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Facial Topology for Animation

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'Sup /3/

I have no idea what i'm doing; Facil Topology Edition.
I'm Completly lost on the Eyelids and Mouth area. Would you mind to give me some help with this?
You've already done it. What the hell do you mean you're lost ? It looks like the basemesh is taken from somewhere though
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Hey, thanks for the reply.
Does it looks done? I mean, are the loops correctly done?
If that looks done, I'll be okay with it. I'm just insecure that the loops are not correct or there are too many stars or some other shit.
I mean, I've looked EVERYWHERE but nobody has a close up shot of the eyelids.
I would like to make the eyelids pixar style

I'm not a rigger nor an animator, so I Don't know if they'll work properly. Also, I'm not sure if I should leave cavities for the Mouth and Eye Socket - is this common?
How can I make the eye socket fit precisely the eye?
File: _MeshDesignOne.jpg (457KB, 1200x1028px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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they're alright, not feature film standards, but it's good enough to work with
if you want a better topology, have a look at "the art of moving points", this style of topology have been some of the best i've worked with as both a rigger and an animator, and i believe it was pixar standard until not long ago (if not still)
The mouth will animate fine, the eyelids might need some pushing in. When you're modelling eyelids, put a sphere for the eyes and model the eyelids around it to make sure they don't clip when you place the eyes. Also it will help you to get a more accurate shape.

Go to pinterest and search for facial topology, there are lots of references and links for video tutorials and instructions.

Your topology looks good overall.
File: Olmec.jpg (251KB, 1536x1126px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Jesus christ its been forever since I watched that show. I feel old ;_;
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Went to the body, how am I doing?
Isn't that too much topology?
I'm game oriented, so I know shit about animation, but that feels like a realy really dense mesh to me
File: finn.jpg (587KB, 1821x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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From what I've studied, That's a pretty OK level of Polygons even for game characters (although you would probably rather eliminate a lot of those polys just for a smoother run in engine.)

On animation, you want to make the rigger and the animator's job as easier as you can. Both animation and rigging should be pretty smooth, so a fair amount of polys is desirable.

Also, update on the face.
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doesn't mean your model wouldn't work as it is, but this is roughly what i'd go for
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Hey, that's pretty awesome!
Thank you very very much for taking your time to do a line correction on the topology, dear anon! That's a lot of help, my sincere thanks!

I was using the models of Sergi Caballer as reference, do you think his topology solutions are not very good? I got into the falacy of thinking that, "if he works at disney, he might know his stuff", but I'm super naive.
here's his stuff, he has a face right in the homepage;

Also, here's the body so far.
File: mesh.jpg (254KB, 620x736px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Sergi Caballer
clearly that's a much better source than my guesswork, but you can see on his exemple some things i've pointed out:
->the edge starting at the corner of the mouth that aims at the base of the ear
->a strong shape starting on the nose and cornering the mouth that doesn't feel so strong to me atm on your model (even if the idea is there)
->the star on the lid further out
as for the edgeloop going under the chin that i suggested, that's something i like, but that i don't see very often.
Ultimately the topology depends on the model, there shouldn't be juste one type that's applicable for every humanoid, especially as one goes further in caricature designs. Needless to say the exemple you're giving is one to follow, though.
Here's one (not by me) i've had excellent quick result rigging.
It contradicts some of the things i've said, but just to show it's not an exact science
great looking model, only crit is fix the topology on the upper eyelid , other than that it's really nice work.
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Thread images: 10

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