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Going from Hammer to UDK (UE4)

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Hello /3/

I am new to this board. I have always mapped alot in Hammer Editor but since time changes I am in need for something more modern. I am currently trying to understand UE4/UDK but I have some problems with texturing.

I know how to do brushwork or meshes, but I absolutely fail at texturing them.

I have already googled this, youtubed it, asked in the official forums but I just cannot find a good tutorial that I understand for the life of me. So I am kindly asking if anyone here would be by hero and walk me through the progress.

Basicly what I need is: I have made a block mesh and the texture scale is 1:1. But I want to later drag and change the block in size so I can build my walls, without the texture itself stretching along with the block.

It would really really mean alot to me if anyone can help a total noob with this.

I thank you alot

Hammer uses BSP and theses exist in Unreal Engine and have for a long time. Don't waste your time with trying to texture them.

They are redundant. Forgot em.

You don't make levels with them anymore. You instead use them to block out levels then you export that into a model editor such as Maya Or Max and begin your artpass.

If you don't know how to model, learn it.

Don't bitch, Don't complain that its to hard, JUST DO IT. MAKE YOUR GAME COME TRUE.
I am a mapper, not a modeler.

Am I correct in assuming you can use meshes to make a house in UDK like how you would use brushes in hammer to make a house?
I would like to know this as well, hammer and source are really dificult to gather info about
Isn't it easier to just learn how to apply the texture instead of learning an entire different field? I'm asking how to change your oil and you basicly tell me to learn to make my own car. Thanks for the help though
>I am a mapper, not a modeler.
That isn't a thing, kid.
If you're a level designer you will work closely with an environment artist, but usually they make the maps, materials and place everything.
Ok, I might learn to model myself some day once I master the brushwork/meshes which is what I am asking now.

As far as I know btw mappers always make the surroundings, environment, lighting, optimization, brushwork and place the models while modelers design the models

Could you for now help me out with the question I am asking in this thread? I need to learn how to apply materials/textures

>Basicly what I need is: I have made a block mesh and the texture scale is 1:1. But I want to later drag and change the block in size so I can build my walls, without the texture itself stretching along with the block.

That's not possible, you'd have to edit the uv mapping of the block.
The easiest solution for your level of knowledge is to make one block and duplicate it around to make the map.
Wouldn't that be literally cancer for the optimization of the map? Not to mention it would also look crap in the editor itself. It would be like playing minecraft, but worse. It would be very very unclear and you would have loads of object id's
If you knew how to model I would tell you to look up modular environments, there's a very good explanation and examples in the polycount forum, but it's not going to be of any use to you for now.
Have you have any experience with hammer?

What I basicly need is

1) Have a block that is textures
2) I move the block to create it in a different size to drag my walls etc
3) The texture stays scaled 1:1 no matter how I drag it

It is basicly what I want. This is how I have always mapped in the past 10 years.

I really have no need to model right now I just need to know how to do the texture

Many thanks!
for example

this block and the ground are both the same texture/material.

The block is 1:1 scale but the ground is scaled way too big.

How do I keep the ground the same scale as the block (1:1)? Even when I later make the ground bigger?

Thanks alot
>I am a mapper, not a modeler.
This isn't 2001 anymore, Mappers don't exist.

You are either out of the job or your an environment artist as that's what your job was replaced with.
>Don't bitch, Don't complain that its to hard, JUST DO IT. MAKE YOUR GAME COME TRUE.
Underrated post.
I am just doing it for fun

Now can anyone please help me answer my question asked in the OP and here and here?


>I am just doing it for fun
Its fun to model.
Please stay on topic guys, I am friendly here, I am just asking for one single thing before I can GTFO of here
How do I make this wall 1:1 ??

That is all I am asking for
I don't understand what context.
>Stretch Texture
Could mean that it isn't normalized.
You've fucked with it and it shouldn't be change from 1.0
it is the default 1st person example map

look here: >>493815

This is a 1:1 textures block

but however if I move the block, it will become stretched. I just want the block to stretch, not the texture itself. the texture itself should stay 1:1 scale no matter how I resize the block later

Better example pic related
That is normalize issue. UV's are stretched.

You know that part were you aren't a modeler, if you were you'd understand this problem.
Ok man look I get it I will try to learn modding as soon as possible

can you maybe now just tell me how I can avoid this issue?

this is literally the only thing I am stuck with, once I get the texture to stay 1:1 I can finally make my own map
I'm sorry its just i haven't tried texturing BSP's before.
but these are meshes

I havent even looked into BSP's yet because I read that you should use meshes instead of bsp's as meshes are less cpu intensive and I care alot about optimization

so I now made a bsp

How do I open surface properties in UE4? I saw in a youtube video to go to view > Surface properties but I dont have a view drop down menu and hitting F5 also does not work

But I would still prefer meshes as I just want to make it as optimized as possible

The window is just on the right

Man scaling BSP's is easy as fuck

Now I only need to know how to scale meshes as I really want to do it the proper way and have my map as optimized as possible
*Scale the texture on a mesh that is

If anyone could still answer OP question it would be awesome and I can get the hell out of here

Thanks in advance
As far as I know, you can't do what you want with meshes( at least with basic ones provided in engine).

BUT BSP's can be converted to static meshes so all you have to do is create everything in BSP and then convert.

To covnert:
>select BSP
>details(right side default)
>brush settings
>press on white arrow to expand advanced settings
>create static mesh
Holy shit, if this is possible then all my problems would be solved

See, it was easy then, no need to model :D

But how much more are Meshes optimized in comparison to BSP's?

I mean, when is it noticable? I used to map for Gmod in Hammer and I had to optimize the living shit out of it

If I just want to make a simple map, lets say a school building and not an entire city, could I just bsp everything and then convert parts of that to meshes? Or should I just leave it in BSP?

How to make it as playable as possible on the most shitty computers is my question
Ok so wait, converting a BSP into a mesh should be possible, but how about converting a mesh into a bsp?
oh wait, that isnt even needed really

I can just make my map with bsp's like I always did and then convert each bsp block into a mesh

that way it will be

1) easy for me
2) optimized well


Fuck man, I hope I am right with this, im happy as fuck now

One more question, how can I get the view like the view in hammer or classic Unreal Editor?

With the Top, Side and Front and 3d panel?
That method is outdated and serves no purpose as levels aren't blocks anymore.
but it helps me to create my bsp's into meshes

See it as me modeling

I used to use Propper too, so I could make models with hammer map editor

Is it possible to get that view?
Is it still possible?
ffs watch basic UI tutorial, they cover this stuff.

>inb4 just answer me

You clearly don't have the basics and for every answered question you get 3 more. Just do yourself a favor and watch/read the basics.
i tried googling but couldnt find it, i just want top/side/front/3d view


[spoiler]just answer me[/spoiler]

nah man but seriously you guys have been of great help, now i just need to know this then i can fuck off from this thread

thanks a bunch

Watch from first one, might avoid stupid questions in future.
thanks man, that was easy

yeah that was exactly what i was looking for

Now I can finally do some mapping and turn my bsp's into models/meshes however you want to call them

thanks a bunchload

Hey man, im hijacking this thread to another question I have on ue4 to hammer

I have no knowledge on hammer and the thing is I want to export a source level to ue4, I already got the files using the decompiler, but the map itself seems a bit out of my range

Any help on places I could learn more about it, or some help? How do I do it?
You can export an entire level from source as a obj just you can't import however source uses a different scale so you'll need to adjust for size differences.
>hammer and source are really dificult to gather info about
no it isn't.

>the view like the view in hammer or classic Unreal Editor?
radiant style mapping is dead.
why switch from hammer to UE4 if you're going to use BSP to make levels? it's ancient and inefficient tech, no longer used in production to build actual level geometry.

just stick with hammer/source if you want to be a mapper. with UE4, all environment geometry is created with meshes which means you have to learn 3d modeling (mappers are now called environment artists).

also ignore all the butthurt. i was a mapper a long time before i became an environment artist. it's a lot of fun building levels with BSP, too bad it got outdated so quickly. valve is one of the last remaining studios to use it extensively in AAA production, the Call of Duty series used BSP extensively (radiant editor) as well but they've been moving away from it further with each new release.

i miss working with BSP, you can build stuff much more quickly even if you sacrifice detail and efficiency. who knows maybe one day it will become indie hipster shit like 80's/90's pixel art is today.
Working just with UE for mapping its like animating a character just using UE. You can still do it somehow but it would be like cooking with a stone in a modern kitchen.
File: 1443469098408.gif (726KB, 320x246px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
726KB, 320x246px
Then there's this pleb. Making Unreal maps entirely out of BSP.
i-i love t-to make BSP worlds though, especially in UE1. god damnit i wish tim sweeney would just open source UE1 already fucking kill me fam holy shit
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Thread images: 5

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