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General photogrammetry/scanning experiences and tips post
Any photogrammetry people here?
I've been trying out digital scans, found that Agisoft Photoscan is the best. But I'm having trouble capturing detailed models. The figure on the left is a mostly matte figurine i'e been trying to scan for a few days. However, I think because she's block patches of colour, and maybe a little glossy, the program is having difficulty finding points to match. So my point clouds are pretty sparse. Other simpler models (see turtles) have worked out fine.
I think I'm gonna paint it matt today. Has anyone painted a model before for scanning?
I heard someone once tried to do part of a car, and to get around the reflective surface of the paint, they covered the area with talcum powder. I'd guess a fairly light dusting, just enough to give it an inconsistent look that the photogrammetry software can catch onto.
The upside to it was it washes off when you're done.
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Hi. Just got into photogrammetry after experimenting with laser scanning with a Kinect for a few months, and compared to the shit that gave me, this stuff is magic.
Am using a Canon PowerShot G15, manual mode, always saving to RAW and at low ISO-large aperture to reduce noise but not blur, Photoshop to convert to TIFF and Agisoft Photoscan to make shit.
Usually, processing everything is pretty fast on my crappy rig (intel i5-4200u, nvidia gt740m, 6gb ram) with sessions of up to ~70 photos taking about an hour (highest align, medium dense, high mesh, 8192x1 texture) and taking even up to 5 hours on sessions with more than 150 images or if they're in jpeg.
For some reason, Photoscan really hates jpeg images, or my Moto G 3's camera (used it before using the PowerShot.)
One issue is that models tend to get extremely high poly, and decimating in something like Max makes it really fucked up, so I'm using Photoshop's Normal and Bump 3D filters on the textures to overcome this.

Pic related is a little ceramic sculpture captured with a Kinect (~380 scans) and phone camera (~251 images) .
I have a couple of test images for Photoscan, if anyone is interested.
There's also chalk spray which was recommended in an official 123D Catch video.

I watched this video recently. I don't know if it can help with your problem OP, but it has interesting tips on how you must setup your camera and environment to get even lighting and sharp pictures, things like that
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Holy FUCK. I just got a kinect V2 and have been playing around with it. Literally just came in today. What was the best program you found for use with it? I've tried quite a few today and none are really giving me what I was hoping for. That second scan is looking AMAZING btw.

Pic related, the only decent result I've had.
I used different programs for different scenes - KScan3D for turntable/ small objects, and Scenect for large areas (i.e. rooms).
I didn't have a Kinect V2, though, my 360 fried so I sold it and kept the Kinect and bought a USB adapter for it.
I also did some facial animation tests with my Kinect and frankly it was amazing. Used Faceshift 2015.1, am going to try and find then render it.

Your scan already looks better than anything I've ever tried to scan, even close-ups of me or other objects. It always hated hair, eyes and mouthes, though, so they looked like flat-ish surfaces.
Yea, used KScan for this, but it freaks out at colored textures. Scanect looks great, though they don't support the V2. Going to give the facial rigging a try though, that sounds super cool.

I really apprciate it! I wish I could get your level of photogrammetry though. I've tried for YEARS to get the photo stuff to work, but it just won't for me. That seriously looks awesome.
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If you still want to try and get into photogrammetry, try reading some tutorials or watching some videos. The Photoscan manual is a pretty good start, telling you exactly how to get the best shots and from which angles:

Just finished rendering my faceshift animation, btw. It's saying "testing faceshift, testing".
Nice lip movements. Last time I used faceshift it was buggy as hell
its still is odds are that is a demo from someone who spent 80+ hours messing with it and over articulates their facial expressions to get that result.
that just like "photogrammetry" <--seriously no one says this shit lamo - is shit tech
Faceshift guy here. I didn't really over articulate my face to get this, all I did was say this with a smile, while testing everything out (I forgot to test eye tracking, though - I kept staring at the Kinect instead of looking around).
Recorded this at default capturing settings, then optimized it in Faceshift (took about ~45 minutes, was aiming at 48fps interpolated animation) then exported to FBX.
Faceshift is a particularly shitty program to deal with. Support has been dead since Apple took over, so only way to get it is from torrents and use the included HTML manual; and the exporting to BVH, FBX, OBJ (for actor meshes) or even saving your captures rarely works (or has a specific workaround, which I haven't figured out yet) and instead saves a capture of a really red faced man saying "get Faceshift at Faceshift dot com", deleting your progress.
This capture was the one time where Faceshift decided to not crap out on me and saved my capture in FBX and WAV until breaking.
Also, I am in no way a professional at 3d anything, so most of what I do is a result of dumb luck or throwing solutions at my problems and seeing what sticks.
No love for ReMake?
Needs too much RAM.
I want to see CapuringReality users myself. Never get to see any.
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