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Spoopy west balkans/balkans general
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As the name says. any ex yu/bulg/romania/greece fags here with some stories ?
Only the nightmare of our childhood: Baba Roga
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And their remnants in our societies
What language and what is nebuo?
dont make this a politics thread you flaming faggot. you know we burst into fucking flames when that shit is mentioned so shut your fucking gob and give me a spoopy thread.
you are on the wrong site
It said spoopy Balkans, so I obliged. There is nothing scarier than our fascist/communist heritage and the tard rage/epic butthurt that ensues when one mentions it, as you have clearly demonstrated.
we inherited nothing bad from communism.
You really think so?
Wish someone would post some scary folkloric stories about baba roga and the rest of the shit we believe in.
i'd wish that too
Greekfag here. We got that haunted abandoned asylum. Edgy people go there to explore it at nights, and they have reported cries, sounds of chains moving, orbs of light and all that 3spooky5me stuff. some explorers actually jumped off the windows because of their fear
I would but I know jack about it. I know something about some local legends, but not enough to even greentext them.
I'd argue, but this thread has potential, and we're not on /pol/... If you understand serbo-croatian, here's the main problem with our communist heritage "ne možeš ti mene toliko malo platit, koliko ja mogu malo radit"
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croatia here,sanatorium brestovac in middle of woods
thank you. thats exactly the reason why i went apeshit in the first place.
zagreb has an abandoned hospital on the mountain medvednica its field were lung desises, before being turned into a paintball field people would tell spoopy stuff about it being hunted, dont konw any of the stories though
>>17264396 this is this >>17264385
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also zagreb and beograd have a shitton of abandoned tunnels benith the cities. some say there is just a few, i like to believe that there is a whole networksince i did hear stories about te tunnels going from the center all the way into the mountain with the exit in historic city of medvedgrad

but i think i'm going off topic here, i would prefer if anyone has sotries about some cryptic animals or some general paranormal stuff since i only see such stories in american threads
The spoopiest place in Croatia I visited, and I visited most of them, is Garić-grad. It's old, haunted as fuck, and it's ruler was cursed to be a werewolf (pretty much the same as Jelengrad)

Rtanj has ayylmao sightings and retards for some reason thought during the entire 2012 prophecy meme that it will be safe. Apart from that i heard they make tea that gives you boner and that's pretty much it
nice i've never heard that one before
oh the bosnian piramids site. yeah i'm a bit sceptical about that one.

no, nothing to do with that. This is in east Serbia
Visit it sometimes if you can, it's pretty cool. On your way, you visit the lovely village of Podgarić, which has a memorial monument for fallen partisans or something. Not paranormal, but it has a creepy vibe to it.
just saw photos of it. looks awesome, but they'll fuck it up like they fucked up medvedgrad when the "restaured" it. liked the ruin look way more
Its slovenian, and nebuo is the old word for sky
im local, and according to some stuff ive read in books, somewhere in slovenia is the hidden tomb of Atilla the Hun, wich was loced away in several metal boxes, buried underground to contain his evil, and supposedly its haunted by those he killed, who still seek revenge for their death
Bulgarian here.
There's this light outside of my hometown every night that me and my mates have seen several times, but there isn't any structure or anything out there. It's in the thick of the forest so a vehicle couldn't possibly get there. Maybe it's people camping out there, although I've seen it during the coldest winter days as well.
Not spooky, just curious. Maybe I'll czech it out next time I'm back home.

In the meantime, let me see if I can think of anything other than the childhood spooks we'd tell around the block.
Another Bulgarfag here. What town is that? I used to live in a heavily forested area myself before I moved out so we might have lived close.
Mostly the usual balkan folklore; Baba Yaga, Torbalan (Boogieman??), Samodivas plus some local stories from my town. I once made a thread about it.
That light stems from the friction of my hand upon the shaft of my dick as I observe you every night cлaдypчe.
The fucking Stranja, mate. That's one spooky ass place.
Aw you far away mate.
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This is now a Bulgarian thread.

Зa Cтapa Зaгopa cтaвa въпpoc. Oт Caмapcкoтo знaмe кaтo ce пoглeднe нa зaпaд ce виждa. Cигypнo някaкви нaпyшaлки ce cъбиpaт, нe виждaм кaквo дpyгo мoжe дa e бaш тaм в нищoтo.
Чaкaй дa изpoвя иcтopиятa зa нaшeнeцa, дeтo зaклaл дeмoн в Aмepикa дa ce издъpвим библeйcки вcичкитe.
Let me tell you guys about the most horrifying experience of my life and the moment that made me realize why supernatural shit is so rare to occur. This whole shit happened about 10 miles from Port Clinton, Ohio, 2 years ago. I will give the minimal amount of details over the people involved.

>A few friends invited me to join them in a cabin inawoods (I know right, wheres Joss Whedon when you need him). Let’s call these guys Jim, Bill and Dean. Bill recently celebrated his 18th birthday and decided to further our tradition of underage drinking in the countryside I guess.
>The cabin belonged to his uncle and was kinda tagging along the shore, where the lake meets the forest. Bill’s sister Tamara decided to tag along and even surprised us by bringing his boyfriend.
>Not gonna lie I hate this bitch. She is an annoying weeb that has this high pitched shriek when she laughs and gets on your nerves pretty damn quickly.
>At this point even Bill knew little about her boyfriend, other than the fact the guy was an exchange student.
>With the premise of our bro time (no homo) probably being ruined, I tried backing out, but Dean assured me it would be fine.
>The day comes and we pack up our crap on the pickup truck. Tamara comes over and we can finally see the guy. Fuck me that guy was scary.
>6,6, but was not slim and creepy. The guy was buff as fuck but in like the worked on the field and punched bears kind of way. After a while I understand he’s from a small country in eastern europe.
>Let’s call this guy Ivan. Ivan had a lot of tattoos, starting from his neck, towards his elbows and ending by his wrists. He was wearing a black v-neck shirt, and always had his sleeves up.
>Immediately I’m concerned. First thought in my head was that this guy was from like some pretty shady background, maybe mob or something and I try to talk to him as little as possible.
>His English is pretty good, but he still has what I’d call a mild accent, considering it’s not full blown Heavy from TF2.
>Throughout the ride I take peeks at his exposed tattoos to determine if they were made in prison or something along those lines. Yes, I’m and asshole. Deal with it. They all seemed to be lines from scripture and crosses. That shit got me even more concerned, since iconography like that doesn’t stop the mexican cartels from murderfucking everything.
>We arrive and set up the grill next to the cabin. The building itself is nothing special to look at. Looked more like an improvised hunting shelter or something.
> We start chugging and soon enough Ivan doesn’t seem as suspicious. He was a man’s man so to speak and also shared with us interesting trivia over his country of origin. Seems like he might be a bro.
> booze, bacon and beef saturation initiated
>Ivan and Tamara are getting pretty frisky at eachother and decide slip towards the cabin.
>”You’re not fucking where we’ll sleep, Tams!”- screamed Bill
>Tamara just ignored him and lead Ivan on, tugging on his hammer-like hand.
>They barely reached the door, when we heard it.
>A high pitched, brief shriek.
>It was like a deathrattle that happened instantly.
>My NOPE is on low alert for now.
>”Fucking animals.”-Dean said
>Tamara was a bit spooked, but latched on to Ivan.
>As I looked at him, I noticed Ivan wasn’t moving at all. His eyes were dead centered on the woods. His body was tense.
>”Don’t tell me you’re scared, dude.” – Bill poked at him.
>”I am. Your forest dwellers sound so different.”- he bellowed
>Suddenly, we heard movement coming from the forest.
>A massive shadow shot itself from a trunk and headed for the fire.
>The thing was black as tar and had an elongated, wiry humanoid body.
>Its footsteps thumped quickly towards us.
>I saw fur glistening on the moonlight, but there was more.
>Around it swirled something like a miasma.
>The fur was patchy and soon I saw old, burnt flesh peaking underneath it as I rushed back.
>Fucking NOPE!
>The air was clear, but heavy with the smell of smoke and sulfur.
>We got inside the cabin, bolted the door and awaited death.
>You know when they tell you, that you would shit yourself in a moment like this.
>It’s a lie. Your stomach is in such a ball and you just feel cold and shake uncontrollably.
>Tamara blacked out after looking at the window.
>The thing was just observing us from it.
>It had no face. No scary red eyes. No giant, sharp teeth.
>It was just a wiry, elongated body with clawed long limbs with patches of fur.
There were some rags around its body and 2 large twigs on its head.
>As I looked closer, I almost lost my shit.
>These were fucking horns.
>Bill threw up. James almost followed Tamara as he was about to collapse.
>Just looking at it made me feel so weak.
>I crawled up to one of the sleeping bags and went past Ivan.
>Ivan was looking at it. He wasn’t moving.
>I was glaring at them for what seemed like an eternity
>The thing didn’t like the stare-off it seemed
>It’s clawy, sinewy arm bursted through the window and reached for Ivan.
>He ducked to the side as the whole creature bursted through into the cabin.
>I was looking at him in disbelief.
>He was slapping his face.
>Maybe he did not think this was really happening.
>Not sure why, but the thing passed Tam and James, who were lying on the floor.
>It did not even aknowledge me.
>It was focused on Ivan.
>Ivan hurled himself towards the empty fire pit of the cabin and grabbed the old iron firepoker.
>What followed next was the most amazing act of HUMANITY FUCK YEA!
>The thing was pissed and hurled itself towards him.
> Ivan plunges the poker deep in the non-face of that thing.
>That shriek I would never forget.
>You know what noises cats make when they are horny and try to fuck? Imagine like 20 cats doing so, while in an underwater grinder.
>Ivan proceeds to twist and turn the poker and tackling the thing to the ground.
>The guy was mumbling something in his native tongue, which as he told me later was some sort of a prayer.
>The thing kinda shriveled and distorted, clawing backwards through the shattered windowframe and into the woods once more.
>We managed to get home safely and I couldn’t be happier Tam and Ivan are still together.
>I highly fucking doubt any of us would visit that cabin again.
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My best mate and I come from a mountain town in south-western Bulgaria. Here's some creepy shit that took place there.
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Makes me proud to be slavic, even tho I'm russian, not south/west/east slav
Oт къдe cи?

Here's a weird thing. So back in highschool I would occasionally have people over to my parents' apartment, because they spent every weekend at a house they bought in a nearby village.
Now, to understand this well - I never have only one person over (except a girl naturally).
So me and a good mate remember drinking at my place one night, we remember walking around town, hitting the pullup bars down the street etc, but we do not remember who the third person was before we left the apartment. And we're absolutely fucking certain there was a third person, there's always at least two people other than me. We asked everyone we knew about it, and no-one remembered being with us.
It's been years now but it's still fucking bothering us. Who was the third person? We remember nothing of what we did in the apartment, even though we remember what we did afterwards clearly.
That's some weird shit.
Paзлoг. Дa нe би дa paзпoзнaвaш нeщo oт нaпиcaнoтo?
They often used gas to kill people and I dont know what it was but the dead would stay in the fields convulsing and sometimes standing. We said that they were dancing. Just hundreds of dancing dead bldies
Who are you replying to m80
Cлyшaл cъм мнoгo иcтopии зa тyнeли. Пoкpaй Гaбpoвo знaм чe имa някaкви, aмa caмo в eдин cъм влизaл и нямaшe нищo.

What the fuck man.
Tyнeли и cтapи изocтaвeни oкoпи ca нaиcтинa дocтa злoвeщи нa мoмeнти. Mнoгo oт нeщaтa дeтo ce paзкaзвaт зa тях ca измиcлици/лeгeнди и мнoгo чecтo кoгaтo нa чoвeк мy ce cлyчи дa пpeживee нeщo тaкoвa дpyгитe нe мy вяpвaт. ЛOЛ. Пo гaбpoвo нe cъм хoдил, нo кoгaтo ce въpнa в paзлoг c yдoвoлcтвиe щe нaпpaвя cнимки във въпpocнитe тyнeли и oкoпи зa дa видитe зa кaквo cтaвa дyмa в пиcaниятa ми. Злoвeщи paбoти. :')
I'm a disgrace to Slavs, I can't into cyrilic...
Polak? If so, tell Pole spooks. I know you guys have some good ones.
Post-yugo Croatian
in Serbia there is a spirit called Promaja, it comes in through your window and if your hair has a single drop of liquid on it it kills you
Holy shit, anon! Don't say it's name out loud!
Before you know it, a wild baba will appear to scream at you because you're sitting on promaja
Calling all Balkanons
zvao si ?
Jesam. Podijeli neku spoopy priču iz svojeg kraja>>17269600
ja sam OP bato, da imam nesto vec bi napiso
E, jbg. A kakvih spoopova uopće imamo mi? Klasične vukodlake, vampire, imamo i chupacabre (drekavce), duhove, vještice, krampusa... Jedino je drekavac naš autohtoni balkanski, a i on je koliko znam, ograničen na bosansku Posavinu
ma sve to standard, mene vise zanimalo ak neko ima neki greentext
Ma svi imaju, samo nitko neće pričati jer bi ga ismijavali da je praznovjeran

>mfw now it's a Croatian thread
Try again, faggot! It's an ex-yu thread at best, all-out Velika Srbija at worst
it's not typical slovenian, it's from a certain area in slovenia
come on, does no balkanon have stories? Im trying to remember some myself but have nothing much except people following me and my friends.
Look into balkan politics.
The horror is too much for some.
got a few, sorry for bad writing never did this before

>chillin with my uncle one summer, drinking beer, talking shit
>after a while we get into weird stories
>uncle either doesnt give a fuck about the talk, or laughs at it (no-nonsense type of man)
>then he stops for a second: "well there's was this guy in the military.."
(it was JNA (Yugoslavian National Army), everything was very very strict back then etc, as a training soldier you were a piece of crap in there, and the generals and other high ranks had godlike status)
> "...the fucking werewolf guy."
>"this fuckin guy, i remember, he used to jump around like its nobody's fuckin business"
>"jumped to a 2nd floor of a building in front of fucking everyone"
>"did all sorts of crazy shit during those months, he couldn't control it he said"
>"he would often announce it to us when he felt it coming, so we knew to stay the fuck back"
>"tonight is my night fellas"
>"even the generals didnt go near the fuckin guy, he basically did whatever he wanted around the camp"
>"some nights he would go out and walk on the fucking clothes lines, just walking on the line like a fuckin feather"
>"on other occasion, the guy who shared room with him said that some nights he would wake up and the guy would be walking on the fucking ceiling, just walking in circles, taking a little stroll up there"
>"no one knew nothing about the guy, i think he was from Montenegro but it was a long time ago"
>uncle opens the next beer, the story finishes
>about 2 years after I again asked my uncle about it, nothing he told was incriminating to the original version
Finaly somone, bump

Veruju u drekavca i ovde u Srbistanu mada uglavnom seljaci
crofag here, this happened a month or two ago

>travelling with train to college
>relaxed, looking outside
>nice view because the tracks are on a smallish hill
>just passed a small forest and there are only open fields now
>about 500m in the distance i see a black human figure
>it's moving fast diagonally towards the train
>i mean really fast, in 3 seconds it crossed half the distance to us
>something between stretching itself, teleporting and running at the same time
>hits the bushes 50 from the train
>don't see it again
>nobody in the train noticed anything as far as i've seen

any idea you fags? never seen or heard of anything like this
someone drank good rakija, got his blood a-flowin'
next one, different source

>The Srebrenica Massacre, 95'
google if you dont know anything about it
>now add this
>there were many people there in Srebrenica back then, mostly cause they were being readied to get killed
>who else was there - the mysterious gentlemen in odd, black robes
>the men had faces from all over the world, there were even some chinese men amongst them
>what the fuck would a chinese guy in a silly robe do in Srebrenica that day
>he and many of his worldly friends came to have fun... their own way
>they all carry some sort of a sun/wheel symbol on their robes
>they arrive at the location escorted by military personel
>the ceremony begins, civilians are carried out on the altar of sorts, to be killed and slaughtered
>the robed men stand underneath the men being slaughtered... and shower in their blood... and drink it
>all other sorts of crazy cult stuff going on
>after some time the party ends
>the robes are thrown in the river behind the altar, and the gentlemen are never to be seen there ever again
here's a story my father told me, nothing paranormal but p, cool

>be my father
>ARBIH soldier
>walk through forrest
>see 2 mujahadins beheading a serb
>as the head falls of the body, father sees the most evil smile on the face staring at him
>father has ptsp now
>traveling with train
Stopped reading there, 2spoopy4me HŽ
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vrhkek, lega
Holy shit!
I have a couple of spoopy greentexts involving HŽ, such as

>80km ride takes 2hrs
>train catches fire
>guy jumps on train from overpass, kills himself, makes 4hour delay
Naprvaim dobar thread sa par ful oke prica i onda normalno dodje hrpa placipicki koje se imaju potrebu na sva zvona zalit kak im nis nikad nepase tolko jaku potrebu imate da to radite i na jebenom /x/ terajte se u kurac
>Delnice station
>waiting for a train to start
>finally happens
>move about 20 meters
>train stops

Some old woman tried to throw herself under a train but did it too early and we managed to stop. She broke her teeth on the rail and few of her bones. Waited for an hour me because police had to investigate. Spoopy
Romanian here. Family from my dad's side live in a really remote place up in the mountains where's spooky stuff going on.

Great-Grandpa who lived an abnormally long life used to tell me about the cilioaie, an undead woman thing that sucks your blood or the blood of your animals at night if it enters your home or yard. One day he saw a cart wheel rolling down the hill and entering his yard directly before entering the barn. My great grandpa knew that it was a cilioaie transformed (they can transform into objects or animals) so he locked himself in the house. At midnight he woke up, hanged the wheel by a tree and waited until morning. When morning came, the wheel transformed into a decayed hanged woman.
Another story is again with my great grandpa who used to impale his axe into the ground every time there was a bad storm. The storm immediately disappeared and the sky cleared. I actually witnessed that myself.

It's cool to know my great grandpa was a man full of stories, but there was certainly something special about him. It's like he had something most people don't.
Balkanci kao narod su vrhunske placipicke pa me ni ti ne cudis vjerojatno nisi ti kriv kad te i cale i tvog caleta njegov cale generavijama uci da kmecite kak vam nista nepase

more stories please?
>Bozhe Dokarai me Zhiv
>God Carry me (there) Alive

Can you explain more about the axe thing?
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is czech ok?

houska castle

>Built in the first half of the 13th century
>To cover a a huge hole so deep no one could see the bottom of it.
>Half-animal-half-man creatures were reported to have crawled out of it, and dark winged creatures flew in its vicinity.
>Legend has it that when construction began in the castle, all the inmates that were sentenced to death were offered a pardon if they consented to be lowered by rope into the hole, and report back on what they saw.
>When the first person was lowered, he began screaming after a few seconds, and when pulled back to the surface he looked as if he had aged 30 years in just a few seconds.
>He had grown wrinkles and his hair had turned white, as old folklore tales state.
File: 1440329090001.jpg (156 KB, 1280x843) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
156 KB, 1280x843
other romanian here, i actually grew in a remote village in the ass of the world right in the subcarpathians, with forests all around it, oh that village was also founded by monks, so there's even more spoopy stuff
my uncle was going home one night and he had to cross a bridge near my house in order to get home, at around 1 am in the night he started to shout at my mother to get out and let him inside because the devil is not letting him pass the bridge, he stayed at our place till morning, another family friend stopped twice at the same bridge, one night he was drunk and father told him to GTFO and he started to cry like a little girl saying the devil will do bad things to him if he passes, off course he was drunk and didn't believed him but the second he was sober and still couldn't pass, it happened to other people aswell and always at night.
My mom was coming home from granpa (he was ill) during night, at some point she heard a chain moving in the nearby stream, it ws full moon and you could see everything almost like in the daylight but there was nothing in the stream, she kept making a few other steps and the sound was getting louder and louder, at some point she couldn't walk any more, her feet literally stopped taking command from the brain, she prayed to Jeebus and immediatelly started to run, when she got home she started to cry.
A neighbour always at a bridge (a different one) had the same story as the first one, while she was passing over it at night, the bridge started to shake like in an earthquake, when she arrived at half, she couldn't stand anymore on her feet and had to kneel herself, she said, jokingly, she wasn't really scared and insulted the devil to let her ago, but then she started to hear horses steps coming from the mountains like there were an entire army of them at which point she made the cross sign and praise Jeebus again and everything stopped
i have more stories if you want them
sorry for bad englando, i ave no patience to correct all errors
Keep em coming mate
My father when he was a young boy was sleeping with his other 2 brothers in the same room and at night they would often hear scratches at the door, granma heared them aswell but in order to not scare the children she continue to say it was their imagination, there were no signs of anything in the morning, granma kept hearing the noises until she died, she said she was scared but not that much, saying i'll continue to pray and nothing will happen to me.
Also, even the village priest told us that he would often hear scratches at his door aswell.
Still granma from father's side also told us that in some nights she could hear a loud noise about some carriages with steel wheels going wild on the streets, but when she looked out of mirror there was nothing to be seen but the noise was there, she told us that noise was made by "iele", later i found they're supposed to be some sort of fairies from folklore but grandfather from mother's side said he would also hear the same charriot noise at night, the nosie is so loud he couldn't manage to sleep. Other neighbours around him confirmed that.
One of father's brothers went to pick shrooms in the nearby forest, at some point he met with an elder of the village which he politely greeted, the elder answered politely aswell, but as soon as he passed him, he recalled that the old man died at least 2 years ago, when he looked back he saw an enourmous tail coming from his back, he started to run uphill and got a nosebleed, not because he saw pantsu tough.
another story about is about the school president at the time (he's actually a nice and credible person), returning home in the car with his wife from a party or soemthing, along the road they found a huge bull sitting in the middle of the street, he flashed and honked at it but the bull did nothing, after a few more honks the bull started to charge them and when it was about to hit them it dissapeared, their family is now ultra religious.
>Can you explain more about the axe thing?
My great-grandpa was sort of a healer. He knew almost everything about diseases and cures and stuff, put bones back together, cured people, etc.
He also lived EXTREMELY long. I don't know exactly how much but he was over 105-110 because he was well alive during WW1. When he died it seemed that he was merely going somewhere else and left this world like you would leave a room. Before dying he asked me grandma to make him beans and sausages because he was hungry and doesn't want to go on an empty stomach. He was healthy too so my grandma thought he must meet with someone, so she prepared him his food. He ate, went to sleep and never woke up.

Anyway since he used to live in the mountains, there were blizzards with snow and ice even in the summer. And those blizzard usually destroyed crops, made holes in the roof, break windows, etc. And every time there was a bad blizzard my grandpa took his axe (I still have that axe somewhere around here, gotta search for it and post a pic) and stuck it in the ground in front of the house in the yard. The moment he did that, the blizzard stopped and the sky cleared. I actually saw this myself several times. Once I went visiting him in the late summer. It was sunny and warm and all but suddenly there was a huge hailstorm. It caught me in a valley and it can get really dangerous since those ice pieces are big and can crack your head real nice. Anyway my great grandpa knew I was coming and when he saw the hailstorm, he took his axe and came after me. Once he saw me he stuck the axe in the ground and the ice stopped that fucking instant. I shit you not.

brb, looking for that axe and I'll post a pic is I find it. It's really old and rusty so don't expect some magical artifact.

There are storied about dogmen / werewolves too. We call them pricolici, and they fucking attack you
Finaly good stuff. You revived the thread mate
>There are storied about dogmen / werewolves too. We call them pricolici

Im curious about this word, pricolici.
Can you somehow describe how to pronounce it, and is it singular or plural?
1 pricolici
2 pricolici

It's the same for both plural and singular. And you spell it kinda like

Prick - o - lich, the i at the end is silent
ci is like chi in english
ce is like che
thanks man, i understand very well now!

its a very good sounding word for a werewolf-like creature.

please share some werewolf stories if you got any, they are maybe my favourite balkan stories :p
Ajde, bato, HŽ zaslužuje biti /x/, nadam se samo da Željeznice Srbije nisu toliko loše... Vlak BG-Zurich je jako comfy, imate bolje vlakove nego mi.

Thanks, guys
Debilu iz zagreba sam
E, znate za onog tipa iz Istre koji je umro pokraj groba? Ili ona crna djevojka sa tunela ućke?
I always did admire the sophisticated styles of greece.

That elegant and graceful sense of being where power was beautiful.
What is that link about?
>24 sata
I ain't clickin that shit
It's about a dark woman, who is hitchhiking at the the beginning of tunel Učka, drives and with a lonely driver trough it, says something disturbing and vanishes in thin air. She's there since 1988. She predicted yugoslav wars three years before they started, as she said "Bit će rata, krvi do koljena" (there will be war, blood to the knees). News mention her every three years or so.
You don't have to, just google it. >>17274170
Honestly, I know that strory, first heard it on forum.hr way back in 2006... It was just shitposting, and shitting on a shitty website/newspaper
I have family in istria and they know tons of stories about this particular lady. News are shitposting, since she doesn't read future from palms as they write. No, she is just sitting in the back and talking with you. Just before leaving the tunnel she predicts something like dismemberment, and poof there she vanishes. And then you loose your wrist in sawing accident three years later.
I want to lose my hand in that ghost lady
>please share some werewolf stories if you got any, they are maybe my favourite balkan stories

This happened to me a few years back. It was summer and I was visiting my great grandpa. It was kinda late at night and I was in the yard doing whatever, when I heard the loudest scream in my fucking life. It was bone chilling and it lasted so long, like a continuous screech like a monkey and a dog yelping and an angry cat, then I heard dog barks and then silence.
I ran to the garden and saw a dog all mangled, slaughtered and dead in a pool of blood. Had to call my uncle and have him help me carry the corpse and drop it in the garbage pit. My great grandpa locked every gate to the yard and went praying that night. He said it was a pricolici and it came to attack the animals but apparently the dog found it and they fought.

There was another incident with the dad of a friend of mine in the village. He was out in the field working that day and he should have returned at dusk. Of course he didn't get home so my friend, his uncle, his cousin and I went looking for him. We found him in a tree on the side of a road, scared shitless. He said a pricolici attacked him but he managed to run away and climb into a tree. He never was the same afterwards, got sicker and sicker until he couldn't work anymore. He's not dead but he looks so old and he's barely 50ish. God knows what happened to him.

Another pricolici attacked the horse of a neighbour. I mean it's a fucking horse and there aren't many animals capable of attacking a horse and kill it. Not even a bear will go up close and attack a fucking horse man, so wtf happened I have no idea. We found the horse a few days later, dead and eaten.
im sure a poodle could kill a horse if the horse was in a stable, outside of the stable probably only a cheetah is fast enough...
This one is a bit funny.

There was a show-off in our town. When he was drunk, you could dare him to do some shit nobody else would. So one day, he said he was going to bring a cross from graveyard and show in to people in the tavern.
He showed up an hour later, and he indeed brought a dead man's cross. It was wooden and had name and date. When people got fed up with his shit, they sent him back so he could put the cross back where it belongs.

He never returned.

They wound him dead next morning. He was laying on the grave. The doctor said he died of cardiac arrest. The cross was impaled trough a corner of his mantle. Poor guy music have thought that a corpse was holding him and he died of fear.
Beutiful region with beutiful people who every 50 years like to sloughter each other. Its has become a part of the folklore to be honest
Just go to a Greek monastery for the sick if you want to see some eerie, and creepy possessed people.
Oh, and about slaughtering people:

My grandmother was a secretary in the jurisdiction office an she's seen some shit.

There were two farmers who argued about the ownership of the road between their fields. So they took it to the court. The judge said he will personally check it out and told them to meet him on that road the day after tomorrow. He took geodetic engineer and my grandma with him. When they got there, there was only one farmer, as the other didn't show up. The judge and engineer went outside, leaving her in the car. She hadn't seen what was going on as they were behind her.

After a couple of minutes the engineer stormed to the driver seat and started driving really fast. "What about the judge?" asked grandma, to which he repeatedly replied "He's gone. He's gone." His chin was bloody.

Well, it turned out that the road wasn't from the present farmer, so he took kosir (which is a kind of a sickle) and tried to cut the throat of engineer, who nodded his head down to protect his neck. The judge then grabbed farmer's arm to hold him off the other guy. Then he released him and started running for his life. Unfortunately, he tripped other the rock and fell on the ground. The last thing engineer saw was farmer who stood above the judge, holding a small hatchet and lifting his arm.

That farmer showed at the police that same day. He brought judge's shoes so he could prove that he killed him. When the police arrived at crime scene they found judge's head impaled on nearby wooden fence.

My grandmother took injections next two weeks, as she had nervous breakdown. The farmer who didn't arrive committed suicide that same year.
What country, lad?
This, when I'm drunk on some good šljiva I could probably outrun some shitty HŽ scrap metal.
See ? Beutiful people we are
ISIS has nothing on us. We killed Greeks, Romans, Persians, Huns, Mongols, Moors, Turks, Vikings, French, Germans, Italians, Russians, Turks, Turks, Arabs, Germans, Russians, Americans... We killed them all, all the while killkng eachother (Croats, Serbs, Bulgarians, Romanians), we are the legions of hell
We invented vampires cause we are vampires, for as long there is blood to be spilled on the Balkans, we will be there to drink it. We invented genocide and ethnic cleansing! We are Death!
How about this one?

My mother had a friend who is doctor. He acted a bit cowardly. Our roads are infamous, because car crashes regularly occur when it's raining. Tourists just love to speed trough those curves. So, our little doctor became nervous as soon as is started raining. He even started walking back and forth. Emergency drivers made fun of him, as they poured water from watering can above his window so he would start moving around.

One night he was on duty. Homicide was reported. You could imagine how shitscared he was. Well, duty is duty. He drove off to the not-so-nearby mining camp. It was pitch black and only thing he could see was a flickering light hanging from the roof of an old house. When he parked, he saw a man smoking near entrance.

He asked man if this is the place where homicide occurred. Guy affirmed it. Then doc asked him to show him where the victim is. He took him to the attic.

There was another man, sitting in the corner of the wall. He didn't move, and there was blood everywhere. Doc approached the body and checked it. His throat was slit open, and was apparent cause of death.
"Who did it?" doc asked.

"I did," man answered.

And that's it. Doc surely shat himself down the pants, but man hadn't even lifted a finger on him. Murderer was arrested next day.
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Hey bros, Romanian here reporting in.

I have a couple of spoopy stories told by my grandma. If there are any lurkers around, I'll greentext them right away, just let me know.

Noroc frate !

HOLY SHIT MAN. Do you live in Prahova ?
If you post high quality OC, I'll never call you guys gypsies again on /pol/
Sure, there's always time work a good greentext.
I'm in
Yeah, it's normal here for a killer to just go "okay, I killed someone, time to turn myself in"
My neighbour stabbed a guy into minced meat on a bet.
And his father stabbed his mother with a knife in the throat a couple of times. He claimed he held a laddle and he was just teasing her...

Aight fags, get comfy.

A little background first: Romanian folklore is full of spoopy stories, with a lot of cryptids and shit.
These stories are from my grandparents, who lived in a rural area most of their life.

One of the most prevalent ghosts are the "iele". Some kind of nymphs. They are usually seen in groups of 3, at night, singing some kind of songs that are said to be the most beautiful crafts the human ear can hear.

>before WWII-era
>be my grand-grandfather
>at night with 3 other buddies
>going with the horses on hills to let them eat, so the following day they can work well
(This is actually pretty common)
>laying on grass, looking at the sky and talking
>suddenly, in the middle of the fucking night they hear a beautiful song sung by some really high woman voices
>they know what's going on, so they keep their mouths shut (this "iele"s are hunting their prey by luring them; they usually sing near forests; really bone chilling)
>after the sound has stopped, thay wait for another 10 minutes, get on their horses and book it
>unfortunately they left one there because saving their asses was the first priority
>next day, they find burned circles in the grass (it's said that where they dance they also leave these burned circles)
>one shepherd tell them that he found their horse (well, half of it)
>it's in the forest
>what's left of it is hanged by the intestines on a tree
>it's face is half carved to the skull
>crazy ass ghost bitches

I have moar, not only with iele
>Yeah, it's normal here for a killer to just go "okay, I killed someone, time to turn myself in"

Lel, yeah, I noticed that too. The classic balkan murder goes something like this

>two guys in their 30s or 40s with drinking problems get into a fight at the local watering hole over some old skank no one but them finds attractive but they're yokels and not really a good catch so w/e
>no one really wins, they just get pulled apart
>fast forward 2-3 months
>one of the guys sees the other in the local watering hole and provokes him
>verbal fight ensues but they get pulled away from each other before anything physical happens
>the drunker guy goes home mumbling to himself
>gets an axe or an AK left over from a war
>comes back and chops/shoots the other guy really violently
>calmly waits for the police to come

>the skank moves on to a next couple of idiots
I heard about this one:

> what? I didn't kill him! He tripped and fell on a knife I was holding. And the he repeated it 5 to 6 times!
Frenchfag here. I was in Romania last summer in the Carpats, not far from Sinaia.

> hiking with friends in an isolated place, trying to find an old track
> deep in the woods (3hours to walk there), there's something in front of us
> a dog, then another dog, then another. Dozens of dogs surrounding us
> we're 7 and we have sticks so no pb,they're not aggressive but they follow us
> friend of mine notice something not far, some old abandoned house, we go
> it was a house totally isolated, and around the house there were HUNDREDS of dogs, everywhere, starting to bark, their number were growing, I started to fear
> then there's a fuckin guy who gets out of the house and all the dogs go quiet, it was terrifying
> guy is like a hobo with shit stained clothes and tattos
> he tells us to get the fuck out very fast with the angriest voice I've ever heard
> we go

tl;dr at 15kms from any civilization, there was a guy living in an abandonned house with hundreds of dogs. Isn't that spoopy ?
Yeah, it is a bit creepy, but that sounds like one man institution to me.

> fuck man, you have so many dogs
> wanna buy five?
Yeah there was certainly nothing paranormal. But the guy really looked like he commanded all the dogs, who were maybe 150 or 200
Also I wonder how he could live there and how all the dogs came precisely here and didn't eat him
Go on bro, slavic folklore is always interesting
Story number 2.

Also, some explanations first:
It's said that the most fucked up shit happens at crossroads, at night.

>be my grandfather's brother
>coming home from a tavern a little far away from his house alone
>~1 AM
>he hears something like a shriek coming from his back
>it's a fucking lamb coming in a fast pace at him while screaming very loud and very fast out of god damn nowhere
>aw shit nigger
>my grandad's brother is calm and walks on
>the lamb is following him
>still screaming
>he stops
>the lamb stops too, but doesen't get any closer, it just sits there and looks at him while screaming
>my granddad's brother throws a rock at it
>it doesen't even flinch
>he's not a lil bitch, so he goes straight at the lamb to beat the crap out of it
>when he is 1 meter close to it, the lamb's shriek transforms into a very low pitch scream that makes you shit brix
>the old man freezes in place and starts saying a prayer
>halfway through it he feels dizzy and faints
>he wakes up the next day

Moar coming up, I'm going to eat and then I'll comr back
Pick one
Ok man, but btw romanians are not slavs ;)
From Fungi from Yuggoth
>Throngs pressed around, frantic for his commands(...)
>(...)wild beasts followed him and licked his hands.

Sounds like you encountered Nyarlathotep bro
Sorry, can't help myself from pol bantz...
>we wuz Romans and
Okay, you're Romans. But your language has a lot of similarities with ours.
Sorry, bro, >>17274912 is a German/Italian/Slav combo
Since I don't want to start pol wars, I'm just gonna post you a wikipedia link about istrian vampire.
You never heard a romanian speak did you now, love ?
Oh, but I did, cause you send buses full of people trough our land to Italy. Anyways, >>17274948
It was outside since horses here are usually left out throughout the day to eat grass and do horse things.
It was really fucking creepy. The pricolici are pretty much accepted fact here, like actual beasts lurking in the woods.

Sa traiesti
>mfw I'm related to the guy who decapitated him
Croat here, never heard about this. Really fucking cool, keep posting more old time legends if you have them
Ok fags, I'm back.
This is a thing that happened to my father at the beginning of the 90's.
Keep in mind that my father is the absolute skeptic (even more than me). Like, seriously, the absolute skeptic. He doesen't believe in anything, be it god, ghostniggers, ayylmaos etc.
Finally, here is it:

>be my father
>always hanging out with his best bud
>both of them are kind of slacker-type
>hanging out all day, making lots of money from borderline legal activities
>lots of free time spent going to parties, underground clubs, mountain trips, getting drunk with friends
>one usual day
>almost evening
>both of them walking on the sidewalk
>suddenly, he sees one huge ass black dog (a little bigger than a great dane but very muscular) coming from around the corner
>it's pupils are super dilated
>no time to wonder why the fuck is it roaming freely in a 400.000 population city
>the dog starts running straight at him
>my paps maximum warp overdrives right into the fucking street because of the panic
>one car almost hits him
>he looks back at the sidewalk
>no doggo
>his bud didn't even move and the people on the sidewalk look at him like he's fucking nuts
>his bud asks him why the hell did he do that
>he responds by asking him how the hell did he not see the big ass doggo
>he tells him there was no doggo coming at them and that he just jumped in the street like crazy
>he thinks to himself that maybe it ran into a backalley or something
>moves on
>second day in the morning
>papps and his friend are at his apartment
>planning the day and drinking coffee
>chillax, talking
>3 very very very loud knocks at the door
>very fast and extremly loud, like ear-hurting loud, and then silence
>they both hear it
>what the fucking hell
>is it the fucking swat or what
>2 seconds later my father is at the door to see who the fuck wants to break the fucking door down
>he opens the door
>not even on the stairs
>maybe little brats playing ding dong ditch probably

>third day after the first event
>dad and his friend are invited to a party in a little village close to the city
>dad doesen't feel like going partying hard that night, and also has to attend to a wedding of another friend of his
>best bud tries to convince him to come but fails
>best bud gets in the car with 5 other people
>it doesen't start
>battery is dead
>after about half an hour they buy another one and change the old one
>ready to go
>150 km/h on the highway
>another car comes from the opposite lane
>full impact
>car rolls 6 times on a hill before stopping
>everybody is hurt
>best bud is the worst
>vision lost, broken ribs, liver damage, lung damage, injuries everywhere and waist down is just a grotesque mass of tangled flesh
>worst part, he is still alive
>on the way to the hospital he screams in pain
>he repeats "get me out of here, get me out of here"
>3 hours of agonizing pain later he is dead at the hospital
>everybody else in his car survived
>my father founds about it some hours later
>fucking crushed
>never spoke about what happened the days before ever, I am the only person who knows about it

That's pretty much it faggits.What do you think about it ?
Keep in mind that besides alcohol he never done any kind of drugs. I read about hell doggos before but I didn't believe it. Do you also have other stories about these creatures ?
What do i think about it ? I thinks it fuckibg lasgne which i read like a few days ago.
Don't be a fuckin retard. I made a thread with it some days ago, unfortunately it died quickly
Kek'd at ghostniggers
Also, promised not to bantz on pol, but you are fair game here.
Fuck, gyppo, are all of you doing borderline legal (fully illegal) stuff? A nation full of liars and thiefs and it ain't Israel? What can it be? Of course it's Romania!
Otherwise, good story, bro
Dont be a dick mate. Contribute.
Dude, I posted a third of the posts on this thread
Nice spooky greentext.


I found an article that mentions some of interesting creepy/paranormal folklore of Croatians and Slovenians. It's in Croatian, though.
I know that's cheap ass article, but it has some info for all fellow ex-yugos to start digging.

I'm gonna translate a few of them.
Oh! You're cool then
Thanks for letting the thread live.
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Kek, i'm a /pol/ack as well, let me explain some stuff.
Romania was just out of communism, and there was a very prosperous industry of importing stuff from other countries. So my father basically bought stuff from other countries and sold it in Romania for a bigger price. What he was doing wasn't illegal, but he was making a lot of money from it and he wasn't paying any taxes. Because there were no taxes at that moment for the kind of shipments he was doing.

So, no gibs or thievery. He now works in the medical system now btw
Fellow /pol/ack, thanks for replying to dubs with dubs. Didn't expect anything less. Also, thanks for clearing that up.
And did you see those /x/enophiles? They can't handle the bantz! They are weak
There was a young nobleman called Frederick of Celje, who was married with noble Elisabeth of frankopan and then fell in love with fair-haired Veronika deseniška, who wasn't noble, but a valley girl. Frederick killed his wife and ran away with Veronika. His father didn't approve his actions, so he closed him in a tower (today known as Frederick's tower), found Veronika, accused her of witchery and drowned her in a river. He then walled her corpse in the same tower. Some people say that you can still hear her weeping coming from the tower.
> tldr: playing CK2 as count of celje
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/x/ needs more australians
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>it's a "you can still hear her x" episode
We trade real magic(k) for Strayans!
So we can have both meme magic (the reason I came here after all this time exclusively on /pol/), real magic(k), and only canadian shitposters. Sounds good
But you are not prepared for this one. Prepare your anus for Elisabeth Bartoy.

insomniac bump for my balkan bros
Simon Belmont realness
Let's bump with a story for a change.
>be me
>get bored, ask a friend to drive me to the graveyard
>as we are getting closer, he gets more anxious
To clarify, this guy is a hulking mass of 2 meters and solid 120 kg, and he's usually chill
>I prepare myself for a new ritual I came up with (not black magic, it was a banishing ritual for the spirits)
>as my focus reaches maximum, sp does his anxiety
>can you hurry up, damn it? We're gonna get fucked!
>my focus is now gone
>see friend backing away slowly
>hear howling behind me
>stay cool, I am an exorcist
>tell friend to relax, it's just a hellhound
>turn back to the parking lot
>hear a horde rushing towards us
>make a sign of the cross, jump over fence
>friend has trouble igniting the car
>it was fun, bro
>fistbump fot Valhala
>mfw spoops can't cross cemetery lines
>me and friend get piss drunk
Omg, is it real? If so, could you tell us more about magical stuff you're doing, please. Like, cool stories, why have you decided to practise magic, you know. Maybe share some rituals or something else for newfags, not difficult and not dangerous, just for them to try. Thanks in advance :3
Nah senpai, we dont have to know cyrilic.
What country
>travelling with train to college
Thanks based croanon

-Rail worker croanon
I'm from Russia, yeah
Shameless selfbump.
Heard this story. Croanon here. It was the same thing, just not a drunk daredevil.
Sounds like bs because of this.
The prioclici one is breddy gud tho.
Never heard of this
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Hello guys, ladies and others forms of life.
Are you know label of sort creature from Slavs myths: head and naked breast from woman, no legs but tail from fish, no arms but wings from goose or swan?
Sounds like rusalka(pycaлкa) to me, tho, the fish tail was probably taken from western mermaid, and I've never heard about her having wings.
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Mystic creature.jpg
1 MB, 2448x1764
Sounds warm.
File: Lubok_alkonost.jpg (236 KB, 600x730) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Then, maybe, it's Alkonost? Couldn't find anything else.
Well, I'm some kind of shaman who dabbles into Quabbalah, tarot, and high magic. Mostly I provide spiritual healing, and the odd cleansing/banishing or two.
Started as a teen interested in the occult, my first stop was theistic satanism. From there I started dabbling with Thelema, gnosticism, eastern mysticism, anything I could get my hands on. Finally found myself in shamanism and I stick to it. I'm coming close to 30 now.
Not many stories, really. 99% of people with "evil entity" problems are crazies.
There isn't much of a standardized practice in shamanism. It goes with the flow. Just observe keenly your surroundings, listen to the nature of things, listen to your self, will something, and it will happen.
je l' mu isto dodje drekavac i kacilo?
Što je kacilo? Google ne daje rezultate? Drekavac je hibrid vampira i chupacabre, nastao od mrtvog djeteta
Bump for Balkans
Where you bitches at?
One last bump
Bump so it dont kill till morgen
mrtvog nekrstenog dijeteta zapravo
Yeah, like baptism helps with that shit. Hell no
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18!132118b .jpg
60 KB, 503x547
That pic is nekro kvlt grim black metal
hands down the creepiest thing on this thread. well done
Nerve gas.
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I've been there, it's pretty cool actually. The only spooky thing thsat happened was that as soon as we entered my friend almost started puking and he was not feeling well and was fucking with us later telling us he got possessed or some shit.
>mfw when he actually got fucking tbc cause he missed his vaccination day at school
Maybe he's allergic to gold...
Ustaše hid their jewish gold all over Medvednica
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Oh shit, Iele. I remember once seeing an Anon on /x/ say he saw them as a child. I'm always fascinated by the beautiful-looking monsters, they're always so much more interesting and horrifying than the ugly ones.
Weaboo virgin wants a cute monstergirl waifu
>Tamara just ignored him and lead Ivan on, tugging on his hammer-like hand.
Take your cuck fantasies elsewhere and all you faggots stop putting all this whatthefuck.png and ohshitdidireallyjustseethatwtfomg.jpg in your fucking shitty stories
>(I know right, wheres Joss Whedon when you need him)
>What followed next was the most amazing act of HUMANITY FUCK YEA!
Is this fucking satire about shitty creepypastas? Literally 0/10, absolutely fucking awful attempt. The second worst one I've ever read.
read on mate there is more in this thread.

these are so damn good

nice twilight zone reference fag, that was a good episode
Except drunk Slavs who desecrate graves predate The Twilight zone
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Posting things from an /x/ thread some time ago also about balkan folklore

This one's a soul of a dead child that is not visited by the (sudjaje- the destiny makers) or later in cristianity, the soul of an unbaptized child.
there were times when there was death out of hunger, wars where children died, were not burried in graveyards but thrown in lakes or burried next to random rocks in mountans, hence Nav or Macaruo as they were also called, were being created.
River tribes of Montenegro in fear of old horned witches, didnt call to help witch hunters* mostly cause of their non-fertilyty curses.
They could make people get lost in forests, never to find their way out.
Old Horned women lived in caves near rivers
A nav is pretty much the same as drekavac. Same shit, different name
File: The Svarog.jpg (2 MB, 2736x3648) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
The Svarog.jpg
2 MB, 2736x3648
Sometimes it happens that the love between a man and a fairy is so strong, it leads to an unholy pregnancy.Even tho, humans blind love twards a fairy in the end leads to his death ,since these beatiful demons dry out mans vein :D, his seeds can ultimatly find the way to this dimension.
the being that is born usualy dies, but rarely those who survive, had unhuman strength, and unfortunatly, endless exhile.
the Horn on right side of forhead, tells the tale of not just unholy sin ,but it is the reason why not one fairy can live to see her newborn. she is torn apart during birth.
Unable to be accepted as for humans so for fairys Svarog lives between two worlds, wandering trough woods and mountains.
Unhuman streinght makes them a beast, only by constitution human-like.
However theese beings are not born evil, and only the one who can enslave them and be their master can give them the role of a guard or an executioner...
there's an old story of Swarog from pirate ship ''Uplava"" witch sailed one night to the gates of Ulcinj fortress,and released this thing inside the fortres.. The slaughter that it has created, made the ''Sea Satan'' mad and he put a curse on Svarog that captured it inside of rocks near the town of Ulcinj..
Even to this day lot of people claim that they can hear sounds like rock crushing..they say that the pirate Svarog is trying to get out,
File: Troklok.jpg (3 MB, 2736x3648) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Trocklocks are dead remains of some beast or an animal that attacked a human while it was alive. if the remains are burried and not thrown into a cold lake, then the trocklocks are made.
However it has happend that someone purposely dust and bones of wild bores, wolves, mad horse, a donkey or any other beast leave on crossroads, in the middle of a road to curse it, or even worse leave it close an unprotected house to bring harm to people in it...
also stableman were throwing bags in fertile soil, therefore the whole villages were doomed.
from old times it has ben known that: ''he who can work with animals with hooves, deals with devils''..
there were a few smaller wars between highlanders and hunters from different tribes, against the hordes of Trocklocks..
Thanls for contribution, good stuff
one of the better threads around here
Thanks, mate.
Also thanks to all balkanons who contributed and made the thread great
Thanks, thats why i made it. to be honest i didnt expect it to survive for 5 days, even after i got fucking banned.
What? Where? Why?
meh i got banned on 25th caue i called an OP on a skinwalker thread a nigger cause he didnt report back on monday as he said he would. but i'm grateful you guys kept the thread alive
Macedonia here.
Only have stories about 2 ufo encounters my father had and few inwoods spoops,all of them are shared.
if you feel like posting, go ahead. if not, enjoy the other stories.
>ive never been to eastern europe
Nigger here everyone and their mother are doing illegal shit to make extra buck,its not secret that there are no honest people in this part of the world.
>le refetence
There are countless folklore stories about fools fucking with the deads and dying of fear.
>a man asked Baba Vanga to see into his future
>she tells him that he'll die from a truck
>the man becomes insanely paranoid and secludes himself in his apartment for months
>one morning he's smoking a cigarette from his balcony(he lives in an apartment building)
>the neighbour kid from upstairs accidentally drops a metal toy truck on the man's head and kills him instantly

True story. Baba Vanga is underrated.
So this story happened around 10 years around January 10 during preparations for orthodox Baptism of Jesus here called Vodici usually involves a lot of people returning to their birth places usually villages crashing from one house party for the next celebrating with a lot of hot rakia for 2 days and a lot of gun fire for the kicks.
Anyway my father first told this story while having his cousin as a guest during celebration of house st.Nikola and this is important because the father of this cousin is living in the village for whole his life and never moved into the near by town and he told about weird things happening in the village to my grandfather around this period.

So my father and grandfather go one morning to make preparations,clean the house,bring some firewood so they set off to the nearby forest.
As they bring logs or branches or wherever they can find that doesn't require cutting down trees usually they find like logs from illegal forest cutting and just drag them to the house.
As the day goes by its getting late and its nowt around 8 and its pitch black so they decide to head back.They are around half hour walking in one way to get back in the house.
As they get read get axes and ropes they see blinding red light coming from the woods like there is huge fire going on but there is no sound of something burning matter of fact there is not sound of anything going.
They head up to check it out and as they go toward it they start to feel that something is not right so my grandfather panics pulls my father and they storm out of there ruining,pack the shit up in a hurry and get he hell out of the village in record time. If you seen Extraterrestrial when they walk in the woods(pic related) thats what it looked like.I showed this to my father and I could see him shitting pants.
Next day they decide to go again,they search the area but there is no sign of anything.

Other story is from mass ufo sighting that happened during town rally.
File: Capture.png (68 KB, 623x349) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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forgot pic.
>>hear a horde rushing towards us
A horde of what?
που ρε;
Don't we all? Weaboo or not?
Balkan E/x/ploration Team when?

>no time to wonder why the fuck is it roaming freely in a 400.000 population city

Are you even Romanian, anon? Dogs are fucking everywhere.
File: e04.png (10 KB, 363x392) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be living in Sofia
>fucking dags everywhere
>one even attacked me last year
Thanks Boyko.
Bitch, it's just banter from /pol/, and the other fag got it, unlike you, you dumb cunt! Fuck, I can't even...
Yeah, I felt personally attached to this thread so I bumped it a lot. You and me, we have more than a 120 posts in it, if I counted right.
So, you're fucking faggots and you're surprised some based guy attacks your faggot ass?
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>some based guy
You know we're talking about homeless dogs, right?
I see dag, I think it's a misspelled fag...
It's from here:
the deleted comment he's replying to is
Aз cъм oт Bapнa. Tyк имa дocтa тyнeли нo тpябвa дa ce гoтвя зa изпититe... инaчe миcля зa пpeз лятoтo aкo нaмepя нaвитaци дa ги изcлeдвaмe. Cъc cигypнocт ca килoмeтpични oбaчe вce пaк тpябвa oкo дa види pъкa дa пипнe :д

fells good to save your thread often.
>fuck you mods.
lmao zdravo
Znam da se pricalo o tome, nekad negde, da li na internetu ne znam
To je kao po prici nesto sto ti se zakaci na ledja pa ga nosas dok ne svane i izgrebe te
negde cuh da to i drekavci rade. A mozda se samo i deru. Ne znam.
sta nije to onaj kurac iz doktor who-a sta si ti sad opiso, sam kaj je tam neka sugava buba

Romanian fag here, got a few stories, but ill write the scariest one i have

>be in highschool years ago
>live in a very small city in the middle of the mountains
>always heard kids telling spoopy stories about ''the hooved people'' when i was little but never had anything happen to me
>omw to school one day
>it was winter so when i left for school at like 7am it was still dark as fuck
>always go to school with a friend
>you always get to see the other kids going to school as well in the morning
>was walking with my friend whist in front of us there was a girl with a big winter coat on
>our way to school passed through this weird road kind of thing, it was not paved and it was between the back of some old ass garaged and an old building that wasnt used anymore
>when we get to said road i had to look down because there was so much snow had to be careful not to trip or something
>suddnly notice that the girl in front of us is leaving hoof prints intead of normal foot prints
>i her scared as shit but didnt say anything because i dont want to look like an idiot in front of my friend
>keep waking as if nothing happening
>i cant take my eyes off the girl and her hoof prints, it looked like she was wearing some big boots, but it as so dark i couldnt distinguish anything. (she was walking about 10-15 meters in front of us btw)
>at some point, that road takes a sharp left
>hoof girl takes the left and i lose sight of her
>we take the left too and shes nowhere to be seen
>no footprints or hoofprints in the snow, nothing. she just vanished.
>try to act cool about it
>try to casually ask my friend if she saw the girl walking in front of us
>''what girl''
>i get to school and tell my other friends about it, they call me crazy
>school is over time to go home
>do i want to take the long road home or the shortcut through where i saw hoof girl?
>i just imagined it, ill take the shortcut
>i get to said road. im shitting bricks but im trying to act cool
keep it coming
>hear someone walk behind me, seems like they were talking fast so i slowed down and moved out of the way so no one gets annoyed at me for slowly walking in front of them
>they slow down too
>i slow down more
>theyre getting closer. but at this point their stept didnt sound like steps anymore, they sounded more like jumping
>to add to it, something sounded like rattling metal, as if the person had two metal thing in their hand and they were knocking into eachother as they jumped
>at this point i am in the middle of the road
>theres about 20cm of fresh snow covering the path, no footprints, so it was hard to walk as is
>i freak the fuck out and start running
>jumping thing is right behind me, jumping faster, metal things rattling louder
>3/4 on my way out at this point
>try to look behind me with the corner of my eye so in case i get murdered in an alley at least i get to see what killed me first
>saw a big brown furry looking thing, thinking back it looked exactly the hook girls coat
>didnt see its head or anything more, i ran as fast as i could
>get out of the alley
>im finally free
>look behind me in the snow
>no footprints other than mine
>ok im going insane
>still shaking i walk fast back home
>live in an apartment block, on the 4th floor
>run up the stairs
>get inside
>lock door asap
>try to chill and to forget what happened, obviously crazy
>my room is next to the front door
>hear a sound thats like someone crawling on the ground in right outside the door
>it starts banging on the door

walking fast* not talking. fml
sorry, writing this out now, theres probably more typos
romainian fag here, go on
>sounded like it was throwing itsself against it
>banging keeps on going on for 10 minutes, i even got to record the sound and send it to friends so they know why i died (just in case) i grabbed a knife and was holding onto it scared that it would break through it
>boy would my mom be pissed if i bought a supernatural hoofman home that broke our door down
>bang bang bang and.. nothing
>everything stops. no more sounds
>i keep the knife in case its trying to trick me again
>2h later my mom gets home from work
>nope nope nope
>didnt sleep for weeks and refused to go to school for the following week
>never take that shortcut again
im still hoping that im just crazy and i imagined it all or something, feels bad
greekfag here
>be me 15 dont believe in ghosts
>have a friend that believes lets call him Alex
>go to his house woth another friend (BIll) before a party to smoke up
>walk to his room turn switch 1 on nothing happens go to switch 2 light turns on
>Bill goes to switch 1 tries nothing happens i tell him its switch 2 that works
>smoke up and chill Alex starts telling us about how he believes in ghosts and that his family has a close relationship to ghosts
>tells us that there was a ghost in his room last night
>we are about to leave i go to switch 2 to turn off lights
>balcony lights turn on wtf.jpg
>Alex "wtf are you doign anon"
>"when i walked in switch 2 worked"
>"no dude look" goes to switch 1 it works
>me and Bill are like wtf just happened
>i go to switch 1 it doesnt work
>Bill tries doesnt work
>only when Alex tries it works
>after party i am on my bed with my puppy thinking about what had happened
>lights are on puppy wakes up looks right at me and starts barking like crazy got scared
>parents are away for weekend go to mothers bedroom turn on tv and chill there
>their bathroom door is next to the tv and its open
>i turn off the light watch tv
>feel weird i bend to the side look inside bathroom
>see this shadow of a woman on the door mirror freak the fuck out
>turn on lights
>look again
>nothing is there holyshit.png
>get a small painting of mother mary next to me and sleep
>have been sleeping with that painting ever since
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forgot picture
File: kMTHn6B.jpg (22 KB, 500x306) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i got more stories if anyone is interested
just keep em coming bud
go on
this one doesnt really have anything to do with folk shit, was still scary tho

>be like 10 or so
>just moved in rent in an apartment with mom
>shits a wreck, no heating, the tap water is rusty
>everything is rusty and moldy
>but it was cheap
>mom tells me that the last person to live in there was the landlords mother and she died in the house about 6 months before we moved in
>telling that to a child surely wont spawn any nightmares
>my alarm clock never went off as soon as we moved in there
>was late for school everyday
>one day i have a dream of an old blazing red skinned woman walking through my house and sitting down on the living room couch
>didnt tell anyone about it and think nothing of it
fast forward a few months and i make new friends, one of them comes over to my house for a sleepover
>in the morning friend wakes up and tells me he had a nightmare of a red woman looking at him sleeping
>tell friend it was nothing
>i shit bricks tho, that night i had troubles sleeping
>when i finally fall asleep at about 4 am i wake up shortly after to a sudden noise
(i had one of those flip phones back then, you were a cool kid if you had one, it had a screen in the front that showed only the clock)
>look at phone
>screen is on but theres no clock showing, its blank
>go to bathroom to wash my face or something, scared as shit
>in the bathroom i begin hearing whispers, like many people talking to eachother really quietly so no one hears them, cant tell what theyre saying
>im 10; the only reasonable explenation is ghosts
>get scared as shit run to my mom's door and start banging on it and screaming for her to come out (her door doesnt have a lock)
>she doesnt respond, i try to open the door but it seems stuck
>i run back to my room and hide under the sheets shaking
>nothing suspicious going on anymore. guess its over, time to come out from under the sheets
>my nightstand shakes as soon as i do
>phone is on the nightstand, screen blank with no clock showing
>i grab the phone and flip it open, the main screen turns on, but its white
>i scaredly take the battery out of it, im shaking so hard at this point i can barely do that
>battery out, screen is still on, blank
>throw it in corner of the room
>start crying
>get under the sheets
>cry myself to sleep
>have dreama about an old woman (not red this time) that looked like she was wearing an absurd amount of makeup, she had a ton of blue eyeshadow smeread all around ehr eyes and red lipstick all over her mouth and chin
>shes sitting on the edge of my bed this time
>wake up in the morning
>guess its all been a nightmare
>see my phone taken apart in the corner or my room
>ask my mom if she heard put something in front of her door or something so i cant get in
>she says no
>i tell grandma the whole story and she doesnt let me stay there anymore
>move in with her
>turns out old woman was murdered in the house
File: 1453146964821.jpg (219 KB, 573x544) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i only had this kind of crazy shit happen when i was a kid, so i dont think im legit insane. could be either an overactive imagination or maybe everything actually happened, but id bet on the first
File: 13858245793699.jpg (72 KB, 511x703) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Spooky af.
go study maths filip
τι μαλαkας
fuck off you cartoon
why would anyone send people to that shithole?
>polofag trying this hard
did you say something about reddit? are you mad because soviets wouldn't have let you browse that shitty site?

There's something about you I really don't like

Try writing a story without using "fuckin" every 3rd word
inbred rednecks are annoying as fuck

Shit that never happened. I can smell lies from a mile away.

t. fellow dacian
Well 95 percent of x is roleplaying and delusion.
95% of life is dissapointment and grief over unfulfiled dreams. Enjoy the fantasies, even if they are freaky
>(I know right, wheres Joss Whedon when you need him)
Stopped reading there.
File: 1450047483765.png (261 KB, 569x563) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>go to school, tell classmates
>I never told anyone
Finally, found an accurate thread to post some childhood stories.

Half Romanian, half French here, so my english is not that good.
I was born in France, and went to live in Romania for 2 years and a half with my mother when I was 8 to 10 years old, difficult divorce and all that stuff.

My Romanian side of the family has a fair share of weird stories, can't remember all of them but have a few that happened to me personally. My mother has some premonitory dreams ability, and my grandmother is kind of a white witch dabbling in purifying, exorcising, and also Reiki. I don't have any of this, only the fact of witnessing weird stuff and a huge interest in the occult.

So, I spent 2 years and a half of my childhood in Sinaia, a beautiful city in the carpathian mountains with a lot of history to it. I lived with both my grandparents and my mother in a neighborhood comprised of communist era appartment blocks in the outskirts of the city where the walls could get kinda moldy, but the gardens surrounding them were where a lot of my fondest memories took place.

For those of you not familiar with this city, its layout is all in length at the heart of a valley crossed by a large road, a railway track and a river, almost parallel to each other. the city extends up in the mountain, but most of its heart is along this line. North is the more historical part of the city, with the Peles castle up in the mountains, is south is where most of the new appartment buildings are built, extending further down over time.
One thing that struck me in particular in the southern, most recently built neighborhood, was that the ground was almost always humid, almost muddy, even when rain didn't fall for quite some time. It left quite an impression on tiny 8 year old me, even if I was the kind of child only going back inside for dinner.

Let's try to greentext one of those memories happening in this place in particular.
>be me, wild kid always running around alone in the city
>never had any problem whatsoever, bad encounters or the like
>except with bears coming down from the mountain, but there are packs of wild dogs protecting the people from them here
>went to visit a friend living in the southern, modern neighborhood
>muddy as always
>even more as rain fell earlier this morning
>alone, walking on a tiny path along the forest, with a busy road a few meters down for a few kilometers
(will tell some more stuff on this particular path later)
>finally get into the neighborhood, looking for the appartment building where my friend lives
>construction site nearby for some more buildings, no fence, muddy as hell
>look around for a bit, see those huge concrete pipes laying horizontally, diameter taller than me
>go to take a closer look
>see something on top of one
>it's grey, quite big like a shopping cart, kinda hunched over
>standing like some kind of bird with wings spread a little
>stop where I am, twenty meters away maybe
>looking for any details I can
>it has the same color as the concrete pipe, maybe a little bit lighter
>fat bird body but no feathers, only smooth, concrete like skin, looks soft
>flat gull like wings, folded so couldn't see how long
>long head, could not tell where beak starts
>slightly pointed skull
>suddenly, it moves a little bit, wing and beak movement
>that thing is alive and not a statue
>don't get closer, don't run away, just decide to leave it as it is and never look back
>arrive to my friend's house to watch some sailor moon

I always thought it was some kind of huge ass pelican, as there are quite a number of them in Romania, but they mostly live around the Danube delta, and Sinaia is nowhere close of that. The body shape was very similar, but the lack of visible feather and grey color made it look more like some kind of pterodactyl, or living gargoyle.
It was not menacing, just a big fat stony bird chilling around under a grey sky, barely moving or breathing, but really seemed out of place.

Fun fact, we have some local dragons in the Romanian folklore, the Zmeu and Balaur, having some particularly interesting traits, but no mention of them being still living prehistoric beasts. Who knows... It could overlap with vampires being described as bat winged giant creatures.

Will post more if interested, and glad to debate if you want. I'm open to any interpretation.

thanks for the contribution mate. cant believe this thread is still alive after a week

You're welcome =) I may post some other stuff later too.
In Stara Zagora, on Bratya Zhekovi, just next to the canal, there was a small hospital that got abandoned and is now taken down with an apartment complex being constructed there, it might be finished by now,not sure, I haven't been home in 1 year. In the backyard of the building there was another, much smaller building where me and a couple of friends used to hang from time to time. One time we looked through the books scattered around and there were some really creepy ones, with some horrifying illustrations, I vividly remember one that showed a kid getting ripped apart by dogs, most of the books were in Italian. There were also some creepy dolls in the basement of the bigger building. Not really a creepy story, but just something interesting.

Also, near Dubrava, there is a slope that creates some sort of an optical illusion and it looks like water is flowing upwards if you pour it. But this one is a famous story, it was even on tv at some point. Don't think I've ever heard any other urban legends or interesting stories.
dumbest shit I ever read
I'm interested, post more.
Oh shit, I know the Dubrava thing.
Bampu fegits
Care to translate for non - slavs?
i think thats slovenian, cant help you mate
The sky/heaven
It burned, so many people saw it, the heavens opening
And those about to die, they couldn't die
The people thought that (somethin, I don't speak any slovenian) and they saw the huge sky. And the door openedamd they looked at it and they saw it
And then they died?

Help, slovenes
Probably comes from an exaggeration of that thing families tell you, "Don't go out/go to sleep with your hair wet, you'll catch cold/pneumonia/whatever!" Maybe the myth was made up in times with higher mortality rate to get their kids to take it more seriously.


>wakes up at midnight, hangs paranormal creature (in object form) to death
>ax chops stop storms
>put bones back together with ancient medical healing
Badass. Damn.
All your stories are awesome.

>insulted the devil to let her go
can't tell if that's hardcore, stupid, some ridiculous shit i would do, or all

Where are these illustrations taken from?
Its some slovenian dialect or just very old version of the language. Im slovenian myself. Not worth translating though, its just some boring poems/folktales.
Was I >>17301477 close?
The gist of all three is how people couldnt die until they saw the "sky" or some light in the sky out the window. Then they died on the spot, peacefully. Old ass folk tale babble basically.

I think i saw that book before somewhere, it has more stories like that in old dialects. I remember one about a half girl half snake living in a castle and one about wildling men that had hair all over their bodies and came stealing crops at certain periods of the year.
Something along those lines, it doesnt make a lot of sense even to me. All three speak about the same thing, some light in the sky that helped people pass.
Another Romanian fag reporting in with spoopiness

i've heard my share of stories...

>be in highschool
>small mountain town
>have friend from nearby somewhat isolated village
>she tells us about some old lady that lives there
>the village witch or some shit, people call her the black one (neagra)
>people refuse to come into contact with her, say she does all sort of creepy shit
>they claim she does all sorts of charms and deals with the devil
>she's lurking in the woods, in the local cemetery
>friend tells me how she constantly stalks the surroundings for funerals in order to steal objects from the deceased
>she uses crap like that to craft all sorts of nasty things, some say curses and stuff
>relative of friend died at some point and she told that there is this thing like a thread that they use to tie the legs of the dead body (some symbolic meaning, no idea)
>old lady showed up, wouldn't go away
>tried to steal them when no one was looking
>tried to take all kinds of other stuff from the body, like hair or fabric from the clothes

I know it's not particularly spoopy or paranormal, but it's really disturbing to think people still practice that sort of ye olde magic around here.

I found some sort of curse bag myself at some point, hidden in an appartment. They're gross and disturbing.

have other stories...moar?
Not paranormal but in slovenia we have this thing called Kurentovanje which is basically a bunch of grown men dressing as some sort of pagan deity looking motherfuckers and "chase away winter". But back in the day they used this time to exact revenge on people they didnt like etc because you couldnt tell who anyone was due to the masks they wore. They also kidnapped girls and beat their fathers. Google "kurent" for pics, posting from phone.
Well this is a pretty good thread. Only one way to make it better.
Keep 'em coming!
this one here is about a weird relative o'mine

As you might know, people here are quite superstitious

They say that if a person is born with certain traits, he or she will become a "strigoi" after death.

It usually goes for people born with blue eyes and they are said to possess certain powers even while alive.

Now this relative of mine happens to be particularly that sort of will-turn-into-awful-thing-after-death. Strangely, certain things do tend to happen around her.

>she and her husband got a cat at some point
>cat lived a happy life, then died
>however, it continued to show up in their appartment
>only after two sightings or so did they realize...'hey, we don't have a cat anymore'

other weird facts include:
>these people can supposedly put the so-called evil eye on you, often without intention
>lots of people experienced sickness, headaches and the like after being touched by her

>she sleepwalks and is generally a catalyst for weird vibes
>likes to joke about this "condition", even though most people are really creeped out
>my family's reaction is to laugh everything off and say "well, we'll know for sure after she's gone"

Another short family-related one:
>be my parents
>go to grandpa's funeral
>other relatives had already prepared the wake
>they forgot to put a bowl of water by his body (traditional stuff again)
>on the first night, bottles of water started fucking exploding in the kitchen
>they realized what was missing and no further incidents where reported after they placed the water bowl near the body
Wait, isnt the requirement for a strigoi to be the seventh child of the same sex?
fuck off, this is the most timmy/reddit creepy pasta I've ever read in my life.
one more, this story was told to me by another friend's grandmother (the elderly always have amazing stories). It's a bit of a long read, but here it is:

>She was young and and married, although they had no children yet.
>One day, two other friends of hers took her for a ride into some village.
>They went to see an old man that claimed he could see the future.
>Nobody really believed that, but just like most young people, they were looking for a thrill, a ghosthunt, paranormal hoodoovoodoo stuff
>They reached his home and he came out of his house to greet them.
>First thing he said was to one of the friends:
>You, leave your bag hanging on the gate. I cannot permit such things in my home. Nobody will touch your belongings, because nobody takes things from this place.
>They did not understand. She began to rummage through the bag only to find a small bag of incence, the type you get from your local church.
>She put it back, hung the bag and followed the man into the house.
>They went in turns. Friend's grandmother was the last.
>The other two came out sort of shaken, so she grew hesitant when her turn came.
>Her skepticism prevailed, she decided it had been all a show and a lucky guess.
>She went it and they began to talk.
>You don't believe in my powers, he said. But worry not, I'll prove it.
>Do you know how I know things? he asked. I have a son he said, that boy over there.
>He pointed to an absent looking fellow in a corner.
>He's a halfwit he said, a drooling idiot it would seem.
>Boy, he yelled. Go ask her mother how she's doing. He closed his eyes as she grew even more uncomfortable. Her mother had been dead for two years.
>She tried to pray silently.
>The man turned red with anger and forbade her from uttering the name of god.
>He then began to laugh, The boy is back, he said.
>The kid had not budged from his corner.
>He brings interesting news.

>Your mother is well, she is indeed in a better place with greener grass, although she lies some six feet under it. She's quite concerned for you though, you're up against somenasty things with that husband of yours.
>Nonsense, yelled the woman.
>Your husband, he's cursed you know. Some damn wench that hates your guts and wants revenge. Oh, i see her now.
>He's in great danger but i might be able to help. I don't even want anything in return, don't think i'm trying to fool you.
>It's an awful type of curse, it's not forged by fire, neither by water, no. Those can be easily undone. This one here is buried at the feet of a deadman, in the soil of a grave. It's almost impossible to break if you can't find where it is buried.
>I can help, I can send the boy and he can ask around. The dead will tell him.
>It will take time though, you must come here in three months time. You're up against an awful thing here and your husband is in mortal danger.
>She looked towards the halfwit in the corner. She just asked...what happened to him?
>The boy? I sold him, the old man said. My soul along with him. I sold them for the gift.
>To whom? she muttered.
>Take a guess. I sold him while he was still in the womb. His mother died at birth. He is nothing but a vessel now. He's not my son, my son died too that day.
There's this group of famous ghosts here in Crete, Greece, the Drosoulites.
They're not spooky though, they're the good guys.

I remember my dad once taking me there, when I was very very young, to see them. I remember we saw them too.
I remember seeing from afar, people marching in a straight line.
I can't be sure though if it was towards the castle or out of it.
When I try to recall it now, I get an image in my mind like they were people made out of water.
I could remember wrong, I could have seen nothing there and my child imagination was making things up, I could have seen a bunch of tourists visiting the castle and thought them to be ghosts or it could have been my dad playing some kind of trick on me.

People are saying that they're no ghosts ofcourse but some kind of a weird mirage. But hey, we in /x/ know better, right?
Friend, please make a new thread when you finish your story. I would, but I can't upload pics from my phone... Thank you, and great story
>You're a monster, cried the woman as she tried to get her bearings and leave.
>If you leave, you're nothing but a fool. I know mere curiosity brought you here today but you could at least listen to me.
>That wench will hurt you, i can tell you her name. She needs to be stopped or she'll hurt your family. Come back in three months. Bring something that belongs to your husband.
>Also, do not pray. The boy can't hear them if you pray.
>By then, she decided she had had enough so she just upped and left.
>She joined her friends and the three of them went home.
>On the road back she asked them about their own encounters.
>One of them said: He told me that my son will marry that whore of his and that if i try to stop it, i will bring upon his undoing. Nonsense, I shall never let him marry that woman.
>The other said: He told me how i would die...and nothing more.
>Eventually they all dismissed the whole thing as bullshit and went on with their lives.
>None ever returned to the old man.

>Time passed, years went by.
>The woman succeded in preventing her son from marrying "that whore".
>Unfortunately, her son left their home and died of some freak accident.

I do not know what happened to the third woman, but my friend's grandmother on the other hand...

>Her husband began missing more and more from home.
>He began to suffer a series of heart attacks.
>Eventually, he had a stroke and became paralized in most of his body.
>Could barely talk anymore and was bed ridden.
>He died after an agonizing period of a few months from another stroke.

That's all. Friend was devastated and never really got over it. Her grandma is still wondering whether she has done the right thing in not following up with the old man.

Sorry for the long read.
Dunno, guess these customs vary from region to region.
There was also something related to the birth itself, but don't know specifics.
No, sorry, I mixed up... What I said is a strigolichi(sp?)... You guys have so much strange things.
I wanna visit Romania for the hot grills and scary shit
And could you start a new thread? I cant, I'm on my phone

there we go >>17302471
City? Sounds worth checking out.
Romanian fag here.
Can confirm. Threads, funerary things(half burned candles, flowers and stuff), egg shells and other things are used in rituals.
>axe to control storms and stuff;
>My great-grandpa was sort of a healer. He knew almost everything about diseases and cures and stuff, put bones back together, cured people, etc.
Deci era solomonar?
So, first of all we got a lot of weird places(see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoia_Forest#Paranormal_phenomena. Recommend the "Destination: Truth" 2 part special on the Hoia-Baciu forest). Even the royal castle is haunted if you ask some of the royal family members.

Anyway, my women of my family are both very religious, but also had their share fair of spooky things(grandma got dreams and prophecies from others that she would marry granddad, despite being engaged with someone else at the time. Didn't work out, and shortly thereafter she met granddad). Grandma on dad's side also got visited by unnatural black birds and stuff that she says were sent my witches. Mom regularly gets visited in her dreams by dead relatives that tell her stuff.

As for myself, i've had a couple of weird things happen to me, but one of them takes the cake:
>Be me;
>Just got into college, and now i'm in my summer vacation, so everyday i'm out with my friends till 1AM, especially around the back stairs of a flat where we like to sit and drink(yes, we are a bit byldo);
>start getting vivid hallucinations(dogs, seeing people i know but aren't there walking, talking, banging metal against pipes, laughing demonically, see and feel them throwing green cherry plums at me(we have a lot of those trees planted near the flats so we eat them during the early-ish summer or throw them at each other. They sting like a motherfucker), but all everyone ever saw was me was be twitching as if hit by something small), but especially cats. Lots of cats;
>people get rightfully freaked out by me telling i see them("Dude, it's there!" "There is nothing there"), but sometimes they see shit too without me, visibly disturbed by it, but i dismissed it as either making fun of me or sympathetic response to my distress;
File: 2013-06-30 19.51.14.jpg (1024 KB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2013-06-30 19.51.14.jpg
1024 KB, 2048x1536
>OK, was really questioning if i was losing my mind? Am i getting schizophrenia? Short term memory area leaking in other parts of my brain? Sunstroke making my brain shortcircuit a bit? Not knowing if what you are seeing is real really fucks you up(and yes, i know that i sound like i have serious mental problems right now, but wait a sec). Decide to take picture of it with my phone. If pic shows nothing there(either by me or other people), then i'm undoubtedly losing my mind. Wait a couple of days, since phone had shitty battery, and this stock android locked out your camera under 15%;
>Anyway, one day, in broad daylight, was walking around the block with one of these friends;
>see bush shaking right next to me. Jolt a bit. Cat looking at me from behind the bush, then runs towards the sidewalk and stops near a car parked there;
>"What is it this time, anon?"
>"Fucking cat jumped out and scared me"
>"What cat?"
>"Oh cmon, man, it's right there"
>"I don't see anything"
>(pulls out phone. 60% battery. Gotcha!)
>(Takes pic. Something like this: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_lnNqiDDeVR8/TBLmv1gYLKI/AAAAAAAAAWQ/QmZB0XHKYGM/s320/IMG_6298.jpg)
>"See man, it's right there!"(points at middle of the screen)
>"I don't see anything but the car. Cut the crap"
>(pissed. "ill check the pic sometime later")
>We reach a bench in a nearby park(cat follows us until then);
>Pulls out phone;
>Pic related;
>"Wtf is this?"
>"Huh? Where did you take that?"
>"It's the pic of the car parked on the sidewalk i made a couple of minutes ago. Looks nothing like what i shot"
>Guy looks at me dumbfounded
>Take pic, reverse google image search it, looks like nothing on the net(which would be a thing if it was a photography error or something)
It stopped shortly thereafter. 3 years later, i still don't know what happened there.
Could have been.

Also Solomon's Cave (or Scholomance if you know the WoW name) is a cave near a lake called Iezerul Mare high up in the mountains.

Its said that if you disturb the lake's shimmer, it will start to rain almost instantly even if there is no cloud in sight, they will form rapidly.

So, because i live in Sibiu, basically really close, went there to see if it happened. Sadly clouds started forming before i reached it so the result was inconclusive. Planning of going back this summer but with an ATV or a motorcycle to get ahead of clouds that might be forming.

The cave is also there but its kind of flooded.
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>being this much of a dick dumpling
Here in the states we use meth to run like >>17270227
And the way I heard this story was a teenage girl was dared to go to a grave at night and something on the tombstone caught her nightgown and she thought it was a corpse. Heart attack. That's the version I heard as a kid growing up in the states. Pretty sure it was in Scary Stories books.
wew got more?
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