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3D Architecture thread

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Architecture thread

Modelling a small beach city right now, I'm working on pic related specifically atm. R8?
I'm an architect and I'm currently finishing my master, which mean i working on a thesis.
My thesis it's about Implementation of nee schemes and production at design.
Using Sketchup is the worst and unprofessional tool ever created.

Inaccurate scales, spaces, lines and a lot of more things.
It doesn't help to make an accurate material quantification and more stuff that should be eradicated

that scene a shit
texture tiling patterns are too noticeable
>Inaccurate scales, spaces, lines and a lot of more things.

Use and have uses sketchup professionaly for 8+ years. Can you elaborate on your issues with inaccurate scales, spaces and lines?
>Can you elaborate on your issues with inaccurate scales, spaces and lines?

I barely understand your question.
Then he probably shouldn't listen to you because that was perfect English and you are probably retarded, or worse Chinese and just don't understand how to make buildings that last longer than 3 weeks.
>finishing my master
Yeah sure, faggot. SKP is only bad in measuring more than two decimals. Other than that is as precise as AutoCad or any other software.

>Using Sketchup is the worst and unprofessional tool ever created.
I've seen shit made with sketchup much more interesting than with other more professional softwares. It will depend on how they use textures and post processing.

And judging by your writing skills, you're probably asian, so your studies and opinions are automatically shit.

The modelling looks quite good. As another anon said, the tiling in the textures of the asphalt and brick are too noticeable, but overall is decent. I suspect you're only amateur. Also, it is clearly not finished, so we can't give a good rate. I would recommend using some PS post processing senpai.
Are you just retarded or unable to explain yourself and looking for an out
Few things

For professional quality work no one really stops at sketchup.

I suggest trying some things like Vray if you just want to render a still image.

If you want to have a rendered scene you can fly around in then try a trial of something like LumenRT or Twinmotion. Both very straight forward just import sketchup model and play.

Or if you want to stay in sketchup try the lightup plugin, its powerful but requires more personal tweaking than the two programs mentioned above. Also I don't know if that has a trial I haven't used it for some months.

DESU sketchup imports to most things quite nice. If you are familiar with texturing on maya or 3ds max you can produce nice final things through them..but sometimes the model doesn't come over well and then you almost have to remake parts plus do all the texturing.

At the moment I'm using twinmotion and I like it. Very easy to take a model in get some pretty shots to update the client.
For stay-still rendering image, you could try Render[in]. It's a plugin dedicated to SU.
If you want to make animation videos, or walkthrough executable file, try Twinmotion. It's cool.
Look at this faggot showing off. Architectural technologist here: doesn't matter if your lines are crooked or your scale is off. This is why every drawing set has "not to be scaled" written somehwere in the general notes and titleblock, in order to remove liability for any inaccuracies in the drawings. I could draw something in AutoCAD and manually change the dimension to anything I damn well please and no one is going to do shit to me.

I used to suffer from autism too, but after dealing with enough people giving me fucked up drawings with crooked lines and incorrect proportions, I just gave up trying to make things perfect. No set of drawings is ever perfect, and if you plan on acting like some kind of big shot when you graduate and talk down to people because the nosing on the stairs isn't the right size, you're in for a rude awakening.
Looks okay so far, given its WIP. One thing you should do is add those little details that are important in making architectural visualization believable. Street furniture, lamp pots, bins, signs on building, manholes ect.

You've modeled the street as a flat plane, when in reality there are very few places where this is the case. the road itself has lots of variation in its height and are bumpy. There is a variation in texture on the ground where the road has been resurfaced or dug up for utilities. Putting them in will make it seem more believable. see pic.
To add to this, to make the street more natural, you need to make an incline to the middle of the road. If you go anywhere in the city, you will notice this is the case even in areas that are "flat"; this is done so that rainwater will drain into the storm sewers.
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Thanks to everybody that answered seriously. All your suggestions are extremely well received :)

A couple more pics showing more progress (without putting in practice the suggestions you said)

I will change the new building's window frames to black btw

Also, all this is just as a hobby. I'm a first semester architecture student, so I still have a lot to learn.
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Here's a render I made using some shit specs just to show something I've been planning to do...
nice job to be just for fun
hey OP, for some fun nice pretty screenshots you should download twinmotion.

Just get a trial. Its so simple just import the sketchup file and it pumps it up to render quality , very simplistic to manage so very handy for just taking some quick but hq images, miles better than you can get from screencapping sketchup

you can also drag and drop people, trees and lights
what are you using to render that?
Would you recommend Twinmotion over Unreal Engine for architecture visualisation?
I don't have a programming background, just your run of the mill architecture student who likes videogames
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So I downloaded the Twinmotion trial and messed around a bit.
This shit is really great. I wish there was a cheaper educational version tho...
Old and outdated Kerkythea. Also, most of these renders were done using Ambient Occlusion, each one took about 10 min so the quality is not the best.

Thanks a lot, also this pls >>524122
anyone knows if you can re download the twinmotion trial again after the 30 days?
I guess you could put a fake e mail, name and adress, not sure if they verify these things. Probably says in their license agreements that you can't do it tho.

Maybe it detects on your system if you had it installed already?

I guess real problems would only arise if you'd publish your works without a valid license tho.
>tfw I use an iMac and can't use twinmotion

We use twinmotion at my work over unreal. I think the main reason is the TM creators are French and our boss is french kek.

That said i personally prefer TM to unreal for arch viZ for us because we work with large models, like entire resorts and such, so the ease of dealing with materials and environmental settings on such a large scale is a huge workflow time saver to still get pretty results
Thread posts: 28
Thread images: 7

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