realities, however an accident happens on the way back and our MC grows suspicious of her alternate selves intentions after not nearly making it home.

>Pure Wizard Warrior.
A shy otaku office worker is outed as a virgin by his co-workers by accident close to his 30th birthday. After being ostracized heavily for it he develops depression to the point of wondering whether or not he should return to work. SUDDENLY. An earthquake happens then a ball of light crashes through the MC's bedroom window which turns out to be a faery from another dimension. The creature demands they make a contract immediately as the world is facing grave peril but there's a catch. The office worker can't even kiss a woman, let alone have sex with one as it would drain his newly obtained powers. Next day at work his co-workers apologize and decide to try and get the MC laid despite being oblivious to his new contract. Will our hero save the world and remain a virgin or will he let it sink into despair as he performs the acts of love?

Every time i feel depressed starts to rain, and is lighting in this moment.
Two ordinary high schoolers find out they're reincarnations of a god (yes, both are one divided god's soul) and have to save the world ... by being taught by their past lives' selves.
But not their world, they got teleported off to another world so they could use magic
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cute girls do cute things
Historical drama involving composer Baldassare Galuppi's 3-year work term (1764-1767) at Saint Petersburg under Catherine the great. Galuppi is depicted as a tsudere (this is actually historically accurate) and Catherine an aloof oujou-sama.
The universe has reset under the will of the God named Eeditor and he has designated our poor MC to be the protagonist of yet another highschool harem series while being unable to actually do anything with the girls. His male classmates however have since banded together to help our sexually repressed protagonist. All instances of cliches are identifies, and the classmates do their best so that the new transfer girls, childhood friends, and student council presidents do not get their filthy hands on their friend
A shitty light novelist gets sucked into his own book and must deal with it. The story will focus on why manga is the superior medium.
>sci-fi fantasy mystery thriller
>MC has amnesia
inb4 cliche
>she has to find stargates to lead her to something she is search of
>she must avoid encountering any hostile beings
Some guy that can't die walks around an empty Earth. He reads some books, looks at places he's been and not been at before, and sometimes interacts with some old robots that still move around.
The chapters in which he crosses the continent bridges are flashbacks of people he met and are now dead.
I guess the point of it all is to make the readers think and grow up as they read about the million things that happen to ordinary people. And then makes you cherish what you have as the MC has one big regret that can't be helped anymore (because waifu is dead). Or some shit.
In MC-kun's mind lived the spirits of a philosopher, a king, and a samurai from differing time periods and held different views of the world which often comes into conflict. These 3 historical spirits are conscious and living within the MC and they not only see what the MC sees but also hear his thoughts in real time. MC-kun becomes aware of this phenomenon around the beginning of his junior year of highschool.

First episode

>MC-kun arriving at his first class of the day
>thinking to himself, he ponders where he should sit
>all 3 of the spirits living in him say at the same time: "Isn't it obvious kid?! The seat in the back next to the window!"
>Philosopher: Are you just pretending to not be aware of your status as the main character of this story or are you actually a fool?
>MC-kun: Huh? And anyhow, there's someone already sitting at that seat.
>Samurai: Then there's only one thing to do: Challenge him to a duel and win your right over the seat that brings dominion over this class!
>King: Boy, do you not understand the responsibility of the nobility? As the main character, that seat is your rightful throne!
Yeah fuck the 4th wall.

>MC-kun brushes their thoughts off and sits at the empty seat in front of the seat that was already taken by the window
>class ends and it's time for lunch break
>MC-kun goes up to the school roof as any true MC would for his lunch
>he's about to take a bite of his spaghetti hotdog and the door he came through earlier opens abruptly
>first girl of the harem appears: childhood friend who MC-kun has not met for a long time
>episode end

Note: Regardless of their differing views and beliefs, all 3 of the spirits in his head agree that osananamiji is the best girl and MC-kun is a dumb nigger for choosing the [other girl that actually wins in the end]

One of the girls in the harem is a mind-reader

Anyone else wanna add to this?
MC has a terrible disease and the only cure is found in the saliva of his harem members.

>the drool of the best girl is the cure to his disease
>but the drool of any other girl will heighten the effects of it
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>Dark fantasy setting
>MC is a plague doctor/alchemist
>Hired bodyguard is sick with some rare disease that effects her species only (Orc or Troll or something)
>She makes sure the Doc doesn't get his scrawny ass kicked and is paid in medicine
>MC is pursued by religious zealots/crusaders because muh heresy
>They move town to town running away and curing sick peasants for food and lodging
>They stumble upon something they shouldn't have
>Some kind of plot twist happens, like they find out that the King or pope or whatever is controlled by demons
>They kill the shit out of him

That's as far as I got
>The entire premise of the show is to find out who best girl is so he can make her his waifu and live a comfortable life.
It's set in University rather than highschool.

>plot twist
>the best girl is actually not the one who can cure him
not bad. Could be done right, but it could also be done very wrong.
It was his true love who could do it.
>MC already denied his true love because he thought best girl was his cure.
>Second-half is him trying to reconcile with his heartbroken love.
>She doesn't feel like she can trust MC because his motives appear to be just to find a cure.
Thread posts: 23
Thread images: 3

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