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[cont] Spoopy west balkans/balkans general
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Continuing >>17263824
Any yu/bulg/romania/greece fags here with some stories ?

Reposting as requested.

one more, this story was told to me by another friend's grandmother (the elderly always have amazing stories). It's a bit of a long read, but here it is:

>She was young and and married, although they had no children yet.
>One day, two other friends of hers took her for a ride into some village.
>They went to see an old man that claimed he could see the future.
>Nobody really believed that, but just like most young people, they were looking for a thrill, a ghosthunt, paranormal hoodoovoodoo stuff
>They reached his home and he came out of his house to greet them.
>First thing he said was to one of the friends:
>You, leave your bag hanging on the gate. I cannot permit such things in my home. Nobody will touch your belongings, because nobody takes things from this place.
>They did not understand. She began to rummage through the bag only to find a small bag of incence, the type you get from your local church.
>She put it back, hung the bag and followed the man into the house.
>They went in turns. Friend's grandmother was the last.
>The other two came out sort of shaken, so she grew hesitant when her turn came.
>Her skepticism prevailed, she decided it had been all a show and a lucky guess.
>She went it and they began to talk.
>You don't believe in my powers, he said. But worry not, I'll prove it.
>Do you know how I know things? he asked. I have a son he said, that boy over there.
>He pointed to an absent looking fellow in a corner.
>He's a halfwit he said, a drooling idiot it would seem.
>Boy, he yelled. Go ask her mother how she's doing. He closed his eyes as she grew even more uncomfortable. Her mother had been dead for two years.
>She tried to pray silently.
>The man turned red with anger and forbade her from uttering the name of god.
>He then began to laugh, The boy is back, he said.
>The kid had not budged from his corner.
>He brings interesting news.


>Your mother is well, she is indeed in a better place with greener grass, although she lies some six feet under it. She's quite concerned for you though, you're up against somenasty things with that husband of yours.
>Nonsense, yelled the woman.
>Your husband, he's cursed you know. Some damn wench that hates your guts and wants revenge. Oh, i see her now.
>He's in great danger but i might be able to help. I don't even want anything in return, don't think i'm trying to fool you.
>It's an awful type of curse, it's not forged by fire, neither by water, no. Those can be easily undone. This one here is buried at the feet of a deadman, in the soil of a grave. It's almost impossible to break if you can't find where it is buried.
>I can help, I can send the boy and he can ask around. The dead will tell him.
>It will take time though, you must come here in three months time. You're up against an awful thing here and your husband is in mortal danger.
>She looked towards the halfwit in the corner. She just asked...what happened to him?
>The boy? I sold him, the old man said. My soul along with him. I sold them for the gift.
>To whom? she muttered.
>Take a guess. I sold him while he was still in the womb. His mother died at birth. He is nothing but a vessel now. He's not my son, my son died too that day.
>You're a monster, cried the woman as she tried to get her bearings and leave.
>If you leave, you're nothing but a fool. I know mere curiosity brought you here today but you could at least listen to me.
>That wench will hurt you, i can tell you her name. She needs to be stopped or she'll hurt your family. Come back in three months. Bring something that belongs to your husband.
>Also, do not pray. The boy can't hear them if you pray.
>By then, she decided she had had enough so she just upped and left.
>She joined her friends and the three of them went home.
>On the road back she asked them about their own encounters.
>One of them said: He told me that my son will marry that whore of his and that if i try to stop it, i will bring upon his undoing. Nonsense, I shall never let him marry that woman.
>The other said: He told me how i would die...and nothing more.
>Eventually they all dismissed the whole thing as bullshit and went on with their lives.
>None ever returned to the old man.

>Time passed, years went by.
>The woman succeded in preventing her son from marrying "that whore".
>Unfortunately, her son left their home and died of some freak accident.

I do not know what happened to the third woman, but my friend's grandmother on the other hand...

>Her husband began missing more and more from home.
>He began to suffer a series of heart attacks.
>Eventually, he had a stroke and became paralized in most of his body.
>Could barely talk anymore and was bed ridden.
>He died after an agonizing period of a few months from another stroke.

That's all. Friend was devastated and never really got over it. Her grandma is still wondering whether she has done the right thing in not following up with the old man.
thanks for continuing the thread OP

-the old OP
Thanks, bro! >>17302474
Romanian here.

This one happened about 13-14 years ago:

>Uncle and aunt visiting my grandma in a village (not an isolated village)
>Grandma feeling ill so uncle decides to take her to town to a doctor (she was quite old and that was when she was diagnosed with cancer, that night)
>Aunt stays there to wait for them
>She goes to sleep
>Wakes up to my mother calling her outside to open the gate so we can park the car in the yard
>Aunt gets dressed to go out
>Just as she touches the door knob to open the door, the crucifix that was above the door fell on her hand
>After she put it back, my aunt remembered that it couldn't have been my family calling her because we were in Bucharest for the weekend
>Just to make sure, she calls my mom on her cell phone and was shocked that we really were in Bucharest
>The calling continued for 20-30 more minutes until it stopped

>Moving forward 2 hours (4 AM), same thing happened to some neighbors down the street
>Guy walks out to check whats happening
>Doesn't come back
>Found dead at the front entrance, died of a heart attack (wife told the story with the calling and shit)
Holy shit thats spooky.
Luckily nobody calls me ever so Im safe.
Anyone wonder why certain areas of the world, like this, seem to have a much greater number of paranormal and supernatural happenings?
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Another romanian fag here.

We have the Hoia Baciu forest in Cluj which is supposed to have shit happening all of the time.
I've heard of dozens of suicides by hanging, natural radioactive deposits, witches doing shit in the forest, stories of ghost encounters and unexplained phenomena.

This is the only weird place I went to with a couple of friends and randomly snapped photos hoping I would get anything. I snapped pic attached and when I zoomed the picture in a few years later it gave me the fucking chills. To me it looks like a face screaming. Could be something, could be nothing but i find the shape a bit too interesting.

It fucking sucks living in shitty Bucharest. Any transylvanian have any stories to share?
Damn, i still want to raise money to put some game cameras (hunting cameras) in Hoia Baciu and let them run for 1-2 months and see what they catch. And that shitty professor from UBB doesn't want to access some university funds for those cameras ... and its like 500$ for 10 cameras.

Oh well, i'll continue putting money in my savings jar and see when i get enough.
Personally I wouldn't want to watch 1-2 months of footage to see if it gets something. I still think visiting the place is the best option.

But it would be insane to go unprepared. I would at least get a heavy duty power bank + GPS, a gun, bear spray and a Geiger counter.
Those cameras work with motion sensor triggers and short time lapses so it will not be 2 months of footage.
Strong, deeply rooted pagan practices and folklore, low education, lots of forests with a wide range of wildlife, native hallucinogenic flora (poppies, salvia, wormwood...) etc
You can't bargain with the soul of another. Christ wouldn't allow it.
Who is this Christ you are referring to?
You don't actually know if the soul was sold or it was a sacrifice.

>Christ wouldn't allow it
There is so much uncertainty here that I'd rather we wouldn't get into it.

Tl;dr you don't know if the bible got it right or not and if the demons are the beings described by simple people thousands of years ago or not.We simply cannot understand it yet.
Unexplored and wild places, prevalence of witchcraft and sorcery in villages with traditions kept for thousands of years, deep rooted paganism intertwined with Christianity because the people wouldnt have adopted christ any other way.
In Serbia we still celebrate pagan gods disguised as saints with something called "slava".
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