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Seeing a Spirit
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So, I want to share this story that really happened to me... I've told a couple people who believe it or not. But it really doesn't matter....
It has opened my mind since.
And now I know, without a doubt,
the world as we see it is much more complex then we relize...

So the experience happend like this..

I was sleeping in my room.
I lived with dad and brother at the time.
And my son and my sons father all shared my room with me. My son was just a baby.
Me and my sons dad were sleeping in our bed. And my sons crib was next to the bed. I was sleeping on the side of the bed next to the crib.

So Im laying In bed next to my sons dad. And I suddenly wake up.
I open my eyes and there is a women floating above me.
I am so petrified I can't move.
It's this feeling of complete fear and you can't move.

And then I thought, my son!
I said his name out loud "Annonomous" and turned my head towards his crib.
I remeber I could see inside the crib but can't see him. Just the inside, side wall of the crib.
And right away, I feel this womens mouth or lips or face up to my ear when I turned my head towards the crib.

She whispered a bunch of things all at once. I couldn't make out any of the words because she said like 10 or something sentences all at the same time.
The only thing I could make out was "I love you" at the end.

Then I turned my head back facing the ceiling.
And I saw her float away.
She looked so sad.
In a big t-shirt and shorts.
Like she was hunched over. Almost standing like a dog on all fours but floating away In the air.

As I watchhed her float away, I just felt sad. She looked so sad.

And then it was over. I layed there for a couple minutes. And then tried to tell my sons dad.
He said to go back to sleep. He was like half asleep. And kind of a dick...
So I checked on my son and eventually went back to sleep.

Thoughts? Questions? Similar stories? Informtation?
>There is a women
Years pass and I couldn't figure out who this women was. Or what it all meant....

Ok i wasn't going to put the rest of the story... But what ever... This is anonymous so I will...

So years pass... Eventually my sons father, my son, and I get an apartment.

My friend started coming around that I hadn't seen in years. Since highschool.

She would hang out with me during the day... I asked why I hadent seen her in years and she says she was living with her boyfriend. And he went to jail, so she moved back in with her dad...

I thought in my head, oh my god... You find the worst guys to date. Sounds like a mess. Thank god you moved back in with your dad..

More weeks pass.. were still hanging out... And I eventually ask her "why is your boyfriend in jail?"

She wouldn't tell me so I kept pressing it...
She eventually pulls up an artical... her boyfriend had mursered a neighbor in an in home robbery... And my friend was involved... I could not believe it....

In the end it turned out she did it with him.... She confessed and all like a year later...

(It got complicated... We of course stopped talking after I found out about her boyfriend. And the article and the neighbor)

And I saw pictures of the women they killed... And it was the women who came to me that one night...

It's so complicated... I mean... Somehow this spirit knew my friend would see me... Knew the future... As if time isn't relevant after death.... It's crazy I know. But it happened to me.
Cool so whatre u gonna do about it? Gotta snitch her out so the ghost lady doesn't haunt ur son!
This girls confessed to it... She's in jail for it.. I don't want to go in details.. But I think the spirit got what she wanted.
And thankfully my son knows nothing of this story. At all... And never will.

The women who was a spirit was a nice women. I don't worry about it...

I just want to know more about the spirit world. And how to help others. Or just learn and understand the world, universe, life etc.
I know there's more to this world then we comprehend or are led to believe... I know there's more to this life then just being a consumer.... And I want to know understand and experience it.
Ghost's logic: I'ma haunt the friend of someone who murdered me, not the person who actually murdered me. Those silly ghosts. Also i think if anything it would prove that maybe your high school friend had made your existence known to the spirit (like u suggested), not that the spirit travels through time. I mean seriously you think this lady died, then just sat there and watched the life of her murderer in fast forward until she saw that she was gonna contact you, and then was like ok i'm going back to earth to fuk with some random person that my murderer is friends with. I mean if you can travel back and forth through time after death, it hardly seems like you'd wanna waste time with this shit, or why not go back in time and haunt ur murderers parents, making them insane, thus not having a baby/ being able to raise your murderer, then BOOM! BACK TO LIFE ! WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB
Hmmm interesting points... i was involved in getting her to confess.... The police spoke to me about this... Showed me this women's pictures after death... They thought my friend confessed to me... But she only told me about her bf... They were listening to my friends phone at home and heard her talk about me.... So then the police came to me...

Anyways without getting into it.... Somehow by me being involved this way... It got her to confess... I'm sure they threatened her and stuff...

I'm not saying this women haunted me either. I'm saying she came to me. Tried her best to tell me things. Maybe I'm sensitive. I don't know. Maybe this women wanted her family to have closure... All I know is what I saw.

A person died and came to me. Said a bunch of things all at once. Was super sad. I was scared. But it was like shock.... And when I wathed her float away to my bed room doorway. I felt her sadness. Saw her so sad...

I wish I wasn't so scared at first... But I was. I was so scared I couldnt move.

I wouldn't say she haunted me.
Hummm.. Wonder why she was so sad about knowing her murderer would be brought to justice. I'd be stoked, and then go watch the next 10000 years of human existance in fast forward. Or maybe go check out the Egyptians for a while.
Anyhow I just dont believe ghost can so dirastically affect time. I mean, how could she possible know you would have no reaction of fear beyond that night. Seeing something like that would destroy my mind personally. I would probably go insane(probably end up institutionalized) , and then if I were in your situation would never end up meeting up with the old high school friend who murdered someone. Then creating a completely alternate timeline. It seems a little risky of the ghost to do that. Also what a selfish ghost, sounds like she could be bringing a lot more criminals to justice, by scaring friends of other murderers.
Lol well maybe time isn't an issue.... And I think this women was so sad because she was dead... Someone she knew and tried to help killed her.

All im saying is this happend to me. Take what u want from it. But that's what happend and its real... And I want to know more... Maybe if we understood it we could use it to our advantage. Maybe if we got past being scared about these things, we could benefit from it.

Maybe she didn't completely understand it either...
Thread replies: 13
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