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>Official Wiki



why don't we have a general again for it?
Post anything and everything SFM related.
File: headswap.png (2MB, 825x6876px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 825x6876px
Head Swap tutorial.(For putting SFW models that do not have nude versions on NSFW nude bodies)
Oh boy, here we go.
What's that supposed to mean?
I just wanted to help anyone interested in SFM and perhaps do model requests for those interested, but it seems there are no sfm content creators on /3/.

oh well

Can you port or make models to sfm ??

Haters gonna hate, just ignore them.
File: sfmbabs.png (692KB, 1920x2785px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
692KB, 1920x2785px
Your intentions are in the right place, but the SFM userbase really isn't worth trying to help.
They're on average just too fucking retarded to understand anything.

The worst part is they act like they know everything, but end up looking like complete idiots.
I can port existing models yes, with jigglebones/flexes/rig script/etc. However I cannot create models from scratch.

Also can you fix existing SFM models too ?

You're one of those guys who can't make anything and only shitpost and criticize right ??
yeah, though I guess it depends what you mean by 'fix'
Is it possible to port models from Models Resource to SFM lab?

I wanted to see the models from an Ape Escape game available in it

File: 1402670975959.jpg (104KB, 492x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
104KB, 492x600px
Nice assumption, but I think you missed the point of the post, because what you said actually has no bearing on the argument I'm trying to make.
You jumped straight to the personal attacks because you can't or don't want to put in the thought required to not be a dimwit for 5 seconds.

Essay incoming:

SFM users in general usually believe themselves to be immune to criticism, while also having a superiority complex about their program.
They also have no idea what they're talking about when it comes to 3D stuff, which wouldn't necessarily be bad unless they act like they know fucking everything, which is the way they tend to act.

Some examples of what SFM users tend to do:
>categorize animations by the program they're made in
>instantly disregard things or users based upon the program they're using
>spout complete misinformation about anything 3D related ("blender renders better images than maya. "maya is only good for animation" "SFM renders better stills than blender" (????))

Reading that /aco/ general actually made me disgusted by the amount of misinformation that was being spread around by the SFM users in that thread, and that people were agreeing with them.
They also tend to come out with the "if you're so good then post your own stuff!" shit, like was shown in my image, and like you just did.
This isn't to say SFM users are all this stupid, but the majority of them, judging by the times I've read the /aco/ thread, are EXTREMELY stupid.

I used to post my stuff in the /aco/ thread, so yeah I can make things. What exactly is your point?

tl;dr, learn a real program you idiot.
>Is it possible to port models from Models Resource to SFM lab
yep, long as it has a mesh.

>I wanted to see the models from an Ape Escape game available in it
The problem isn't porting them, it's more how damn low poly they are. What do you plan on doing with them?
I just wanted to see them in it, i saw someone porting Kat from Gravity Rush and she was low poly too.
File: latest.png (310KB, 487x754px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
310KB, 487x754px
I see.
I'd much rather try to port their high poly models though.

I'm sure it's easy to rip PS2 models now.
I just don't know if someone actually uploaded the PS2 models of the characters, i've seen other PlayStation related models on DeviantArt, which is where that Kat model even came from.

If thats the case, can you Re Port lordaardvark Elsa & Anna models ? (with better facial features, better canon bodies)

The lordaardvark Elsa & Anna model is.... well..... not that good.
>I just don't know if someone actually uploaded the PS2 models of the characters
They haven't. I was planning on doing it myself since I actually do want yumi for personal reasons..

If I can't manage to figure it out then I'll use the psp models. Shouldn't take more than 2 days or so
I've never used them before, so I'd have to see what you mean by better facial features/bodies.

I thought there were dozens of good Frozen models out by now. Guess not

Lordaardvark Elsa & Anna model is the only [spoiler]Nude[/spoiler] Elsa & Anna model ever released on public.

And his model was not good though (can't put their arms above their shoulders, no face bones)
I can actually agree with these posts.

I recently released a model that someone ported to SFM (badly) and the shit I read on the comment section of sfmlab was pretty offputting.

SFM kids gobble shit up and anything that doesn't fit into what they are used to, even if it's better gets disregarded.
The commnity is full of entitled twats of have no clue about 3d or how ass backwards their program is.
>I recently released a model that someone ported to SFM (badly)
curious, what model?
>I recently released a model that someone ported to SFM (badly) and the shit I read on the comment section of sfmlab was pretty offputting.

Can relate to this pretty hard.
I ported some MMD stuff to SFM, with the intent that it would be "good enough for 4chan".
Goofy names for the flexes, and strange naming conventions for the bones, no jigglebones, etc.
I didn't spend that much time polishing it, because it wasn't supposed to be an "official release" or professional quality. If I intended to release it on SFMLab I would've worked a bit harder on it.

Just wanted to get it functional, because it was a free port for 4chan that took me like an afternoon.
Posted it up in the thread and people were pretty grateful, giving me tips on how to fix stuff like seams, etc.

Turns out someone went and uploaded my shitty port to SFMLab, and I swear 90% of the comments were just angry kids complaining about the naming conventions and flex names.

Pretty cancerous community, in all honesty.
the haydeeHD one. It's just a modified daz body with haydee parts slapped on.

SFM fucks up the skinning around thighs and ass which I have yet to figure out how to fix. Tried splitting the model into bodygroups, limiting max bone influence to 3 but nothing worked.

The version on sfmlab is oudated because the autorigger fucks up the shoulders for some reason if the toes aren't weighted. I added an updated version to the mega in the comment section that no one really used so most of the animations made with the model still have inverted shoulders.

Then again, the fucked up skinning (which doesn't exist in the original files outside of SFM) is still there so it's probably best if no one uses it anyway. Pic related + the demand for butt jiggle bones (which I can't be arsed to do atm) put me off SFM for the time being.
Definitely looks like a weighting problem. I can't say for certain how to fix it without having the original files though. I'm guessing the pelvis's weight extends too far into the legs(which is why that crease appears)
Blender or maya is not popular because there are literally no people share Blender or Maya models

http://smutba.se/ <<< link for share Blender or Maya models, literally 0 models. Kek.
yeah, a weighting problem that doesn't exist outside of SFM, so idk.

Files are here if you want to take a look: https://mega.nz/#F!LpwBkZiQ!S3jUOQX8xsgU6_BmsVQRgw

My first guess was that it's because source can't handle vertices that are weighted to more than 3 bones, but limiting the skin to 3 didn't fix shit either.
What do you mean?
99% of the models have to be edited in blender first before porting to SFM.

It takes less than a minute to decompile SFM models into blender/maya aswell. The only thing you'd have to do is recreate the flexes and add your own physics, which is probably why most people don't bother.
uh, it seems there are no models on that site period?
Dont know about blender.

But is animating with blender is easy as SFM ??

Also can someone give me steps how to port SFM models to blender ? (with ik rig)

oh and also how long is rendering with blender compared to SFM ?
File: 1.png (241KB, 674x789px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
241KB, 674x789px
yeah it's as I suspected, pelvis weight is conflicting with the thighs. I honestly don't know the entire reasoning behind it(sfm weights can be tricky) but I believe I can try fixing it
>But is animating with blender is easy as SFM ??

animating alone? yeah, probably easier because you have better control. Learning the UI and how things work will take longer though.

>Also can someone give me steps how to port SFM models to blender ?
decompile with crowbar then import into blender. IK rig you will have to set up yourself, i dont know if blender has ready made ik rigs that you could apply to your model

>oh and also how long is rendering with blender compared to SFM ?

render times in blender will be longer because it's CPU based.

Maya would provide a better workflow imo, it has the HumanIK system which is a biped IK rig that you can apply to any vaguely humanoid skeleton. You could animate things in maya and send your models + animation to Unreal engine for realtime rendering (with better graphix than SFM)
do you have the .qc file? I mean I could decompile the sfm mdl but i'd rather have the original

also this model is high poly as fuck
conflict how?

Does SFM not allow stuff to be weighted to different bones or what?
No I don't think that's it.
I can't really explain without trying a few things first. I know I ran into the issue before.

I just need the .qc file and rig script
why would you need the .qc when the original files are provided (the one on sfmlab is based on the v6 version)

And yes, it is intentionally high poly because I got tired of seeing all the low poly shit used in SFM. I mean if you are just doing pre-rendered stills and scenese I see no reason not to go for eyecandy.

just the .qc or .mdl too?
I really wish Blender have very simple interface like SFM.

That interface makes me insta give up.

Oh, is there a thing like Auto IK rig in Blender ?
forget blender and learn maya, setting an IK rig there is very easy

simply click on humanIK then define a control rig by matching existing bones (that your model is weighted to) to the corresponding control bone in the humanIK ui.


here's the .qc and .smd and rig script (smd is based on the _v6 max file, exported with wallworm exporter, just the body) I'm aware that the compiler spits warnings out about too many vertices but if you split the model into bodygroups (resulting in no warnings) the rigging issue is the same.
Thanks, but I didn't needed. I just wanted to quickly test my theory, and it seems I was right.(Ignore the fucked up texture)

All you need to do in blender is Weight paint > select pelvis bone > W > Assign automatic from Bone. also that rig script works really weird. When I move the foot, it should move the rest of the leg, but it seems I have to rotate to move it correctly. however that's an issue for another time
>I'm sure it's easy to rip PS2 models now
>mfw there still is no easy way of doing this

well fuck PSP model it is then.
i am not familiar with blender (max user mostly). From the picture it looks like you just reskinned everything around the pelvis, the skinning is different than the original.

what do the painted weights look like now?
File: 2.png (137KB, 995x482px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
137KB, 995x482px
well I clicked one button and it assigned weights based on where the other bones are located.

it's pretty much the same as the 2nd example I showed you. I've never used 3ds/maya before so I don't how it'd be done in those, but the general idea is to not make the pelvis weights blend too much into the thighs
so basically redoing the entire weighting, except shitty. I'll just write this off as source being shit and stick to modern software.
It takes all of 1 minute to do, and you're only redoing the weighting for 3 bones or so. It's true SFM is pretty outdated(in fact they have SFM 2, but it's for dota only and not backwards compatible) but at the moment it's the quickest way to churn out 5 second loop porn.
What model is that ?
haydee model
How easy is it setup physics such as breasts/butt/etc? If someone made a thorough guide of animating porn in blender/maya, then i'm pretty sure more people would be using it.
thx :3
Anon-sama, please don't be discouraged. From the ashes of shitty comments comes glorious robot ass porn.
Remember, the shitheads making retarded comments will be buried by history, while your magnificent contribution to porn will live on.

Dunno what you're talking about but literally Blendswap and Sketchfab

>oh and also how long is rendering with blender compared to SFM ?

Blender Internal is fast but kinda weird, it's great for cartoony / anime / stylized though.

If you don't know how to set it up properly, Cycles by default is very slow because it tries to do as much work as it can to be as realistic as possible.

>Oh, is there a thing like Auto IK rig in Blender ?
It's an add-on called AutoRig. Blender's UI is bad, but there are add-ons that help a lot (pie menu, dynamic search bar, your own tweaks), but at the end of the day every new software has a UI learning curve and is going to require you to read the documentation or watch a video or two

>Blendswap and Sketchfab

I mean Nude Models.
I have my own models that use the sort of facial rig seen in this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jto3RZQ88tY

Would I be able to import that to SFM, or would I need to rework it entirely?
As a general rule of thumb, after skimming that video:
Bones, shape keys, and bone hierarchies will be transferred to source, provided you use the correct format.
Advanced rigging in Source is done through python scripts, but I am too dumb to understand or begin to learn the language past rudimentary rigging abilities. They can probably be very in depth, but are usually under-utilized because of how dumb most SFM users are.
Splines(?), rig controllers, advanced rigging, shape key drivers, and basically everything else made in an external program in terms of rigging will generally not transfer to Source.
I am unsure of what will happen if you try to compile a model with such controls attached. My guess is that they just don't compile with the model, but I am positive that such rig controls are impossible to add externally.

You may be able to just compile whatever you've got, but you will 100% lose any advanced rigging past raw shapekey data and bones.
File: 147261352665.png (860KB, 693x758px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
860KB, 693x758px
How do I git gud animating?
Face rigging(phonemes) in SFM is done with HWM(Hardware morph) through the use of corrective shape keys and dominators. You better make sure you fully understand how to port models before diving into that field, since its complex.

Someone wrote a 50 page guide explaining the process.


Good luck.

you already know the answer to that
My sliders are all fucked up and inverted, when I slide an object up it goes forward. How the fuck do I fix this? Rotating also moves it away.
This happens on all models newly imported?
Never encountered that problem. Perhaps consider reinstalling SFM.
File: sfm.png (1008KB, 1280x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1008KB, 1280x1024px
I have absolutely no idea what triggers this. It rotates in relation to the model's forearm.
File: sfm1.jpg (630KB, 1280x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
630KB, 1280x1024px
Sorry I've no clue
Is it locked to anything?
File: 1.jpg (148KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
148KB, 1920x1080px
I've been through the official valve tutorials. Are there any good tutorials specifically for lewd SFM?
Not that I know of. Though lewd SFM tutorials aren't that much different than regular SFM tutorials.

What exactly do you want a tutorial on?
Not sure, I guess basics. I expected the light/camera/graph setups to be more like maya/etc.
Where do I get nsfw models besides sfmlabs and digitalero?
SFM videos probably wouldn't looks half so bad if it could do subdivisions.
I too, would like to know.
That's really it. Sometimes you can get lucky and find someone giving links to their stuff on tumblr.

Either that, or just headhack your own stuff.
There was a megalink to all redmenace models in a previous ACO 3d thread. Until it exploded into drama.
I think it also has to do something with animating with tris. Correct me if I'm wrong but tris don't animate well.
tris animate fine. They don't subdivide well.
then is there any way for there to be subdivision in SFM?

Man, that really sucks. I felt a little disappointed in SFMlab's selection the first time I registered, and digitalero was kill before I had a chance to lurk there.

But on a different note, how do I reskin a model? I was thinking of messing around w/ pony mods.
I don't think SFM has the capability or any built in tool to do that.
From my understanding SFM is running a heavily modified version of the Source Engine, so it's essentially a "game engine" with what it can handle.
SFM wasn't really designed to be used with high poly meshes. It was designed with the fairly minimal tf2 models in mind.
I believe 10k polygons is the limit, at which models will not compile into source. Most recent compilers for SFM can work around this, however, by splitting your model into 10k poly segments, and clamping them back together.
The only real solution is to subdivide your mesh in an external program, and even then, most compilers will reject models over 300k polys.

Even in cases like that, your flexes may break when compiled in SFM, as there is a 10k poly limit on what can be affected by flexes.

tl;dr, it's very difficult, and sometimes flat out impossible

Reskin as in re-weight, or reskin as in textures?

Textures are located in
SourceFilmmaker\game\usermod (or wherever you played the models)\materials\models(?)
(sometimes modelers are lazy assholes and just dump them in the base materials folder)

You need a program called VTFEdit to convert textures to and from VTF.

Re-weighting models requires decompiling them and fucking around in an external program, and then re-compiling them back into Source.
>besides sfmlabs and digitalero?

Not joking when I say this: Deviantart, specifically the Stock Image -> 3D category for XNALARA stuff, and there are also Communities (kind of like a collection of bookmarks) that link to 3D models for XPS, XNALARA, MMD, and so on

Don't let the shitty preview images fool you, the fundamental models are often good, it's just poorly lit with ugly materials
Try and use BlooCobalt & Cali's CS:GO weapons pack instead, it's a lot easier

How's the PSP model thing going? are you still on it?
Thanks, just making sure I didn't miss any obvious communities.
File: Eye.png (1MB, 1920x1041px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1920x1041px
I've imported a SFM model to blender but cant figure out how to get the eye materials right. I've got all the proper maps from the VMT file but cant figure out how to combine the maps used by it in blender. I figure it's some sort of layered transparancy or something?
I suppose I could just reproject the uvmap or use a different eye texture all together?

Pic related is how it looks in SFM/MDL viewer.
File: remap.png (442KB, 1427x744px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
442KB, 1427x744px

I did a quick remap using the base texture. Where is the iris coming from? I checked image's layers in GIMP but it's only got the one. Also shows up black in rendered mode.
I'm a goof. It was all an issue of plugging transparency into the right node in blender.
Is there a term for what seems to be a hidden layer on these textures?
The alpha channel shows the iris details but I'm not sure where the color comes from.
There's also rule34hentai which has a few select things under model_release. Just make sure to create an account beforehand to access the loli models and watching loli content.
File: Capture.png (49KB, 778x159px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49KB, 778x159px
How can I port my character model. when I try I get stopped at this part. (pic related.

How can I fix this.
Source only accepts verts that are affected by 3 or less total bones.
You need to run the Limit Total command, and set it to 3.

I have never run into the second problem. I'm assuming your model just doesn't have a texture?
Where can find this limit total command?
And my does have a texture, I don't know what I did wrong, but I'll burrow around to see if I fucked something up.
A little off topic question

How do I get models from a game? How do I add genitalia to it? :^)
I don't know the exact, but usually everygame is different. I suggest looking at deviant art for your model http://xnalara-customized. deviantart.com/gallery/.

To add a genitalia, just edit the topology. If you say you want to copy pasta a cunt. I don't know where'd you find one. It's pretty simple.
Ty anon
What are the following steps to prepare a self-made model to port over to sfm. Like, as of right now, shes in separate layers, like hair in one layer, and body on another- while clothes being on a separate.

Everything you would ever need to know.
Ar first I thought you were trolling me, because when I copied the link I missed the 5 at the end of the link itself. Well Thanks you so much, I'll see if can port my made models.
I have no prior experience with 3D software, is SFM beginner-friendly? I've watched a couple of tutorials, but it seems so overwhelming.

Is all it takes a little fiddling about and then practice until one gits gud?
a lot of it is animation fundamentals, search for film basics, timeline etc.
Compared to other 3D software, SFM is extremely beginner friendly, since it doesn't, and isn't designed to do half of the stuff other 3D packages can do.

The UI is also very nice.
I ported a model from XNALara but when I load it in its very small. How do I increase the default scale of the model for release?
I really wish sfm2 backwards compatible with sfm1

but nope. valve being valve as usual
someone got GMOD cloaker (payday 2) files to port into SFM

>render times in blender will be longer because it's CPU based.

cycles can use GPU compute to render, so isn't that slow. SFM is a biased renderer, so will be faster.
If I make a patrons and decided to make porn on it, Is'n it illegal to use ripped models for porn
I am not a lawyer, and this should not be used as real legal advice, blah blah.
The most trouble I've seen people get is a C&D.
It's legally a grey area. You are technically committing copyright infringement by using their models/textures, but they have no way of proving that it's their exact model.

There's also the question of if it falls under fair use via "parody", or if it's transformative enough to be fair use.

Patreon clearly doesn't give a shit, because they don't have to until a company raises enough of a shitstorm to make them care. SFM patreons make a lot of money if you're popular enough, so it makes sense that they turn a blind eye for the sake of the 5% they get or whatever.
Oh, didn't know there were sfm threads over here.

I have countless issues with sfm that won't go away after a reinstall and all that jazz.

For instance, I can no longer move clips around, nor audio clips.

AO has completely disappeared from maps, but still works on models.

There's more stuff that I don't even know if they are a feature or a bug, I've gotten so used to them.

Any idea how to solve these?
get a more functioning tool.

in 3D this concept is very important.
i see alot of guys staying in the confornt zone software wise.
just keep in mind that animation software is something that needs to be updated regularly and it naturally contains lots of bugs. SFM in particular
Yeah I have been considering a transition to a new software recently.

But it's so interesting that the problems remains even though a complete reinstall of the OS. As well as brand new hardware.
SFM is a tool for tinkering. i know there are guys that makes professional work with it. but i also do know a guy that made a smooth transition from sfm to blender and now he is an animator.
granted, the controls in those big programs are always a bitch to learn, so don't skip interface tutorials
Alright you guys

Who here is working on a saxxy entry?

The thing why i am still stick to SFM is Blender Render times is so goddamn long as hell.

I create 30 to 40 seconds of sfm porn so thats why.
No one here is good enough to compete.
I didn't even know the saxxy stuff was still going on, desu.
Still an SFM/Animation-in-general newfag, but where do you guys find references for specific animations from?

I'm, not talking walk cycles but rather fluid speaking animations or dancing.
Hey, never used sfm before, but I'm thinking of going hardcore with it and spending a couple of weeks here next holiday using all my time on sfm. I'd probably try to do some porn loops. How hard is it getting into sfm? And how long did it take you guys getting good?
>How hard is it getting into sfm?
Depends on how experienced you are in other programs.
>And how long did it take you guys getting good?
Depends on how experienced you are in other programs.

Maybe half a week if you're experienced with Maya or some shit.
Alright, well I'm totally inexperienced with any form of 3d programs, but I'm totally up for the challenge.
if you are talking about software you can learn that in few weeks probably, if you want to get really good at animation its gonna take years
hey bros, first time here

can someone tell me how to simply "undress" a girl, so i can pose it? the model i dled came with multiple costumes and nude. i know it's prob somewhere in the animation set editor/element viewer/ w/e it's called

i'm going through the valve tutorial videos (which blazes over too quickly) and "book learning" but if I can't at least get started doing something like posing nude models, my motivation's gonna die pretty quickly.

Right click on the model in the animation set editor.
Set bodygroups.
ok cool will try later
if only people released the blends they used to compile the sfm models alongside the sfm model releases. it's hit and miss trying to get morphs/flexes back from sfm to blender.
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