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Dear /x/. /pol/ here. Is being cursed by...
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Dear /x/. /pol/ here. Is being cursed by a gipsy degenerate?
I've lurked your board for years whenever I'm hungover and in need of spoop, so I figured you guys would appreciate this story, and share your knowledge with me, 'cause it was some creepy fucking shit.
So; Dad's irish, lives in London. Mum's danish, dead, I live in Copenhagen.
My dad sells one of his properties in London and gets a bunch of cash. He buys a converted Mazda Bongo (that is actually a car), and decides that he and I need some bonding time while driving around all of Yurop.
I'm not too psyched on spending 3-4 months crapped with my manic father, but then again, it might be fun
Greentext incomming
Picture is a massive abandoned factory compound in Romania. Would love to explore it, but didn't have the time

Wew lad
>father picks me up in Copenhagen
>we start driving up through Swedistan
>Only spent 2 nights there, one camping in the middle of the fucking woods (nothing scary happened)
>get to Norway, circle around Oslo and head north to the fucking stunningly beautiful coastal road
>Norway is creepy pr nature, but it was light 24 hours at a time so their trolls were sleeping
>Reach North Cape and circle down through Finland, through the baltic countries
>blast through eastern Poland in a day, because fuck that place
>Slovakia was surprisingly great
>Hungary was surprisingly civilized
>Romania was exactly as expected
Now comes the creepy shit. We've seen gipsies around all of eastern Yurop, but they nest in Romania.
Picture is from an abandoned soviet resort in Slovakia. It was really fucking cool except the basement which spooked me
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>Driving through Transylvania (only place I've seen to rival Norway in beauty)
>gipsies are literally everywhere
>we start noticing this odd thing about them
>When we were driving at night, we would notice some of them, women only, standing by the side of the road in the middle of fucking nowhere
>standing in pitch blackness
>bare feet always
>just standing and staring at us when we drove by
>and in fucking Transylvania of all places
>one evening at a campsight, this gipsy women walks up to me while I'm getting beer
>talks moonspeak and shoves her hand out in a begging manner
>the look of disgust is appearant on my face, rightly so
>turn my head and spit on the ground when I walk away, to prove my point
>she screams moonspeak at me, surprisingly loud
>ask a waiter what she said
>"dunno, wasn't romanian"
>fucking pikey speak
Picture is literally Draculas castle. Well, the castle that Stoker read about which inspired the castle from the book. Appearantly Vlad's castle is an inaccesible ruin, which is a shame
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>Now we notice the barefooted women in the dark constantly
>I ask locals about this while drinking with them
>they've never heard of gipsies doing that, but they hate them more than I do so they basically never bother with them
>We eventually get out of vampireland and into the south-eastern part of Romania
>very pretty rolling plains that used to breed some of the finest horses in Europe
>the fucking gipsy women still stand by the side of the road
>"is that the same fucking woman that screamed at me"?
>naturally I dismiss the thought, I'm just creeped out a bit
>my father is seemingly wierded out as well
>we reach the border of Bulgaria and get hammered in a little bar
>I swear to fucking god the exact same gipsy woman from Transylvania walks up to me and shoves her hand out
>uuh, no go away
>This time she just stares at me and then hobbles along. Barefooted
>How the fuck did she teleport 400 kilometers?
>We wake up in the middle of the night to anti terror music being blasted out on the parking lot
>insanely loud, no idea why they don't want people sleeping there, it's at the fucking border
>my dad gets furious and we start driving again at the middle of the night to find somewhere else to sleep
>hammering along the pitch black road
>suddenly the gipsy woman is standing at the side of the road, pointing to her right, the same way were a driving
>crash over the side of the road
>nearly flip the car
>I gash my head and hand open
>blood everywhere
>front axel snapped, frame bend
>when the sun comes up, we realize she wasn't standing by the side of the road, but in the middle of the road, pointing us in the direction we crashed
Did I get cursed for not giving free money to a witch? Or does Romania just fuck with people randomly?
Picture is taken from where we crashed. These people never even flinched and continued about their business while we waited for autorescue
I don't know about gypsy curse but it sounds like your dad just avoided head-on collision with a gypsy woman.

All of them look the same.

you're already a degenerate anon, kill yourself
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Hey, /pol/. Hows the "meme magic" thing going?

You still doing that?
Also be careful, don't get yourself cursed, you'll bring it to the rest of us.
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/pol/ is better at magic than us
of course they are, I gave it to them.

They learned from the best.
magic works best when you can trick thousands of people into doing it while being ignorant of the actual magic. /pol/ was a host for some guy and his demon commander. Now that woudn't work on /x/ since guys here actually protect themselves spiritually and aren't at the bottom of the barrel just full of rage.
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>Calling /pol/ degenerate
>/x/ is not
Top kek
lol, sure thing
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What, you don't believe me?

alright, tell me, where did they learn it from?
I bet you don't even know the history.
Someone was conducting their show.
I doubt it was you.
Go home /pol/. I'll call you a cab.
Glad to know I'm not the only one who lurks while hungover.
Don't know why but I always crave spoogy things when hung over, and this place has some neat greentexts
fuck off you nazi cunt
they are good at sucking jewish cock nothing else
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>Delightful teenage rage
feed me more, /b/abby

A real gipsy curse is fucked up.

Worse of all, the bastards not only target you, but also your descendants.
Butthurt kike spotted
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Hey! What happens in Alaska,
Stays in Alaska.
I wonder what that trifling ho tells her trifling ho
friends about it?

Auto-correct tech wasted on Millennials as they have no idea how the word is supposed to be spelled to begin with.
Fucked up the Chicago Cubs for the past 100 years, doubt your punk ass stands a chance.
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