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Sufi interested in Qabbalah
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Raised in a sufi household, mysticism has never been far away from my daily life.

I've read many of the eastern religions principles and philosophies about the foundations of existance, but one thing i've came across is Qabbalah.
For some reason, it seems to be extremly complicated and hard to understand for someone who isn't born and raised in a jewish home.

What fascinates me is the tree of life, i've had all sephrims explained as an "expression" of the creator, but more concrete, how would you explain the tree of life?

Any resources? Anyone who practises qabbalah?

Greatly appreciate any help!
I want to show you something just wait a second my friend.
Well start by watching this

Also i'm interested in Sufism if you have some ressources and easy reading stuff.
File: nebel.png (2 MB, 1000x3150) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1000x3150
Here it is. I feel like i painted it for you OP. Hope you can take something home.


The best possible artistic representations of the Sephirot I ever did see.

This...this is perhaps inappropriate and slightly blasphemous depending on your religious mores.
Truly great. Thanks for sharing
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ladda ned.jpg
11 KB, 190x265


Is a very good starting point. Aside from that, it's basically asceticism that aims to increase ones closeness to God. The whirling is a manifestation and salat to God by uniting in harmony with the ever-swirvling universe.

My interpretation is that if someone asks if you get dizzy from swirvling, tell them that you're swirvling in harmony with God and all.
It's standing still that makes you dizzy, when the world and everything from atoms to the astral objects around us spins.

Sufisms ideals can be extracted from Islam, but if you say you are a sufi, you're basically a muslim, because the very foundations of tasawwuf is based on Islam.

And vice versa

Wow. Just wow, that is very beautiful.. Just downloaded, did you create this?
God created us, according to christians, in his own image.
His own image, as creators and authors of art?

Thank you my friend!
I created it as i was in your position first trying to wrap my head around this all. I worked on it for more than 1 year the original size is much larger. Sadly i have only work in progress data of this left because of a broken computer. However i feel there was too much of my head involved in this one anyway so im not sad its gone. The next one will be better i will show it here.

Qabala from my perceiption is a human made concept to draw conclusion to other wordly things in general. You don't see numbers in nature they are represantational for abstract concepts in qabala. From my understanding god isn't comprehendable/reachable from a qabbalistic point of view since "he" is the ain-soph. uncreated. has to be uncreated. cause if god was created he wouldn't be god. reach for perfection and you will attain mastership. i can't say i know very much about it after all though. its very very deep and complicated and sometimes its better to just let it go for a while. one can really go insane studying this be careful my friend
you must know rumi if you're raised in a sufi household. i recommend reading him he has some real wisdom.
Ofcourse i know him, i love al hallaj alot aswell. He has some really deep and good connections and really interprates all abrahamitic religions in a unique way.

Thank you for your explanation.. It becomes a little clearer, that He is an abstract concept, and idea of the source of everything. I guess that's where the crown comes from, the ultimate singularity?

We see alot of this division in the two stems of the tree in zoroastrianism aswell..
Yes source of everything is perfect i think.
The thing is there is so many different views of qabala. Every source you find will have slightly different approaches although they all have the same basic concept. You must find your "own qabala" if you understand what i mean. learn, read but also ask yourself and feel in yourself what is truth and what isn't.

"You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the ocean in a drop."
I mean just think about how we write Qabala


And none of that is the orignal. You see?
Qabalah is the original spelling, slightly altered from QBLH. It is the original Receptus, from which the corpus of knowledge is derived.

Cabalah is a way to spell the word if you mean a Christianized/Hermetic variety of Qabalah.

Kabbalah is bastardized and often used to spell the word by people who don't know better.

You two need to quit SQuablalalalhahahing.
Thread replies: 14
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