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What's the most paranormal thing you saw irl?
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What's the most paranormal thing you saw irl?
A fucking
>working at a hotel
>its 3ish in the morning doing laundry
>look up at cameras and see someone standing next to front desk
>get uneasy feeling, he doesnt look like a guest here
>leave back area and go up to front desk
>no one there
>return back to laundry
>front desk phone starts ringing
>caller ID says room 202
>"Front desk, how can i help you, Mr. Sheehy?"
>call drops another comes through from room 326
>"front desk, how can i help?"
>look up from phone (at the front desk)
>person walking on all 4s looking like they're blinking in and out of existence
>lock myself in DM office and wait till morning relief comes in
Your mom swallowing all of my cock
Wow I would have cried I think
>working at a resort as kitchen hand (worst job ever)
>2am finishing off cleaning up after a huge wedding
>need to take a huge dump
>literally in this ENTIRE resort almost completely alone, the whole inside restaurant and stock rooms cover an immense amount of the place
>need to take a huge dump
>go to the toilets
>bored while dumping, so I say "God, if you need me to fight your enemies and the darkness, I will" just for a joke
>mfw the lights blew out in the toilet as I said that
>heard some fucked up scratching sounds
>pinched the loaf of shit and ran out of there so fucking fast
>apparently cameras were flickering outside the toilets as this happened when I talked to the head chef about it the next day
Seen spoon bending, influencing dice; they are probably the most physical things.
I'll bump with more hotel stories
>2 am finishing night audit
>been about a week since i saw the person on all 4s
>go outside and smoke a blunt
>hear rustling in bushes near the Applebee's next to the hotel
>insta paranoi thought it was a guest doing whatever and im afraid they're gonna see me smoking pot
>put blunt out and hear soft whispering
>its saying "need to go to desk, trouble, danger"
>nope the fuck out and go up to an empty smoking room to finish blunt
>look outside
>dude on all 4s in the parking lot
>i nope back to the front desk
>its waiting near the front desk
>get into the front desk via housekeeping door so i dont have to be in the lobby with it
>hide in DMs office
>morning relief comes and i hear screaming in the lobby
>exit DMs office and there is blood everywhere in the lobby
>mfw i put two weeks notice in on the spot and decided to work for xerox
>mfw when i have no face
I have more.
A poltergeist banging on my balcony door.
Saw UFOs twice in my life.
i dont know why but after i read this all i could think of was the song ' it wasnt me' by shaggy
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>Back in school time
>Watch porn
>Come across one that ends in semi anal rape
>Ask myself what that girl I like thinks of anal
>Next day she didn't come to school and texted me that she doesn't feel well and had fucked up nightmares about being raped
Mindraped the slut.
> ex's house was "really haunted" (he's told me stories of seeing the figure of a man with a cane, and said he commonly bangs it in the attic. His aunt says she's seen him too along with an asian women in her room a few times.)
> he's grocery shopping with his aunt and I'm there alone
> Washing hands in the bathroom when I suddenly feel a cool breeze
> Say out loud "If there's someone here, show me a sign"
> split second later the light bulb goes out.
> ex comes home a while later, light bulb works again

Not insane scary spoopy, but it was enough. I wish I saw the real figure. I'd most likely convince me of an afterlife. Still waiting on ghost proof.
>be cruising around in car with a few other people out in the country doing burnouts and shit at 2am
>2 other cars in our group
>someone needs to piss so we all pull over
>middle of nowhere, completely flat land, just the dirt road and flat fields to the left and right
>notice loud and clear footsteps crunching in the grass, sounds like they're getting closer
>everyone else notices the footstep sounds too
>we have 3 cars, all with the headlights on in different directions, totally flat land, just the dirt road and low grassy fields, we can see clearly in all directions and there is nothing there, footstep sounds continue
>grass crunching footsteps change to dirt road crunching footsteps
>everyone leaps into cars and speeds off spooked as fuck

Also the closest town was famous for a string of murders in the 70s, not that i think it is related

Cool movie plot.

>A poltergeist banging my shadow on the balcony door.
File: 1450490228847.png (2 MB, 4000x2671) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 4000x2671
I made this "Hometown Creepy Shit" thread some time ago, and someone made this.
A poltergeist in my bathroom. A piece of plastic, it flew as if they throw hard. .
Sorry about wall of text I'm on mobile

When I was young I would stay at my grandparents condo because they spoiled me. It always creeper me the fuck out I would see stuff at night, call it advanced darkness but I swear I saw stuff (torsos walking past, someone standing in the kitchen just watching me) one particular night I woke up covered in blood, I had a nose bleed but I still find it strange that I just randomly got one, scared me shitless. Another occurrence I was sleeping one night and I woke up to my grandma telling me that a mirror broke on me in the night
Some ghost bitch used to watch me sleep

Spooked me good.

Now I have a fetish for ghost girls.

Thanks a lot ghost bitch.
i wouldve done the same anon my friend pulled that shit on me high and i freaked out
the grudger is commin for ya m8
have you seen the movie chef?
dam son
>man with cane
>bangs it in the attic
>wall of text
>poltergeist in my bathroom. Suddenly a bubble flew up
>Poltergeist in the shower
>wasnt me
same fetish as you.
i doubt its possible though
Nothing is impossible.

If you can fuck demons you can fuck ghosts.

I will find a way.
If you do then please share
Got it pal.
Do a seance with your pens as an offering
Two demons try to steal muy soul many times last night they touched my face

Faggits never quit pray ask god formaangels rooms feel safe again jheova the almight powerfull is infinity heil his name through the end of time he can do it al god bless god
For a seance you would need multiple people, no?

I want the ghosts to myself.
When I was a kid my parents did a lot of drugs. Their arrogance accidentally trained me. At at early age I was able to take over their subconscious and see what they were seeing to try to understand them, I saw something that follows me to this day that was haunting my mother. Anytime I go onto the astral plane I'm chased out if I'm seen by it, and last time it manifested so strong my wife heard it scream through me, I project things to her as proof. I can also make people think their drunk friend is becoming possessed by demons when it's really just me. I am not limited to just the mental relm either, but I'd prefer it to stay that way. If I can do this, others can too and that freaks me out more than any ghost.
>be in middle school years back
>stuck in film class
>slacking off because downtime
>have sudden urge to look at classroom door
>girl outside said door is slow motion while everything else normal
>mfw.jpg said moment has stuck with me like a fresh paper cut all these years later
Had a poltergeist when I was 6
>Doors closed , windows closed
>I woke up alone
>my parents were shopping, so they made me go to sleep, but little they knew that I would wake up
>SO I was here ,alone, I already spaghetti'd myself from this very fact

> stood up from bed , walked some, then gone back to sleep as the scared lil boy I was.
>Then I just hear the door opening , I looked, >and there it was opened.
>I wondered if it was the wind
>but it wasnt
>Close it
>go back
>and as I looked at it
>Something just fucking pulled the doorknob and opened the door like a fucking human being
>But there was nobody
>Scared so much I shat myself almost
>Close it
>near to freak out
>sit on bed and watch
>"It" Opens the door again
>Now I'm panicking
>Close it again
>Opens again
>I started to say "stop please , stop"
>happens 3 more times
>I'm on the brink of crying
>then got an idea: When it will open the door, I run to the door and hold it off , pushing the door back .
>The doorknob moves
>Motherfucker ,game over
>Run fast , filled with adneraline
>Hold on Doorknob
>404 power not found
>I cant get the doorknob up
>I cant push it back neither, the motherfucker is stronger
>Hit my toenails cuz the mother fucker pushed me back with the door.
>Now I'm life fuck fuck fuck shit shit shit shit
>Freaking out
>Then Parents arrive at home
>Tell em , but they don't believe

Well I didnt see ghost
but I did see a door that opened itself
Tbh I Dont remember very well if they sent me to sleep and gone to shop or they went to somewhere else , Idk , they were not at home thats what Im sure of
Nothing fancy, just the exorcism of an old lady after her "demons" started reacting to some holy remains of some saint from Greek.
Hope she was alright afterwards. Won't bother telling the story because it's not very different from what you get in horror movies (well, it's way more mild) besides being with a shit ton of people when it happened.
I saw a UFO two summers ago
>chilling with HS friend when on summer break from college
>we usually walk around at night to enjoy the nice weather and smoke some pot
>around 10PM we were walking near out old highschool which had a field right next to it
>directly across the field from us was a country club
>over the country club I noticed there were three lights in the shape of a triangle
>each light was about the size of a baseball and was about as bright as the stars around them
>once I point it out to my friend the lights started moving across the sky to our left
>the lights didn't glide across the sky they began to rotate and form different types of triangles as they moved across the sky
> the lights eventually formed an equilateral triangle
>the bottom two lights started flashing red and all three lights started to dim until we could no longer see them
>me and my bud left awe struck decided to smoke weed to cope with what we just saw
I bet everyone on this fucking thread are from USA
Right? It's always the same kind of haunting that sometimes end in some kind of sexual liaison with a ghost.
All these stories seem to only come from USA. All fucking spooky threads started by 'murricans.
Yes there are ghosts and shit in yurop, but they barely do anything. Maybe will knock on the wall if you're lucky.
I live in a house that's older than the USA and all the ghost does is misplace stuff sometimes, all it takes to get it back, is just to ask.
About 20 Miles from my town, there's an old Mansion that's now a college where 'murricans come to study. Supposed to be haunted, guess which students claim to see shit? You fucking guessed it 'murricans.
America and the new world in general have a different wavelength of energy. This causes different kinds of spirits to manifest. Same with East Asia, India, Africa, Etc. You just don't here about those as frequently because you don't have a common language.

Don't forget differences between cultures and how religious and superstitious the population is. That can effect how some people might see a door locking on it's own as either a small quirk or a ghost. You Euros are more skeptical ala less likely to find smaller things as being ghostly.

Source: my ass
>using your ass as an argument source
you're full of shit
if she ever shows up again fuck her
Seems about right.
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>Walking with my friend after hanging out at another friend’s house
>It’s around midnight at this time
>We’re just chatting and fucking about when we reach our old elementary school
>It’s pretty big, with a gigantic gravel field at the back
>The place is usually deserted at this time of night, but walking by we see something in the darkness
>It seems like some animal, white furred, skinny and hunched over
>At first we think it’s some dog, but my friend points out that nothing else is in the field
>Now we’re both pretty alert, in case it’s some kind of wolf or some shit that found its way into the city
>I get the great idea to yell at it and get its attention
>It lifts its head and turns itself towards us
>It’s twitching, shit looks like when those sfm animations when they just vibrate and the models get all fucked up
>Me and my friend stop walking
>It’s actually a [spoiler]POLAR BEAR[/spoiler]
>pic related
Got felt up by a ghost on a desert road. It was turning off street lamps as I walked under them, then turning them back on as I passed. Then after like ten of those, there was the clear sensation of hands on my face, like when a blind person is trying to "see" you. I told it to stop, and it stopped.

At least the ghost was polite enough to leave me alone when I asked it to.
was this by any chance in Illinois?

^^ I posted this story that happend to me.
*this is the first part of what happens to me*
So, I want to share this story that really happened to me... I've told a couple people who believe it or not. But it really doesn't matter....
It has opened my mind since.
And now I know, without a doubt,
the world as we see it is much more complex then we relize...

So the experience happend like this..

I was sleeping in my room.
I lived with dad and brother at the time.
And my son and my sons father all shared my room with me. My son was just a baby.
Me and my sons dad were sleeping in our bed. And my sons crib was next to the bed. I was sleeping on the side of the bed next to the crib.

So Im laying In bed next to my sons dad. And I suddenly wake up.
I open my eyes and there is a women floating above me.
I am so petrified I can't move.
It's this feeling of complete fear and you can't move.

And then I thought, my son!
I said his name out loud "Annonomous" and turned my head towards his crib.
I remeber I could see inside the crib but can't see him. Just the inside, side wall of the crib.
And right away, I feel this womens mouth or lips or face up to my ear when I turned my head towards the crib.

She whispered a bunch of things all at once. I couldn't make out any of the words because she said like 10 or something sentences all at the same time.
The only thing I could make out was "I love you" at the end.

Then I turned my head back facing the ceiling.
And I saw her float away.
She looked so sad.
In a big t-shirt and shorts.
Like she was hunched over. Almost standing like a dog on all fours but floating away In the air.

As I watchhed her float away, I just felt sad. She looked so sad.

And then it was over. I layed there for a couple minutes. And then tried to tell my sons dad.
He said to go back to sleep. He was like half asleep. And kind of a dick...
So I checked on my son and eventually went back to sleep.
Nope New York
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>I was sleeping in my room.
>I lived with dad and brother at the time.
>And my son and my sons father all shared my room with me. My son was just a baby.
>Me and my sons dad were sleeping in our bed. And my sons crib was next to the bed. I was sleeping on the side of the bed next to the crib.
>So Im laying In bed next to my sons dad. And I suddenly wake up.
>wake up from sound sleep
>Feel wide awake
>usually 3am - 5am
>Feel like something is watching me
>Happens for months
>Wake up one night and role over to my left
>There's some sort of short shadowy blur starring at me
>Try to punch it
>Hand stops when I hit it
>My whole body feels like pins and needles
>Heart is racing, feels like this is the most afraid the body can be
>The shadow shrieks and it sounds like a woman who has been filtered through a bad radio with a whole series of disharmonious high notes
>The figure starts beating me
>I can barely move, manage to curl into fetal position
>The strikes feel like the pins and needles one gets after a limb was asleep, but then regains blood
>Keeps hitting me in the head and then dissipates
>Get up and go to the bathroom

What the hell man. Happened about three other times after the first, but it was entirely random.
a closed can of soda moving across a table

anyone interested in the story?
>>Run fast , filled with adneraline
that adneraline
Dude, you don't even have a cock yet.
A "shadow man" that sat and/or stood at the top of the staircase in the house I grew up in. He would stare at me once in awhile telling me in plain english to come upstairs.
About years after this my sister's and I, now adults were talking about that house and they both claimed to have seen the same thing.
No, the anon had it right. You're = you are.
Green lighting on huge bee on front my window at 3:00 am and after i saw that it's just use portal inside itself. But i think more paranormal is my penis size
Small penises are not the result of a poltergeist pressing it down during puberty anon.
I wear glasses. Sometimes at work, I tend to see what looks like someone moving around behind me in the far side inside reflection of my glasses. I look back and no one is there.
I remember being young enough to believe in Santa Claus, because I was watching the sky, Christmas eve, thinking it was totally possible that I might see him. I saw what I now believe was a UFO that night. Was too young to have any die hard feelings about it, though. It's one of the few clear memories I have as a child.
>exgirlfriends claims she could these creatures
>she knows one other person who can see them
>invisible to everyone else
>she drew it, looks like a black skinned creepier Gollum
>i think she is delusional but always asked about them because i love paranormal shit
>one night we go to a park and chill in her car
>she says they are crawling all over car
>finger streaks start appearing on windows
>every window i looked it seems like someone ran their fingers through the condensation
It was creepy. Like nothing in front of me look to my left there was some, look forward again and they kept appearing. Before we left there were streaks on every window and sunroof. That was years ago and I have browsed /x/ and multiple other sites, no one has ever posted anything like them. The closest phenomena i could find is shadow men, but these were different.
so your ex boyfriend commonly banged the ghost in the attic?
Enjoy a report of something that happened to me. Preemptive apologies for the horrible English.
>in the bus commuting to work
>time: during Southern Hemisphere summer, about 5:00AM, it was still night. December 2015
>local: Porto Alegre, state capital of RS, Brazil. City has some fame for its UFO reports
>half asleep
>it would be nice if some entity appeared
>why, something dutifully came
>the environment inside the bus got strangely distorted and uncanny. To describe it, the bus looked larger and the colors and textures of objects were "simplified", so to say
>most seats were empty
>strange short, dark, featureless, little man, with a skin texture that reminded me of perhaps scales, appeared in the farthest seat
>and started to come to my seat. By instantly "teleporting" to the nearer seats, without fading, staying at each one for some seconds and coming ever closer. I could only see the top part, the bottom was hidden behind the seats
>"Go away"
>it reaches the seat just in front of me
>suddenly "wake up", as in the experience ends
>less than a minute passes
>the environment becomes bizarre, if you are into computer 3D modeling I could describe it with a high degree of precision as an orthogonal projection made of wireframes, without vanishing points
>something I had the feeling was a vehicle (a van, I thought at the time) was in front of me. How is this thing crossing the bus?
>a woman was inside. She looked weird and unreal, and was just there in a seat, looking at me
>I suddenly say "Take care"
>experience ends. During both parts of it, there was total silence.
Some time after it, based on a similar experience that happened at my former home, I came to the conclusion the orthogonal environment I saw was inside the bus, and that the thing, whatever it was, was sitting in front of me, or perhaps just by my side.
hell yeah brazilian story
I saw three red lights going north one night, lame but thats pretty much it
No, December 2014, not 2015.
I have a close friend that has had a similar experience.
>Him and his friend are at the mall
>They see a small black skinned creepy figure with big beady black eyes wearing a dark robe
>They're freaked out but it seems like nobody else in the mall see's it
>They're in the food court and it's chasing kids around the kid play area
>Still nobody seems to see it, only the kids and my friend and his friend that he was with.
>The little black skinned creature is skipping around and singing whilst chasing the kids.
Seen a few things, Ufo clear as day spinning silver saucer way too high to not be something pilot able mid day, cat went nuts as well but thats tame

>Step father was a pool shark and korean vet, delt drugs to survive in the 70's, ex con and all around mysterious dude
>warned us never to be awake in the front of the house when he was awake
>be 5 and wait for step dad to retire to his den
>go to see what the front room's deal is
>see a black figure with horns, smelled awful and seemed made of smoke
>nope the fuck out

The funny thing is, step dad seemed cool with this thing whatever it was
Are you a science guy? Could you develop more on what you think are the implications of your experience in scientific terms? Like, nth dimensions, non-Euclidean spaces, etc. I'm not a science guy btw, just curious.
File: 1454974806433.jpg (15 KB, 412x338) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And you didn't go back to footage and get it?

10/10 story m8, got me spooked
What's the name for things like this?
A black family (complete with the father) attending a university graduation.

Dude please, if this is really happening more than once, it should be researched. What city and state? If to personal, at least a state.
sounds kind of similar but she always seemed to describe them as sinister. Like they would look at her in mirrors and taunt her with faces trying to frighten her. Maybe they were trying to play? Either way she said she has seen them since she was a kid.
You could call me a science guy, yes, even though I'm just a security guard. I have interest in computing, biology, astronomy and history.
The implication for a view without vanishing points and the "wireframes" is of objects not shrinking with distance and they being "transparent" as in you can see front and back at the same time (though this did not happen to the woman; only her front was visible).
Now if I would give an explanation it wouldn't be scientific, I'm afraid. This looks to me like an astral realm environment, and the woman as some kind of projection to make me calm down.
My own diagnose of the situation would be a fairy encounter--those are often responsible for UFO sightings too.
the wood in your house was swelling
Everytime /x/, every fucking time.>>17340610
The strange thing is, that seems like something that should be horrifying, but it seems nice.
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What exactly does it look like when one blinks in and out of existence?
Slacking off at work, third shift at a gas station.

Drawing sacred geometry, listening to coast to coast. Enjoying my time.

Look up randomly, see a clear blue spirit orb do a little brief dance two feet in front of me then disappear.

Not that spoopy.
things just disappear and come back
yeah,i had something like that. i was in my room one day and some orange orb was flowting around i just ignored it
File: 6431356_f260.jpg (33 KB, 260x405) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Saw these once with a friend and his sister . We were kids and he still won't talk about it now,and I'm 40. The article is wrong on a couple points, they are pretty ugly and NOT nice.
Nice try Sam and Dean.
a witch
The powers of the mind within the mind.
Unless you're a wizard
Saw what you fucking did there.
tell me more
I've seen this witch shaped pure black thing with cyan blue eyes stare at me in the sub basement of my mothers house.
This was during halloween.
Nobody seems to know what I saw no matter how many times I post this.
my dad saw the same exact UFO in illinios and it ended up being on UFO Hunters because multiple people saw triangle with red dots.
Sounds like your old man died in the war and something else came back.
We were In a rather small forest in PA . There was a tunnel for rain runoff/snowmelt that opened out in this forest . Lots of random debris about. Started with a rythmic pounding somewhat far off , sound would get super close then be far off. A few rocks pitched near us. I don't remember what we were doing but we got kind of stand offish and it pissed em off. One showed its self to the sister and she actually shit herself and ran out. That set us off in a blind panic dash . When we got to the edge of the forest there were at least a dozen in the treeline ,phasing in and out. Middle of the day . My friend told me " I never want to talk about this again". Tried to bring it up on FB recently and he Unfriended me about thirty years after the fact. His Sister was a mess after that and never really got right . Got knocked up a bunch , got a bad drug habit , od a lot. Lost custody of all her kids. But yea. Fuck those things.
Cool. I wonder if i'll get superpowers after completing my march to death.
>Yes there are ghosts and shit in yurop, but they barely do anything. Maybe will knock on the wall if you're lucky.

In Demonology: Ed and Lorraine Lorrain there are ghosts/inhuman spirits that just chat constantly. I live in america and my ghosts think real hard at me, talk, move things in the other room, sometimes apparate in human form.
I live in PA. How do I go about finding these brownies?
This happened about a month ago. I came to visit my Aunt and Uncle who had previously warned me of a ghost in the house. On Christmas day a brush/duster thing that was attached to a dust pan flung off and flew across the kitchen floor, leaving the dustpan still standing. Needless to say I believe in ghosts now. Also cabinets in the bathroom opening and closing while no one being in there. I also get very uncomfortable like someone is in the room staring at me when I wake up in the middle of night. Only spooky things that has happened to me.
File: cutaneoushorn.jpg (48 KB, 578x415) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 578x415
It was in an unincorporated area called nelson in tioga county. The stretch of woods was East of the fire hall. Tbh though , that whole valley is fucked supernaturally . Good luck.
I liked your first story but now that you admitted to smoking blunts and probably regularly, your stories lost all validity. Total shit you were just high
u win
yeah... smoking weed doesn't make you see things. smoking weed really doesnt effect shit
Do you know where in illinois? I remember more recently one was spotted over o'haire airport. Was on the news
Confirmed for never having smoked weed ever
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